How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..)

  • Опубликовано: 23 дек 2016
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    Wheels: The Lovable Beetle 1996
    Emmisions scandle
    NVOY - Higher
    0:41 Defyant - Echoes
    2:36 Deccies - Subtle
    3:53 Post Pines - Simma
    5:18 Jakatta - American Dream [Afterlife Mix]
    7:12 Taquwami - You R Everything
    7:56 Locked in a Room
    8:35 Young American Primitive - Sunrise
    11:08 DIALS - Paths
    12:08 Fila Brazillia - Pollo De Palo
    13:00 Sonder - Feel Me
    14:54 Nova Nova - Tones
    16:20 The 1975 - Intro Set (Bear//Face Remix)
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  • Drew White
    Drew White 7 часов назад

    number 7....they lied about their emissions but all countries owners received compensation...''EXCEPT'' .........YEP...ENGLAND......SHOCKER...???? ....they moved from national socialism to EUSSR domination after 2 world wars and like in ww2 the Belgians did nothing but enable NAZI rule and now enable's German conquest through money and political power instead of tanks......even if Belgium helped them before by doing nothing now gives the crown of Europe to them over the death of hundreds of thousands.......Brussels?...what Stalin fantasised about but could not nail down regardless how many he killed.......Germany just had to slaughter millions on Slavic people/JEWS OF ALL NATIONS OF EUROPE and the polish and Russian people slaughtered into slave labour or just exterminated.....hey! Hitler did the Jews suffer so inhumanely because they didn't like the beetle you cunt???? ......VW like merkel is the fox in the EUSSR project hen house where as usual with German belief that ''NO ARGUMENT IS ALLOWED OR ELSE'' ........(some things never change).....except merkel wants a pliable slave force so removing European culture and the equally hated church from Europe and bringing in the violent sick Muslim culture already slaved to a book not written by Mohammed at all but by 2 disciples(murdering ,rapist,slavers,pedo's) which guarantees such easy compliance as long as a manipulated doctrine is appeased so total domination achieved by Germany and the Soro's butchers WIN......hahaha....well down you vile human beings(at a stretch)...your hell awaits you all.......Muslim/Belgium/German/Nazi/EUSSR state of dominance and greed......your fate is sealed in blood split and your final eradication from the REAL HUMAN RACE........finally animals by choice will receive animal justice by deserving nothing will balance at your final destruction and the freedom of OUR species and you can finally be buried in the bin marked ''vile/evil/scum,in this bin only''........

  • Jay Bannerboy
    Jay Bannerboy 10 часов назад

    Interesting mention of Ford. Ford was an ally of Hitler, turned down getting Volkswagon for free, Henry I didn't like trucks, Henry II refused the SUV, Bought and lost Range Rover and Alfa Romeo. Wow. Says a lot about leader's vision carrying a company

  • Lellobeetle
    Lellobeetle 11 часов назад

    No mention of Ferdinand Porsche's grandson and his work at Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche - Ferdinand Piëch?

  • Lellobeetle
    Lellobeetle 11 часов назад

    No mention of the Scirocco model or its name meaning a hot wind, often dusty or rainy, blowing from North Africa across the Mediterranean to southern Europe?

  • Lellobeetle
    Lellobeetle 11 часов назад +1

    Not to be "that guy," but Porsche is two syllables, not one. *Por│sche* The company itself even put out a video for edification. It's difficult not to cringe with each mispronunciation.

    PSYCHOPATHRIK 11 часов назад

    Croatia thats where im from and its called Hrvatska

  • rick tm
    rick tm День назад

    I just came to this video,, powerful content. But, as a brazilian, I have to add: The vw beetle (a.k.a vw fusca) is the best-selling car ever here. Like everyone (over 40yrs old had at least one here) it was so cheap and realiable. You could fix it with simple tools like hammer and some cables. It has added so much history for the automotive brazilian history, and a lot of other cars were using the same air-cooled engine. The most automotive movie had one beetle as protagonist "Se meu fusca falasse" (called "If my beetle talked" let everyone dream with one. Personally, in not a fan of the beetle (design especially) and all this hitler stuff, BUT...As a gearhead, I do respect his amazing and incredible history. Thank you for the video mate.

  • 1mikhaelone
    1mikhaelone 2 дня назад

    great video, just a fun fact: it is not Skoda, but Shkoda .. means "bummer" or "oh, well" or "pitty" in czech / slovak language :)

  • citizenerased1992
    citizenerased1992 2 дня назад

    You missed out that the Golf is named after the Gulf stream and not the middle aged men sport. However the Caddy van is a play on this.

  • jessy .walz
    jessy .walz 2 дня назад

    did yall see that girl being kidnapped at the end of the video?

