JukinVideo is now This is Happening

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • JukinVideo is now This is Happening! We will go deeper to explore trending moments, cultural issues and events as we highlight the people, places, and things that inspire, connect and define us.
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Comments • 231

  • roguexxrenegade
    roguexxrenegade 4 days ago +1

    0:33 yeah fuck off. Unsubscribing.

  • Juras
    Juras 22 days ago


  • The Kinky Merc!
    The Kinky Merc! 23 days ago

    I feel like I’m on an IdieGoGo/Kickstarter campaign....

  • hay shamill
    hay shamill 23 days ago +1

    Now it sound like others mediocre page full of clickbait. 😡

  • WaterzDidIt
    WaterzDidIt 28 days ago


  • Smoke My Pipe
    Smoke My Pipe 29 days ago

    25k views on this video hahahaha you just lost another sub, channel has been dead for years anyway

  • Forest W
    Forest W 29 days ago

    Unsubscribed. Bye

  • Andrii Pasichnyk
    Andrii Pasichnyk 29 days ago


  • rigostar14
    rigostar14 Month ago


  • CringeWorthy 2013
    CringeWorthy 2013 Month ago +2

    JukinVideo was way better..I kept seeing shit on my feed for This Is Happening and didnt realized til today that it was JukinVideo cause I never heard about the switch but dont like it at all! I think u should go back to being JUKINVIDEO!!!

  • jtgmn
    jtgmn Month ago

    maaaan fuck this shit

  • Jan Carstensen
    Jan Carstensen Month ago +6

    *channel rebranded to "this is happening"*

    *then, actually nothing's happening - no new videos released for weeks*
    bold move 🤪

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Month ago


  • jsun Proter
    jsun Proter Month ago

    Don't ever give your content to these thieves. They will never pay you !

  • Nogainsnodames
    Nogainsnodames Month ago

    You will always be junkin videos

  • HighLevi
    HighLevi Month ago

    Could be worse, could have went down the path of FailBlog and reupload the same vid over and over.

    • CrazE - E
      CrazE - E Month ago

      they are using old viral videos, like you said.

  • Vicious Channel
    Vicious Channel Month ago

    I'm getting serious "React World" vibes from this....

  • Major Dutch Schaefer

    R.I.P jukin video.

  • Russ Wong
    Russ Wong Month ago +3

    This is happening!! You just wasted a minute and 5 seconds of my life! 🖕🏻

  • Marius Aucamp
    Marius Aucamp Month ago +1

    It's happening... 10min video stretch with overlapping thumbs so we can't see anything so they can make money is now happening forever... Shits happening now!

  • Julian Elgie
    Julian Elgie Month ago +1

    Idk why so many people hate you now. I personally enjoy the change. Don’t listen to them, TIH. Ur vids are even more entertaining. Have an amazing day!

  • Perfect Pop
    Perfect Pop Month ago +2

    thanks i hate it

  • Glen Druken
    Glen Druken Month ago +3

    Um yeah...no...I'm out this is a horrible re-brand

  • Extra Income vlog
    Extra Income vlog Month ago

    nice place done

  • MrBeaubonomm
    MrBeaubonomm Month ago


  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    Rip jukin

  • John Neumonic
    John Neumonic Month ago +1

    This is for Money.

  • Charles Trinidades
    Charles Trinidades Month ago

    R.I.P jukin video.

  • Midnight Habit
    Midnight Habit Month ago

    OMG what a bunch of whiners. Jukin Media is still Jukin Media and you can still submit videos and get paid if they accept them and can sell them. Only this channel has been rebranded. They really needed to do something different with this channel, anyway. Jukin owns many channels but for a while, we were seeing the same content at virtually the same time on Jukin Video and Fail Army (Owned by Jukin). If you were subbed to both, that was kind of dumb. These two channels seem to provide a bit different content now. Who cares what the channel name is? It only made sense to change it since Jukin is behind so many channels and provides content for so many other channels and TV shows. Now, this channel can develop more of a niche. As far as I can tell, the content uploaded since the rebranding is about the same so far, anyway. Although, I'm wondering if it might start to change because the name seems to come from a user-generated-content documentary series developed for Verizon's now-defunct go90 platform. Anyway, I'm staying subbed.

  • Shono 1
    Shono 1 Month ago

    Good job hitting all the cliched themes!

