How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..)

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Wheels: The Lovable Beetle 1996
















Emmisions scandle


NVOY – Higher

0:41 Defyant – Echoes

2:36 Deccies – Subtle

3:53 Post Pines – Simma

5:18 Jakatta – American Dream [Afterlife Mix]

7:12 Taquwami – You R Everything

7:56 Locked in a Room

8:35 Young American Primitive – Sunrise

11:08 DIALS – Paths

12:08 Fila Brazillia – Pollo De Palo

13:00 Sonder – Feel Me

14:54 Nova Nova – Tones

16:20 The 1975 – Intro Set (Bear//Face Remix)

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Автор Dearic Smiles ( назад)
Change the high tempo music to something lower tempo

Автор Risto Q ( назад)
Sitting in a VW makes me feel at home. Never gonna buy something else than VW group car. Maybe Tesla and Range Rover but thats it.

Автор The kindred Soul ( назад)
Who gives a fuck if Hitler was his best friend. People are so judgmental and self righteous people can believe in whatever tf they want to he still made good cars like tf.

Автор VoiD ( назад)
Wow Walt Disney The Love Bug Herbie was never mentioned here. It has greatly influenced the VW's US market because of that film.

Автор AnimalThree ( назад)
I'm in a Golf GTI

Автор Владимир Сорин ( назад)
If Ferdinant tayed in USSR the VW would be a piece of shit like Lada. And if production plant was on soviet occupied territory VW woud not exist so...yeah

Автор ThatGuyLemonade ( назад)

Автор BeastlyGaming ( назад)
Im German And Im Proud Of My Country

Автор The0riginalTwo ( назад)
What about the "golf" stream? ;)

Автор jocking3 ( назад)
There's no such automobile as a "porsch". It's porschE. The E at the end is not silent. PorschE.

Автор Marlon Smikle ( назад)
Great content. But it's pronounced Porsha

Автор RTS ( назад)
They own Ferrari now ...

Автор Andi Ibrahim Ali ( назад)
I heard they had cooperation with Chinese FAW? CMIIW

Автор HX Re ( назад)
this is my new favorite channel love how educational it is

Автор Zacc Walker ( назад)
Oh god. So we can blame volkswagen for the terror of the car word..... front wheel drive!

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)

Автор dazzaburger ( назад)
The way you said SEAT was cringe

Автор Li Ko ( назад)
learn to spell the W in german Car Brands to spell like W in german!

Автор SamBlue99 [2] ( назад)
Very informative and good video

Автор trevenman ( назад)
11:41, So they produced 19 vehicles every minute... yet it would take me 3,5 years of hard saving to afford a new car.

Автор Dezent squad ( назад)
is he german?

Автор Karolis Kruminis ( назад)
nice vid!

Автор Dooby dislike sjw ( назад)
Wow Hitler sounds like a cool dude

Автор Dr. Staubsauger ( назад)
Funfact: Porsche is owned by Volkswagen and 50% of Volkswagen is owned by Porsche.

Автор Commentator ( назад)
lul, got a VW ad.

Автор rubaiat talukdar ( назад)

Автор Jea Zyee ( назад)

Автор TrakosHD ( назад)
VW Gold 7 is bae <3333

Автор Cato V ( назад)
very good video thumps up!

Автор Milonso ( назад)
I love how you combined the history background and facts at all.

Автор Marvin Pech ( назад)
count it as "German History" ^-^

Автор mujjuman ( назад)
great video i drive vw jetta but it was stolen

Автор Nermin Cekaj ( назад)
VW has recently purchased 90% of Ferrari

Автор just plane crazy ( назад)
The beetle stoped production in 2003??

Why do I see 2017 beetles?

Автор Vinicius Martinelli ( назад)
Amazing video!

Автор bbsp ( назад)
They also own the cheating segment in the auto industry

Автор Kanade Tachibana ( назад)
I love Hitler.

Автор cn 250 ( назад)
Yes, and Hitler also but us on the moon.

Автор Ricardo Aponte M ( назад)
Hi, you forgot to name Scania as one of VW's most recent acquisitions! It is a shame that all the shame falls on Ferdinand Porsche coz of his relationship to the Nazis, and many forget where came Werner von Braun for example, who shaped the first piles of the NASA. Nice video anyhow!

Автор krissiinn ( назад)
4th reich

Автор HotGamingPotato ( назад)
So interesting!

Автор Cameron Horn ( назад)
u know the VW beetle isnt the longs made production car the Land Rover defender is at 67 year the vw beetle is 60 year

Автор einarkm ( назад)
.....and Porsche Automobil Holding, which is owned by 2 families, owns a 30.8% stake (52.2% voting rights) in Volkswagen Group, around and around we go :-)

Автор Die Ente ( назад)
its porsche not porsch :D

Автор Gab Campbell ( назад)
Actually the Porsche family owns VW

Автор Carlos Martin ( назад)
Heil Hitler

Автор Felix K. ( назад)
VW actually offers many positive aspects to people living in Wolfsburg. Festival tickets are far cheaper then in other citys, schools even get them for free sometimes. Also of course the point that Wolfsburg has much money to spend, which on the other side let to many people panicking while the dieselgate and many projects being cancelled because the city awaited volkswagen having less profit and therefore paying less taxes.

