Indestructible Coating?!

Used in everything from bullet-proof vests to the walls of the Pentagon, polyurea's strength comes from its long-chain molecules.
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Nathan Hansen, Bryan Baker, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi

Filmed by Prashanth Venkataramanujam

SFX by A Shell in the Pit

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Автор Khaidhir Danish ( назад)
Did they just made Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, spray on shoes?

Автор Giovanni Di Cello ( назад)
I get it, you are Aussie and now you work in Canada and US but why do you guys mix up feet and seconds? As a scientist you should me using meters only.

Автор Kyelan Cookson ( назад)
So it's not indestructible then?

Автор Nick Moore ( назад)
can they linex my heart? :(

Автор LegitLogic ( назад)
I want this on my phone

Автор MrHenrySetaga ( назад)

Автор Mohamed Mahmoud ( назад)
great video

crysis suit in secodns, just stand there naked

Автор arc arcon ( назад)
The best way to explain how a baby is made 4:06

Автор Goretantath ( назад)
polyureaka! they made awesomeness!

Автор casesusa ( назад)
I guess you really don't want to breath this stuff in.

Автор Kal Kuma ( назад)
line-x my dick pls

Автор Pls Explain Life 3 ( назад)
kids in Africa could've eaten that rubber

Автор Cryptos 115 ( назад)
So that's how basketball are made.

Автор Marcel Rodriguez ( назад)
will this work on tanks?

Автор Miles ( назад)
1000 degree knife versus Indestructible Coating

Автор Tre G. ( назад)
Mix this with am A.I. and you get Venom

Автор Outdated Bloke ( назад)
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs already did this

Автор joe cantwell ( назад)
Body armour ?

Автор joe cantwell ( назад)
Just spray phones with this

Автор Playasum ( назад)
How to make and store your watermelon juice

Автор Nienke Fleur Luchtmeijer ( назад)
anything but a cat, you say?🤔

Автор Dean Lehmann ( назад)
I really want to shoot that stuff to see what happens

Автор llewen ebag ( назад)
does it smell like a piss?

Автор Matthew Hill ( назад)
Thanks for saying the IUPAC name of the polymer. There isn't much rigor on youtube--I appreciate the discipline. Love your channels.

Автор Matrix Operator ( назад)
that dude seems so much like the guy from codys lab. even the mannerism

Автор Finnian Hadid ( назад)
That isn't free fall because there is air resistance

Автор Shep ( назад)
make a phone case out of this lol

Автор MasterDj47 ( назад)
Is this what Flint Lockwood used to make his shoes?😂😂😂
(Not sure if I spelt his name correctly)

Автор TheSuperQuail ( назад)
Could this be used for body armor?

Автор Marc ( назад)
what font is used in the thumbnail???

Автор Saul Moses ( назад)
Time to spray this all over my body

Автор MakeMeThinkAgain ( назад)
Since you were showing the molecular structure you could have added something about where the heat was coming from. Electrons migrating or just changing energy levels?

Автор Fazal Fariz ( назад)
The question is can a pointy object like a nail go through it?

Автор KraineK xDDD karambitch ( назад)
sounds like a rubber ball to me

Автор Thomas Foster ( назад)
is that gin-gin?

Автор anna 2.0 ( назад)
can i spray my skin w it

Автор Splash AKA Melody Fox Productions ( назад)
XD I HEARD "B is Nepali"

Автор Vitaly Gubarik ( назад)
I hate that the coating was over one inch thick on the bouncing watermelon... I can do that with home-depo rubber.. (misleading)

Автор Nanette Sage ( назад)
How do you break down the substance such that it is not an Eco-horror?

Автор Tonicity ( назад)
The instant basketball-maker spray

Автор SuperFailism ( назад)
I'm paranoid bout epoxies and stuff, but don't smell it when it's doing the chemical reaction is a safe bet.

Автор Jonathan B ( назад)
cloudy with a chance of meatballs shoes, anyone???

Автор Guten ( назад)
I would coat my dick and slap bitches' faces with it

Автор sadclownairraid Arka-9 // MC FAX ( назад)
Impressive stuff, but to be honest thats like a 3cm thick coating on the watermelon. I bet if you wound the same thickness of duct tape around it, it would also not break.

Автор Erik Straathof ( назад)
but does this work on humans?

Автор SHICKLGRUBER ( назад)
The title for this video for me was "Uknuselig belegg?!" which is norwegian for "indestructible layer"
Who else had a translated title?

Автор Grin ( назад)
What would happen to a human body covered in that thing?

Автор Jude Campbell ( назад)
The water melon drop was at Gingin

Автор Ben Bostic ( назад)
So... Every truck bed lining since it became a thing?

Автор Kirk Patrick Besa ( назад)
What if you line-x a bomb before it explodes lol

Автор QuanizzGFX™ ~ Jonathan H. ( назад)
Spray this all over yourself then isis cant cut your head but you might suffer 3rd degree Burns but whatever.

Автор Glitch exe ( назад)
can it take a bullet?

Автор Zeyad Mansour ( назад)
they are lying!
they used Nokiadium!!

Автор Kevin Benoit ( назад)
Comes out at 150° and gets hotter? So you're saying I can't spray it on myself as a second skin...

