Avicii: The Inside Story, A Year On From His Tragic Death

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Avicii: True Stories is Tim Bergling’s own story. Made from extensive personal and family archive and behind-the-scenes footage, the film is an unparalleled insight into his life.
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Comments • 2 050

  • lexi's world
    lexi's world 51 minute ago +1

    Avicii died ?????????

  • Linda LOGAN
    Linda LOGAN Hour ago


  • Kinetic Plumbing & Heating

    Not every one is made for that life. He clearly wasn’t. RIP

  • OneAndOnlyTyker
    OneAndOnlyTyker 6 hours ago

    Where was his ally on all this??? They pushed him too hard. Wow. So sad. 🇹🇹

  • 75000B
    75000B 10 hours ago +1

    The world we live in : Noone cares.
    Les Mis : “On my own”

  • sila xaheer
    sila xaheer 12 hours ago

    0mgggg when he died I just came to knwww

  • A Patz
    A Patz 13 hours ago

    Dude he had the wrong people around him. The fact that most of them pushed for him to just take meds and carry on was not the right thing to do. It’s so sad you can see it in his eyes he needed a rest.

  • Dylan Black
    Dylan Black 14 hours ago

    How can this bullying be right, it needs to stop now!

  • Aysha Batool
    Aysha Batool 15 hours ago +1

    oh wow it's been a YEAR, that's crazy 🌬😰💕x

  • saghar14
    saghar14 15 hours ago

    I really don’t understand why his body reacted so bad to the alcohol. It wasn’t like he was drinking crazy amounts right it seems

  • Dannyaber 1971
    Dannyaber 1971 17 hours ago

    Shit I must of been living under a rock! I didn't know he'd past away 😭

  • morise nouga
    morise nouga 20 hours ago

    So sad !

  • slinkiegirl2001
    slinkiegirl2001 20 hours ago

    poor guy he was just a money making tool and a performing seal they did not pay heed to what he was saying poor guy he was suffering internally and it was just ignored he is at peace gone way to seen rip avicii

  • jeroen roland
    jeroen roland Day ago

    he was still very ill, liver cancer, this show the live of great man, Tim Bergling, famous dj in the world, rest in peace my friend.

  • Molly Williams
    Molly Williams Day ago +1

    This made me cry🤧 rest in peace ❤️x

  • Karen Merle
    Karen Merle Day ago

    I find him so familiar so so understand him ... damn sad he isn’t here with us anymore . I’m afraid I’m not gonna make it myself . Anxiety is horrible and brings other things . I’m not gonna make it damn ☹️. If he didn’t then I won’t for sure . I hope I make it past this night

  • Elaine Ok
    Elaine Ok Day ago

    He was very exhausted

  • Anton Jaworski
    Anton Jaworski Day ago

    His management team are responsible for what happened. Greed kills

  • elblondie69 falconer

    Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments Sending you positive and healing vibes and a huge virtual hug ❤

    • Naouel
      Naouel 21 hour ago +1

      so adorable, whishing you the best

    • Grezzer
      Grezzer Day ago +1

      Thank you so much I'm sending good vibes to you and I hope you are good. I feel sorry for Avicii, they really didn't care about his well being but instead used him, such a wicked world

  • Jewel Chua
    Jewel Chua Day ago


  • M J
    M J Day ago

    It's come to my realisation that when somebody has something to offer the world, the world cannot stop asking for more, it's true with musicians, artists, authors, actors and more, it's like the world stops seeing them as people and just as a gift that keeps on giving. Humans just always want more.

  • Alberto Passagrilli

    track ID @ 3:15 ?

  • Josefiina Josefiina
    Josefiina Josefiina 2 days ago

    Why Avicii travelled to Oman? Why did he leave his hotel? Why he was not with friends, girlfriend or bodyguard? Did sweedish police conform that what Oman police said to be true? Why his family travelled to Oman? Did the family find out anything or were there questions unanshwered.

  • Shani. S
    Shani. S 2 days ago

    So what , he toke peels to sleep

  • Jane Evans
    Jane Evans 2 days ago +1

    So so heartbreaking, his blood is on their hands. RIP Tim 🖤

  • Mobina Hosseini
    Mobina Hosseini 2 days ago

    Hearing he talking in swedish.... 🔥

  • Adam Randles
    Adam Randles 2 days ago

    This short doc gives absolutely no indication of what happened. He died of anxiety?

  • Amandeezy
    Amandeezy 2 days ago +1

    If he had smoked weed he would have been fine.

  • Cn Rivernene
    Cn Rivernene 3 days ago +1

    ive just come out of hospital
    no that was Monday its now Thursday, you need to do a phone interview
    nothings changed

  • Dare to Love
    Dare to Love 3 days ago

    He was murdered for exposing pedophelia. Some day those that killed him will pay in the next life their demons are waiting to torture them. Don't for a second think that you're getting away with it. Repent And change before its late!

  • Miroslava Vangelova
    Miroslava Vangelova 3 days ago

    Yes, he told them, but they never really cared. They were just along for the show as long as it lasted. They killed this sweet lovely boy, who had a whole life ahead of him.

