7 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You NEED To Try

  • Published on Jun 24, 2016
  • We've put together 7 amazing ways to clean just about anything you can think of! Is your grill a disaster? Bathtub a mess? What about food stains or greasy build up? Give these tips and tricks a try! Check Out Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes: bit.ly/1Xxp4wj
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  • wicked geekvape
    wicked geekvape Month ago

    Clorox... Brings back the memory when im 12. My room smells like clorox back then.

  • donedeal
    donedeal Month ago

    You might wanna use latex gloves with that nail polish!

    GAMING ASHTON 2 months ago

    Potato why use a potato? Use a sponge.

  • squid. whore/
    squid. whore/ 3 months ago

    Wait i knew those cleaning hacks before does that mean i am a genius a little bit?

  • Numb Skull
    Numb Skull 5 months ago

    My dad used to rub half an onion on the grill while it was heating up. Nice flavour 😉

  • David T.
    David T. 8 months ago

    Im sorry but those shoes did not look good as new

  • King of Gamergods
    King of Gamergods 8 months ago

    Nice he has a ps4

  • Krissy Bomkamp
    Krissy Bomkamp 8 months ago

    Okay but that blender hack thooooo

  • salko ooo
    salko ooo 8 months ago

    If any screws are rusted use coke

  • TheOfficials Real
    TheOfficials Real 9 months ago

    Use magic grill mat so you don't have to clean your grill anymore

  • Karen Fiorini
    Karen Fiorini 9 months ago

    Does anyone think that the music sounds a bit like the one in duck life??!?!?🎶🎶🎶🎹🎼🎹🐣🐣🐥🐥

  • fishyboi421 ?
    fishyboi421 ? 9 months ago

    OMG a good life hack

  • Mr Pengalin
    Mr Pengalin 9 months ago

    Pro tip: vinigar

  • coolnegative
    coolnegative 9 months ago

    I find it easier to just warm up the grill (not too hot), then scrub with loosely crumpled aluminum foil.

  • aaron ray radam
    aaron ray radam 10 months ago

    Can i use that wipe to clean my personality

  • Dawson Bianowski
    Dawson Bianowski 11 months ago

    Salt causes corrosion so don't do the first hack

  • Ever Martinez
    Ever Martinez 11 months ago

    In the first one can't you just rub an onion on the grill? That's what my dad does

  • lowly201Plays
    lowly201Plays Year ago

    Vinegar + Salt would some times is the answer. BUT NOT ALWAYS XDDD

  • Bros on a bench productions

    Wow thanks for the grease filter hack! I did not even know I had grease filters

  • ThatMCGamer
    ThatMCGamer Year ago

    First of all, DONT USE A WIREBRUSH use something else like the stones.

  • trumps butt
    trumps butt Year ago

    that music is garbaaaaaaaageeeeeeee

  • MizzzKitty
    MizzzKitty Year ago

    I love how they show you natural solution options...
    Some niffty little tricks in there...👍
    Thanks for the share.😊

  • Josh Byrd
    Josh Byrd Year ago

    Put your grease traps into your dish washer. Your plumber will thank you for the money youll be giving him.

  • Itz Ganja
    Itz Ganja Year ago

    Ps4 ggggaaaaaannnnnnngggggggg

  • Jordan Morrison
    Jordan Morrison Year ago

    You don't want to use nail polish remover on your shoes it can remove the paint

  • Beth M
    Beth M Year ago

    Watching this in January... "Summers almost here" IT SNOWED IN FLORIDA A FEW DAYS AGO... 😂😂

  • devanbasham
    devanbasham Year ago

    that's pretty cool

  • AndrewRibbit
    AndrewRibbit Year ago

    Why do I want to eat the potato

  • ッfxles
    ッfxles Year ago

    Who knew you could clean a grate with a god damn potato 🥔 :3

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Year ago

    My friends is there !

    CONAN Year ago


  • Rodney G
    Rodney G Year ago


  • Anja's Plate
    Anja's Plate Year ago

    Filters in the dishwasher is brilliant!! Trying that tonight. I just posted an unusual hack for cleaning up Lego, K'nex and beads too and EVERY mom just needs one =)

  • Jerric So
    Jerric So Year ago

    hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss hiss

  • Crystal Lin
    Crystal Lin Year ago

    Everyone is like, OMG, the blender hack is soooo cool
    I'm like, Wait, I was the only one who knew this?

