'STEAMPUNK' | 2 Hours of Epic Fantasy & Adventure Music Mix

  • Опубликовано: 30 окт 2016
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    ✖ Track List:
    00:00:00-00:01:48 Soundcritters - Invent Yourself
    00:01:49-00:05:38 Jim Yosef - Momentum
    00:05:39-00:08:27 Robin Gogberg - Turn Loose The Pipes
    00:08:28-00:10:44 Kari Sigurdsson - Orion
    00:10:45-00:13:58 Julius Bölk - Pandora
    00:13:59-00:18:33 Kelly Andrew - The Incursion
    00:18:34-00:22:30 Lost Empire - Journey To The Sea
    00:22:31-00:24:37 Rise Studios - New Dawn
    00:24:37-00:28:12 Elias Nilsson - Where I Belong
    00:28:12-00:31:28 Cristian Onofreiciuc - Colorful
    00:31:29-00:33:34 Ioannis Gutevas - Ghosts, Gold and Rum!
    00:33:35-00:36:55 Follow Their Lead - Honor to Defeated
    00:36:56-00:39:15 Mark Stothard - Mesmerised
    00:39:16-00:43:05 Qdash Oeuvre - I Treasure Your Words
    00:43:06-00:45:13 Vastarial Fantasy Music - Winds Of Glory
    00:45:14-00:48:54 DreamScape - Zenith
    00:48:55-00:51:14 Mustafa Avşaroğlu - Sustuklarımız
    00:51:15-00:54:41 Phantasmal Music - Knight's Legion
    00:54:41-00:56:44 Sergey Gol - Runaway
    00:56:45-00:59:21 Jaap Visser - Overcome
    00:59:21-01:02:29 Salim Daïma - A Glimpse Of Light
    01:02:30-01:05:17 Peter Mor - The Secret Kingdom
    01:15:17-01:07:26 Daniel Mekis - Found
    01:07:26-01:09:47 Pixelee - Giant
    01:09:49-01:12:55 Jyc Row - Magna Luna
    01:12:56-01:15:16 The Audiocrat - Tunnel Vision
    01:15:17-01:20:34 Adrian Jarchow - To Victory
    01:20:35-01:23:00 Andrew Kirkof - Secret Desires
    01:23:01-01:26:53 Pardus - Kinglet
    01:26:54-01:30:48 Chulainn - Strength And Honor
    01:30:49-01:35:16 Manuel Angerer - Always In My Heart
    01:35:16-01:39:15 Yifei Tang - Into The Mist
    01:39:15-01:41:41 Ben Shunlay - Time For Changes
    01:41:41-01:45:04 Perform Score - The Last Hero
    01:45:05-01:49:06 Yaniv Barmeli - Field of Spirits
    01:49:07-01:51:23 IMGSound - Inspire Sport
    01:51:24-01:54:43 Billy Melsness - Spirit
    01:51:44-01:57:57 Arkiture - The Traveler
    01:57:57-02:01:14 Torpel - Eternal Sunset
    Thanks to 8uhbbhu81 for creating timestamps.

    ✖ Image:
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  • ThePrimeCronus
    ThePrimeCronus  Год назад +19

    Vol. 2

  • Blueberry Stitchless
    Blueberry Stitchless 13 дней назад

    I was listening to this while writing a novel on my steampunk ocs! Really helped me get into the mood. Can't wait to make my steampunk cosplay!

  • train fan 4014
    train fan 4014 16 дней назад

    00:05:39 this one is my favorite

  • Keith Kumpa
    Keith Kumpa 25 дней назад

    We bring it to real life

  • Terence Lamarque
    Terence Lamarque 2 месяца назад

    Its amazing victorian age!!! London!!!

  • Yuko63
    Yuko63 4 месяца назад

    I love steampunk

  • Marco van Renssen
    Marco van Renssen 5 месяцев назад +1

    Which one of all these tracks is your favourite?

    • Chrystle Ayer
      Chrystle Ayer 4 месяца назад +1

      Kari Sigurdsson-Orion was my favorite!

  • Assila 97
    Assila 97 5 месяцев назад

    B E W B S

  • Guillermo Vivas
    Guillermo Vivas 5 месяцев назад

    Man this is good. I'm having this while in the lab and it's so good, and obviously I'm not good at writing comments because the only word I can think of is good

  • Steampunk Radio
    Steampunk Radio 5 месяцев назад

    This mix is glorious! Such power and creativity

  • Blitz
    Blitz 5 месяцев назад

    9:45 reminds me of one of my OCs

  • Blitz
    Blitz 5 месяцев назад

    I loaf SteamPunk!