  • Bizzo Brigante
    Bizzo Brigante 3 дня назад

    12:25 Why Armed Forces Croatia and Norway? Like those 2 countries have significant Armed forces in man power?
    BTW. Norway has only 5,3 and Croatia 4,2 Million people so you can imagine how big they armed forces they have :-)

  • Perkins4236 Uk
    Perkins4236 Uk 3 дня назад

    In addition to the US fine of $20b, it now looks like the giant Volkswagen has been fined €1bn (£880m) by German prosecutors over its diesel emissions scandal.
    The Braunschweig public prosecutor found VW had sold more than 10 million cars between mid-2007 and 2015 that had emissions-test-cheating software installed.
    The car firm said it did not plan to appeal against the fine.
    VW said it had admitted "its responsibility for the diesel crisis".
    The fine is one of the highest ever imposed by German authorities against a company.
    Good to see but i doubt if any extra money comes back to there customers.... 🙁

  • Amulon Leo Zarraga
    Amulon Leo Zarraga 3 дня назад

    VW OWNS AUDI.....its the high end of VW is AUDI ...

  • Great Britain
    Great Britain 4 дня назад +1

    VW CADDY MAXI 2014 👍🏼

  • RH OD
    RH OD 4 дня назад

    Proud owner of Polo,no car company in India even come close to Volkswagen in terms of quality.

    • RH OD
      RH OD 4 дня назад

      Allan Sporleder , here it is Maruti Suzuki they are like tin cans verry poor build quality.

    • Allan Sporleder
      Allan Sporleder 4 дня назад


  • Maloy7800
    Maloy7800 6 дней назад

    And not a word about heavy trucks! Ignorance is bliss.

  • Ishikawa01
    Ishikawa01 6 дней назад

    "Shadow of the Nazi legacy still hangs over VW" no it absolutely doesn't.

    • MDZ 160205
      MDZ 160205 5 дней назад

      Ishikawa01 Well, Volkswagen is founded by The Deutsche Arbeitsfront, one of a Nazi party branch.

  • Roman sixnine
    Roman sixnine 6 дней назад

    Too bad people at my school have no clue what or how rich Volkswagen is or how HUGEEEE

  • Roman sixnine
    Roman sixnine 6 дней назад

    Why am I watching this I already know they own Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Audi

  • PrestonLK
    PrestonLK 6 дней назад +1

    And now VW owns Ferrari...

  • GG
    GG 7 дней назад

    Also Bora is a wind :-)

  • Ty's Vlogs
    Ty's Vlogs 10 дней назад

    Plot twist - Porsche just bought 51% share in this video. xD

  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud 11 дней назад +2

    Can't believe you missed the most well known 'wind named' VW......the Sirocco!
    Does this not exist or have a different name in the U.S.?

  • Code Person
    Code Person 12 дней назад

    The emmisions scandal wasn't event a scandal. Most people already knew for a long time, and VW had enough cash in the bank to pay. In the end they limeley made a profit by cheating, as cheating earned them more money then they had to pay in fines(depreciation of money and including interest(

  • Nicolas Broszky
    Nicolas Broszky 12 дней назад

    Also, you have so much wrong in this video that it's a god damn disgrace.
    Mercedes was the choice of Hitler, he commissioned the Mercedes for all uses among his people. The VW was allowed to be built because it was considered so much less than the Mercedes and that was the key, it was for the peasants while the Mercedes were for his people.
    You don't seem to have any clue what so ever on the subject here, Audi isn't VW and Ferdinand Porsche most surely were not involved in the VW production, he was involved in the first creations of the Porshe's factories actual factory.
    It's like you read shit on the internet and believed ALL of it, don't do that. You'll get it wrong every single time.
    That you actually had the balls to link dailymail (the UK equivalent to the fucking NE or the onion) says it all, you wanted one opinion to be correct and to hell with any facts.

  • Nicolas Broszky
    Nicolas Broszky 12 дней назад

    They don't actually own Porsche, Audi or Lamborghini. Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini are their own brands but Audi builds Lamborghini these days. Porsche is a brand completely of their own.
    It's kind of like saying that GM owns Chevrolet, it's not in the least true but they do share technology just like Audi, Lambo, Porsche and VW. V.A.G has been a thing for a LONG time.

  • Nawane khomo
    Nawane khomo 12 дней назад

    imoto yabantu in isiZulu and we love the VW brand

  • Pip Squek
    Pip Squek 13 дней назад

    Mr. Bean car is made by VW

  • john FEIL
    john FEIL 13 дней назад

    you forgot the volkswagen scirocco named after the hot winds in north Africa

  • John Herbold
    John Herbold 13 дней назад

    Fun fact: the beetle’s design was ripped off from a tatra

  • zog zog
    zog zog 14 дней назад


  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 14 дней назад

    Did I just watch a helicopter do tricks on a half pipe? I can die happy now.

