a subpar guide to wayv

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • this has definitely been the hardest guide video to compile just because of how small the selection of videos is for wayv so far. i purposely tried to stick to wayv clips for members that have been in other unit, and also tried to focus on their personalities as members of wayv, since many of them act quite differently depending on the unit they're with - i did this in order to prevent any confusion for those wanting to learn about wayv. please lmk what you think of it, especially the descriptions of the new members! constructive criticism is always appreciated :)
    music: ruclip.com/video/QlC7xWiOE3U/video.html
    0:05 ruclip.com/video/FG0nTVU3fRM/video.html
    0:24 ruclip.com/video/1p2d_mbOVYo/video.html
    1:09 ruclip.com/video/ZqGi3lP0qss/video.html
    1:29 ruclip.com/video/rHffcMI_SdE/video.html
    1:43 ruclip.com/video/SBIoc-0nqdg/video.html
    2:07 ruclip.com/video/2BSi8DCZXhw/video.html
    2:23 ruclip.com/video/UNEl5yTHLRg/video.html
    2:35 ruclip.com/video/E9P2zGRIYF8/video.html
    2:49 WayV_official/status/1095938042055946240
    3:29 WayV_official/status/1090536682653343744
    3:49 WayV_official/status/1110466670806687744
    4:14 www.v*l*i*v*e.tv/video/59761
    4:28 ruclip.com/video/UNEl5yTHLRg/video.html
    4:34 www.v*l*i*v*e.tv/video/77411
    5:12 ruclip.com/video/3UGMDJ9kZCA/video.html
    5:18 ruclip.com/video/a1icqS3eLn8/video.html
    5:26 ruclip.com/video/aKDKDuDPgls/video.html
    5:49 ruclip.com/video/oaIXkz6VhWI/video.html
    6:02 WayV_official/status/1090897977428922368
    6:10 ruclip.com/video/cE2TuUK3paU/video.html
    6:39 WayV_official/status/1109741894630887425
    7:11 ruclip.com/video/DtO1TlSQPxg/video.html
    7:28 ruclip.com/video/QwwWkPk1FGU/video.html
    7:55 ruclip.com/video/bRynZpkCjg0/video.html
    8:29 WayV_official/status/1090897977428922368
    8:36 ruclip.com/video/MYknboOoHeg/video.html
    9:19 ruclip.com/video/vyeRTH6l7P4/video.html
    9:44 ruclip.com/video/xWdssg7Vhdg/video.html
    10:08 ruclip.com/video/2BSi8DCZXhw/video.html
    10:24 ruclip.com/video/E4UGi_NF4mA/video.html
    10:35 ruclip.com/video/OYS0KEKC__k/video.html
    10:57 Nostalgia_kki/status/1111582449484468225
    11:18 ruclip.com/video/8ovHSQwp1n0/video.html
    11:46 ruclip.com/video/ExamxpNbAVU/video.html
    12:04 ruclip.com/video/tB0Q9bBuzRg/video.html
    12:20 ruclip.com/video/8T-wKw12El4/video.html
    13:04 ruclip.com/video/0AUFyFEt35g/video.html
    13:10 ruclip.com/video/9ieKUQRVx0Q/video.html
    13:32 ruclip.com/video/7fcMn0qyl_4/video.html
    14:03 ruclip.com/video/OYS0KEKC__k/video.html
    14:14 ruclip.com/video/zAjx8wEkxJc/video.html
    14:31 pBvJHV_DBT0N/
    14:37 pBvWk7hxhB3N/
    14:55 pBuLuQEwhcLs/
    15:12 WayV_official/status/1115580868624388096
    15:29 ruclip.com/video/D0jsyao1Rtg/video.html
    16:00 ruclip.com/video/oIqVUBgjjPQ/video.html
    16:26 ruclip.com/video/0anFYCsAAy8/video.html
    16:47 ruclip.com/video/3AZIfv1gkCQ/video.html
    17:11 ruclip.com/video/SBIoc-0nqdg/video.html
    17:32 ruclip.com/video/bboBEDJsUTU/video.html
    17:59 ruclip.com/video/WQp72pkZtjk/video.html
    18:38 ruclip.com/video/lyHVy9K0t5o/video.html
    19:04 WayV_official/status/1110104032679358466
    19:26 ruclip.com/video/oIqVUBgjjPQ/video.html
    19:50 ruclip.com/video/fERtCGbzQI0/video.html
    20:26 ruclip.com/video/xWdssg7Vhdg/video.html
    21:02 ruclip.com/video/lp6Ufr95w68/video.html
    21:19 ruclip.com/video/HEVsTp7zW-4/video.html
    21:44 ruclip.com/video/bRynZpkCjg0/video.html
    22:01 ruclip.com/video/A-FM_VzNBFc/video.html
    22:13 ruclip.com/video/xWdssg7Vhdg/video.html
    22:26 ruclip.com/video/fb8q8vjq4So/video.html
    22:35 ruclip.com/video/OYS0KEKC__k/video.html
    22:37 ruclip.com/video/bboBEDJsUTU/video.html
    22:52 ruclip.com/video/ExamxpNbAVU/video.html
    23:10 ruclip.com/video/VGXiVfKrwAU/video.html
    23:29 ruclip.com/video/oaIXkz6VhWI/video.html
    23:37 ruclip.com/video/xWdssg7Vhdg/video.html
    24:26 ruclip.com/video/lp6Ufr95w68/video.html
    24:31 WayV_official/status/1090897977428922368
    24:51 ruclip.com/video/UNEl5yTHLRg/video.html
    25:18 ruclip.com/video/_svpEC06xSA/video.html
    25:26 ruclip.com/video/VGXiVfKrwAU/video.html
    25:47 ruclip.com/video/mbvqGtt5beY/video.html
    26:02 ruclip.com/video/tB0Q9bBuzRg/video.html
    26:29 ruclip.com/video/tB0Q9bBuzRg/video.html
    26:33 ruclip.com/video/2Dt4XPAAzJQ/video.html
    26:45 ruclip.com/video/xWdssg7Vhdg/video.html
    27:11 ruclip.com/video/UNEl5yTHLRg/video.html
    27:26 ruclip.com/video/_svpEC06xSA/video.html
    27:59 ruclip.com/video/tB0Q9bBuzRg/video.html
    28:26 ruclip.com/video/cE2TuUK3paU/video.html
    28:38 ruclip.com/video/lyHVy9K0t5o/video.html
    28:58 ruclip.com/video/v-mc9yDVBzY/video.html
    29:07 ruclip.com/video/2BSi8DCZXhw/video.html

