Game Theory: Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)

  • Опубликовано: 17 июн 2018
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    I've talked A LOT about Fortnite on this channel, but today we are delving into something new - the PUBG vs Fortnite lawsuit! PUBG is claiming Fortnite infringed on its copyright with the "battle royale" style gameplay. So for you, Loyal Theorists, I made myself a quick guide to Korean copyright law to tell YOU whether or not PUBG can LEGALLY shut down Fortnite!
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Комментарии • 49 408

  • Blue Meat
    Blue Meat 2 часа назад

    Don't Forget Africa

  • NetiSuper
    NetiSuper 2 часа назад

    Rules of Survival is a 120 battle royal on the old map and on the new one it’s 300 players

  • James Worden
    James Worden 2 часа назад

    What happened to Game Theory? Where did it go so wrong?

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 часа назад

    Confucius, Fortnite and PUBG in the same sentence.
    May God help us all.

  • Christian Konkler
    Christian Konkler 2 часа назад

    Honestly matpat we see quite a few of these videos that aren't really theories. I would actually really support a move to have you guys make a new channel maybe called GameAnalysis since that's actually what you seem to like doing. you've made quite a few of these types of videos so far and it might be an interesting project. granted you no doubt are bust with gtlive, film theory, and of course this smoking hot channel of laughs, love, and most importantly ur hair I still think an analysis channel could expand ur horizons.

  • Henry Cook
    Henry Cook 2 часа назад

    I love how at 14:47 the red spread doesn’t go in to North Korea

  • Toby Cann
    Toby Cann 2 часа назад

    Ooh gotta love that lotr soundtrack opening

  • Denis Chen
    Denis Chen 2 часа назад

    why trippy background?

  • Mitsuki The Sage
    Mitsuki The Sage 2 часа назад

    Pubg lost 1.75 million people after fortnite came probably salty af

  • Leka Prdeka
    Leka Prdeka 2 часа назад

    Yes fortnite is going down!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Boswell
    Nicholas Boswell 2 часа назад

    He can just talk about the lawsuit taking place in korea

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 2 часа назад


  • Victor Johnson
    Victor Johnson 2 часа назад

    Can people sump down game

  • Muhammad Rashdan
    Muhammad Rashdan 2 часа назад

    5:32 yep my childhood. minecraft started it first bitches!!!!! XDD (dont take it to seriously if its weird)

  • Parsa Shirali
    Parsa Shirali 2 часа назад

    Bye bye fortnite

  • Nicholas Boswell
    Nicholas Boswell 2 часа назад

    This man goes way to deep into it

  • Plural Kumquat
    Plural Kumquat 2 часа назад

    If PubG somehow wins a lawsuit in America, I expect the creator of the Arma battle royal mod to chime in and get PubG shut down.

    FROSTTY 2 часа назад

    Check my channel for Funny Fortnite Montages ❄️

  • AlexC
    AlexC 2 часа назад

    I would cry if Fortnite wins because ima PUBG fanboy

  • Gaming with Nobody
    Gaming with Nobody 2 часа назад

    PUBG can’t sue Epic, if they do, Blueholes access to Unreal Engine 4 will be removed, thus PUBG unplayable.

  • Slave Knight Gael
    Slave Knight Gael 2 часа назад

    I hope fortnite loses and gets shut down, because it is ruining RUclip and if it wins it just going to die in a couple of months and fortnite looks like very badly drew Fanboy and Chum chum style.
    (Don't just comment on this saying "oh I hope PUBG loses" and all that other bullshit, I'm just saying my opinion)

  • Zqeed
    Zqeed 2 часа назад

    Minecraft sues pubg for copying hungergames LOL that would be funny
    Edit: lol i didnt see matpat aready said it...

  • WiLL
    WiLL 2 часа назад

    Fortnite and PUBG are cancer.

  • Infectious Sheep
    Infectious Sheep 2 часа назад

    "winner winner infringed copyright dinner"

  • Blue Wolfy gaming TV
    Blue Wolfy gaming TV 2 часа назад

    I hope that pubg loses and fortnite wins

  • S2 Kuishy
    S2 Kuishy 2 часа назад +1

    Congrats on trending.

  • VitalityWolf
    VitalityWolf 2 часа назад

    I mean. Dude, THE WHOLE DEBATE IS LITERALLY RETARDED. PUBG is only salty because Fortnite is blowing up.

  • Warsaw 1047
    Warsaw 1047 2 часа назад

    Fortnite aka Fartnuts

  • Stefan Orlishausen
    Stefan Orlishausen 2 часа назад

    Wait...H1Z1 was out before PUBG wasnt it? so isnt PUBG the one that should be sued?

