What's inside Nike Air VaporMax?

We CUT IN HALF Nike AirMax VAPORMAX weeks before they are released!!

Watch our videos of our amazing Nike Trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4QA7UDz4ow&index=1&list=PL3BVMyyYBBRE58ImwDliKMyqwrdSGLPyu&t=5s

We had an incredible time at Nike HQ and feel honored to have met the engineers and designers of their cool products. Thanks Nike for the trip and the swag.

All comments and direction of this video was 100% our own.

Just wait until you see what is coming Day 2-5 of this trip. Amazing.

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Автор YourNot Dead ( назад)
Tinker: What is your favorite sports team

Lincoln: The team that blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals

Автор Sal Morales ( назад)
A sneaker head nightmare

Автор Yordany Taveras ( назад)
I voted for you lil man

Автор jordan hollern ( назад)
I love Golden State so much!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Klayson Geller ( назад)
I really want a fidget spinner

Автор blackhen ( назад)
China Coming!!!

Автор Minecraft Gamer 1,000 This is fun ( назад)
I voted

Автор Ethan Hall ( назад)
What's inside an airmax. I wonder

Автор Buzzle-Agar -Agar ( назад)
I just cried for 72 hrs 😭

Автор pateralus9 ( назад)
You did what's inside a microscope- how about a telescope?

Автор Nateplays ( назад)

Автор Roberto Carlos Ambriz Ibarra ( назад)
4:30 thank me later

Автор AKT BL4ZE ( назад)
why r they saying nikee or niky its nike

Автор charles davis ( назад)
I voted linkan

Автор fishmad 101 ( назад)
why do you say nike like nikey just sounds dump. its like calling a bike a bikey

Автор Justine Green ( назад)
i am Riley crying dud

Автор dion kivits ( назад)
look whats insight appel tv remote

Автор BossTheMan ( назад)
I voted for lincoln

Автор John Michael ( назад)
i voted for lincoln

Автор naomi tink ( назад)
You should cut open adidas nmd the first kind it has this boost Technology and I would love to know what's in side I would Lionel it if you would do this I have the shoes and I could send you a picture

Автор Brady Quarles ( назад)
I want them shoes no fair

Автор MrMethadrine ( назад)
This family reminds me of a corn flakes ad..

Автор Rabbitra Sweet Forever ( назад)
Whats inside a bed?

Автор percy p ( назад)
bro the dad can get almost 4 million subs but cant get a decent hairline

Автор Giovanny Colon ( назад)
Out of all the teams he said golden state basic bandwagon fan 😴😴

Автор Zappyjuggler ( назад)
There was mark and annie in the Nike headquarters

Автор Jody Grey ( назад)
which ones the kid

Автор Kids from South Africa ( назад)
So many people out there can't have or afford these, and you guys are just *DESTROYING* them and not even using them.
I know it gets you guys views and it creates some cheap humor but really show some respect.

Автор Keviin ( назад)
what's inside of your sons head? new video?

Автор Cracker Rider Putin ( назад)
best intro in the world

Автор Millie Kate ( назад)
With the shoe that has full air pockets soles, what happens if you step on a sharp object and you burst the air pocket. Your shoe is ruined.

Автор fowlermz ( назад)
I will vote for you

Автор MagicalFishy ( назад)
I'm not a sneakerhead myself, but I can hear the souls of thousands crying out.

Автор Dat Weenie ( назад)
Seriously, not to be mean, just please do a little bit of research on the materials or something before you senselessly destroy something that people less fortunate than you would love to have. What's inside must be stopped.

Автор Giraffe Play ( назад)
The soul is made out of plastic.

Автор K1 N ( назад)
it hurts every time they say nike e

Автор Aydah Jones ( назад)

Автор Marleen de Boer ( назад)
go to 4:05 for the cutting 😴

Автор JeffUp ( назад)
Alove it

Автор mohamed hasan ( назад)
it was a sample, that makes them really valuable

Автор Jessica Schell ( назад)
I vote Lingcon

Автор Cristian Meraz ( назад)
When white people say they have culture. This is it.

Автор Providencecaps10 ( назад)
Cutting the shoe in half was satisfying

Автор Ethan Michiels ( назад)
i would feel sick f i did this 😂

Автор ginu K ( назад)

Автор ThatBeastlyGamer 609 ( назад)
my uncle had thoses shoes and at our Easter party the shoes started to deflate.