  • aaron abel
    aaron abel 14 дней назад

    Great work ur time is appreciated

  • Luka5514
    Luka5514 14 дней назад

    Vw is a overpriced peace of shit, especialy golf's

  • Drew ####
    Drew #### 14 дней назад

    Pretty good video but you've got some dodgy facts about Ferdinand Porsche's early career. Plus it's hard for me to trust anyone who can't pronounce his name correctly.

  • Jacques Fontein
    Jacques Fontein 16 дней назад +2

    Proud to own a Volkswagen

  • kermit the duck
    kermit the duck 16 дней назад +2

    So porsche is the creator of volkswagen? cool

  • venkateswara rao
    venkateswara rao 17 дней назад +1

    please make a video on Bosch company

  • Rachel the Mannequin Head
    Rachel the Mannequin Head 17 дней назад

    so... are you saying without the hitler funding, we wouldn't have cars?

    • Redacted Free Press
      Redacted Free Press 15 дней назад +1

      Correct-maybe not VW cars. Volkswagen translates to 'the peoples car' Hitler wanted every German to have a car. And he needed to find added uses for the Autobahn beside fighter runways.

  • Rachel the Mannequin Head
    Rachel the Mannequin Head 17 дней назад +2

    i own a 1973 volkswagen thing, a jeep like car based on the military vehicle

  • Sharp Blade
    Sharp Blade 17 дней назад

    I understand that Porsche is actually the company that owns an important part of VW

  • Suka Blyght
    Suka Blyght 18 дней назад

    Accualy the Chevy suburban is the longest lasting vehicle on sale

  • Josh Halterman
    Josh Halterman 19 дней назад

    Not poorsh

  • Diamant Creeper
    Diamant Creeper 20 дней назад


  • E210 Dall
    E210 Dall 20 дней назад

    cool video. Just learn how to pronounce the car makes.

  • Tai Rhoades
    Tai Rhoades 20 дней назад

    I had a VW once. A 2004 Jetta to be precise.

  • joshua Kwao Ayittey Dzrekey
    joshua Kwao Ayittey Dzrekey 20 дней назад

    I drive a 1.4 liter 4 speed 1987 VW Golf. is awsome

  • praj p
    praj p 20 дней назад

    Nice video bro

  • Radialz Gaming
    Radialz Gaming 20 дней назад

    but they dont have BMW

  • Ali Ismael
    Ali Ismael 21 день назад +1

    Thanks Hitler !

  • Poke boi
    Poke boi 22 дня назад

    See-Ort 😂

  • john doe
    john doe 22 дня назад

    VW = Check Engine Light

  • Benno Witter
    Benno Witter 22 дня назад

    Maybe I missed it, but did he mention that 20% of the company is owned by the German state of Lower Saxony? 17% is owned by Qatar, who also ownes 10% of the Porsche holding, that owns 52.2% of Volkswagen.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 22 дня назад

    The Hitler politic party was not called the nazi party only NSDAP

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 23 дня назад

    what a goon
    fixt your german
    Volkswagen is not mean peoples car only car for nation because they want make car fot the masses

    • Learned
      Learned 20 дней назад

      Fix your english, we can barely understand what you're trying to say. Volkswagen does mean "peoples car".

  • Mehemed Hasandic
    Mehemed Hasandic 23 дня назад

    VW Golf MK2 most durable car ever made.

  • Faby Fabian
    Faby Fabian 23 дня назад

    50% Comments talking about Porsche not being spelled right.
    25% Comments talking about people loving their Volkswagen.
    25% Comments talking about Germans.

  • Faby Fabian
    Faby Fabian 23 дня назад

    Got a pen made in Germany.
    Never regreted it.

  • Tim_Martin 06
    Tim_Martin 06 23 дня назад

    Die Aussprache (Volkswagen) zu geil

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok 24 дня назад

    Germany never fuck Porsche family after the WW2 for work with Hitler, but Ranault was arrested and take the factory for colaboration with nazis. Germans always gonna love Hitler.

  • Rocko Bully
    Rocko Bully 24 дня назад

    That's why they ride hard as shit buy a Buick haha

  • Ragno Rosso
    Ragno Rosso 24 дня назад +1


  • sam phi
    sam phi 25 дней назад

    Many were and are fond of Hitler. Only a simpleton sees everyone as one dimensional. There is some of the best in the worst of us and worst in the best of us.

  • Carlo Knigge
    Carlo Knigge 25 дней назад

    German Engineering💚💚❤

  • Free Man
    Free Man 25 дней назад

    ColdFusion: Hitler was under the control of prince phillip and Prince Phillips cousin. Hitler remarked that after meeting prince phillips cousinhe said i believe i have just met the anti christ.
    Prince phillip's sisters were all married to senior SS officers and Hitler was the Bastard child to Lord Rothchild.
    He was a plantagent, a Planted agent!