  • Regine
    Regine Month ago +2

    So they decided to change the name, everyone hates it, and insted of trying to make it better they go and try to defend themselves through the comment section. Great.

  • Brighteyes
    Brighteyes Month ago

    Jukin....2 syllables, 5 letters, cool unique word, easy to remember. This is happening.....5 syllables, 15 letters...over half the alphabet, not unique, hard to remember, wtheck for??? Goodbye!

  • Liam Saucedo
    Liam Saucedo Month ago

    Wtf guys

  • Juan Delacruz
    Juan Delacruz Month ago

    What's wrong with you people

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss Month ago

    You should really have learned from other channels mistakes in the past, do not fix what is not broken.

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    later jukinvvideo

  • Q & A
    Q & A Month ago +8

    I’ve got a video of some paint drying, do you want it?...
    or is it to exciting for you?

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell Month ago +32

    Why would you ruin a solid brand name? Silly and pointless!

  • Crazystuffyousee
    Crazystuffyousee Month ago +1

    The internet has made everyone a glorified prostitute hoping for a slim chance of fame

  • FP4me
    FP4me Month ago

    Wy do i see the „JukinVideo“ Logo on you Profilepic?

    • FP4me
      FP4me Month ago

      Oh, What it was JukinVideo before...😅

  • Carlos Pro
    Carlos Pro Month ago +2

    I kinda miss retar... um ricardo. Goodbye jukin video, it was fun while it lasted

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission Month ago

    Thank you for reminding me to unsubscribe from this channel.

  • Olising
    Olising Month ago


  • Kerig Pope
    Kerig Pope Month ago

    More scatter-shot attempts to capitalize on other people's viral videos? You do know anyone can just upload to RUclip themselves, don't you?

    • Kerig Pope
      Kerig Pope Month ago

      @This Is Happening Maybe YOU need to explain to ALL of us what you really do. All we have to go by is what this channel used to be and one single flashy ominous video compilation of viral videos from years past.

    • This Is Happening
      This Is Happening  Month ago

      Not quite. If you'd like to submit a video we'd love to inform you on what we really do.

  • Synikal
    Synikal Month ago +22

    This channel really went downhill fast

  • GibblerChallenger
    GibblerChallenger Month ago +10

    I am Unsubscribing! I want the old JUKIN VIDEO back 😭😭😭

    • The Kinky Merc!
      The Kinky Merc! 23 days ago

      They literally used to reuse the same clips for 50% or more of each video 🤣

    • This Is Happening
      This Is Happening  Month ago

      It's only day one...give us a chance!

  • jc jc
    jc jc Month ago

    When you see @RyanVanDuzer in his crazy runs!

  • Orion Productions
    Orion Productions Month ago


  • Connor L
    Connor L Month ago +2

    Easy unsubscribe for me.

  • 43bikeguy
    43bikeguy Month ago +1

    This is shit

  • MurkedByJ
    MurkedByJ Month ago +1

    Why change your forever name?

  • Jonny Myren
    Jonny Myren Month ago

    No thanks

  • Greggo
    Greggo Month ago

    Video quality may be bad but HE'S BACK!

  • Mr. Mix
    Mr. Mix Month ago +141

    This is a terrible rebrand.

    • Insert cool name.
      Insert cool name. 29 days ago

      Cristian Chelaru I agree with this person! ☝️☝️

    • Cristian Chelaru
      Cristian Chelaru Month ago +1

      courage, explain yourself. Probably you can do more than just a spit. Exactly what is your point of view?

    • Insert cool name.
      Insert cool name. Month ago

      Mr. Mix yeah I’m usually not one for negativity but I can agree with you on that one....

  • Peter Ps4
    Peter Ps4 Month ago

    In the about section on this channel it say jukinvideo is the Leading viral video channel.

    Not anymore

  • Peter Ps4
    Peter Ps4 Month ago

    Well jukin it was a good run now your fucked

  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark Month ago +3

    Create a channel with random funny videos...2mil subscribers later, you say we want to be a real media company dealing with real issues...that’s like America’s funniest video tried to show the news.

  • Madz Cadoodlehopper

    Like if you are unsubscribing

    Rest easy junkin video
    This just happened goodbye I am done with this channel

  • FlickRandom
    FlickRandom Month ago

    This is SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AYAHUASCA Switzerland Leader

    What the hell