How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..)

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Wheels: The Lovable Beetle 1996
















Emmisions scandle


NVOY – Higher

0:41 Defyant – Echoes

2:36 Deccies – Subtle

3:53 Post Pines – Simma

5:18 Jakatta – American Dream [Afterlife Mix]

7:12 Taquwami – You R Everything

7:56 Locked in a Room

8:35 Young American Primitive – Sunrise

11:08 DIALS – Paths

12:08 Fila Brazillia – Pollo De Palo

13:00 Sonder – Feel Me

14:54 Nova Nova – Tones

16:20 The 1975 – Intro Set (Bear//Face Remix)

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Автор Dr. Ny Har Rut Hotep ( назад)
A little mistake: It's called Porsche not Porsch. The e at the end isn't silent in german. :-)

Автор WorthlessGeek ( назад)
Isn't "Porsche" a two-syllable word, "poorsh-uh"?

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
It started with Hitler

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
I thought GB got Lamborghini from Italy a while ago

Автор Kristian čolak-barać ( назад)
ww2 ended and peace entered the world hahahahahha

Автор Johann Baydeer ( назад)
very good content I love what you do keep going !

Автор Normano ( назад)

Автор Benjamin Evans ( назад)
Should we have a video about how big Toyota is then?

Автор T.O.R. Lord ( назад)
....Adolf Hitler...Saaayyy What??

Автор Cornelius Grupp ( назад)
Does anyone know where I can find the "helicopter freestyle-vid" in the beginning?

Автор Lynx Star Automotive ( назад)
Biggest conglomerate in the auto industry. Not only do they own a plethora of exotic brands, they also own a ton of suppliers who supply the industry. It is safe to say that every car on the road today has some Dub in them.

Btw they also own companies in aerospace and nautical. They own transport!

Автор Joshua Grullon ( назад)
As a VW enthusiast I loved every second of this well researched and presented video #Wunderbar

Автор Dr. John H. Watson ( назад)
how in the fucking world can you make videos about cars and not know how Porsche eis pronounced?

Автор Yui 187 ( назад)

Автор duy pham ( назад)
hi mate all your vid a good but could you do how big is toyota ? please

Автор Lawrence Ntshabele ( назад)
please make a video about 'HOW BIG IS BMW " ??? PLEASE great work !!!

Автор tarun kumar ( назад)
Your channel is great, u have to do videos about environment. like clean energy.

Автор tarun kumar ( назад)
Great channel.. great info.
how big is Mercedes?

Автор Ninja Chipmunk ( назад)
That FH3 music

Автор EliWesley ( назад)
No Chrysler owners lambirghini

Автор Gattsu Berserk ( назад)
Love your videos, but you have to pronounce names properly, I gotta be that guy - it's pronounced "porsh-uh". The e is not silent at the end of German words.

Автор Michel Lavelle ( назад)
The Rabbit came after the Beetle Not he Gulf and the Beetle dropped off in sales because the Beetle were easy to fix and very few actually made it to the scrap yard, instead they live on as dune buggies - kit cars because of their frame chassis and what you can do with them! Also the Beetle is still in production in MEXICO! An agreement VW allows MEXICO to make the Beetle as long as they don't sell them outside of MEXICO!

Автор Magnumicer ( назад)
1:21 The picture of Ferdinand Porsche looks really creepy, given the presumed beard he has around the mouth looks like rifted scars.

Автор Knicks ( назад)
Btw Lamborghini also belongs to Audi.

Автор ///ALEX C ( назад)
funny how all jews love and own germain cars..

Автор rudybratr ( назад)
Beetle was inspired by Tatra V570

Автор Stefan ( назад)
Italdesign Giugiaro was bought by Volkswagen through Audi through Lamborghini.... wooow

Автор Ivan Howlader ( назад)
do with mitshubishi......

Автор xCandy Gamerx ( назад)
Volkswagen didn't own them at first, others established the companies before, but Volkswagen bought the companies and now has the rights to them

Автор MrPaukann ( назад)
10:26 Horrible pronaunciation! Is it that hard to put a few words in google.translate and listen to their pronaunciation?