  • Angry Woofer
    Angry Woofer 2 часа назад

    I wish they could get rid of fortnite completely, that would make my day

  • Jude Connell
    Jude Connell 2 часа назад

    Pubg coped frontnith on the emots

  • Floweyball!!!
    Floweyball!!! 2 часа назад

    and still, i downloaded it on the switch

  • TheGamingShark
    TheGamingShark 2 часа назад +1

    Lots of pinoys play rules of survival

  • علي المرسومي
    علي المرسومي 2 часа назад

    i don’t play either of them i play survival games i’m just here for the science

  • Argki oof
    Argki oof 2 часа назад

    Minecraft better sue pubg and the movie about the battle royale better sue minecraft

  • Ava Jamison
    Ava Jamison 2 часа назад

    I like how people say they hate fortnite/pubg because of the fanbase

  • Fizz Popp
    Fizz Popp 2 часа назад

    Finally the intro i've been waiting for

  • Hepatintti
    Hepatintti 2 часа назад

    I like both but Fortnite is everywhere, everyone knows about it so I think it could Be a good thing if Fortnite gets shut down

    In korea.

  • TheNinja101
    TheNinja101 2 часа назад

    They cant win. Its not copyright and fortnite was before pubg

  • cyrus dj
    cyrus dj 2 часа назад

    You americunts believe that you live on clouds.

  • Mr. Caterpillar
    Mr. Caterpillar 2 часа назад

    remember when mat pat said that the asteroid would land in tilted towers IT didnt IT HIT DUSTY DEEPO

    SMUGGG 2 часа назад +1

    Epic games helped the creation of pubg so they will not probably

  • DIAknight Roleplay Light
    DIAknight Roleplay Light 2 часа назад

    Damn this IS NUMBER 3

  • wild child
    wild child 2 часа назад

    look at the bottom to see which...

    game will win which isss...

    i dont even know but i hope fortnite wins and pubg is taking everything for (B A T T L E R O Y A L E) what if thay got it from fortnite or NOT pubg idek have a good day/night aand like if u died of boredom and im sorry kindof

  • KINGShaheed
    KINGShaheed 2 часа назад +1

    This is the best-worst news I've ever heard.

  • trippin balls
    trippin balls 2 часа назад

    what about realm royalye

  • Sasori of the red sand
    Sasori of the red sand 2 часа назад

    *NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MY SCAR!!!!!!*

  • -KL- DanCer
    -KL- DanCer 2 часа назад +1

    Piss off PUBG copyrighted H1Z1

  • Soldier Aspect
    Soldier Aspect 2 часа назад

    Pupg runs on the engine that epic games made tho

  • [BRE]SomeRandomDude
    [BRE]SomeRandomDude 2 часа назад

    fornite is getting sued by pubg
    pubg will get sued by H1Z1
    H1Z1 will get sued by minecraft hungergames
    minecraft hungergames will get sued by hunger games itself

    and the list goes on

  • Tmove T
    Tmove T 2 часа назад

    When your running out of content everything is a theory 🤔😂🤓

  • Manas Gaming
    Manas Gaming 2 часа назад

    Did you forget ?

  • Warren Truxler
    Warren Truxler 2 часа назад

    My mind is blown

  • GAlan Rivera
    GAlan Rivera 2 часа назад

    and then there's war robots just chillin in the corner

  • [MRGE Pw]
    [MRGE Pw] 2 часа назад

    Fortnite cant not rule the world

  • Cha0x110
    Cha0x110 2 часа назад

    Anybody who actually supports PUBG for this is trash.

  • DIAknight Roleplay Light
    DIAknight Roleplay Light 2 часа назад

    Snoopy I’m in Asia I see lots of people playing it

  • The Seekers Of War
    The Seekers Of War 2 часа назад

    Hey as of this time your #3 on trending so.... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  • Salad Boy
    Salad Boy 2 часа назад +1

    Rip to ninjas career

  • Sake Walker
    Sake Walker 2 часа назад

    Rules of survival is better than pubg becouse its only 3 gb of space and you can run it on crap PC!AND ITS FREE?

  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher 2 часа назад

    Ok I have not watched the video but I really wanna say this if PUBG can copyright claim fortnite the. H1Z1 can copyright PUBG
    Think about PUBG is nearly the same game to H1Z1

  • SamuraiZurePH
    SamuraiZurePH 2 часа назад +1

    If epic games doesn't release fortnite in android just be gone fortnite

  • RonyYT - Roblox & More!
    RonyYT - Roblox & More! 2 часа назад

    PUBG can’t sue Fortnite because they didn’t create battle royale

  • Kyle Scott
    Kyle Scott 2 часа назад +1

    personally i like both games, i played a bit of PUBG and a lot more Fortnite but i still enjoyed both of them. to start off, i don’t understand as to why people hate fortnite so much. do people just hate on it because of it’s popularity, or because of the fan base. i feel as though if someone enjoys something, let them enjoy it. there’s no need to put someone down for doing something they like. also a lot of people are saying they hope PUBG wins the lawsuit because they want fortnite to, “go to hell”, while they aren’t thinking about the whole situation. if PUBG wins the lawsuit then PUBG could go around suing everyone with a 100 player battle royale which seems ridiculous. i don’t feel like PUBG are entirely thinking about the whole lawsuit thing because even if they do successfully sue fortnite, they will experience a whole bunch of backlash from people who really genuinely enjoy fortnite. in my opinion i don’t really think PUBG has a case because the games are wildly different in many aspects and there’s different skill needed to play both of them.

