Avicii: The Inside Story, A Year On From His Tragic Death

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Avicii: True Stories is Tim Bergling’s own story. Made from extensive personal and family archive and behind-the-scenes footage, the film is an unparalleled insight into his life.
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  • Ben and Izzy Productions

    This was uploaded on my 8th birthday

  • Eugene Santos
    Eugene Santos Day ago

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  • Eugene Santos
    Eugene Santos Day ago

    Hello my name is DJ Gino Santos and I am an addict
    The amount of Crystal Meth in the Scene laced with the Ketamine I was dosing In IV drugs is highly dangerous and behind the point to believe we could come back from this alive
    I was enabling many of you, making you spend your dollars on beer and covers and I apologize if someone’s ever pressured to you to Sex in the scene
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  • Cool videos With me

    2:36 he has the same phone as me

  • Titanium Bullets

    It actually killed him :)

  • Snooze5000
    Snooze5000 Day ago

    just press play and the crowd would goof regardless

  • drakestar13
    drakestar13 Day ago


  • Patrizia Casartelli
    Patrizia Casartelli 2 days ago

    Tim's story is the saddest ever. The liars and greedy around him should have died in his place. May they be cursed for life. Tim will always be in our hearts ♥️ and other shit 💩 to trample on

  • zac teron
    zac teron 4 days ago

    I really cry when avicii died its my bday when he died

  • Adam S
    Adam S 4 days ago

    wow. god damn

  • Felix Diaz
    Felix Diaz 4 days ago

    No wonder he topped himself ... not even sick in a hospital bed recuperating from surgery he had peace and tranquility , always somebody in the room with him , so sad .

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales 4 days ago

    The fights Minecraft R.i.p

  • Saptesh Savant
    Saptesh Savant 5 days ago

    Never have I been so hurt as much as I did after god him away from us. Even though I never even seen him in real, I somewhere connect to his music & feels like he a family to me!

    I miss him! RIP LEGEND! ◢ ◤

  • Itty Gaming
    Itty Gaming 5 days ago

    April 20 2018 when i didnt met avicii i didnt know he died i just met him 5Minutes ago and april 20 2018 i was thinking that a person just died
    1 like equals 1Billion Thanks To Avicii

  • Clack Clack
    Clack Clack 6 days ago +2


  • Anonimul
    Anonimul 6 days ago


  • Tolebay Aidos
    Tolebay Aidos 6 days ago


  • Tolebay Aidos
    Tolebay Aidos 6 days ago

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  • Tolebay Aidos
    Tolebay Aidos 6 days ago

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  • Tea Bear
    Tea Bear 8 days ago

    It's so awful and sad. Shame on me, I found out that he took his own life a few days ago. All this time I thought and wanted to believe that he was dead because of disease...This reason is double terrible cause he was so radiant, kind and humble person and now he can't reach paradise due to the suicide. Tom inspired and changed us, I'm sure that his music helped the most of us when we were down, so I think we have to pray for him. It's the only thing we can do and it's not so hard to ask God for helping just ones, but it'll be incredibly helpful for Him, so please pray for him

  • Zoe Mills
    Zoe Mills 9 days ago


  • Laura Cortez
    Laura Cortez 9 days ago

    People just used him

  • Sam
    Sam 10 days ago

    RIP Tim 'Avicii' Bergling -May the afterlife be a better journey with the peace you need, you will be greatly missed. ❤️🕊

  • Mia Lopez
    Mia Lopez 10 days ago

    I miss Avicii so much I wish I had the chance to see him I still look up to him even if he’s gone he will still be in our hearts no matter what WE LOVE YOU AVICII
    Songs from him that we all love:
    Wake me up
    Hey brother
    And others that we know you will be loved Avicii 😔😭❤️❤️🙂

  • Jean Marcos
    Jean Marcos 11 days ago


  • Deja Mirage
    Deja Mirage 11 days ago

    I just wanna be forward. I have alcoholism. This is embarrassing but my stomach is bleeding and I feel terrible for Tim. I’m 26 and I know he was young and had no reason to die. It hurts terribly.

  • Sports World
    Sports World 12 days ago

    Even if there was 1 single person around him who really cares for him and loved him,
    Tim would have been alive while his music will forever!

  • NJ PXD
    NJ PXD 13 days ago +2

    The music of avicii lives💪💪💪

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 13 days ago


  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson 13 days ago +1

    YEARS OLD: 28
    Death: ???

  • Green Rock Films
    Green Rock Films 14 days ago +32

    The real story breaks my heart. I am sorry we could not hear you Tim. We were too busy listening to avicci. The question still remains, what is the meaning of life?

  • menamgamg
    menamgamg 14 days ago +26

    This documentary is literally proof how how people used and abused him psychologically to the point of where it lead to his death. They should be held partly responsible for it.

  • Sorry not Sorry
    Sorry not Sorry 14 days ago

    Why?????????? 😭

  • Xutong Yao
    Xutong Yao 14 days ago +4

    ∆∇ R.I.P. Avicii legends will never die!

  • ObeMore
    ObeMore 14 days ago


  • Icrazieelliot Gamer
    Icrazieelliot Gamer 14 days ago +1

    Management should be ashamed of themselves! Let's push Tim to make more and more money, if you care for that person you should have cancelled all his shows,more to life than money I didn’t even know the lad and it's obvious he's crying out for help.I just wish someone would have stepped in and told the tossers to back off he was so vulnerable RIP TIM XXX

  • PandaGamer Explorer
    PandaGamer Explorer 15 days ago

    Avicii looks exactly Like my dad

  • PandaGamer Explorer
    PandaGamer Explorer 15 days ago

    90% of DJs are becoming popular after their death!