  • Vitalik Brychuk
    Vitalik Brychuk 6 месяцев назад

    Perfect music for working

  • Frank Schoppe
    Frank Schoppe 6 месяцев назад


  • Farmboy1O2
    Farmboy1O2 7 месяцев назад

    1 word. Wow

  • [PR3UM5] Classiques
    [PR3UM5] Classiques 8 месяцев назад

    I just have 1 single question: where did you get these pics? They're almost more enjoyable than the music!

  • John Graham
    John Graham 9 месяцев назад +1

    These make my morning and sometimes evening. Great music keep the steampunk coming.

  • Endercybereye33
    Endercybereye33 9 месяцев назад

    I'm a sucker for steampunk :D

  • Hoàng Hải Phạm
    Hoàng Hải Phạm 10 месяцев назад +1

    Best music mix ever! (y)

  • P ponce
    P ponce 10 месяцев назад

    DreamScape personal fav but can’t find the song anywhere but here

  • Nathan Tankersley
    Nathan Tankersley 10 месяцев назад

    that giant tracked city is London

  • Christopher McMorris
    Christopher McMorris 10 месяцев назад

    steampunk is life

  • Ryan MacDougall
    Ryan MacDougall 10 месяцев назад

    43:08 Amazing song just love it!!

    PUPPET LORD 10 месяцев назад

    I like this part 1:07:54

  • Petrino
    Petrino 11 месяцев назад

    1:13:02 for the thumbnail. you know you clicked it

  • Phantom Lord
    Phantom Lord 11 месяцев назад +1

    I just found this (its really good btw) and at one point after a few seconds of one song I thought "that's Jyc Row!" and I looked and I discovered that it was! :D I'm glad that someone else likes his music enough to add it to a compilation like this.

  • Beany
    Beany 11 месяцев назад

    This is not steampunk

  • Kristine Opalberg
    Kristine Opalberg Год назад

    I liked Always In My Heart

  • D nottelling
    D nottelling Год назад +1

    Y'all always find such pretty art for your music.

  • Joseph Teller
    Joseph Teller Год назад

    Most of this is not really Steampunk at all. It;s more computer game background stuff and anime stuff of a upbeat nature.
    No Abney Park, Dresden Dolls, Vernian Process, etc here

  • Young Alek
    Young Alek Год назад

    My life wouldn't be complete without music and boobies)

  • hamstsorkxxor
    hamstsorkxxor Год назад +1

    Sometimes when I study, I like to pretend that I'm preparing for an exciting adventure. Steampunk goes thematically very well with studying chemistry:)

  • S N.
    S N. Год назад

    Woman at 1:27:00 looks like Sandra Bullock in Victorian outfit. static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/sandra_bullock_8627.jpg

  • Andrzej Jarosławski
    Andrzej Jarosławski Год назад +1

    Is that thumbnail from some game? If yes, from what game?

  • Nestor Cruz
    Nestor Cruz Год назад +1

    amazing soundtrack! Also the paintings are fantastic!

  • Waldhard Cloudmaker
    Waldhard Cloudmaker Год назад

    I like it. Thanx

  • Pierre Engrand
    Pierre Engrand Год назад

    I'm in love of this music

  • Stephan R.
    Stephan R. Год назад

    Julius Bölk - Pandora
    Fuck that is so damn epic! Goosebumbs everywhere

  • olcaldrew
    olcaldrew Год назад


  • Steampunk Radio
    Steampunk Radio Год назад +1

    This is a marvelous mix

  • Carson Smith
    Carson Smith Год назад +2

    00:25 steampunk iron man

  • Marley's ghost Steampunk movies steampunk series


  • Marley's ghost Steampunk movies steampunk series


  • LexieAssassin
    LexieAssassin Год назад +1

    I saw boobs in the thumbnail and I clicked... What can I say? I'm a raging lesbian with a huge weakness for boobs... :3

  • vorchyn07 злой
    vorchyn07 злой Год назад

    Это без слов!!!!!Просто нет слов!!!

