Do All Christians Think the Same?

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  5 months ago +1697

    Thanks for watching ya'll! As always, we love hearing your video suggestions!
    Check out some more Spectrum videos here: Watch more Spectrum:

    • Cynthia Lopez
      Cynthia Lopez 12 days ago

      I think it would be super interesting to do a Protestant vs Catholic middle ground. We are similar but very different at the same time.

    • Rishika Raghuwanshi
      Rishika Raghuwanshi 12 days ago

      Do all Hindus think the same

    • Irina Libedinsky
      Irina Libedinsky 15 days ago +1

      Do all Jews think the same?

    • Vampire Rev
      Vampire Rev 21 day ago

      The gays say please

    • Vampire Rev
      Vampire Rev 21 day ago +1

      Do all lbgtq+ think the same. PLEASE.

  • Thegrizzlyfromtheforest 99

    Don’t condemn pedophilia, understand it. it’s more complicated then you might think but, you dont need to agree with what a person does that is negative, but always try to understand why he is doing it, to know how to help him

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate 5 hours ago

    The lack of biblical knowledge is insane. Tough to say that these individuals are Christians with the way they support their claims.

  • Fran2247
    Fran2247 13 hours ago

    Religion ACTUALLY comes from the GREEK word "religare" meaning to "have your mind entrapped or in bondage" ACTUALLY READ SOMETHING PEOPLE AND STOP TAKING THINGS ON BLIND FAITH!!!!!!!!!

  • Myan W
    Myan W 15 hours ago

    Jason's (Asian guy) has his religious views most aligned with the biblical teachings👍

  • CFC17
    CFC17 15 hours ago

    Absolutely love T’Rayus. I wish him the best in life, and after death. 🙏❤️

  • elinjms
    elinjms 19 hours ago


  • Ron Paul
    Ron Paul 20 hours ago

    I did not believe in Jesus or God in any way my wife did and she did go to church but now I do believe and know my Bible well we have been together almost 40 years have kids and grandchildren I’m blessed

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Mohammad Ibrahim 23 hours ago

    Christians: Lord Jesus dead for human sins.. God love you whatever you do.
    Hell: Am I joke to you?

  • Sabrina Rota
    Sabrina Rota Day ago

    Love and respect and inclusiveness could be exemplified without compromising one's beliefs and principles. It's exactly what Jesus had done. He loved sinners, yes, but He NEVER encouraged them to stay the way they are. That's the reason why after He forgave and healed people, He always mentioned the statement "Go and sin no more.", because that's just what He does. It's freeing, transforming grace He gives.
    It's so easy to be blown away with "But doesn't God love and accept everyone just as they are?", but God is faithful to His character. CHARACTERS. He is loving, but let us not forget nor neglect His holiness and righteousness. God does not love in the expense of abandoning His holiness. That's the main reason why He sent Jesus Christ, right?

  •  Day ago

    I'm sorry but I'm hurt right now as someone that has been sexually assaulted at a very young age I am angry that she would compare someone hurting a small child would be in any way compatible to 2 grown adults being in a consenting relationship sexual or otherwise if the 2 people consent to it and they are of the right mind set and age should not be compared to a grown man raping a Yong child there is no comparison and it is known which should be more condemned I refuse to let people confuse rape with being gay

  • Kat Parks
    Kat Parks Day ago

    Religion to me is like a cult and brainwashes people to not have minds of their own. It also makes people narrow minded and not accepting of others. I have seen this quality in a lot of religious people I have known and met.

  • Kat Parks
    Kat Parks Day ago +1

    Shakes my head when that lady in the yellow shirt essentially said gay men and pedophiles are the same what?????

  • Mikhail Mihaltses

    Eyy its the pastor guy from the abortion video! Hes cool

  • mikayla
    mikayla Day ago

    I was SHOCKED as a Christian at some of the answers in this video. Dang. Not a lot of scriptural support going on here.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 16 hours ago

      Hmm, is there some to say why heaven would ever become unstable, too? Or why disloyal angels could reach Earth?

  • Elena Rae
    Elena Rae Day ago

    I think some of these people need to read their bibles more clearly because most of the verses they were taking about was totally out of context.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 15 hours ago

      Initial context of the heavenly civil war, and how inherited curses work? I think?

    • Elena Rae
      Elena Rae 15 hours ago

      @chris sonofpear1 what the heck are you talking about??😂

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 16 hours ago

      Okay. Is, there, ah, context for why disloyal angels would be allowed to reach Earth at all though? Or ever feel they lacked for anything, to rebel?

  • jade morgan
    jade morgan Day ago

    this christian girl comparing the lgbt community to nonces?? can someone tell her about all these priests in church?

  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace Day ago

    God asks for one thing, love others as you love urself. Helping others, understanding others, forgiving them.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      Also, carnal nature, and whether nature is a reliable guide to God's intent or not?
      James 3:15 aside?