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  • softjun
    softjun  6 months ago +436

    links to all videos used are in the description ✨

    • Li Li
      Li Li 2 months ago +1

      wow, this must have taken a lot of time, thank you!

  • thughao
    thughao Day ago

    I can't believe you didn't include kun's magic tricks in the video 😁

  • Jonanana
    Jonanana 2 days ago

    I can't with the caption LMAO I chokedt when Kun started singing omg


    the way lead is pronounced lmao

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    loona verse 6 days ago +1

    its been a week since i started stanning and i love them so much :(( ❤️

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    ohdaddy whiplash 6 days ago

    Everytime xiaojun is being said in this video i always cracked af

  • Its Wenny
    Its Wenny 7 days ago +1

    author-nim can you give me the link or website for the "man robot voice". I really wanted to make a kpop meme video using that voice but i just can't seem to find the origin of it. It would be really nice if you reply to me :D

  • Tea Ayumi
    Tea Ayumi 8 days ago

    Hong Kong and Macao are not countries, they are special administrative regions of China,You can't be wrong this is a very sensitive

  • Emily J
    Emily J 9 days ago

    Umm Regulars original version is by WayV Nct127s Regular is the English version

  • NCT DREAM deserves to be a fixed unit

    Xiao jun's eyes are so fierce i thought he was a rapper
    But it turns out that Yang yang which is cute little boi is the rapper lmao😂

  • Darla E.
    Darla E. 12 days ago

    Ok for this group... my bias is hendery and my bias wrecker is Lucas!!

  • holly
    holly 13 days ago

    hi! so i want to stan wayv because they seem soooo talenteddddd! is there anything i can watch to get to know them better? any shows or something? also, recommend me some songs 🤩

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    Rosario 14 days ago

    Hong kong and macau are under China too thou.

  • Andrea Bonnefont
    Andrea Bonnefont 14 days ago +1

    Wait a second... I never realised that YangYang and I are born on the same day of the same year...

  • Dana Hinaman
    Dana Hinaman 16 days ago

    A+ 10/10 Stan WayV

  • Miguel-Angel Lopera Cuesta

    You forgot that WinWin is also a Vocalist

  • Blue 63
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    I'm german I could understand everything omg

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    “SM giving artistic freedom? Sounds fake but ok”

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    No matter how much he hates it, Mama Kun will forever thrive as Kun's best nickname

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    19:25 does professor snape actually say that.

  • Setres09
    Setres09 18 days ago

    Yangyang really is a little devil haha

  • Thanmayi Buddhavarapu

    12:16 if only sm gave winwin an acting career and stopped sleeping on him

  • Infinite.l
    Infinite.l 29 days ago

    this helped me a lot, thank you

  • Allison Yue
    Allison Yue Month ago

    honestly ten making mistakes in chinese is me everyday

  • Rachel Uwu
    Rachel Uwu Month ago

    I can relate to tens broken Chinese on a spiritual level I-

  • stan talent stan kpop
    stan talent stan kpop Month ago +1

    12:50 everyone shut the fuck up that’s so cute

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  • Daria Morusca
    Daria Morusca Month ago

    15:26 i think that this is the first time i hear lucas to a normal tone i mean i kinda think that i always hear him screaming😂😂😂💜

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    im whipped for lucas👁👄👁👍.

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    What? So ur telling me none of these three are normal. Oh god.. Here we go again...
    This christmas is gonna be **sighs** 😐😐😐

  • shuru Jane
    shuru Jane Month ago

    I'm sorry, but I want to say way v has five members from China.
    Xiao jun from Guangdong China
    Kun from Fujian China
    Win win from Zhejiang China
    Lucas from Hong Kong China
    Hendry from Macao China

  • i’m tired
    i’m tired Month ago +1

    okey pls noone @ me but lucasreminds me of joey in friends

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    Tiamaria Cha Month ago

    11:01 what’s the song oooo

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    Ishani Kaushik Month ago +1

    Ok so like Yang Yang is my first bias who's a rapper and I'm happy.

  • Ishani Kaushik
    Ishani Kaushik Month ago +1

    Anyone realized that Ten has the word "porn" in his name? Thats cause he would be good at it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • nae ireumun ireumun A to the Z


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    what i have the same birthday as kun i feel so special

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