  • Endless Lucifer
    Endless Lucifer 16 days ago

    He kermited sewercide.

  • Pascal Weller
    Pascal Weller 16 days ago

    3:47 that makes me so angry

  • lolita of Africa
    lolita of Africa 16 days ago +1

    He clearly looks like shit in these videos. He is falling asleep, has dead eyes and no emotion in his voice. RIP tim. Sorry for what was done to you.

  • TheFreezingCold
    TheFreezingCold 19 days ago

    Man what has been going on lately we lost
    chris cornell and chester bennington on 2017
    2018 we lost Avicii and xxtenations
    Who do you think is next im scared for even asking.

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy 19 days ago +1

    Hey Brother do you still believe in one another hey sister do you still believe in love I wonder

  • Jen Shaw
    Jen Shaw 19 days ago +2

    Thankfully the Digital Dreams Volunteer t-shirt was technologically made to protect you but not the TD Jazz Festival volunteer t-shirt and Metal Works was in charge of the electronic controls! Wore it underneath the TD Jazz t-shirt but finally had to remove that harmful t-shirt!
    R.I.P. Avicii!

    • Jen Shaw
      Jen Shaw 16 days ago

      I believe it was a result of the material used to make the t-shirt. The Jazz volunteer t-shirt is designed possibly to absorb heat ?

  • Jen Shaw
    Jen Shaw 19 days ago

    It appears that Avicii died as a result of technological injuries! It is a challenge to deal with electronic injury! When you are a performer(and other professionals), it can be considered high risk! You have to wear the right technological clothing, etc. His gallbladder would possibly be injured due to laser beams being modified to cause injury or wireless ultrasound devices, etc.
    The harmful devices used to cause injury cannot be seen in today's advanced technological world!
    My condolences to Avicii's family and friends!
    But he did not die as his music lives on forever!

  • Vineworthy
    Vineworthy 19 days ago +10

    This is making me cry.
    Such a beautiful young soul.
    He was doing what he loved, but everyone pushed him to do more and more shows when they should have let him heal. And now we have lost him.
    Rest In Peace my friend, you will never be forgotten.

  • Manmohan gill
    Manmohan gill 20 days ago

    This is where person know the value of true friendship, family relationship the one who is close to you, 😥

  • Juggie4Life_24
    Juggie4Life_24 20 days ago

    It is so sad his management wouldn’t listen to him. He said the all shows were giving him anxiety and would kill him. They literally pushed him off the edge. He didnt deserve that kind of treatment. RIP Tim “Avicii” Bergling. You were such a talented and amazing guy. I hope you are up in heaven having a good time. When I get to heaven I will be looking for you. ❤️

  • Brecht Kelchtermans
    Brecht Kelchtermans 20 days ago

    does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 3:58 ?

  • Sourour Itim
    Sourour Itim 20 days ago

    Where the hell is the family ? His laywer ? I don't know man

  • jakub the killer 1000
    jakub the killer 1000 21 day ago +7

    he has a macbook but has windows 7 on it

    RIP Avicii

  • Mr Jee
    Mr Jee 21 day ago

    So so tragic and sad.

  • Ethan Frater
    Ethan Frater 22 days ago


  • Ethan Frater
    Ethan Frater 22 days ago

    I, m sorry 😭

  • Melinda Malovoz
    Melinda Malovoz 22 days ago

    It was murder

  • amruta410
    amruta410 22 days ago

    i miss him 😔

  • Kim _
    Kim _ 23 days ago +1

    Guys, this is what depression looks like

  • kelvin lai
    kelvin lai 23 days ago

    His agent treat him as a sugarcane, drain out all the juice

  • Sister Slay
    Sister Slay 23 days ago

    I miss him. I never met him, but I always felt like I knew him. I will always feel that way. RIP Tim! He will always be a legend

  • tw
    tw 23 days ago

    guys lets go to avicii official youtube page and let the world know who killed avicii

  • Anthony Explores
    Anthony Explores 24 days ago

    Guys. Don’t say RIP. He commuted suicide. He isn’t in rest. RIP means Rest In Peace, when suicide means death when not in rest.

  • Horulus Dalius
    Horulus Dalius 24 days ago +1

    Depression is messed up.
    He was rich yet felt depressed asf

  • Jake Bealing
    Jake Bealing 24 days ago +1

    He's not dead! My friend swears he saw him in NYC wearing a wig and dressed like a bum so nobody would notice him.
    I believe my friend.

    BE STRONG 24 days ago

    2:11 i can see scars on his left arm and see them clearly in this scene of "Avicii: True Stories" film, am i wrong? then he got tattoos on his arm in around 2014.

  • Alen Mustlovski
    Alen Mustlovski 24 days ago

    The guy needed help and they only cared about how much money they could make off of him. Just goes to show how fucked this society is.

  • High
    High 24 days ago

    Guys, I understand that you’re all pissed at the management team for what they did but I’m sure they already feel really guilty after what happened. There’s no real need to give them more anxiety

  • UnknownRARI
    UnknownRARI 24 days ago

    He was looking for so he killed himself

  • Christopher Hoffmeister

    I’ll be Home soon Tim.

  • Ben and Izzy Productions

    Uhh this was uploaded on my birthday

    AFAIK 25 days ago

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