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      And when Paul does not? Please tell me, what is the 'natural man' of which he speaks?

  • Sarah Bandy
    Sarah Bandy Day ago


    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      Why was heave ever unstable?
      Why did any angel feel they lacked for anything?
      And why could the disloyal ones reach Earth at all?
      Did Adam and Eve have any idea they EXISTED?

  • Sarah Bandy
    Sarah Bandy Day ago


    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      Also, no flood, fire next time? I see. Promises...?

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      Why? Why could he not resolve it before? if He KNEW it was going to happen, why let rebel angels reach Earth? Or test Adam when he lacked much knowledge?
      And how could heaven ever become unstable?

    • Sarah Bandy
      Sarah Bandy Day ago

      @chris sonofpear1 he didnt cause those and the reason he flooded the earth for Noah was because sin was so much he had to but then he promised to not ever again

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      Does that mean He cared less for humans before the Flood?
      Or Jews in medieval times?

  • shady sunshine
    shady sunshine Day ago

    As a Roman Catholic, I'm so sick of overly conservative Christians who just blindly follow whatever the bible says and yet fail to follow the most basic things Christ taught us. To love EVERYONE and be kind and forgiving towards EVERYONE.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      and then Paul and James and Timothy complicated it, did they not? With talk of reprobates, carnal nature, and the 'natural man'?

  • call me alice
    call me alice 2 days ago

    the woman in the yellow shirt diocan wtf she’s so close-minded and a big ass bigot

  • Nuper In Nocte
    Nuper In Nocte 2 days ago

    Do all NSA members think the same?

  • AylaKoi
    AylaKoi 2 days ago

    im gay and sometimes i watch these videos with hope and am let down each time

  • MagentaPhilosophy
    MagentaPhilosophy 2 days ago +1

    Big yikes @ the LGBT convo. Kudos to them for having an open conversation though, I think it's fair to listen to everybody's opinions whether we agree with them or not.

  • TheAha96
    TheAha96 2 days ago

    My favorites are the black man and asian woman

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 2 days ago +1

    Do all athletes think the same? (Cheerleaders, dancers, basketball players, tennis players)

  • More Than Rubies
    More Than Rubies 2 days ago

    As Christians, the girl in the pink & the Asian man were the most biblically correct. I’m sorry but the Asian girl & the gay guy do not sound like they have ever read the Bible.

  • More Than Rubies
    More Than Rubies 2 days ago

    God gives us all free will. That is ultimate true love. The Bible specifically talks about how homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of heaven. There’s gay people I know who have ended up straight. We all sin & come short of the glory of God but PURPOSELY sinning is not being Christ like. Just like me, I was a fornicater but now I’ve chosen to change that. If y’all are not Christians, that’s fine. No hate, nobody is saying you’re not a human. I just think if you’re going to claim to be a Christian while choosing to sin on the daily, that’s not right. You can’t be lukewarm.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 Day ago

      TWO PEOPLE GOT that will. The will to ALTER the nature and will of ALL of their descendants, but apparently, not much KNOWLEDGE that they would be doing this?
      And what of the free will of rebel angels? To reach Earth, and disguise themselves as beings of light?
      Who gets more free will?

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 days ago

      It's not free will if you're punished for the wrong decisions. Also LGBT is not the same as Pedophilia.

      Why is LGBT a sin, but slavery isn't? Your bible says slavery is okay (Leviticus 25:44).

  • Krysta Lucille
    Krysta Lucille 2 days ago +1

    You can't compare LGBTQ to pedophilia. The idiocy is crazy in this video.

  • Emily
    Emily 2 days ago

    My own mother uses that same argument about pedos that the yellow shirt woman used to argue about lgbtqia+

  • Samantharia76
    Samantharia76 2 days ago

    I honestly wish someone would have punched that women in the yellow shirt in the face.
    thank you.

  • Mochim chim
    Mochim chim 2 days ago +2

    The thing about religion is it is meant to be some sort of a guide for humans to lead a better life when society was crumbling, to teach humans a better way of living. About Bibles, Qurans and other religious scriptures, they're stories and rules based on ancient times. The world is always changing and evolving. We as humans should too. Yes we can keep the good from these writings but never be afraid to question them.

  • Trippy Spoons
    Trippy Spoons 2 days ago

    Yes yes two consenting adults being in relations is exactly the same as someone forcing sex onto a CHILD

  • Tosin Fayanju
    Tosin Fayanju 2 days ago

    Which part of the bible support homosexuality.....???

  • ella
    ella 3 days ago

    Everyone human has sinned before by having free will

  • Emperor
    Emperor 3 days ago

    As a Christian, T'Rayus was probably my favourite in the group.

  • noe lani
    noe lani 3 days ago

    Is that jasmine rafael?

  • Louise Loveless
    Louise Loveless 3 days ago +1

    2:36 love thy neighbour! go. Oh. Yeah.

