Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Billie talks about living with her parents, being nominated for several Grammys, performing at the American Music Awards, being competitive with herself, why she’s looking forward to turning 18, dealing with fame, trying to be present, going on tour, her friendship with singer Jessie Reyez, and Jimmy proves how old he is with some questions for Billie from way back in 1984 - when he was 17.
    Billie Eilish Asks Kids “When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”
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    Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18
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Comments • 8 076

  • Anonymous Mystery
    Anonymous Mystery 9 hours ago

    Word is she's dating her brother

  • James Monds
    James Monds 9 hours ago

    She’s an Old Soul. She’s not phased by the fame she’s so normal and humble. I love her.

  • 4444444е
    4444444е 9 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is so SEXY. My gosh.

  • Eshal farooq
    Eshal farooq 10 hours ago

    love billies outfite

  • 💿
    💿 11 hours ago

    4:13 RUN DM...X. :))

  • leanne roost
    leanne roost 11 hours ago

    So your still living at home with your parents ... yes yes because she is 17 year old you nob!

  • Nate R
    Nate R 11 hours ago

    Kinda sad that any "professional" musician never studied the greats that came before her. Probably why her brother writes everything.

  • Tim
    Tim 12 hours ago +1

    Haven't really listened to much of her music, but she seems well planted and switched on!

  • chucky cromers
    chucky cromers 12 hours ago +1

    Wolf Van Halen:-
    If you haven't heard of billie eilish,go check her out..she's cool..if you haven't heard of van Halen,go check them out..they're cool too..
    Music is supposed to bring us together,not divided us..listen to what you want.and don't shame others for not knowing what you like..

  • RoyalOpps
    RoyalOpps 16 hours ago

    I respect what she does and the work that she puts in, but there's something about her that gets me the wrong way... I can't seem to bring myself to like her.

  • Kenneth Ugarte
    Kenneth Ugarte 17 hours ago

    Thanks Billie Eillish. Honestly, you just made me cry. You get me. You truly get me dude. Love you.

  • s staners
    s staners 18 hours ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel: what’s your favorite Billie Eilish song?
    David Lee Roth: Who?

  • s staners
    s staners 18 hours ago

    This feels like a future South Park episode

  • Nope Stuff
    Nope Stuff 18 hours ago +1

    It’s really cool that she is aware that is all going to pass at some point. So she’s savoring... damn at 17.

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy 15 hours ago

      Why do people think kids should be obligated to know retro pop culture? It’s literally so stupid.

  • Angelique Lopez
    Angelique Lopez 20 hours ago +1

    Am I the only person that doesn’t understand her music at all lol

    • Nope Stuff
      Nope Stuff 18 hours ago

      Angelique Lopez I don’t get her at all or anything that is popular now... I like her more than Arian’s grande though... she’s very humble, relatable and honest... ari is nothing like that...

  • Andrew
    Andrew 21 hour ago

    3:56 is the Van Halen question.

  • Kevin :D
    Kevin :D 21 hour ago +1

    Jimmy Fallon, jimmy kimmel, and jimmy neutron

  • Amber Fells99
    Amber Fells99 22 hours ago

    Love her❤

  • JG
    JG 23 hours ago +1

    She’s young we get it gtf over it. Y’all never seen at 17/18 year old???

  • thehmc
    thehmc 23 hours ago

    This just in. Girl pop stars are airheads with the IQ of sand. She grew up with access to all the world's information literally in her pocket and doesn't know anything about music. Her chosen profession. And always remember that Millennials are just Boomer 2.0.

  • itsjustmeokay
    itsjustmeokay 23 hours ago +1

    bruh i'm 13 and i knew Mr.T pitied the fool lmao

  • Ash Sp
    Ash Sp Day ago

    My god. Kimmel sucks. For real dont be a douch it's not hard.

  • Loremart Style
    Loremart Style Day ago

    The only thing I knew that she didn’t was the name of 2 Ghostbusters. And I was born in the late 80s.

  • dallas ellegood
    dallas ellegood Day ago

    shes already 18 now like 2 days after this aired and when she came out 3 years ago she was 15. shes not lying about her age lol, anyone who followed her from the beginning knows that

  • Chanel V
    Chanel V Day ago

    she still lives with her parents and in the house she even grew up in, that's crazy. She has so much money and it's great she doesn't just spend it all on things she doesn't need.

  • Zodspeed
    Zodspeed Day ago +2

    Why did I click on this

    • Nope Stuff
      Nope Stuff 18 hours ago +1

      Zodspeed srsly, every RUclip video I watch

  • Nightflyer
    Nightflyer Day ago +1

    There's something very special and unique about this girl. She's like a 900-year-old wizard.