  • LudicrousTableSalt
    LudicrousTableSalt Год назад +1

    Just little fuckers that came from roblox that play this in the background while camping on people

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Julio Marten
    Julio Marten Год назад

    The year is 2334 the world alliance has once again fallen under a tyrant king name Theodore Alexander Stravinsky' what was once a green valley peace and harmony had fallen into war the united confederate state had pulled them self from the bear federation of the west with California and new York becoming great capitals a wall stood block what was once the Colorado ohio border president jonson was going to make an broad cast speech over the command net work over the on going struggle with the east confederation and the mexican union and the invasion of the South American imperialist my unit of the California bear federation command also known as the c.b.f.c space core unit were being sent to a mars outpost to put down a rebellion terrorist group know the Agranion Elite. That has stolen a source mineral containing anti matter that would destroy 30 meters from it exposition .

  • RAIMUNDO M. Filho
    RAIMUNDO M. Filho Год назад


  • Quentin Renaud
    Quentin Renaud Год назад

    so good, love it

  • netspirit79
    netspirit79 Год назад +2

    The first composition is synchronous with the clock. 1 beat per second.

  • MRbubblegunner
    MRbubblegunner Год назад

    came for boobs left for nudes

  • Bobbin Hoodie
    Bobbin Hoodie Год назад

    it's all part of my rock and roll fantasy

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger Год назад +1

    The first image kinda looks like the steampunk version of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Pepper Potts! Anyway, awesome music! ;D

  • G. L. House
    G. L. House Год назад

    Imagination gone wild and free

  • G. L. House
    G. L. House Год назад

    Art and music awesome and beautiful

  • H. Leroy Saltero
    H. Leroy Saltero Год назад

    אם מגן את הקניונים של windstorms לך לעולם לא ראה את היופי האמיתי של גילופי שלהם.

  • I G
    I G Год назад +1

    What a wonderful compilation, love it so much

  • Chelsey Langan
    Chelsey Langan Год назад +1

    Omazing picturs😄😃😁😀😊☺😆😉

  • Chelsey Langan
    Chelsey Langan Год назад +1

    WOW.THOse are my only worlds😱😲

  • Fajita Cat
    Fajita Cat Год назад

    At the beginning of Magna Luna, I thought my phone was getting texts.

  • Raf 'Guard' Leblanc
    Raf 'Guard' Leblanc Год назад

    I'd be able to fight werewolfs or vampires, or air pirates with this music, go to a healer, take a nice rest, get back up and hunt for some magical artefacts in a pine forest, bring them back to an artificier and cash in. Meet a young mercanary, team up, go on quests and adventures, romance etc. and die peacefully with loved ones around me.

  • TheCraza01
    TheCraza01 Год назад

    блять... мимо

  • Gitmo After Dark
    Gitmo After Dark Год назад

    1:12:56 we all know why you clicked!

  • camgere
    camgere Год назад

    The great thing about steampunk is that is celebrates a mechanical age. The days when you could figure out something just by looking at. Even electrical circuits can be understood by observation. If you understood some Newtonian physics, even better. You learn nothing by looking at or touching electronics. It the world of the unknowable and unsatisfying.

  • ivanasw1
    ivanasw1 Год назад

    I heard epic themes for movies, not steampunk, so get big "thumb down".

  • BigDan Bikes&Shit
    BigDan Bikes&Shit Год назад

    best DTMT tip ever thanks guys.

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J Год назад

    I'm probably the only one who clicked because that arm on "the boobs" art is so out of proportion.

  • Fireheartclan
    Fireheartclan Год назад

    There was a lot of pictures of anime Steampunk type characters. Which made me think. Is there any good Steampunk animes?

  • Oliver Schofield-Robinson
    Oliver Schofield-Robinson Год назад

    At once, transports one to distant lands and transforms one into a pioneer; a settler with dreams of discovery. Until stumbling across a ring structure of ancient origin...

  • L D M Love Dubstep Music
    L D M Love Dubstep Music Год назад

    ruclip.com/video/dB8MvbZn6u0/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html Swedish House Mafia - One Remix Dubstep

  • WolfgangLMclain
    WolfgangLMclain Год назад

    This isn't steampunk, this is generic orchestral music. You could call it anything.

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney Год назад

    Where do you find this artwork???

  • Frumious Chipmunk
    Frumious Chipmunk Год назад

    I haven't been on one of Prime's videos for ages ... The adrenaline ... x farts x Perhaps too much.

  • Szymon Gołąbek
    Szymon Gołąbek Год назад

    I learned some trick.
    type following: thumbnailUrl
    Enjoy !

