The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • What horrors lurk in this historic prison?
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    Prison in America
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Comments • 18 185

  • BuzzFeed Multiplayer
    BuzzFeed Multiplayer  Year ago +3857

    Be sure to follow the bois on instagram!

    • Beauty Scientist
      Beauty Scientist 21 day ago

      These bad boys are probably paid pretty good. I wouldnt be going into haunted places if the pay is not worth it lmao

    • Angela Garcia
      Angela Garcia Month ago

      RYAN I NEED HELP PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Char Bandraoi
      Char Bandraoi 2 months ago

      27:30 I hear, "Hello Ryan" right after Ryan says his full name sitting in that cell... :)

    • Olivia Bass
      Olivia Bass 3 months ago

      Ghosty bois

    • Betty
      Betty 5 months ago

      Not having watched Shawshank Redemption is a sin and it attracts demons. Just fyi, Ryan. Don't be a demon bait, go watch the movie.

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson 8 hours ago

    They didn’t say” I am
    Not” it’s saying I hope

  • Tess Golds
    Tess Golds 9 hours ago

    Remember When Shane said that he was gonna respect the ghost this season

  • Amaryllis Gutierrez
    Amaryllis Gutierrez 9 hours ago

    So in our country's prisons are way worse than that. In every prison cell, more than what they stated about how many inmates can fit in but ieach have a bigger space.

  • OZZY2461
    OZZY2461 14 hours ago

    10:52 so who said "help"?

  • the masked marionette
    the masked marionette 14 hours ago

    the voice at 11:12 sounds like it said "don't laugh at me"
    at 27:41 sounds like "21st-floor mat"...

  • Trysten Cramer
    Trysten Cramer 16 hours ago

    Bro I think this is their most aggressive antagonizing 😂😂😂

  • 矢印Sagittarius
    矢印Sagittarius 17 hours ago +1

    For all the Prison Break watchers: You realized that the architect's name was Scofield?
    Can't be an accident

  • Troy Click
    Troy Click 17 hours ago

    Does Shane not sound like Will Farrell to anyone else???

  • Bandzlvr
    Bandzlvr 20 hours ago

    17:46 It sounds like it says 'I hope not'.

    BATTLEFIELD NoObS 23 hours ago

    Some one finish this O-H!!

  • Fruit
    Fruit Day ago

    14:55 I love this chair moment ❤

  • Mineaxes
    Mineaxes Day ago

    The camera men are not being paid enough

  • Kelli Helmer
    Kelli Helmer Day ago

    If i was a ghost, I would eat all of your chips

  • Dahkota M Wilber
    Dahkota M Wilber 2 days ago

    I've watched so many y of these, and I am just waiting for a ghoul to say their names

  • C H I M I C H A N G A

    Imagine being a ghost and seeing two grown men harmonizing in a haunted prison

  • Kaden Brown
    Kaden Brown 2 days ago

    i did hear Ryan and shane but really fast

  • Hold up I’m on the phone with chief

    I feel bad for Ryan I don’t really watch this show like that but I feel like he genuinely believes that ghosts exist and wants to prove shame wrong really bad but he just hasn’t idk

  • Ebtessam Raja
    Ebtessam Raja 2 days ago +3

    All these prisons and building start as amazing areas and then the government goes "nope. Cant have people having fun."

  • The Ghost of Jon Jones
    The Ghost of Jon Jones 2 days ago +1

    Shane is a demon trying to discredit paranormal investigation...well he's the best at it...Satan's favorite boy

  • Jaden Lee 09012002
    Jaden Lee 09012002 2 days ago

    Or more out of U.S paranormal investigations

  • Jaden Lee 09012002
    Jaden Lee 09012002 2 days ago

    How about Alcatraz for a paranormal investigation

  • Primros_ee
    Primros_ee 3 days ago

    At 17:45 i thought it said “hi mat”

  • brattygguk
    brattygguk 3 days ago

    ryan: O-O

  • neptune
    neptune 4 days ago

    the voice saying "i am not" also sounds like it's saying "i hope not" so maybe it's responding all sassy like. maybe it's one sassy dood

  • Boekie
    Boekie 4 days ago

    1:52 well that's just rude Ryan xD

  • Caitlin Garis
    Caitlin Garis 4 days ago

    When they were taking to James or whatever did anyone hear “please stay”

  • Brittany Dominguez
    Brittany Dominguez 4 days ago +1

    Ryan was a little sensitive to Shane's antics this episode I feel.