  • Madison Villegas
    Madison Villegas 3 days ago

    Poor baby, just treated him like shit

  • ItzNot Josh
    ItzNot Josh 3 days ago +2

    Who else is into this guy because of ‘Wake me up’

  • Sienna Smith
    Sienna Smith 3 days ago

    You can have everything and more in life but if your not living for you and yourself happiness it will drain you physically and emotionally, such a poor soul all he ever want to do was make people happy rest peacefully now your a free spirit

  • kavishka
    kavishka 4 days ago +1

    The management team led him to suicide (4:18), imagine living always with these people that constantly whistle you to go the shows only to receive their pay check. It's obvious pretty clear that the management team had no interest giving him a break. It would be better if one of Avicii family member was in the management team with him, because in an artis's life is very important to find the right people that let you success and that care of you. If they only respected his anxiety attacks and helped him as pure humans,now he will be here to make us dream. You'll be always in my heart, your truly fan. Stay in peace

  • Sweet Lollipop
    Sweet Lollipop 4 days ago

    I still don't get it! How despacito has so many views instead of Avicii! And his management is TRASH, he needed a break and his management 'needed' money. I mean I am super sad for Avicii and super mad for his management

  • Kristine Monterey
    Kristine Monterey 5 days ago

    His life could have been saved only if his friends acknowledge and accept his wishes on creating more music in the studio.

  • Andrea Scarparo
    Andrea Scarparo 5 days ago

    Rendiamoci conto che i suoi problemi di salute erano stati causati dall’abuso di alcol

  • Exalted
    Exalted 5 days ago

    Only leeches surrounded him, when you got fame... sadly at a young age and you dont have real friends... the leeches will come... and suck you dry... and end you ... and after that they will curse your name and speak poising about you... sad to see this happen... R.I.P.

  • sebaswildboy
    sebaswildboy 5 days ago

    dying for money.. wtf

  • Kerylyn kally - gallimore

    I honestly don't think he meant to take his life when he said when you're playing with the feeling of dying , It makes me feel he was trying to find something to connect to make him feel alive , I pray for his soul 🌞

  • John Amaro
    John Amaro 7 days ago

    Guys i understand how this looks to you and how you are all against his management because of what happened,but as an artist myself i can tell you that once you get as big as Avicii ITS NOT that easy to just quit everything in one day..There are contracts,there is press,there are events scheduled like a year before,people who bought tickets,organizers who put a lot of money on this,a lot of promotion,there was a whole team working with Avicii for all these..there are many things you dont understand...You just canot cancel everything in 1 day when you are as big as avicii was..Yes we all feel like why you cant,why people dont understand that he wanted rest from all these and why he just cannot quit in 1 day? but Once you get booked for all those big events and festivals,once you sign those contracts ,once the organizers pay all these money for promotion and everything,once you become that big..you cant just go and cancel everything in 1 day..
    I mean we all love Avicii of course and i am very sad for what happened to this amazing and very talented person,but his management did the best they could to cancel as much shows,interviews as possible as you can see in the video, so avicii can slowly get out of this....and "slowly getting out of this" was the only way out unfortunately when you are as big and famous as Avicii was.

  • Rey Shroome
    Rey Shroome 7 days ago

    Look at his face. He looks so pale...

  • Julien Huveners
    Julien Huveners 8 days ago

    "I was expecting support". Rip Tim, you were too good and humble for this mad industry

  • Annmarie Hayes
    Annmarie Hayes 8 days ago

    Truly saddened by the way his management was pushing him, all they cared about was the money Tim (Avicii) was making them, very disgusted by them. He was ILL if they let him recover, he would be with us today. I can see why he took his life, too much pressure for a Young ill person.
    To his family sorry for your loss. To his managers 🖕🖕🖕

  • Alexander A.M.
    Alexander A.M. 8 days ago

    I haven't watched the documentary, but did they say anything about autism?
    I watched a docu about him while at the peak of his career and he obviously showed some autistic patterns.

  • Anca Raduta
    Anca Raduta 10 days ago +1

    I wonder how people can treat someone like this... poor little thing... he seemed so polite to not say no when he needed the most...
    I hope he really finded the peace he needed so much...

  • William Ma
    William Ma 11 days ago +1

    Really sad the people Tim had around him didn't give care about his health and well-being. Tragic.

  • Avicii Shywolf
    Avicii Shywolf 11 days ago +2

    It's our fault he died. He wanted to quit but we pushed him to keep going. He did his shows even though he hates them, but he hid those feelings while he performed. Not many people will do that. He was one of few kind souls in this generation. We need more people like him, not the spoiled entitled people we are now who only care about social media and status.

  • Zay S
    Zay S 12 days ago

    It’s his managements fault. Used him

  • HZD sam Na Sam
    HZD sam Na Sam 13 days ago


  • Alisha Iqbal
    Alisha Iqbal 13 days ago


  • vorniceanu ionut
    vorniceanu ionut 13 days ago

    Wow they pushed him on for the money they were getting and he was to ill equipped to realise that or to just say stop.
    RIP friend I really enjoyed and still enjoy your music.

  • Tristan Bernier
    Tristan Bernier 14 days ago

    I've been doing anxiety for 2 years now and I swear to god, watching this is depressing me. People that don't have anxiety will NEVER be able to relate at all. They should of never threat him like that. His face at 2:40 just says how bad he felt and how frustated he was. RIP AVICII, never be forgotten

  • Happy Poop
    Happy Poop 14 days ago

    there is no eternal peace beside death. all those peace we see today is just an illusion. just close your eyes and count to 1

  • L v B
    L v B 14 days ago

    *🌿 420 ✌💋🚬 R.i.P ✌😇Tim 💖✨*

  • Davor Ðurasek
    Davor Ðurasek 14 days ago

    And than people say "its not a shame to ask for help" or some similar shit.. He could've scream that, no one would here.. Shit world, shit people.. Rip

  • dr. Phil-ma-glass
    dr. Phil-ma-glass 15 days ago +7

    In the documentary when he said " I have everything in the world to make someone happy but for some reason I'm not" it broke my heart for him 💕💕

  • Magdaline hope Kamau
    Magdaline hope Kamau 16 days ago +1

    Oh my, he was suffering in silence... Rest well legend. forever in our hearts

  • Raja Rj
    Raja Rj 17 days ago

    he was murdered guys its sad reality he was an atm for his team ,,those were evils