Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The gang tries mashing up more random cartoon characters from The Wheel. What abominations will they create? With special guest - Simpsons animator Mike Atniel! ( idrawhomer )
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    Jackie Lee _itsjackielee
    Kevin McShane kmcshane
    Kyra Kupetsky kyrakupetsky
    Hae-Joon Lee faceofdoomness
    Jonni Phillips jonniphillips

    Cintiq Displays
    and Ergo Stands
    provided by Wacom
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Comments • 2 375

  • The OM
    The OM 5 hours ago

    Jackie needs her own talk show

  • Andrew Spielman
    Andrew Spielman 9 hours ago

    Sees Jonni:
    Next video...

    MF BROOM 18 hours ago

    I love Jackie so much

  • Arthur G. Machado
    Arthur G. Machado 20 hours ago

    Jackie's drawing was just an amazing character

  • Bes Zaid
    Bes Zaid 2 days ago

    I suspect that the roulette is fixed. Just look how the video is edited.

  • m80thebrawler
    m80thebrawler 2 days ago +1

    Not jonni again -_- ruins the entire mood

  • Zelda
    Zelda 3 days ago +3

    i love jackie and kevin, and everytime jonni showed up on screen i pressed L on my keyboard -.-

  • Kaz D96
    Kaz D96 3 days ago

    Jackie and Kevin. Stars

  • Ghina
    Ghina 3 days ago

    Whats that glove that kevin wear’s?

    • Logos Porticus
      Logos Porticus Day ago

      It prevents his hand from touching the screen and doing something random like zooming in or panning accidentally. Others don't wear it probably because they don't place their hand on the screen while drawing like Kevin.

  • Beepuke
    Beepuke 3 days ago

    I actually liked Jonni's drawing, not gonna lie!

  • berenice alfaro
    berenice alfaro 3 days ago

    Can some one please stop Jonni

  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk 3 days ago +21

    Is it just me, or Jonni's always acting like he's better than everyone?

    • jootai
      jootai Day ago

      It's a woman. Don't you see?? Dress + lipstick = 100% woman and in Canada you will be fined if you don't call her a woman.

  • niizzy a
    niizzy a 4 days ago

    Just got to know this series and I was shocked BuzzFeed did ONE single good thing to the world.
    But if the video got this Jonni dude its an insta-skip. He just plain sucks and obvisouly literally.

  • Noisyboysunny
    Noisyboysunny 4 days ago

    Jonni sucks

  • Maria Rowen
    Maria Rowen 4 days ago +2

    Just adding on to the Jackie and Kevin pairing. Absolutely love them, they're so great together. I also love Kyra, she's an excellent artist and so sweet!

  • Jordan Phoenix
    Jordan Phoenix 4 days ago

    Mike seems like such a nice dude

  • kattelyn92
    kattelyn92 4 days ago

    These were so cool! Also Mike is bae.

  • Tairi Rodriguez
    Tairi Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Ariel plus Spongebob equals.....😳

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi 5 days ago

    2:10 wink wink cough cough sneeze sneeze

  • TiaOfJordan
    TiaOfJordan 5 days ago +2

    I don't understand Jonni's drawings, it's like a 4 yrs old drawing
    Is that a thing? Is he a real animator? Or like what does he do
    When he drew Superman it was so close to a preschooler's

  • Adam Qusyairi Bin Mohammad Kamal

    I really don't like jonni drawing

  • Gan Guryu
    Gan Guryu 5 days ago +2

    Oh my god, Jonni, like what the f. Please go see a doctor?

  • Kemal Bajrovic
    Kemal Bajrovic 6 days ago +2


  • Vishal Sancheti
    Vishal Sancheti 6 days ago

    Kyra always nails it 👌

  • mr cms
    mr cms 6 days ago

    The should do a whole episode with jackie and Kevin that would be to much fun😂

  • jurgën
    jurgën 6 days ago +3

    can someone tell me the parts where jonni appears? i just want to skip him he doesn't even try

  • HanaitsRetro1
    HanaitsRetro1 7 days ago

    That Jonni guy is just plain awful.

  • Legacy Marie
    Legacy Marie 7 days ago +2

    You could put a potato in jonni's chair and it would at least be something more appealing than his drawings

  • Manas R
    Manas R 7 days ago

    I want what jackie smokes

  • Liz Super Saeun
    Liz Super Saeun 7 days ago +2

    hello everyone i know there’s many comments about dislike of jonni but i do want to put it out there to PLEASE USE CORRECT PRONOUNS! jonni uses she/her pronouns. if you can’t get down with the art style, at least respect jonni as a person. 🖤

    • Liz Super Saeun
      Liz Super Saeun 3 days ago

      Strawberry Milk Please take the time to educate yourself on gender roles and the gender spectrum. This could be extremely harmful to say, to anybody in the trans community. Sometimes people either can not afford to go on hormones, or can’t for other reasons, and some people identify as a certain way and just don’t feel the need to take hormones. She is just as valid either way. Hormones do not equal gender. Remember that.