Автор Ololo Top Secret ( назад)
OMFG all this song used in video what a masterpiece

Автор andrew wright ( назад)
interesting facts about Hitler and his role in vw. and how he wanted to look after his people by creating job's. also didn't know the Nazi party was basically a union for German worker.

Автор luke malcom ( назад)

Автор Naman Garg ( назад)
When is how big is Toyota coming??

Автор Joseph Lord Divinagracia ( назад)
being a Porsche mechatronic, I'm proud of porsche

Автор JG R ( назад)
meanwhile, Ford was selling pro-Nazi propaganda for the US gov't, but that's none of my business

Автор hisham borgol ( назад)
i think we all at least owe hitler a small thank you for being a believer :D

Автор 2imon ( назад)
Kraft durch Freude doesn't actually mean Strength through joy. It hard to explain in English. If you experience joy, you gain strength. Hope you know what I mean

Автор Taj Bullard_ ( назад)
Very detailed at entertaining

Автор FeeIsB4dMan ( назад)
It is not known as the Nazi-Party, it is known as NSDAP

Автор Steve Paige ( назад)
Too bad they lied about their diesels. Why would they try to cheat if they are so powerful?

Автор Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY ( назад)
Everyone believed that Germany lost both World Wars. However, this is proof that Germany won the peace! ✌️

Автор vogliounacocacola ( назад)
I've just realized "Giugiaro" must be a tough word to pronunciate.

Автор Roy Albrecht ( назад)
Notice how the narrator goes to great lengths to make Hitler look bad even though it was Hitler who did the very good thing of funding the mass production of the VW, building "Autobahns", having publically owned companies so wealth was distributed more evenly, and a number of other things...,            but in the end,     no matter how good Hitler was for the people....,    the author still needs to be PC and make him look bad...        What a coward.

Автор Matthew Rosso ( назад)
Brilliant Video ColdFusion, don't forget the VW Scirocco which is a wind blowing from North Africa to southern Europe :)

Автор tengu190 ( назад)
They don't own Porsche. Porsche owns VW. Porsche is the majority shareholder of VW.

Автор FLAME Tech ( назад)
what about mercedies benz

Автор Thunder 9501 ( назад)
the Sporty Volkswagen Scirocco is named after a desert Wind

Автор Thunder 9501 ( назад)
did You forget Scania or didnt i hear you say it?

Автор Bobster986 ( назад)
Who can really say what happen back then, but from what I've read, Porsche was revered by Hitler. Witnesses have said, Porsche would be heard scolding Hilter like a big brother, so I doubt if Hitler would have killed Porsche because of their close relationship. It's a shame that Porsche was tricked by the Franch to visit France to discuss starting a car company with Ferrie his oldest son; they both were arrested the moment they stepped off the train in Paris. I like to think that Porsche was a hardcore businessman, who saw his opportunity and grabbed it, like they say, there's no better time than the present. From stories of close friends and family at the time, Porsche wasted a lot of Nazi resources making war machines for Hilter, intentionally botching designs, missing schedules, and just like Shindler, he saved many prisoners lives. I guess history will paint him however they wish, but I see him as the great grandfather of the car I love and own.

Автор 911jaro ( назад)
Not a word about takeover Porsche by VW in 2012, which was quite interesting action.

Автор YayaSanoGO ( назад)
Proud of my fürher Adolf Hitler

Автор Tere Armendariz ( назад)
Do Toyota next!!

Автор Ablaikhan Bennett ( назад)
Glad Porsche refused Stalin's deal. We all know what Stalin did to people he found no use for any more.

Автор shubham shetkar ( назад)
how to avoid visual content copyrights on youtube ?

Автор Na Vla ( назад)
fun fact. the first VW's were built by Jewish slaves

Автор Martin Andersson ( назад)
After having been tortured for over three minutes about boring Volkswagen history in black and white pictures, I stopped watching. Maybe next time you will make a video that is about what your title says.

