The Walking Dead 7x14 "Sasha Gets Caught by Saviors Scene" Season 7 Episode 14 (HD)

This is the scene where sasha gets caught by saviors on The Walking Dead 7x14!!

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Автор Steve Young ( назад)
free my nigga sasha

Автор The Epic Game Changer ( назад)
Does Sasha. Die or get caught

Автор Mark Noble ( назад)
I thought Sasha was a good shot. She was shooting all over and didn't hit anyone

Автор Juanito Gonzalez ( назад)
we dont even know that shsa got caught she could of escape never know

Автор Scooter Blalock ( назад)
just don't get the logic. she's a sniper. why not stay with your team and ,I dunno, snipe? stupid.

Автор apolo apolon ( назад)
"go it's not your time"...of course is time for Sasha to join Star Trek.

Автор Travis James ( назад)
Hope we'll see sasha be a walker

Автор Fuller Fans 2017 ( назад)
Does Anybody know what Eugene said after "go"

Автор TheVehicleDESTROYAH ( назад)
People thinking Eugene is in the wrong, when if he left Negan would just hunt him down or go apeshit on Alexandria.

Автор Your Mother ( назад)
Abraham is alive confirmed

Автор JustinBtchr ( назад)
Someone pls shove A big pickle in Eugene's asshole

Автор The Trolldier ( назад)
Definitely Dwight. No question.

Автор mrbenBR ( назад)
It didn't even show sasha getting caught

Автор FishGames40 ( назад)

Автор Kaiden Mayfield ( назад)
Rip Sasha

Автор Ungegurkt ( назад)
kill eugene please

Автор Jake Black ( назад)
anybody kill Eugene thanks

Автор -Lizzard97- ( назад)
They will do EXACTLY the same shit they did to holly

Автор Seawitch Z ( назад)
honestly..ill kill eugene there and then. at least do justice to abraham who protected him frm the beginning and died in negans hands. he got all his chance to redeem himself for lying to abraham who negan took his life for the group. hes working for the person who kill his true friend and saviour. what an as**ole!

Автор Estefania Torres ( назад)
donde está el capitulo conpleto😢😢😢😢????

Автор Dina Candy ( назад)
They killed Sasha smh

Автор T Chambers ( назад)
This video is poorly titled

Автор Edwin Silva ( назад)
el capitulo esta bloqueado para peru que paso

Автор August Hobbs ( назад)
Damn Sasha why u going on this dummy ass mission wit Rosita bitter ass u way smarter than that!! I feel she gone die when it should b Rosita which sucks cause that's another great fighter lost they need & more importantly a family member she been wit them longer. I always said they should have killed Eugine mullet wearing ass instead of Glen and Abraham Worlds biggest wimp I hope him & Rosita be the only losts🙏🙏🙏

Автор Maggie Greene ( назад)
The shadow is either Daryl or Dwight cuz they both got crossbows and long hair but I think it most likely Dwight since he is around there and Daryl just fond out that Sasha and Rosita were going to kill negan

Автор Maggie Greene ( назад)
The fuck you mean "Sasha gets caught by saviors scene" she didn't get caught

Автор Gabfiel Flores ( назад)
podes desbloqueae el capítulo para argentina no se porque lo hiciste

Автор the unstable asylum WWE ( назад)
no Sasha please no dieeeeee

Автор Shebailok ( назад)
sube la wea luego

Автор Fabricio VLG ( назад)
- nem foi tudo aquilo ep 14 afs

Автор Belen J.H ( назад)
subelo subelo porfa 😲😲😲😲

Автор That One Meme ( назад)
Engine was a pussy.

Автор Gerardo Báez ( назад)

Автор pau sxmuelbae ( назад)
no importa si esta en muy mala calidad como la otra vez pero porfa subilo 😪

Автор pau sxmuelbae ( назад)
a que hora el capiptulooo?

Автор Mikael Salander ( назад)
No subas estos videos antes de subir el capitulo completo please

Автор Maria Lopez ( назад)
Deja de subir spoilers y sube el capitulo completo :'(

Автор daniel sotelo mendoza ( назад)
sta mierda se va prender

Автор Teresa Guadalupe Ponce ( назад)
algien aabe a q ora ba a subir el proximo capitulo

Автор Brandon Valencia ( назад)
pinche spiler no mms sasha bebe no la maten perros 😢😢😢😢🙇😬😬😬

Автор Daniel Shepard ( назад)
ya lo subirá no sean impacientes paciencia

Автор Sra Rata :3 ( назад)

Автор Aliasgar Hadjinasser ( назад)
sasha don't pls. what the hell are you doing, i don't want you to die, all of you, you are my family's

Автор EMIRJ95 el fan de emirjr96 ( назад)
Like si quieres el cap completo :V

Автор valentino fortunoffッ ( назад)
sube el cap despues el spam

Автор Ratão 2210 ( назад)

Автор Eze Cabrera ( назад)
subi el capitulo no importa si esta en calidad 360 lo queremos ver ya🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Автор Daniel San ( назад)
Subes mucha pprqueria man el finde pasado alto spoleir ya me da miedo mirar la notificacion

Автор Angelo Huaringa ( назад)
sube el capitulo , pliss

Автор XxkevinxX Albaro ( назад)
like si viste el video antes de los 5 dislike

Автор Efrain Julca ostos ( назад)
sube el capítulo porfa

Автор Lusho omg ( назад)
sube el episodio completo ctm

Автор fer Partida ( назад)
Is that negan?

Автор ladymar coronado ( назад)
soy la primera

Автор Lusho omg ( назад)
perro klo

Автор Hector Gamer 007 ( назад)
1 comentario y segundo laic

Автор Flan Time ( назад)
sube el capitulo

Автор Brayan Canchari ( назад)
Capítulo completó

Автор Erwind Eduardo Acosta Rivera ( назад)

Автор facu vlog aldisone ( назад)

Автор Juan cARc ( назад)
deja de subir spam Gil

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