3 psychological tricks to help you save money | The Way We Work, a TED series

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • We all want to save more money -- but overall, people today are doing less and less of it. Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa studies how everyday people make decisions to improve their financial well-being. What she's found can help you painlessly make the commitment to save more and spend less.
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  • Rhoda Nyakeruma
    Rhoda Nyakeruma 2 months ago

    Transition effect really works on me.

    NARGIZA BAIDYLDAEVA 3 months ago

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  • Galaxi 7
    Galaxi 7 4 months ago

    Useless. I'm in the UK.

  • superfoxy
    superfoxy 5 months ago +1

    this is good content

  • Hiển Nguyễn
    Hiển Nguyễn 6 months ago

    She looks like Ashley Young of Manchester United.

  • Hoàn Nhi Trần Nguyễn

    Hi Ted, this video is amazing but I think the Vietnamese subtittle has a mistake of the timeline. The first sentence should have been appeared at the second of three, but it turns out to appear at the second of thirteen. I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible. My suggestion is that put the credit of the translator and reviewer in the end of the video, so that the subtitle can be displayed correctly. Thank you very much.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 7 months ago


  • S
    S 7 months ago

    these are great tips for managing money! can't wait to try. thank you :) it would be great if they would teach about managing your finances in school too.

  • my amer
    my amer 8 months ago

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  • Carprincess
    Carprincess 8 months ago +1

    I have such a hard time saving. I've recently started to set up automations on my bank accounts to see if that could better improve my saving habits.

  • Pranjal Rastogi
    Pranjal Rastogi 8 months ago +35

    “People see around 5000 ads in a single day" Powered by Dropbox
    Oh irony! 😂

  • imemine7
    imemine7 9 months ago +1

    Hang on, I'm listening to financial tips from someone who spent $2000 in one month on ride-sharing apps, and then did the same the next month? I could not even conceive in my wildest dreams of being that financially reckless, perhaps I could give the speaker some financial tips?

    • Moyosore Sosan
      Moyosore Sosan 8 months ago +1

      You were not listening. Now, go listen again

  • William Yu
    William Yu 9 months ago +1

    Nice tips! They are so helpful!

  • Halima Alshy
    Halima Alshy 9 months ago

    Thank you, this was really helpful.

  • Maruchan Nuudle
    Maruchan Nuudle 9 months ago +10

    Thank you for this golden video✌🏼 amazing concept into making beneficial mental barriers

  • John Bussey
    John Bussey 10 months ago +3

    Interesting that I think backwards to the norm. My experience is that the longer the pay period, the easier it is to save and manage my money. With long pay periods, I think about where I am going to put the funds, and divide it up far in advance to where it is going to go. I think it is too easy to " nickle and dime " myself on the weekly pay periods.

  • Pujiyanto
    Pujiyanto 10 months ago +6

    The rich says "don't save money! Invest them!"

    • Maruchan Nuudle
      Maruchan Nuudle 9 months ago

      The thing is, investment usually pairs well with the wealthy because they are “born into it” and understand from a younger age. People like me or you.. we go for investment but sometimes fudge it all up due to less understanding of what comes into play. But it ultimately is the best way to “save” if you are absolutely aware of the risks

  • Catarina Pereira
    Catarina Pereira 10 months ago +2

    how can I save if I only spend money on the supermarket?

    • Harry mother Of child
      Harry mother Of child 2 months ago

      TJ Jones tyyyy

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 10 months ago +2

      Caterina- eat before you go shopping so you are not hungry. (You buy more junk food when you're hungry) Create a shopping list and stick to it!!! Look a deals in the news paper and if something like ground beef is an amazing low price splurge and buy lots and freeze it for later. Also buy in bulk at certain times of year for instance buy chocolate chips before Christmas it's usually on sale and lasts a long time.....buy vinegar and salt during canning season and things like that. Try to go shopping only once a month or once every two weeks. It will cut down on gas and give you less options to make a quick buy. As far as buying seasonings ask yourself if you really need fresh tomatoes in winter where you pay a premium and they may rott before you use them.....canned tomatoes are usually cheaper and SOMETIMES can be substituted. Buy generic food and don't do shopping all at the same store. No store ever has the best price on everything in your shopping list but if stores are far apart the gas to go around might not make it worth it. Last tip.......use cash when you shop. It's easy to hear the teller say $105 and you swipe.....but if you have to pull out five 20 dollar bills and 5 singles you mentally process it more and realize wow. That's all I have. Remember to splurge some times or life isn't enjoyable