  • Ava Mari
    Ava Mari 4 days ago

    can you guys do a story on what happened at Nopeming Sanatorium in Minnesota? i’ve heard many crazy things about it and would love to see you guys cover it!

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T 5 days ago

    To me, it sounds like “I hope not” vs. “I am not”

  • Colette Sieder
    Colette Sieder 5 days ago

    27:48 sounds more like "we played sports and stuff"

  • Colette Sieder
    Colette Sieder 5 days ago

    "Yeah, but- Jesus... Is Jesus here??"
    - Shane, 2018

  • Colette Sieder
    Colette Sieder 5 days ago +1

    Ryan: "wHat WaS tHaT???? wHo GoEs ThErE?!"

  • Elida Roskamp
    Elida Roskamp 5 days ago

    Ryan's in a bad mood this episode and I'm not a huge fan

  • agape
    agape 5 days ago


    " myisjeff "





    " I'M G-NOT A GNELF "

  • /:
    /: 5 days ago

    Shane goes to far xD

  • Morgan Johnson
    Morgan Johnson 5 days ago

    Wjen he said to james he was going tp turn on the device i heard a whisper say no

  • calico kiri
    calico kiri 5 days ago

    I tought it sounded like "dont laugh at me"

  • Ayushi Nayak
    Ayushi Nayak 5 days ago

    1:58 Shane got hurt!!

  • Amal Joby
    Amal Joby 6 days ago

    Spirit box is just a radio which plays sounds from various radio channels and sounds that are heard are mixed sounds from various stations. Ryan responds to some sounds from RJ's.

  • Maggie Filemu
    Maggie Filemu 6 days ago

    21:34 The prison has a nice exit sign

  • Samantha Ibarra
    Samantha Ibarra 6 days ago

    At 11:16 the spirit said "not happening"

    JOEYAKING 7 days ago

    Thumb Hang - Anvil

  • Aliya Huet
    Aliya Huet 7 days ago

    ".... if you turn that light on, you'll go to heaven!" DEAD

  • Cherry Blachère
    Cherry Blachère 8 days ago

    Jesus fucking Christ why is it always 13

  • Imago Deus
    Imago Deus 8 days ago

    Why's Ryan being such an angry jerk this time?

  • Isabella Silsbee
    Isabella Silsbee 8 days ago +1

    "if you turn on those lights you'll go to heaven :)" - Shane

  • Sophie Green
    Sophie Green 8 days ago

    I live in Ohio and I have not heard of this place

  • Dan Sweet
    Dan Sweet 8 days ago

    I live a hour away from here been here in the daytime

  • TheOtakuTheory
    TheOtakuTheory 8 days ago

    "Psst! It's me! JESUS!"

  • Terri Fowler
    Terri Fowler 8 days ago

    'If you turn on those lights, you'll go to heaven' Ryan: 'Ok, now see that's taking it too far' lmao

  • Olivia McKibbin
    Olivia McKibbin 8 days ago


  • Harlan Hamakawa
    Harlan Hamakawa 8 days ago

    is mold or asbestos ever a concern when you go into any of these locations?

  • Olivia McKibbin
    Olivia McKibbin 8 days ago

    that baritone tho

  • Mariel Olofsson
    Mariel Olofsson 8 days ago

    Is it just me or does it sound more like "I hope" than "I am not"?

  • Jake
    Jake 9 days ago

    If you’re a little busy now, we can always smell ya later
    I died

  • yoquieroexplode
    yoquieroexplode 9 days ago +1

    Shane's golf commentary kills me every time

  • Vibez With D
    Vibez With D 10 days ago +2

    Damn i really wanted to hear what he was going to say about Air Force 1

  • 꿀
     10 days ago +1

    2:00 shane's lil okay ); i feel so sad );

  • Empire Jackson
    Empire Jackson 10 days ago +1

    I think shanes an idiot, but in a good fun way. If that makes any sense.

  • the neon kitty
    the neon kitty 10 days ago

    beautiful harmonization

  • Sour Milk
    Sour Milk 10 days ago

    I feel like Shane secretly does believe in ghosts

  • BloodCYKA
    BloodCYKA 10 days ago

    just realized when Ryan said "My name is Ryan (...), can you say my name again?" You can hear 'them' saying Hello Ryan

  • Blake Kemp
    Blake Kemp 10 days ago

    17:42 sounds more like "I hope"

  • Lorna Bea
    Lorna Bea 10 days ago

    S: I don’t understand what’s wrong with Ryan sometimes.
    R: what was that!?
    S: I didn’t say anything.