  • Rocky
    Rocky Year ago

    ruclip.com/video/jG6a8CGWAVQ/video.html CHECK OUT THIS CLEANING SERIES!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍

  • NightWalkeR
    NightWalkeR Year ago

    2:05 have you guys seen a automatic shower cleaner its pretty cool. Its on kickstarter

  • Nz Nation Xtra
    Nz Nation Xtra Year ago

    Sun ha I live In the uk

  • Robert Adkins
    Robert Adkins Year ago

    Hey you stole these ideas from my 5 yr old neice, how dare you!!!!!

  • Lolo Shareea
    Lolo Shareea Year ago

    Hey what if u don't have a dishwasher
    Than how would u clean it without kill your hands

  • Kat !
    Kat ! Year ago +49

    Potatos, oil, salt, ARE WE MAKING FRENCH FRIES

  • Funtime_Foxy1342
    Funtime_Foxy1342 Year ago

    I was thinking about going to eat a potato and then you talked about potatoes.

  • Minecraftredstoner

    Love how the sponsorship is at the end, tho I don't mind if its about 3/4s of the way through for the video

  • Wildcats umeko
    Wildcats umeko Year ago

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  • IDoSpeedDraws C:
    IDoSpeedDraws C: Year ago

    *If you are a potatoe and if you are ok with one potatoe being killed*


    (Call 555-555-5555)

  • IFN
    IFN Year ago

    2:10 now get your diamond saws then use one on the other to get that diamond powder, mix that with the 24 karat molten gold and just scrub with that, should get everything clean

  • agello24
    agello24 Year ago

    careful with the salt, oil, and potato. the oil just gets absorbed my the rust. make sure yall clean it ALL the way.

  • Pizza shhh
    Pizza shhh Year ago

    "The nail polish remover will get rid of everything"
    Shoes disappear
    Ahh where did my shoes go

  • Craig McCauley
    Craig McCauley 2 years ago

    Nice way!

  • Abercrombait&switch
    Abercrombait&switch 2 years ago

    LOL - leave the plastic container in the sun so it's sure to break down and release BPA

  • Joel Peterson
    Joel Peterson 2 years ago

    Damn internet explorer is slow for posting comments

  • PickleJar251
    PickleJar251 2 years ago +1

    Is it bad if I ate the potato

  • Brett Dawson
    Brett Dawson 2 years ago

    Console or PC

  • zzubuzz
    zzubuzz 2 years ago

    First hack, just take the bbq grill to the local car wash and use the pressure sprayer, no salt, no potatoes, no fucking with cooking oil, etc..wtf! They make a video to show you the most idiotic method!!!

  • Dr.Depre55ion
    Dr.Depre55ion 2 years ago +1

    Why a potato

  • JZ
    JZ 2 years ago +1

    can you use sand as an alternative to salt to clean the grill

  • Ángel Hdz
    Ángel Hdz 2 years ago +1

    I am more impressed by the quality of this video :O

  • Damon Hiscoke
    Damon Hiscoke 2 years ago +1

    I would just use a water blaster for the greats

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson 2 years ago +1

    thats like 2 yrs of dust on the tv

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson 2 years ago +1

    the first one i could use the wire brush on my milwaukee corded drill and itd take about 2 mins on each grate

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 2 years ago +1

    Guess what?

    i havent dusted my piano in a year.
    i just did it.
    used 3 swiffer wipe thingys.

  • Andrew Hallbeck
    Andrew Hallbeck 2 years ago +1

    Where is the link

  • MixedMartyr
    MixedMartyr 2 years ago +1

    Using nail polish remover is a great way to take the paint off of your shoes. All that's necessary is water, a drop of soap, a toothbrush, and a rag.

  • Piper Halliwell
    Piper Halliwell 2 years ago +1

    This was just an ad for Clorox haha.