  • Nick
    Nick Day ago

    Why do people think kids should be obligated to know retro pop culture? It’s literally so stupid.

  • Gorki XXX
    Gorki XXX Day ago

    She looks like the millennial version of Scarlett Johansson.

  • My Self
    My Self Day ago

    Obviously very talented but theres something off putting about her- like a not so nice, kinda brattish person. Maybe shes not, but it appears so.

  • yelnats97
    yelnats97 Day ago

    She is sooooo beautiful✨

  • Kolling Kolling
    Kolling Kolling Day ago

    She dont know Van Halen😞🥴

  • Shelby Venaglia
    Shelby Venaglia Day ago

    I hear the Jessie Reyes influence in Billies music 😍

  • Cruce Entertainment

    How many people know who this chick (or dude?) is? There ya go.

  • Foggy Kudzu
    Foggy Kudzu Day ago

    If one can not recognize the artists mentioned, one needs an education. No excuse for someone in the entertainment industry, regardless of age, to be this ignorant with the amount of information available at their finger tips. She may be young but she ain't done anything that ain't done before.

  • Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    She’s honestly talented. I’m love her music so far

  • Don Beck
    Don Beck Day ago

    LOL, giving her a quiz on stuff that happened before she was born is like giving a flat-earther an astronomy quiz.

  • vince west
    vince west Day ago

    This girl is just amazing and just gets more and more amazing daily

  • BTaeK
    BTaeK Day ago +1

    9:09 was she cracking her neck? lol

  • BTaeK
    BTaeK Day ago +1

    Peter, Raymond, Egon, Winston
    I'm younger than Billie and I just called out the Ghostbusters' names, lol

  • David A
    David A Day ago

    I have to confess that I never heard of her until I read an article that she has never heard of Van Halen.

  • SavageRaff
    SavageRaff Day ago

    The same things she didnt know, I dont know

  • Michael Quintana
    Michael Quintana Day ago +1

    its fair that she doesnt have to know vanhen . its also fair to say her music is wierd. it realy sucks

  • Tororo Tororo
    Tororo Tororo Day ago +1

    She kind of looks like scarlett Johansson

  • No One
    No One Day ago

    I felt sad after watching this too. I used to feel current, I used to be "with the times" and know everything, but now all that knowledge is obsolete and nothing matters. Young people exist in their own generation bubble and don't care about what came before. I feel like my whole life was for nothing.

  • David Cahill
    David Cahill Day ago

    There are plenty of people in their mid to late twenties who wouldn't know Van Halen or Run DMC.

  • Biki Kalake
    Biki Kalake Day ago

    Does'nt look 17. Looks very mature for her age

  • David Ko
    David Ko Day ago +3

    Barber: How do you want your hair?
    Billie: Have u seen like chemicals dropped in oil
    Barber: Say no more

    • Shannon Landolt
      Shannon Landolt 21 hour ago

      David Ko I really enjoy her, but I cannot stannnnnnnd her hair.

  • David Cahill
    David Cahill Day ago +2

    I don't get the hype around her

    • NahNah52
      NahNah52 Day ago

      Like the magicians on the streets of NYC - *slight of hand = not real.*

  • danielfedelemusic
    danielfedelemusic Day ago +2

    Interviews with young people make me cringe

  • project 2501
    project 2501 Day ago +2

    boomer: ahahahahhahahahah she doesnt know van halen lmao!

  • Pedro Vargas
    Pedro Vargas Day ago +1

    La musica se fue a la mierda

  • heywood1980
    heywood1980 Day ago

    "Like, like you know, Like yeah then like, I like wanna be like, like you like know what I mean like?"

  • Abby Rae
    Abby Rae Day ago

    bro why are people so fascinated by the fact that gen z kids don’t know things that happened before they were born???? lmao

    ROHIT GOGOI Day ago

    She's an old soul

  • Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright Day ago

    Van Halen brought peace to the mid east.

  • Sick Smig
    Sick Smig Day ago +1

    "Billie Eilish on Dealing with Boomer, Oking them & Turning 18."

  • Perla Ortiz
    Perla Ortiz Day ago

    1:47 she’s not wrong tho🤣🤣

  • Patricia White
    Patricia White Day ago

    That laugh in the audience at 5:26 is my whole mood 😂

  • sammi
    sammi Day ago

    I’m 99% straight..
    that 1% is for Billie