  • Eeqaan Saeed
    Eeqaan Saeed 11 days ago +1

    Ghost: picks up knife and stabs Ryan and the camera man
    Shane: That wind’s really strong

  • _sweet melon13_
    _sweet melon13_ 11 days ago

    Shane always does Jim face

  • Arαbellα
    Arαbellα 11 days ago

    Wow 19:00 I'm--

  • Colin Fernandez
    Colin Fernandez 11 days ago

    20:14 Ryan looks like a face-less man in a suite

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer 11 days ago

    In 27:57 its like it said "reunite one at dusk" and I'm just saying ok.

  • Lynn Kirkland
    Lynn Kirkland 11 days ago +5

    I believe Ricky Goldsworth had possessed are beloved boy Ryan in this episode.

  • AJ Gaming
    AJ Gaming 11 days ago

    guys please go to japan and search for kuchisake onna

  • Kyla Carter
    Kyla Carter 11 days ago +3

    The boys: *harmonize inside the haunted chapel*

  • La Fortlen
    La Fortlen 11 days ago +1

    Anyone think they should collab with Sam and Colby, and go to witches forest? Anyone? No?

    Well aYe

  • sarah beatrice
    sarah beatrice 11 days ago

    11:15 it sounded like the ghost said "not happening" lol

  • send nudes
    send nudes 11 days ago

    16:20 hold on a fucking minute why tf are there 2 chairs in the fucking room? bro are you hiding something from us?

  • Liam Sproule
    Liam Sproule 12 days ago


  • Liam Sproule
    Liam Sproule 12 days ago

    17:40 I heard “I hope”

  • Miette Boettler
    Miette Boettler 12 days ago

    "smell ya later"

  • Octopoda King
    Octopoda King 12 days ago

    I know this is old but I still think they, or at least Ryan, should come back during the halloween haunted house they do here! I think he'd be a little less scared of it then lol

  • peaceful Fury
    peaceful Fury 12 days ago

    Deuteronomy 4:39; Isaiah 66:1; Proverbs 15:3; Psalm 34:18; Isaiah 57:15; Psalm 145:18

  • Justin Puyear
    Justin Puyear 12 days ago

    Why would people that didnt even die here haunt this place?

  • Christoph Pilz
    Christoph Pilz 12 days ago

    At 11:15 they voice says "don't laught at me" least from what I am hearing

  • adrenaline-poison
    adrenaline-poison 12 days ago

    no one:
    Shane, taunting ghosts: *What's yOUr fAVoriTE diNNeR fOOd???*

  • Hugh Mills
    Hugh Mills 12 days ago

    Ghosts don't do it because ur ghost hunters

  • Renee Davidson
    Renee Davidson 12 days ago

    I live in Ohio and Mansfield is one of the most haunted the towns

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose 13 days ago +1

    i like how they dont even question the probability of a gun falling on the ground and shooting the lady in the how could that happen?

  • Salene Brom
    Salene Brom 13 days ago

    One of these days they gone find a ghost

  • Denita Arnold
    Denita Arnold 13 days ago

    Ryan was a bit rude to shane about the movie. Other wise..

  • Rachel Flemmer
    Rachel Flemmer 13 days ago


  • A Golden Spoon
    A Golden Spoon 13 days ago

    dang ohio's really got some ghost problems

  • khusham arshad
    khusham arshad 14 days ago

    ryan's pupil expand far more than shane.. thats just odd lol

  • Nova Fury18
    Nova Fury18 14 days ago

    19:00 I thought he was gonna sing the Halo theme XD

  • Nova Fury18
    Nova Fury18 14 days ago +1

    At 17:45 I think the spirit was saying "I hope" It would make more sense and to me, it doesnt sound like "im not"

  • Paula Aliman
    Paula Aliman 14 days ago

    that harmony in the chapel, tho. awesome

  • That One Potato On Your Shelf



  • Lilyt Nersesyan
    Lilyt Nersesyan 14 days ago

    11:15 i hear "it's not happening"

  • Syd Shu
    Syd Shu 14 days ago

    28:25 Idk why but it sounds like "touch me" came through the spirit box whatever that means

  • Kay VanAntwerpen
    Kay VanAntwerpen 14 days ago

    Our last location, perhaps the darkest, is a place referred to as "the hole" *camera zooms in between guards legs*

  • Oli Hall
    Oli Hall 14 days ago

    11:15 the voice says "don't laugh at me", maybe referring to Shane always making a joke of the noises? 🤔