D.A.R.Y.L (1985) SR-71 BLACKBIRD!!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2014
  • A Great Scene from My All Time Favorite Movie D.A.R.Y.L (1985) (ALL Rights Owned by "Paramount Pictures") I do not own this material and only hope that Paramount will allow me to keep it on RUclip. This Fantastic Childhood classic cannot be found in stores anywhere! I post this material with only the intent to show my Admiration for this Wonderful Movie and to encourage others to look up the film and buy it online for themselves as it is well worth the money! I profit nothing from putting up this clip.
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  • Ben Foong
    Ben Foong 2 months ago +1

    Imagine Daryl now . Hes probably gonna boost a F-22 raptor now!

    • Mr. Extreme
      Mr. Extreme  2 months ago

      Not as fast as the Blackbird but more agile.

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham 3 months ago

    “FIREFLY 1, ABORT....ABORT!!!!”

  • Jamin Walker
    Jamin Walker 3 months ago +1

    The imagination sure did make a lot of great classics.

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham 3 months ago +2

    Area 51 stormers using this for research lol

  • MrZedblade
    MrZedblade 9 months ago

    ... because they leave those planes fueled up and ready to fly with nobody in the hanger watching them.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 4 months ago

      Its a film about a robot that looks like a 10yo boy and you worry about a plane having fuel.

  • robert e lee all american no color

    Theres my father robert lee arnold sr impressive aint he

  • Psy McDad
    Psy McDad 10 months ago

    1:13 the faces of a defeated army... "We could try to shoot him and then be responsible to damage a f*****g expensive plane, or just let him roll out and see him go off at speeds and hights no other plane or rocket can match now or in the future (2019 calling in: Nope, still wont catch him without extensively planed "slingshoot-maneuvers")... damnhesgoneallreadywellletscallitaday..."

  • Scott Stevenson
    Scott Stevenson Year ago


  • Richard's Sketchbook

    Got to love all these back seat pilots commenting on a kids film, as if its real life. LOL

  • Sam Chilcutt
    Sam Chilcutt Year ago +17

    Truly one of the most inspiring scenes in 80s cinema... Who cares if it isn't factually accurate. How many young people fell in love with this plane because of this scene?? I did...

    • cesteres
      cesteres 8 months ago

      As a kid I actually thought you could just fly away with a blackbird like that.

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay Year ago

    Boo spy like me

  • пашок игнатов

    Странно,как парня не раздавило перегрузками....

  • thomas smith
    thomas smith Year ago +4

    He should have stole the B52

  • Xintus
    Xintus Year ago


  • Robert Clopton
    Robert Clopton Year ago

    good movie, a future look into the super soldier shadow government research program

  • Raymond
    Raymond Year ago

    True TO U ... FOREVER This Guy's in Love with You 💝🌿🌻🌷🌹😍

  • roshard30
    roshard30 Year ago +3

    Hands down the greatest aircraft of all time!

  • Tanadorn Chatchalotorn

    nice sound general electric j 58 engine

    • Nighthawke70
      Nighthawke70 Year ago

      Pratt & Whitney, not GE. And yeah, it's pretty close to real, but no external starters, just the TEB kick and the takeoff sequence were accurate enough. No embellishment needed for the afterburner shockwaves tho.

  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes Year ago +2

    I love that movie 🎥 and that’s been my favorite airplane ever since

  • a labbe
    a labbe 2 years ago

    full error movie the blackbird have a 45 000 l of fuel but for take off we need onley 15000 l because its too heavy for take off with full fuel capacity and no PW j 58 start with apu maybe this movie its base with a A 12 because the first A 12 have a pw j 75 engine but on the movie its a sr 71 a the j75 its starts wiath internal apu

    • John Simpson
      John Simpson Year ago

      +a labbe Um, no. The A-12 deployed with J58 engines as well. It was the first test article that used the J75 because the J58 wasn't ready.

    • Nighthawke70
      Nighthawke70 Year ago +1

      and a nice TEB kick which makes everyone jump

    • Leopard
      Leopard Year ago

      a labbe Son, the 71 never had a APU. It was started by a Buick V8 modified engine. True story, you can check it out

  • self-aware420 xxx
    self-aware420 xxx 2 years ago

    Smart son of a bitch to turn off the homing beacon while he ejects the seat so the transmitter is turned off too much of a great escape

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham 2 years ago +4

    Best part of the movie right here!

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 2 years ago +26

    "A child with a stick of chewing gum has just rendered your hundred million dollars of hardware useless. Any suggestions?"

    • Mark Martin
      Mark Martin 10 months ago +1

      @Psy McDad
      Certainly. Thanks for your comment.

    • Psy McDad
      Psy McDad 10 months ago

      @Mark Martin Thank you for your answer. I am aware. I just try to justify my sense of 'lo an behold, that s**t is awesome!' to myself. :3

    • Mark Martin
      Mark Martin 10 months ago

      @Psy McDad
      It wouldn't be in the air if they'd shot out the tires. Real guards in the US Air Force don't stare idly as the thing they're supposed to be guarding rolls toward the tarmac.
      It's all moot, though, because the SR-71 never sat in the hangar all gassed up and ready to go.

    • Psy McDad
      Psy McDad 10 months ago

      @Mark Martin The plane was allready a couple miles up in the air at that point. So, the guards are excused for now. :3

    • Juan Cervantes
      Juan Cervantes Year ago +2

      Yea rub a piece of ice on it and it will come right off.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 3 years ago

    The piece is Romantic...until that obnoxious slide whistle...