  • Shibae Ken
    Shibae Ken 2 years ago +1

    deep into the nooks... "thats what she say" :)))))))

    SOVIET FINLAND 2 years ago +1

    This is help full to me im 13 so its not long until I move

  • Smart Novelty
    Smart Novelty 2 years ago +1


  • imabritishcow
    imabritishcow 2 years ago +1

    i use microfiber cloths the dust.

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach Year ago

      CreeperTNT we can use yourself to clean it

  • ATL3xtra
    ATL3xtra 2 years ago +1

    keep your shoes new....
    spray CLEAR COAT on them when the are new to protect them

  • David Kim
    David Kim 2 years ago +1

    That Clorox Dust Wipe looks like a glorified dryer sheet-.-;;;

  • iCleanOvens
    iCleanOvens 2 years ago +1

    These are great tips and money saving as well.

  • TheCrazyAussie
    TheCrazyAussie 2 years ago +1

    I believe a threaded rod is a bolt just saying ;)

  • Emma Stan's
    Emma Stan's 2 years ago +1

    vegetable, potatoes, and salt? sounds like potato chips. Ha!

  • utoobr10
    utoobr10 2 years ago +1

    These seem like lovely hacks. I look forward to trying them!

  • utoobr10
    utoobr10 2 years ago

    Scrubbing grates is too much work! Put them in the self cleaning oven for an easier clean.

  • Purrve- Ball
    Purrve- Ball 2 years ago

    2:01 did anyone notice the white stuff in the bath?

    I did :-:

  • Patchouli Colt
    Patchouli Colt 2 years ago

    never use gloves with a drill out other spinning tool. it can grab the glove and injure you.

  • Josefina Samano
    Josefina Samano 2 years ago

    I love your videos.

  • NismoMan420
    NismoMan420 2 years ago

    OMG these aren't hacks, they are just tips and tricks. Not every goddamn thing is a "hack".

  • Timothy Graham
    Timothy Graham 2 years ago

    eww consoles

  • Luke Cameron
    Luke Cameron 2 years ago

    What's your PSN

  • Anthony Gaddy
    Anthony Gaddy 2 years ago +3

    People in potato could have eating that Africa!

  • Calla Roberts
    Calla Roberts 2 years ago

    hay that was lit

  • Harry Anthony
    Harry Anthony 2 years ago

    your going to ruen your tile

  • Maznulka Maznulka
    Maznulka Maznulka 2 years ago

    cleans rust off then pours water on it and wonders why it's rusty

  • jake warren
    jake warren 2 years ago

    i can sum up this channel in just a few words: advertisements and useless advice. dont get me wrong he USED to be a cool channel but hes just a money hog for adverts now

  • Anthony Lau
    Anthony Lau 2 years ago +1

    Nice tips. However, on cleaning the grill grates, if I knew I would be reusing the coarse salt, I probably would've laid down a sheet of wax paper to collect the salt so I wouldn't worry about getting a splint from the table.

  • Irish Lass
    Irish Lass 2 years ago

    3:28 I have to say it WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!

  • yardley flores
    yardley flores 2 years ago

    I feel like a fabric sheet could do the job of the Clorox sheet in going to try it out

  • Jessica Franzke
    Jessica Franzke 2 years ago

    fun fact: the literal translation of nut from German to English is "mother"

  • big smoke
    big smoke 2 years ago

    the clorox wipes look delicious

  • big smoke
    big smoke 2 years ago

    the clorox wipes look delicious

  • Patrick Neal
    Patrick Neal 2 years ago

    1:52 HouseholdHacker that is how to clean a blender, not a cleaning trick.

  • LimitlessDeadline
    LimitlessDeadline 2 years ago

    I tried the blender trick but then my smoothie tastes bad

  • Miah Steele
    Miah Steele 2 years ago

    actually some original ideas! Thankyou :)

  • Caroline Mickle
    Caroline Mickle 2 years ago

    You sold me on those wipes! Damn!

  • Kiko Da'Great
    Kiko Da'Great 2 years ago

    That ONE Rag COULDNT clean all that! DAMMIT LOL

  • B. Rick
    B. Rick 2 years ago

    A clean home attracts wealth

  • Kristine Goggan
    Kristine Goggan 2 years ago


  • Dubstep nation
    Dubstep nation 2 years ago

    The music