  • Chaaku Gaiden
    Chaaku Gaiden Год назад

    Qdash Oeuvre I Tresure Your Words @ 39:21. I am writing a story and the song came on like it was the opening to my story

  • Seniora
    Seniora Год назад +1

    Wenn das Steampunk ist, bin ich ein Einhorn.

  • Rick Riot
    Rick Riot Год назад

    1:14:56 i wanna touch her things

    I meant her guns and stuff....perve

  • Erevos
    Erevos Год назад

    all those who came for the boobs say 'aye'.

  • ewan thomas
    ewan thomas Год назад

    Whites put their image on everything, I wonder if they really realize the monopoly they put forward in the gigi'vers only reflecting themselves and forgetting all others(Aryan over tone or privilege), so bored of see white face after White face, there are other people out there in the world you know. #represent one world

    • ewan thomas
      ewan thomas Год назад

      Der Trisi and I'm a dick . My bad lesson learnt . It's not about race it's about the essence of the adventure. I understand now. Peace 😎dude

    • Tilean von Lae
      Tilean von Lae Год назад

      Im asian dude

    • ewan thomas
      ewan thomas Год назад

      sorry if i offended your core beliefs as a closet nazi

    • Tilean von Lae
      Tilean von Lae Год назад

      Agreed, piece of chocolate!

    • ewan thomas
      ewan thomas Год назад

      yeah! whatever cheese puff!

  • Alex Krupkin
    Alex Krupkin Год назад

    just fluffy ickiness

  • LeeMule
    LeeMule Год назад +1

    please give me the picture from 41:59

  • Ordo Draconis
    Ordo Draconis Год назад

    Wow, that intro seems inspired by WindForge (the game.)

  • Ajmore Mcfox
    Ajmore Mcfox Год назад

    i love 01:07:26

  • Sandy Selorme
    Sandy Selorme Год назад


  • Nasz Erssi
    Nasz Erssi Год назад

    .......why do most of people prefer technologi and fashion way that is puttin original individuality of all humans in to a box that will never been opened again..? Why we do what evil want from us to do..? why do we not make with free hands of god in his wish of life how we was born ?..to love all this lovely things in our world..? to become one..? I do Believe in Steam.....is goverment lookin for a betterway..? let make source revolution...Steam is a REALGOOD alternativity for our technocratic world....marihuana is next source and....Love is the biggest source ..our Life source.. :)

  • penviro hk
    penviro hk Год назад +1

    nice artworks

  • jacnayr
    jacnayr Год назад

    Are you sure torpel eternal sunset is actually called that because I can't find it.

  • Lion Rem
    Lion Rem Год назад +2


  • Etoile Dor
    Etoile Dor Год назад +2


  • James Kiki
    James Kiki Год назад

    Aaahhh steampunk. The only universe in which a girl can use a wrench.

  • Jeff Røgpind
    Jeff Røgpind Год назад

    Donus!,,Don-Don Idrih easytiet-Cape Canaveral My Love...

  • antoine quintin
    antoine quintin Год назад

    nices songs

  • Utku Aylak
    Utku Aylak Год назад

    Its more likely Punky Boobs....

  • James Fourt
    James Fourt Год назад

    One of the better mixes I have heard in a long time. Thank you for this.

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey Год назад

    I like this mix...great images also!👍⚙🔬⛓🔧🔩👌...

  • Samurai Jack
    Samurai Jack Год назад

    Could anyone indicate me some steampunk themed PC games?

  • glardian966
    glardian966 Год назад

    Who's the chick at 35:00?

    • glardian966
      glardian966 Год назад

      GOT IT! She's from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

  • Mochi Vs. LARP
    Mochi Vs. LARP Год назад +13

    This has become my go-to for when I work on my steampunk novel :) thanks for the compilation!

    • JayeMoonwing
      JayeMoonwing 4 месяца назад

      How is the novel going? I like a steampunk read. :)

  • Elemental Steamshop
    Elemental Steamshop Год назад

    If anyone is interested in learning how to make their own steampunk and fantasy inspired accessories check out my channel!

  • Aiephrus Goldwing
    Aiephrus Goldwing Год назад +1

    True steampunk is only found when you look to reality a little and then you WILL find inspiration. You found a pocket watch? Good, Don't just smash it up and add some fake shitty gears. Look at it and feel the mechanics like you would a clock or a heart, maybe remove a hand or two, add a brass anchor chain keyring, etch a rune into the cover, make it your own but above all add to the beauty of it.