Автор Mobile Madness ( назад)
I literally cried when he cut into them

Автор Lukas Overton-O'Hara ( назад)
I vote Lincoln for president!!!

Автор beachroad ( назад)

Автор Jan Munske ( назад)
This shoes are ugly

Автор Millie marshall ( назад)
Hey what's inside u should cut open the Nike huaraches and see what's in the sole part coz it feels like a hard foam

Автор Super Man ( назад)
Lincoln remember warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Sam Scullion ( назад)
Lincoln is a bandwagon

Автор Jarediah Inocencio ( назад)
kids in india can eat that shoes

Автор Christopher Gallegos ( назад)

Автор xofficalx5 ( назад)
alot of you guys are probably sneakers head and know about shoes were just normal people ok ig im not normal lmao

Автор Eduardo F Silva ( назад)
eu queria que tivesse sido com o pé desse cara dentro

Автор Kyle McCarraher ( назад)
And do ultraboost

Автор Kyle McCarraher ( назад)
Ew golden state bandwagon

Автор Bryant _ Flipper ( назад)
What's wrong with you guys

Автор Cody Houghtling ( назад)
The stuff in the shoe is a mix of nitrogen and oxygen

Автор Brian dias ( назад)
hi I want to know what's inside solar panels can you make a video on it please☺

Автор ampdizzler ( назад)
yo wtf why we cutting thru a fresh pair?

Автор Kato x ( назад)
The coolest thing about it was the paper

Автор Drope ( назад)

Автор RYA ( назад)
Got a Nike ad just before this.

Автор the flash ( назад)
so whats the difference between nike air max 2017 & nike vapormax

Автор Andrew Ford ( назад)
whos the dad

Автор David Vang ( назад)
isn't the point of the clear sole to see what's inside?

Автор Maggie Bear ( назад)
9:20 he stabbed on himself but feel nothing? Lol

Автор Joseph Elias ( назад)
whats inside the 'elephants foot'

Автор Joseph Elias ( назад)
shouldn't there be something preventing this from being examined......copyright etc

Автор Collin McAfee ( назад)
I voted

Автор M Miraglia ( назад)
Didn't the AJ1 have an air unit....wasn't the air ship the first to feature the air unit in the sole?

Автор Koky Koky ( назад)
How do I vote for the kid??

Автор Koky Koky ( назад)
you should hang them up like they hangup picture frames or tennis rackets

Автор Jordan Goldberg ( назад)
Do you have any left

Автор Anti Social - Social Club ( назад)
He cut open a pair of sample vapour max's...

Автор Esco Esco ( назад)
Airmax or Airforce one? hmmmmm

Автор Alireza Razavi ( назад)
It is properly nitrogen

Автор Ebony Master ( назад)
You could sell sell those Vapour max for loads cus they are rare with the Nike property thing in the shoe

Автор Blazing dragon ( назад)

Автор CarlSldvrVlogs ( назад)
I enjoyed this haha!!!!! so about that flat flyknit material you guys keeping that?

Автор go boom ( назад)
i voted for you subscribe to my channer please

Автор GarrryGrrrilleTV ( назад)
lil boy such a bandwagon

Автор Flash Tech ( назад)
cut open a Kirby vacuum. I heard NASA designed the suction blade for it.

Автор Gustavo Castro ( назад)
cmon, who needs to cut a vapormax to understand it...and get high sniffing them...

Автор Shane Granali ( назад)
Open a ipad the apple ipad

Автор VuderoxRysuje ( назад)
Lincoln's shoe is really cool! I want to get one!

Автор Neo Canadian ( назад)
voted for lincoln

Автор Real man 361 ( назад)

Автор Nicolas Tremblay ( назад)
You monster...

Автор Jeff Dickonson ( назад)
They were tough cause they're made for running!

Автор Aleksander Borys ( назад)
you are just wasting good shoe

Автор Aleksander Borys ( назад)
what is the point of this video?

Автор Levi Chalker ( назад)
i voted for lincoln

Автор Supe Hova ( назад)
U like golden state warriors me too 😏😏😏

Автор Gamer GirlXcX ( назад)
I vote lincholn

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