Автор Kevin Benoit ( назад)
Looks like the stuff that the kid from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs used to make permanent shoes.

Автор paxton cargill ( назад)
coat yourself with it and then jump off a bridge

Автор Cristianyred #FNAFHS ( назад)
Y niño de África se uniera comido esa sandía

Автор Steve Gorman ( назад)
Inscrutable coating 0 $100 circler saw 1

Автор Paul Ole Pasch ( назад)
1:30 The coating is almost as thick as the Shell of the watermelon. No wonder it survived.

Автор Shawn Ravenfire ( назад)
This will be the bane of Gallagher's existence!

Автор F2 Cameron Khanpour ( назад)
I know this might be stupid to ask, but in the beginning of the video, Veritasium said the watermelon was "...in free fall for a full 3 seconds..." (0:13 - 0:15), but i though free fall was the falling of an object when gravity was the only force behind it, so if I am right, then the watermelon was actually not in free fall because there was clearly air resistance in the falling of the watermelon. Please let me know if I am wrong and explain, thanks.

Автор LIAM MACDONALD ( назад)

Автор Braŭljo ( назад)
*Indestructible Coating‽

Автор SnailsAttack ( назад)
spray it in ur mouth

Автор CujoSuki ( назад)
Could this be used as armour for military use? Helmets, Armour, Kneepads etc...

Автор MrLemonadefreak ( назад)

Автор Jose Varela ( назад)
That would make an amazing phone case

Автор JMS SFIKAS ( назад)
1:45 instant death star :)

Автор OP's OC ( назад)
Well time to get my cat and sneak in at night...

Автор Quang Ngo ( назад)
Curious, then if the impact was sufficient, and the watermelon rind smashed to small pieces on the inside, would there be any outward show?

Автор Mohamed Maxamed ( назад)
material for the flash costume?

Автор Wilson Qiu ( назад)
You used the mini snatoms

Автор Timothy Whieldon ( назад)
not suprized at this as how thick it was put on. This is a great way to "cut" a watermellown

Автор Ty Shank ( назад)

Автор kibidk ( назад)
That's not a "coating" - that's a thick layer. And seriously - you consider the watermelon to have "survived" a 100km/h impact?..........

Автор Benjamin Miranda ( назад)
spray on shoes

Автор general kitten ( назад)
send one of those watermelons to hydraulic press channel

Автор FullFledged2010 ( назад)
Spray on shoes.😁

Автор Flaming Gaming ( назад)
But is it bulletproof

Автор novafire ( назад)
can we get phone cases made from that?

Автор BlackViperKiss ( назад)
Spray on shoes!

Автор Adel Jeffrey ( назад)
cant be used as undercoatimg for a vehicles?

Автор GetFriedPig ( назад)
I think we can all agree that spray turned that water Mellon into an invisible basketball

Автор GermantecaHD ( назад)
If the samurais armors had that...

Автор Marshall Gibson ( назад)
are all your videos ads now?

Автор Zenon Rychter ( назад)
Great video, again.
One clarification, though.
The surface-reinforced (coated) water mellon, after hitting the ground, goes sideweays,
flattens rotationally symmetrically, as the video show in the segment 6:00+.
This creates large, elastic hoop stresses, along the stretched equator, in the reinforcement.
Theses stresses make the ball bounce back, not the vertical (meridional) stresses
the video shows as arrows. The meridional stresses are insignificant relative to hoop stresses.
This is because it is hard to stretch (equator here) and relatively easy to bend (meridians here).
It's the equator that does the heavy lifting.

Автор kyledog12 ( назад)
I present to you: SPRAY ON SHOES

Автор Ethan Torone ( назад)
Line-X on the back of your phone

Автор Chili Dog ( назад)
Is that why nuclear bombs EXPLODE when hitting the ground? They hit it too hard

Автор Jake Downs ( назад)
why aren't you wearing gloves?!

Автор Nathan smith ( назад)
This should be coating for cars? just under the paint. wouldn't a shell of this protect things from flying off, or stop rust, or prevent injury?

Автор Mubashir AR ( назад)
spray it on a person about to commit suicide 😂😂😂

Автор unlokia ( назад)
_"Linux is made from 2 ingredients..."_

Yeah, 0 and 1

Автор unlokia ( назад)
Amazon need to buy this in bulk.

Автор Luca Gacy ( назад)
Anyone else just think: SPRAY ON SHOEEEESSS!!!!

Автор Vizthex ( назад)
1:02 Use that as a basket ball.

Автор Jeremy Thelen ( назад)
Reminds me of 2 things, that have 2 parts that are mixed:
1. Epoxies - those 2 part glues that are really strong.
2. Icynene spray foam - use to install this 100 to 1 expansion soft foam that also came in 2 barrels from Canada.
Was sprayed at high pressure, and also at 150 degree temperatures. Very permanent on everything it touched, except your skin - you had to take a razor blade to get it off.

Автор Ratus ( назад)
So if we spray this stuff on spaceships... we should be ok?

Автор Ratus ( назад)
Everybody take note 66 MPH and the melon explodes...Now think about your head in a car crash at 66 mph head on...Drive safely and please don't pick up the fkin phone.

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