    KORNUIT. 10 months ago +7

    Your voice sounds familiar, did you also make the video about Neuroplasticity?

  • Aleksandr V
    Aleksandr V 10 months ago

    i would say lets work more not save more

  • Sandroid
    Sandroid 10 months ago +13

    'Let's change our environment to help our future selves'.
    So simple, so effective. Thanks Wendy!

  • sophie fijma
    sophie fijma 10 months ago +3

    I spend a lot of money a month on food cravings from the grocery store (mostly licorice) and I tried so many times to limit myself but it just doesn't hold. anyone have any tips for me?

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 9 months ago

      @sophie fijma you're welcome!

    • sophie fijma
      sophie fijma 9 months ago

      @TJ Jones i always use cash. but i think it will help to see how much i spend on it in total, thank you!

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 10 months ago

      sophie 11564-yeah look up ingredients and figure exactly how much you spend a year for it. Then it is more apparent. If you do buy it use cash......it is easier for our brains to actually see when you have to pull out the cash and change. I often don't think about cost the same when I use plastic. It especially makes me think when I don't have enough cash and I have to think about withdrawing more from.........savings! Good luck

    • Laurie Granda
      Laurie Granda 10 months ago

      You might want to google LCHF and look at some material on it

  • Fiki Firmansyah
    Fiki Firmansyah 10 months ago +3

    doesnt work with my $300/month salary
    so youre speaking about hypothesis not a fact.

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 8 months ago +1

      Yeah it was a while ago I heard it I never tried it. Maybe it was to times it by it self. So January 1x1 so two and so forth so December 12x12 or $144......I forget though sorry. IDK if that is right now but at the end you will have a little over a grand saved

    • Fiki Firmansyah
      Fiki Firmansyah 8 months ago

      @Michelle Geraghty
      Jan = $1
      Feb = $2
      Mar = $4
      Apr = $8
      May = $16
      Jun = $32
      Jul = $64
      Aug = $128
      Sept = $256
      Oct = $512
      Nov = $1024
      Dec = $2048
      Doesn't makes any sense right? remember my salary are = $300, so start from October I need to take a loan in order to save.

    • Michelle Geraghty
      Michelle Geraghty 8 months ago

      i'm confused by your math... double the number of the month and you only have $156

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 10 months ago

      Every month save a little......HEAR ME OUT. Each month put a set amount away....on your first month (say January) you put $1 away.....double each month so February $2....March $4..... lastly December $24 asay. I don't want to do the math but if you figure the whole amount it is over a THOUSAND dollars you saved!!!! (Saw this idea on a TV show so I can't claim I thought if this great idea) next time you buy a Snickers or soda/energy drink/smokes (if you do) that all adds up. Cell phone bill......if you pay for it do you really need truly unlimited data???? You can do it if you don't try to save a lump sum

  • William Barbera
    William Barbera 10 months ago +1


  • Ur full of BS
    Ur full of BS 10 months ago +1

    Granted RUclip really?

  • Ur full of BS
    Ur full of BS 10 months ago +9

    What if you live for today because you are not granted tomorrow?

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 10 months ago +3

      What if tomorrow comes but you used all your money.....you end up slipping on the bottom staircase and break a hip or tail bone......the ER fixes you up but now you are in a payment agreement for months or years........