    • Strawberry Milk
      Strawberry Milk 3 days ago

      Yeah, ok, but he seems the type to say this to just have attention, if he was trans, why isn't doing treatment with the female hormones?

      For god's sake, no one who's trans can live in the wrong body when they figured out they don't feel like their on sex
      As soon as they notice that something's wrong, they want to change it

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave 7 days ago

    That wonder woman spongebob was the best

  • varga péter
    varga péter 7 days ago +1

    poor Hae Joon

  • cheyenne Joseph
    cheyenne Joseph 7 days ago +2

    stop being so mean to Jonni's style. Everyone's art is different, not all of them will be clean cut drawings. For a somewhat creative audience you guys don't seem to be open minded at all. I do however have to say that I wish Jonni talked to Haejoon more when he spoke about learning English through comics

    • Strawberry Milk
      Strawberry Milk 3 days ago

      It's not just about his style, it's about his personality too

  • Donna Hogan
    Donna Hogan 7 days ago

    Kevin’s SpongeBob/WonderWoman mashup was really, really good!

  • Donna Hogan
    Donna Hogan 7 days ago

    Hae-Joon is very sweet.

  • aini ozu
    aini ozu 7 days ago

    i love how kyre draw.. never wrong 😍

  • carlos separovic
    carlos separovic 7 days ago

    please get jonni out, HE sucks.

  • Ceft
    Ceft 7 days ago

    4:01 omg there's a meme like jackie drawing!

  • Atis Polgár
    Atis Polgár 8 days ago

    Kyra: this is aDORAble xdddd

  • Aman Rai
    Aman Rai 8 days ago

    I dont wanna be rude bt jonni not even trying all cartoons r cute af bt his like primary school kids done that

  • Jakob Estioko
    Jakob Estioko 8 days ago

    jonni's art style is just different and unique. don't hate on his art just because he's annoying

  • Cat fan 61943
    Cat fan 61943 8 days ago

    Who else only comes for Kevin and Jackie

  • Keep Climbing
    Keep Climbing 8 days ago

    🎶 Hae Joon don’t be afraid 🎵

  • Sannie789
    Sannie789 8 days ago +1

    Kevin is so handsome :) And it's adorable that he always looks on Jackie and Jackie can't make with him eye contact (I'm not sure if this lack of eye contact is her cultural thing but I prefer to think that Jackie may lost in his eyes XD)

  • Marc Taas
    Marc Taas 8 days ago +1

    I just knew you guys will roast jonni lol

  • Haydyn Pilkington
    Haydyn Pilkington 9 days ago +1

    jonni is terrible

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez 9 days ago

    Jonni remembers me of sr. Pelo idk why

  • Calum Browne
    Calum Browne 9 days ago

    Jackie is so so so so so annoying

  • Ron Raj
    Ron Raj 9 days ago +3


  • sebas palacio
    sebas palacio 10 days ago

    i love soo much jackie jajajaja she is amazing and funny

  • Thifire
    Thifire 10 days ago

    Why is everyone hating on jonni? Honestly I think his/her style is very unique

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago

    I absolutely love jonnis art

  • Ash
    Ash 10 days ago +5

    I love how random jackie is i want to be her friend

  • minako134
    minako134 10 days ago +2

    People keep saying "he" for Jonni but she's a woman, also anybody who says she "isn't trying" has clearly never illustrated before. Her style is awesome, it reminds me of late 90s stuff.

  • Nacho
    Nacho 10 days ago

    Hae-joon is such a sweet angel

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 10 days ago +1

    To everyone complaining about Jonni, he posted on twitter saying yesterday was his last day thankfully. No more lousy attempts.

  • Raquel Soto
    Raquel Soto 11 days ago +1

    Kyra's drawing OMG!!!!!! She👏🏼nailed👏🏼it👏🏼

  • Mike Nation
    Mike Nation 11 days ago

    Never bring jonni back please

  • Chlo Wong
    Chlo Wong 11 days ago +1

    Tbh I like jonni's art. It's interesting.

  • S.J With the bucket
    S.J With the bucket 11 days ago

    Daffy death is Jackie’s creation