  • OlegAlexandrovitch Smirnov
    OlegAlexandrovitch Smirnov 25 дней назад

    Gas auto

  • Mawen
    Mawen 26 дней назад

    Funfact: the Beetle ist called "Käfer" in Germany

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 27 дней назад

    hehe,mandela effect on logo with that line even those in the past not exist!!

  • Smaguris
    Smaguris 27 дней назад

    Everyone forgets about Skoda, even though it makes the most money second to Porsche.

  • Thor Mosebar
    Thor Mosebar 27 дней назад

    They now own Ferrari aswell.

  • Isak Mosand
    Isak Mosand 27 дней назад

    the longest runing produksjon is Chevrolet Suburban, 1935 and is stil in produksjon

  • Tobias Rieper
    Tobias Rieper 28 дней назад

    I am from germany and grew up with VW cars. Volkswagen made cars for the folk. Affordable and good.
    But nowadays there is not really an affordable car. Ok you can order a car in stock condition and pay not much, but then you have a car that just has 4 wheels and a steer. If you want to order some features, often you have to buy other features to get the one you want, and you pay for crap you don't want or need. So there is not really a cheap solution anymore at VW.
    For the interesting facts i can get you one more....
    The main factory in Wolfsburg has its own Atom-Powerplant just for the factory.

  • Richard MacNeil
    Richard MacNeil 28 дней назад

    Pray tell, what is a He-yun-die?

  • Andris Andris
    Andris Andris 29 дней назад

    I'm offended that you forgot to say that Porsche stole the plans for the Betlee from a hungarian engineer

  • Yora
    Yora Месяц назад

    It's also interesting to note that currently VW is owned 52% by Porsche, 20% by the state in which it's based, and 17% by Qatar.

  • Internet Marketing Maps
    Internet Marketing Maps Месяц назад +1

    *_If only Adolf Hitler had kept his shares in Volkswagon, what would they be worth today?_*

  • Brendon is my religion
    Brendon is my religion Месяц назад

    Ich würde mal sagen läuft bei VW.

  • Peter Grant
    Peter Grant Месяц назад +1

    Where are the truck companies? It's not just cars, the same ones that the US buy for your army ...

  • GadgetMcfly
    GadgetMcfly Месяц назад

    you should've buyed a beetle instead of that Xbox one X and Assetto Forza

  • Jwhy
    Jwhy Месяц назад

    They owned Audi that owned Lamborghini not the same thing.

  • Paramedic
    Paramedic Месяц назад

    00:46 people cars? No Volks wagen means "Citizen Car"

    • MDZ 160205
      MDZ 160205 27 дней назад

      Paramedic People's car. Check the transalation

  • The shredinator
    The shredinator Месяц назад

    Hitler said yes to the Volkswagen... shit

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy Месяц назад

    If yes I will do right now

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy Месяц назад

    I want a vintage car

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy Месяц назад

    I will rap a spot rap, will I get a wolks wagon now , I mean on 17/05/2018

  • gtx
    gtx Месяц назад

    im never gonna buy any car that is related to Volkswagen

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D Месяц назад

    excellent video

  • YNIC Rambo
    YNIC Rambo Месяц назад

    How the hell did you forget to list Audi? 🤨

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez Месяц назад +1


  • Simon Shaninga
    Simon Shaninga Месяц назад

    The Person @ 8:35 Driving recklessly.

  • RB_WolfPlaysYT_RB
    RB_WolfPlaysYT_RB Месяц назад

    So basically VW is a business industry?

  • Sonarfields
    Sonarfields Месяц назад

    I kinda knew they owned Porsche, but Lamborghini and others? whoa.

  • ozmar
    ozmar Месяц назад

    Owned a b5 passat, mk4 jetta, mk5 jetta, mk6 jetta (currently) mk6 gti (currently) and a 2000 beetle (currently) will always buy vw

  • Varun Rattan
    Varun Rattan Месяц назад

    One of the best channels in my subscription box

  • quincee
    quincee Месяц назад

    well, technically porsche group owns vw which owns porsche cars

  • Robin V
    Robin V Месяц назад

    Uhum, Morgan, they only changed 1 thing in their car as far as I know and that's the engine because the ones they used weren't produced anymore, they still make wooden cars like they did in the 30s

  • papaike2
    papaike2 Месяц назад

    There were a number lies wrote about Hitler as well.

    hitler as well

  • Aishan Al Zaabi
    Aishan Al Zaabi Месяц назад

    i love VW GTi,,,more power volks!!

  • Kemal Akeren
    Kemal Akeren Месяц назад

    my first car was a 2004 jetta and i still keep it with my bmw 3.20D. I still love my jetta like first day i bought it. It is good looking, safe and very fun to drive.

  • David Hovanisyan
    David Hovanisyan Месяц назад

    Porsche saved VW from Diesel Gate'