  • What là cái gì
    What là cái gì 10 months ago +2

    In fact, I don't have much money to save :)))

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 10 months ago

      What- save change every time you see it. (Those pennies add up) if you work a beginner job like burger joint or farm.....ect save 5 dollars a check. If you get paid bi-weekly that's $130 a year!

    • Bence Illes
      Bence Illes 10 months ago +1

      Ask the right question: HOW can you have enough money to save!

  • Jane Bacon
    Jane Bacon 10 months ago +1


  • Jane Bacon
    Jane Bacon 10 months ago +4

    I don't pay tax

  • Jose T.
    Jose T. 10 months ago +17

    This sounds very much like a very practical application to Bandura’s theory of reciprocal determinism. This is good work regarding social cognitive learning, well done!

  • Catch Pokemon
    Catch Pokemon 10 months ago +23

    Nice tips honestly. And just looking at my daily and weekly incomes (which i never did as i always looked only at the monthly income) is quite intresting to deal with.

  • Jacky Cheung
    Jacky Cheung 10 months ago +2

    This girl is talking about saving money but then she goes ahead and spends $2,000 on ride sharing apps every month LOL

    • future1997
      future1997 9 months ago

      @imemine7 yes there are. Taxis are highly regulated and drivers need a bunch of permissions and pass background checks, in order to become taxis. With riding-share companies, you don't need any of those, just apply, get accepted, and you are good to go. Also, teens always want to do the "cool" thing, because uber is mentioned in like every other movie and TV show, and because it is "easier" to use.

    • imemine7
      imemine7 9 months ago +1

      @future1997 Where I live, uber is most definitely, absolutely, cheaper- and by a considerable margin. I do not presume to be able to speak for every city. Given that, in everywhere I am aware of , taxis are far better regulated and have better security, I find in highly implausible that the growth of uber could be explained simply by being "cool".

    • future1997
      future1997 9 months ago

      @imemine7 uber/lyft are doing the same strategy as Apple and Netflix. It is the "cool" thing to do, especially for teenagers or for people who depend on maintaining a social status. It is definitely not cheaper.

    • imemine7
      imemine7 9 months ago

      @future1997 Not where I live. If that were true it's hard to imagine why Uber etc has simply exploded into existence.

    • future1997
      future1997 9 months ago

      @imemine7 lol, no. Talking a taxi within a city is $5. Talking an Uber/lyft is twice as much.

  • Taya Romanoff
    Taya Romanoff 10 months ago

    OK, i just need to remember that I have a little of money, thanks)

  • vishnuvardhan720728
    vishnuvardhan720728 10 months ago +4

    But I don't have any money

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 9 months ago

      @vishnuvardhan720728 you're welcome

    • vishnuvardhan720728
      vishnuvardhan720728 9 months ago

      @TJ Jones thank you

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 9 months ago

      @vishnuvardhan720728 No. I don't do social media besides RUclip. And I won't give that info up. Create your own it's usually free

    • vishnuvardhan720728
      vishnuvardhan720728 9 months ago

      @TJ Jones can I have your what's app number or any social account or LinkedIn

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones 9 months ago +1

      @Amy Helmich lolol thanks Amy right on

  • vishnuvardhan720728
    vishnuvardhan720728 10 months ago +13

    I want to talk at Tedx

    • vishnuvardhan720728
      vishnuvardhan720728 9 months ago

      @Sneha Salian state

    • Sneha Salian
      Sneha Salian 9 months ago +1

      Yes i m proud Indian

    • vishnuvardhan720728
      vishnuvardhan720728 9 months ago

      @Sneha Salian your are from India, Andhra Pradesh ha

    • vishnuvardhan720728
      vishnuvardhan720728 9 months ago

      @Sneha SalianDear , Culture and tradition is not a problem or solution.Its the way we express our selves that brings some changes in us.

    • Sneha Salian
      Sneha Salian 9 months ago

      Will people get solution to their problem via culture and tradition talks?? If yes please enroll

  • Spongebob SquarePants
    Spongebob SquarePants 10 months ago +98

    Thanks I am now a millionaire