Автор TheGamingPapaya ( назад)
Do history on Saab Swedish car and plane manufacture

Автор VEVO AKJ ( назад)
I wonder do Jews drive vw cars

Автор HighVoltGuy Gaming ( назад)
This video is NAZI overload

Автор klikkapo ( назад)
I would still say toyota is the best car if you want the most relieble car for the less money. But when it comes to performance, comfort etc, there is many other options

Автор Caleb Jobe ( назад)

Автор KaasuNaamari ( назад)
hmm... Volkswagen beetle was bit like a nazi car and now the diesels release alot of pollution. coincidence?

Автор Mr AJ ( назад)
how big is Volkswagen?

10 letters....

Автор Th3CrazyBOy ( назад)
This video gave me goosebumps... holy shit, it was so good! Cheers from Germany

Автор kevin gose ( назад)
Fox Wagen

Автор Alzain Ali ( назад)
ford fucked up lol

Автор eopezz ( назад)
How BIG is my willy?

Автор xile999 ( назад)
but porches owns volkswagen

Автор Debayan Biswas ( назад)
Instantly subscribed after watching the video

Автор Fineraftmovies ( назад)
It's M.A.N. not MAN

Автор Jan Kowalski ( назад)
i think you are sick MEN

Автор MovieClips ( назад)
Fiat is bigger

Автор Siim Saart ( назад)
volksagon own audi and audi own lamorghini

Автор Chris ( назад)
We're taught by schools and popular media that The Nazi's were a completely different type of human who just wanted to kill and cause chaos when they were actually trying to just be a very conservative and 'Germans first' political party that just happened to resort to some fucked up tactics and propaganda to get what they want. History is written by the victor.

Автор SpyrosJDM ( назад)
I hate VW, they buy other companies and they put their motors and transmissions everywhere... i heard they want to buy Fiat too which will make Fiat boring. I want every Manufatcures to be original and have their own motors and trannies but with VW a lot of manufacturers cars are the same.

Автор SparkySlow ( назад)
In fact VW owns nothing, Porsche holdings owns VW witch in turn owns all others, Porsche holdins are the Porsche family, its is a family bussiness witch most german bussiness are, you welcome internet plebs

Автор roy rizky ( назад)
mein fuhrer !!!!!

Автор MrGreenelight ( назад)
Don't be mislead, The annual sales of Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Porsche combined would not surpass the annual sales of a car company as small as Renault

Автор Tuanile ( назад)
Ok now do Fiat and all it's subsidiaries.

Автор Tuanile ( назад)
This is a story of inspiration.

Автор Jakob Friedrich ( назад)
it's porsche not porch haha

Автор Muhammad ( назад)
Ok now I like to trade my Camel for beatle

Автор Róbert Märcz ( назад)
In fact, no Volkswagen owns Porsche, but Porsche SE owns Volkswagen AGs more than 50%. Porsche SE has only two owner: Porsche and Piëch families (50% of equity, 100% of voting power).

Автор deepika padukone ( назад)
make a video on toyota

Автор Motojunkey ( назад)
volkswagen doesnt own these companies vag(volkswagen audi group) does

Автор kyle305boy ( назад)
Volks wagen is 666

Автор shaft johnson ( назад)
porsche bought back 51 percent of its company undate your information

Автор Nico Robin ( назад)
Every time when u say "PORSH" I died a little inside...

Автор Vykintas Bliumkys ( назад)
Hmm, what about the fact that the Beetle was based on czech Tatra cars? No mention here. Although they weren't 100% identical, but without Tatra, beetle and volkswagen wouldn't have existed

Автор Neil Jeffs ( назад)
you missed out herbbe

Автор diyi75 ( назад)
Love VW!

Автор Flavius ( назад)
3:10 It wasn't all that much different, he did bring hope to people and brought Germany out of the debt hole it was in.. As well as provide jobs for millions of people, what happened afterwards doesn't change the fact he did help his own country..

Автор Jackson Simpson ( назад)
I have an essay due in several hours😬

Автор NyomNyom solk ( назад)
triangle on the symbol, illuminati confirmed!

Автор Metan Zahoaliaj ( назад)
do one about mercedes

Автор Lik3 ViaZ ( назад)
Jeez the cringeworthy pronunciation

Автор Hao Ran ( назад)
How is Subaru? I am thinking of buying an Outback.

Автор Patrick Nghifindwako ( назад)
Please make a video about how big is Toyota

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