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson 3 years ago +11

    THIS is the movie that solidified my love of the blackbird.
    Seeing X-Men first class made me cry after seeing the trailer.

    • K1productions
      K1productions Year ago +2

      It is, always has been, and always will be one of the most beautiful craft ever built. Perfect lines and shape to spark the imagination of anyone who looks at her. When I saw the proposed designs for its successor, the SR-72... I damn near threw up. Then I had to take a step back and realize,... NOTHING new they ever design could possibly compare to the original Blackbird.

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 3 years ago +24

    Everyone keeps commenting on how it's impossible for him to breathe in the plane, or get it started by himself. This is all true.
    However, what I found the most humorous, is the SR-71 Blackbird, America's most secret spyplane, is just sitting there with no security guards, all fueled up and ready to go. LOL

    • Tony Graham
      Tony Graham 3 months ago

      Lol .. just begging to be stolen lol

    • Roy Fokker
      Roy Fokker Year ago

      Before we even got the ¨Grand Theft Auto Franchise¨, DARYL initiated the : ¨Grand Theft Black Bird¨ trend.. hahahahah

    • Roy Fokker
      Roy Fokker Year ago +1

      The Air field is located near a 7 Eleven. Probably....

  • Kelly KitKat
    Kelly KitKat 3 years ago

    Dos Vedanya, biches!

    • nunyer beeznaz
      nunyer beeznaz Year ago

      Das Vidanya,Tovarichi. Spasiba bol shoi spasiba.

  • Jordan Spieth
    Jordan Spieth 3 years ago +4

    Thank you for posting this.

    • Jordan Spieth
      Jordan Spieth 3 years ago

      +Mr. Extreme I think that would important too!

    • Mr. Extreme
      Mr. Extreme  3 years ago +2

      @Jordan Spieth I love this movie. The closest thing to a remake of this was the movie "AI" "Artificial Intelligence" which I really didn't care for all that much. Personally I think today's Hollywood lacks the substance to do a remake of Daryl with any kind of justice. What makes Daryl great is that it has so many of the elements that are missing from today's movies, Movies don't seem to have much heart and soul anymore. It's like they all come out of the same CGI bubble gum machine. As such very little stands out as being all that unique anymore. Just my personal oppinion. I suppose I could see a remake of this being good if it was done by the right people and focused more on realism, human emotions, and character development rather then on all the fluff.

    • Jordan Spieth
      Jordan Spieth 3 years ago

      +Mr. Extreme Do you think this movie deserves a remake?

    • Mr. Extreme
      Mr. Extreme  3 years ago

      +Jordan Spieth No problem

  • phuturephunk
    phuturephunk 3 years ago +7

    Hey military nerds: Nobody cares about the various nuances of operating an SR-71 in real life.
    Although it is amusing to watch all of you go on about it.

    • Adaya Norrell
      Adaya Norrell Year ago


    • Nighthawke70
      Nighthawke70 Year ago

      Heh, true enough. But we do go on righteous fits when a movie company decides to go for good theater, circumventing practical physics. Interstellar, flipped that concept upside down with the black hole scene. That, was about as real as they can get.

    BIG AL ONE 4 years ago +16

    He spiked the turbines with tri-ethyl borene gas and manually started the engines all by himself.

    • cesteres
      cesteres 8 months ago

      Yup and then fill her up after take off thanks to his computer chip.

    • Reticuli
      Reticuli 4 years ago +3

      +BIG AL ONE Yeah. No Chevy engines reeving them up, either. And magically didn't have to refuel right after takeoff. He is a robot, though, so maybe he could get away with not having a pressure suit.

  • sonic jet
    sonic jet 5 years ago +14

    D.A.R.Y.L reminds me of WAR GAMES and IRON EAGLE
    Its always about some KID , who tries to mess with the Military :)

    • Fwyairpwane
      Fwyairpwane 4 years ago +6

      I've always wanted to fly an F-16 while listening to Queen.

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 5 years ago +13

    I love the sound that sr71 makes when it fires it's engines... I need a new subwoofer to experience it better

    • self-aware420 xxx
      self-aware420 xxx 2 years ago

      David Jimenez you and me both dude badass scene from that sr71

    • Reticuli
      Reticuli 4 years ago +1

      +David Jimenez Watch Final Approach. First all digital surround sound movie.

  • Fwyairpwane
    Fwyairpwane 5 years ago +24

    Interesting fact about the SR-71 - it can't take off on a full tank of gas. It's too heavy. You have to take off with very little fuel, then refuel in the air, then be sure to land when the fuel's almost empty again.

    • mini gamer
      mini gamer 9 months ago

      @mark clark is was the tires not the landing gears. Most sr71 crashes where caused by tire faliures

    • Tony Graham
      Tony Graham 10 months ago

      Jim Snow lol

    • John Simpson
      John Simpson Year ago

      @Jim Snow Sorry to have to tell you that whoever taught that class didn't know what they were talking about. That or they never looked in the now declassified flight manual www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/2/2-54.php Single engine refueling was hardly "normal" as evidenced by this page from the same manual www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/3/3-56.php also unlike any jet fighter engine at the time the engine and afterburner required ignition from a shot of TEB with each engine only having 16 shots www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/1/1-9.php so on a real world mission there was a finite number of times you could "cut" an engine as you say and then restart it.

    • John Robertson
      John Robertson Year ago

      Yeah only takes a script writer.