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White 3 days ago +1

    My biggest pet peeve when discussing Christianity is when people say “THE BIBLE SAYS DONT EAT SHELL FISH OR WEAR POLYESTER”. It clearly shows you don’t understand the context of the entire Bible. The Law spoken of in the Old Testament consist of 614 Laws spoken to the Israelites hence Mosaic Law. Something Jesus comes and fulfills because he knew none of us could uphold those Laws. Christ redeemed us from the Law. Please people, I urge you to study your bible and know what you are saying before you say it.

  • Shanica Banal
    Shanica Banal 3 days ago

    Blonde girl!!

  • Milliene Xu
    Milliene Xu 4 days ago

    ahh I hate that a part of something important to me and defines who I am is being sensationalized in such a way. I like the idea but I was hoping, idk. It just makes me upset for one to think that those who identify as Christian still contentedly live like that. Even putting aside the more controversial topics, I don't think the bible's view on premarital sex for one is unclear at all.

  • Patrick Wilde
    Patrick Wilde 4 days ago

    We are all going to heaven period

  • Jared Jackson
    Jared Jackson 4 days ago

    Next time do the same video with Christians in the control group

  • Life with Lemons
    Life with Lemons 4 days ago

    “ truth is truth the whether we like it, or not”

  • x I Kno Saint 2k Goat
    x I Kno Saint 2k Goat 4 days ago +2

    That tall guy in the leather jacket doesn’t really know what he is talking about

  • ShadeSlayer3000
    ShadeSlayer3000 4 days ago

    I'm here as an atheist ☮️

  • Niko Caraballo
    Niko Caraballo 4 days ago +4

    A lot people in the comments seem to be arguing about LGBT and Christianity, here's some clarity.
    1. Jesus did NOT abolish the Law, He says verbatum that that wasn't why He came.
    2. The Mosaic Laws mostly applys only to Israelites living in the ancient nation of Israel, however, there are laws that God specifically says that the nations defiled themselves before Him through those sins (including homosexual acts). The rule is, if it's a sin for the nations, it's a sin for everyone.
    3. Ancient Israel was under the Sinai covenant, Christians are under a different covenant, so you are not required to live like a Jew (that means the dietary laws dont necessarily apply to you), but there's no law against it either so don't force converts to eat bacon.
    4. Being a homosexual and having homosexual desires is no more a sin than a straight man looking lustfully at any woman. Homosexual ACTS are what are condemned.
    No one is born gay, but how they grow up is what really impacts their desires. There are thousands of people who became free of homosexual desires through Christ and there are thousands who still strugle. You have to realize that sex isn't everything and sometimes God has a different calling for people.
    "Set your minds on the things that are above, not on things that are on earth." - Colossians 3:2

  • Wisest Of the the century

    You cant be gay and a christians therefore he is not a christian why do people not understand what it means to be a christian thats like saying im vegan but i eat meat

  • Maryjo Noble
    Maryjo Noble 4 days ago +1

    Just saw 2 confused christians -_____-
    Their views are MIXED with world principles and bible principles (say the positive ones only, the blessings, grace, etc)
    But their responsibility as christians make me feel sad for them.

  • Lucas Gomes
    Lucas Gomes 4 days ago +1

    Jason: God doesn't love everyone the same
    me (shouting): My boy Jason is a Calvinist
    good on you Jason

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 days ago

    *Asian guy dies.
    At heaven’s gate: Nope, sorry - basement is that way

  • Myla Tissandier
    Myla Tissandier 4 days ago

    most of these people follow the bible instead of God.

  • 미미야
    미미야 4 days ago

    Two people loving each other and wanting to do so is VERY different from a person wanting to love someone who doesn’t know what love is yet.

  • Gelson Da Cunha
    Gelson Da Cunha 4 days ago

    orange shirt girl guy in the hat and the Asian guy are the only ones in their right minds.

  • Roldie
    Roldie 5 days ago +4

    This video reminds me why I drove away from religion in general. It’s all about picking and choosing from scripture.

  • T Ritchie
    T Ritchie 5 days ago

    I think some of those are Christian in name only. They claim to be followers of Christ all while rebelling against him. I hope they get delivered soon. On a side note somebody tell them that we can disagree with their sin and not hate them.

  • Roldie
    Roldie 5 days ago +1

    Children have not yet developed the maturity, both physical and mental, to be able to consent to sexual encounters, which is why grown men wanting them sexually is objectively wrong and abusive.
    Meanwhile two grown people of the same gender can consent to encounters between each other, which makes heterosexuality and homosexuality equivalent in that aspect.
    There lies the difference.

  • Bethan Stoddart
    Bethan Stoddart 5 days ago

    do all kids think the same

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 5 days ago +2

    So sexual relationship between two Consenting adults is the same as an adult taking advantage of a child??

    • vampy
      vampy 4 days ago

      when she said that, I wanted to hurl.