The Mighty Mouse Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master! Reviewing the Small but Mighty Wide Aperture Lens

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier for a review of the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens at a shoot done at the historic Chethams Library in Manchester, United Kingdom. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!
    To see the write up of the review and to see all of the images from this shoot please visit:
    In this video that was taken at a workshop that Jason was doing for 2 groups at the library, Jason shares images and footage from both a private shoot and shots done with the group.
    Using two different models Jason goes through the library shooting wide angle portraiture with the lens on the Sony A7Riii. Lighting in this video is provided by Rotolight with the modifier coming from the Westcott Halo.
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    Thanks for watching!
    Jason Lanier Photography
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  • Jason Lanier
    Jason Lanier  Year ago +5

    To see the write up of the review and to see all of the images from this shoot please visit:
    Thanks for watching!!

  • AJ Booster
    AJ Booster 8 days ago

    Tested all the 24mm and the Sony blew me away.Love this lens.

  • Solus Quinto
    Solus Quinto Month ago

    If not for the content or the great piano play at least for the "it pisses off the Pros!" in the end this video has to get a thumbs up :D

  • Renaud Lambert
    Renaud Lambert Month ago

    La poésie est un art,
    Votre art est une poésie..

  • Lionel Mommeja
    Lionel Mommeja 2 months ago

    Amazing. Bravo

  • 78299360 Zhangzicheng11

    Jason,do you have a link for this one?I have to buy the stick?to hold it?

  • Henry Matos
    Henry Matos 6 months ago +1

    I really appreciate your review with the comparisons and features but really enjoyed listening your piano concerto at the end.

  • ningsun2
    ningsun2 6 months ago

    Watch your video again Jason, love it and appreciated better. You are the BEST and Honest ARTIST in photography world period. It s pity that there is always evil people out there, trying kill the best of the best. And it s sad that many of the ‘popular photographers’ boiled by their jealousy and inferior demon, with pseudo-justice fake mask, cheer for the evil. Where is your heart and honesty people (of course I m sound like from last century)? Often, your real face and character show up in the moment of truce..thank you guys!

  • Kit Rudd
    Kit Rudd 6 months ago

    After attending your lighting workshop yesterday in DC, I remembered watching this video. What I had forgotten was you used the Neo 2 with the 24mm. So great I was able to shoot Allison with your Aeos and my A7RIII and 24mm GM. Results were pretty good for a total portrait shooting rookie. It was very helpful to be able to try out the Rotolight and see if is something I can use. Thanks!

  • robert michael zaballero

    nice directing ur model.. idol

  • Aan Setya
    Aan Setya 7 months ago

    does this lens make our head looks bigger?

  • ningsun2
    ningsun2 7 months ago

    Sir, I just watched your video again coz I just got my Sony 24/1.4. Again your video blowed me away! You are a true artist, I totally forgot I am watching a photography video, it s a art movie. Your piano playing made this a master piece to my opinion. Thank you so very much master, you are a true inspiration to me..

  • rusty padlock
    rusty padlock 7 months ago

    Excellent presentation and photography. Do not skip 9:41.

  • Guglielmo luraschi sicca

    You are a very good photographer!

  • snmemich
    snmemich 8 months ago

    straight out of the camera..... right....

  • siddhartha roy
    siddhartha roy 8 months ago

    You are also a wonderful Piano artist..

  • gaming channel
    gaming channel 8 months ago

    No information on the type of camera nore picture profile??

  • andy crophoto
    andy crophoto 9 months ago +1

    Amazing beautiful Jason bravissimo 👏🏽👌🏼👍🏼👋🏼👋🏽the best

  • Michelle Sohn
    Michelle Sohn 10 months ago

    Not sure what you decided to do but I sold my 16-35 Gm and got 12-24 and 24 GM instead. When I need wide I have it and have 1.4 in low light when I need it.

  • mausto raw
    mausto raw 10 months ago

    Hello amazing pictures.. great video... one question .. what's was your light and soft box.. ur favorite light? I couldn't understand it and find it? please.. thanks. is there any similar but smaller option for traveling?? any light u can advice with that versatile??

  • Kmilo Bass
    Kmilo Bass 10 months ago

    amazing review and comparison... you help me a lot for taking a desicion. And amazing photos also !

  • Max R
    Max R 10 months ago

    Hello Jason. Do your recommend the GM 24mm 1.4 over the Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4, for group portraits, in weddings? I have the Sony Zeiss 35mm, but feel that the GM24mm would be much better, especially in terms of sharpness and wider angle. Have you used the 24mm GM in such settings, often? Thinking of selling the 35mm for the 24mm.

  • Sundeep Sembi
    Sundeep Sembi 10 months ago

    Loved the processing on the shots, slight crushing of the whites worked so well

  • VeeTravels
    VeeTravels 10 months ago

    How is this lens for video?

  • Jeremy Mohlke
    Jeremy Mohlke 10 months ago

    I am waitlisted for this lens. It will complete my portrait trifecta of primes when I receive it. I currently have the Zeiss 55 1.8, Sigma 105 1.4 will be delivered this week!

  • Fabian Balint
    Fabian Balint 11 months ago +1

    Incredible piano play! Didn't expect that from a great photographer 😀

  • Nelson Carmona
    Nelson Carmona 11 months ago

    Jason great video. I recently purchase the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and love it for portraiture. I've seen multiple reviews with the 24mm 1.4 and I think its great for environmental portraiture as well as landscape (which I primarily shoot). would you recommend the 24mm over 35mm for portraits? Thanks

  • powerlurker
    powerlurker Year ago

    this guy reeks talent

  • Ferhan Khan Photography

    Why do all the images have a HDR look where clarity is OTT, is that the processing?