Автор darthik ( назад)
Very nice video and highly historically accurate. One thing which you haven't mentioned regarding F. Porsche was his colleague Hans Ledwinka.

Автор Rikku X ( назад)
Amazing video.I didn't know Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti are also owned by Volkswagen.

Автор Boosted Monte ( назад)
Vw is almost as big as my penis...

Автор Obliterated ( назад)
wtf 4 companies?

Автор DarkE ( назад)
That little gap between the V and W - MANDELA EFFECT

Автор Gerald Ander Lee ( назад)

Автор Shane Mariner ( назад)

Could you please make a video on BASF, The biggest chemical company???

Автор alexakos sak ( назад)
they own skoda as well

Автор Maxs02 ( назад)
Isn't Porsche individual? (I haven't watched the video yet)

Автор scbonduk ( назад)
Probably worth pointing out that the largest stakeholder in VW is the Porsche family, so Porsche owns VW which owns Porsche.

Автор StraksParty ( назад)
greetings from Croatia

Автор Jonathan Gonzalez ( назад)
doesn't VW also own Audi?

Автор slothc ( назад)
Isn't Porsche one who owns Volkswagen?

Автор olgierd2001 ( назад)
its not PORSCH/PORSH its PorschEE there is a fucking E

Автор Carlos E Martinez ( назад)
Great doc buddy very well done and very informative, there are 2 things you have not mentioned at all, who basically made VW was Brasil and then Mexico, Brasil also had a town made for the VW Factory Sao Bernado do Campo, state of Sao Paulo where the factory still stands. about Mexico you have to ask someone else for details. But the question is why have you not mentioned the 2 factories that made all the VW cash.

Автор Thru the Galaxy ( назад)
But how big is Toyota?

Автор Pyro ( назад)
I'm from Germany and even I didn't know all Information!
Amazing Video!

Автор Niston Cloud ( назад)
Porsch-EH dammit!

Автор X X ( назад)
Porsche own VW

Автор Pranjal Hejib ( назад)
Volkswagen owns all other sports cars company it is a parental company

Автор Ziegenterminator ( назад)
HA we german can speak VOLKSWAGEN richtig einfach XDDDE

Автор joni4nfs ( назад)
Fun fact: VW has its own slaughtery.

Автор tavares142 ( назад)
My first car was a 1962 rag top beetle. I still regret selling it.

Автор Muffi Gaming ( назад)
For me as a german it sounds so funny to hear english speaking people saying german names. :)

Автор Dünna [Red Side] ( назад)
Nobody says "Folksvagen". Really sad... :(

Автор BATU OZDENER ( назад)
What about Honda?

Автор Leopoldo Rincón ( назад)
Can people be capable of separating the art, from the artist?

Автор Ruvinson Freeman ( назад)
Fuck sakes, it's Porsha

Автор Kale Anderson ( назад)
Do Ford

Автор James Evans ( назад)
Volkswagen also own seat, skoda, Audi and man trucks

Автор Shoaib Patwekar ( назад)
Do video for Huawei company.. plz

Автор Rilow ( назад)
Audi too

Автор pipodebeuker ( назад)
How big is VW?

Depends on the model. A Golf is bigger than a Polo.

Автор Ard Van ( назад)
I tink you mean scania instead of man

Автор GKGameplay CZ ( назад)

Автор Traktor ( назад)
could you do a video on volvo thanks

Автор Ethan Kreutzberg ( назад)
I got a Volkswagen commercial

Автор Carlos A. Garcia ( назад)
They own Porsch, Audi...Seat, Lada....

Автор rocky965able ( назад)
vw is the largest car company in term of profit, toyota the largest in term of sales.

Автор Jan XdPL ( назад)
They own a lot of car brands even though their own cars are shit

Автор Maximilian Wolfram Borchert ( назад)
VW doesn't own Porsche, Porsche owns VW. Porsche AG is owned by VW, but Porsche S.E. owns VW Group, so Porsche own themselves.

Автор A.G. Martinez ( назад)
Pop music is alien programming

Автор TheSchool45 ( назад)
Where my Jetta 1.8TSI peeps at

Автор FooneArtworks ( назад)
i just found your channel and i love it :) there is no other channel like this i guess. I am not a big fan of vw but i always like the science behind everything.

Автор detailing center ( назад)
Who's buying a VW in US it's going to be his first and the last Vw ,ever.
Intentionally band design on a lot of things , very expensive parts ,
in my opinion in a few years they will be out of US following Suzuki , and it's they're own fault because Americans loved VW , but you can trick them like they do in Europe .
Aufiderzein ass...

Автор Niklas Karge ( назад)

Автор Kelly Hryniuk ( назад)

Автор Kelly Hryniuk ( назад)

Автор yo_its_jj ( назад)
i laugh when people race a mercades like wtf

Автор Youss Ch ( назад)
any other jews that own or have owned a vw?

Автор Tough Path ( назад)
can u do how big is reliance

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