  • X 83
    X 83 2 часа назад

    I hope PUBG shuts down Fortnite

  • bibou Plays
    bibou Plays 2 часа назад

    I dont think pubg will grow much since it will gets tons of hate xD

  • Jayden Alker
    Jayden Alker 2 часа назад

    Is it just me or i like rules of survival

  • youssef dhouib
    youssef dhouib 2 часа назад

    ztf zere u tqlking qbout in the 2nd half of the video

  • Jt Voirol
    Jt Voirol 2 часа назад

    PUBG AND FORTNITE HAS DIFFERENT MECHANICS. pubg has cars, fortnite has shopping cart. You have to find cover in pubg but in fortnite you can build cover. Fortnite used to have a jet pack, pubg doesn’t. In fortnite the map changes every season, pubg only has 2 maps.

  • S&B
    S&B 2 часа назад +1


  • ashey 218
    ashey 218 2 часа назад

    Well matpat ran out of ideas

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 часа назад

    In the past: it's not a rip-off because the asteroids were a different colour.
    Now: it's a battle royale it's a ripoff

  • Ihavecandy
    Ihavecandy 2 часа назад

    This comment has been lost in a sea of other comments

  • UserNator
    UserNator 2 часа назад

    i hope pubg wins fortnite sucks (my opinion)

  • Frosttorn Krena
    Frosttorn Krena 2 часа назад

    8:33 I am Chinese but I know it's a joke hahaha lol

  • rayan chebbo
    rayan chebbo 2 часа назад

    Game theory is literally a history class.

  • opone
    opone 2 часа назад

    Quick some one tell the dependents of William Higinbotham you know the guy that made the first video game that if they start a leagal case in south Koria they can own Starcraft! o ya all the other games to...

  • X Phtogrphy
    X Phtogrphy 2 часа назад

    I guess that just means I’ll be able to win more games and get destroyed less haha

  • Madbeast
    Madbeast 2 часа назад

    As allot are saying its Korea only. So if they win there (with bluehole) it might. since its "dishonoring koreas spirit" blah blah. I'm shocked Epic games haven't pulled there licensing from Pubg . (they should of put in contract cant sue em with false court cases etc. Sue the devs who's programming makes your game works.. smart)

  • strheat
    strheat 2 часа назад

    But u arent unarmed , nd battle royale is a mod to fortnite...

    • strheat
      strheat 2 часа назад

      What does this mean for bo4 and battle field 5???

  • Shane Is A Queen
    Shane Is A Queen 2 часа назад +1

    *_Look at all those angry toddlers and man-children_*

  • logan
    logan 2 часа назад

    Pub G will fade away while Fortnite stays because Fortnite offers something new and unique OTHER than battle royale which is the building mechanic. Building in Fortnite adds a layer of combat and strategy that hasn't been seen before.

  • Jackie Morley
    Jackie Morley 2 часа назад

    Fortnite was gunning end like fidget spinner ps

  • Luhloydiekin
    Luhloydiekin 2 часа назад

    Anyone else tired of fortnite? I sure as hell am.

  • Kassandrae Hamilton
    Kassandrae Hamilton 2 часа назад +1

    I like realm royale don't judge me

  • BlueDune
    BlueDune 2 часа назад

    Does anyone here know the fact that PUBG runs on EpicGames (Fortnite) engine?

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 2 часа назад

    Could you do a theory on the Monument valley games? They are super compelling and mysterious.

  • Kynk
    Kynk 2 часа назад

    Make a new channel, call it "Life Theory"

  • I_lub_Katz
    I_lub_Katz 2 часа назад

    Wait so valve can sue blizzard from tf2 to overwatch

  • Nicolas Combs
    Nicolas Combs 2 часа назад

    Hope fortnite wins, because building isn't in pubg there's the advantage

  • MinerZB911
    MinerZB911 2 часа назад

    11:44 rip north korea

  • Dud Perfect
    Dud Perfect 2 часа назад


  • TwistedBitz
    TwistedBitz 2 часа назад

    What do u mean!!! FREAKING PUBG IS A COPY OF H1Z1

  • Aidan Woolley
    Aidan Woolley 2 часа назад

    Wow 3 on trending

  • samin labib
    samin labib 2 часа назад

    Pubg is better than fortnite

  • Ethan Groff
    Ethan Groff 2 часа назад

    Would not be sad to see fortnite community gone

  • Joey Evans
    Joey Evans 2 часа назад

    PUBG is garbage compared to Fortnite. Lol PUBG has to take it to the courts? That’s when you know they’re failing! Change my mind!

  • Tom Khong
    Tom Khong 2 часа назад

    There better be a “Thing Theory” channel now or heck you matpataronie

  • Farrel Aqmar Zaini
    Farrel Aqmar Zaini 2 часа назад

    Minecraft hunger games is the original battle royale