  • Mankeun Jeong
    Mankeun Jeong Year ago

    I love the mood. Great video :)

  • Trippalhealicks
    Trippalhealicks Year ago

    What a fantastic video. Great setting to flex this lens's muscle / features. Awesome piano work, too, Jason!

  • Eric Han
    Eric Han Year ago

    Which is the model of the light you were using?

    • Eric Han
      Eric Han Year ago

      Darren Fellows Thanks!

    • Darren Fellows
      Darren Fellows Year ago +1

      Jason was mainly using the NEO 2 but in some of it he had the AEOS inside of the Halo

  • Saman Heidari
    Saman Heidari Year ago

    Amazing work Jason and love the 14th century backdrop.

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz Year ago

    Piano was your best masterpiece. !!!! Very very impressive

  • Lori Bott
    Lori Bott Year ago

    God blessed you with many talents. Thank you for sharing both with us!

  • Leanne Cloutman
    Leanne Cloutman Year ago

    At 13:59 how did you edit the the picture to make it look so cartoonish but realistic? I absolutely love it!

  • Michael Jandavs
    Michael Jandavs Year ago

    Come for the images and stay for the tunes. Bravo Maestro.

  • JTGphotos
    JTGphotos Year ago

    Jason, at 1:25 you say you are creating movie looking shots(then you show 2 images) and finish saying straight out of the camera. So were those two images SOOC?

    • Shaun Daskam
      Shaun Daskam Year ago

      You can clearly see the post processing. Just look at the model's face. Jason has a tendency to leave his model's faces in the post processing oven for too long. If you think this is straight out of the camera, you'd be wrong.

  • Katharine Deveise

    Wow! Those pics were so great!

  • Bernard Jones
    Bernard Jones Year ago

    I have the Sony 100-400mm and the 2 x converter [£500].
    An issue people need to be aware of - I'm using a proprietary camouflage cover on the 100-400mm lens body and it does its job . . except for one thing.
    The camo skin which fits adjacent the 2 X converter can *_unlock_*
    the converter from the lens.
    I know this - it happened to me.
    The lens dropped to the floor with a thud and my heart followed it.
    Fortunately for me, the lens is still Ok.
    I contacted the vendors of the camo in the spirit of being helpful and constructive.
    I have yet to receive a reply.
    So if you have the inclination to buy a camo cover then *_buyer beware_* because you'll not be informed of the dangers of fitting one of these skins.
    I apologise for using Jason's video blog as a platform for letting other potential users know about the pitfalls of using a camo cover but I hope to save someone else from destroying a very valuable lens.
    Other than that, I hope to use the lens until it 'sees me out'.
    Thank you.

  • ayadal
    ayadal Year ago

    I just bought my first full frame camera, the Sony a7iii and was deciding between this lens and the 16-35 f 2.8 which I ended up choosing. I’ll be shooting recreationally and mostly landscapes and architecture. I hope I made the right decision.

  • Nini RockX
    Nini RockX Year ago

    Oh my god🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻you are a Fantastic piano player❤️and Photographer. Love your shots and edits👏

  • Luis Gabriel Photography

    Beautiful work, Jason and unexpected piano talent!

  • Adrian Uesugui
    Adrian Uesugui Year ago +1

    Your shots. are. superb. I can't wait to receive my 24mm in the mail now.

  • RayT
    RayT Year ago

    Really nice.

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Year ago

    3:53 "13 groups in 10 elements". No: 10 groups with 13 elements.

  • Shang-Hsien Yang
    Shang-Hsien Yang Year ago +2

    OMG Jason your piano skill is amazing! Please include more of your music in the future.

  • Suwit Siriwongsal

    👍 piano song

  • SwitchRich
    SwitchRich Year ago

    I actually like to see shots where the lens is stopped down a bit in environmental portraits - after all, the environment is an important part of the story.

  • Sebastian Buschmann

    Fun fact: the fun facts are sponsored by sony

  • Melda Jean Photography

    Jason that's a Santa Maria Guadalupe my amigo from Texas. Great video and I was just researching this lens recently. Hope to get it soon.

  • sli Fox
    sli Fox Year ago

    Still haven’t got the 24mm after pre-ordering on November 2018 in Hongkong... some people in the forums are telling me they are having similar problems...

  • Ramin M
    Ramin M Year ago +2

    3:15 The 85mm GM lens is amazing. The subject feels very alive and real in her costume and the focal length and rendering of the lens makes her pop out at the viewer. I however, I still find the 24mm GM is a more successful lens for this kind of environmental portrait. What the 85mm loses in ambiance, the 24mm successfully claims when (3:05) it depicts the subject within her expected ambience. Just look how convincingly the shelves with their metal grids on the right side create a natural space for the subject. The fact that the bookshelves on the left while blurred, are still partially recognizable also helps with providing the needed ambiance. Like I said, each lens to its purpose but for creating this kind of environmental portraiture, 24mm gets my vote.

  • Ek Chuah Studios
    Ek Chuah Studios Year ago

    Great job, well done.

  • Yin Bunhay
    Yin Bunhay Year ago

    It is my second favorite Len

  • Makta972
    Makta972 Year ago

    This guy is so full of himself lol. cringe

  • michael s
    michael s Year ago

    Jason giving the,form,function,and simplicity.never about limitations,just learned those Sony cameras and shoots his ass off..

  • Matt Dilg
    Matt Dilg Year ago

    How much post do you put into these?

  • DKz LsLx
    DKz LsLx Year ago

    I feel you rocks ass

  • GettnHectic
    GettnHectic Year ago

    Do you use back focus? I noticed you don’t exclusively use the viewfinder. Love your work and reviews.