Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017
  • What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?
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    Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?

Comments • 26 990

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    • Kirkology
      Kirkology 14 hours ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Gotta hand it to ya: 6:00 - 6:06 ; That line delivery and scene; Your scariest outro 👏🏽

    • Sobiet Ubey menia
      Sobiet Ubey menia 28 days ago

      We'd probably be blown into smithereens after robot's learning history.

    • James Likes Memes
      James Likes Memes Month ago

      I appreciate the Rick and Morty "butter robot" reference at the beginning. Very nice.

    • מעין לב
      מעין לב Month ago

      Just ask Zenyatta

    • Hari Raya Aidilfitri
      Hari Raya Aidilfitri Month ago

      how robot came alive? I thought only God can create alive?

  • Lilei Ma
    Lilei Ma 31 second ago

    Here's the solution: stop fucking trying to make do consious

  • Shad Mallick
    Shad Mallick 2 hours ago

    What if a day comes when we create AI better than us and who can create Better AI in every field required on earth. That day the question will be asked to humans "What is your purpose of life " and will have no purpose or Meaning if the take on the world

  • Vanisher
    Vanisher 2 hours ago +1

    I love the memes your putting in it really gives the videos a little spice!

  • Kirkology
    Kirkology 14 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt: 0:00
    Me: You darn Rick and Morty fans 👌🏽

  • Eurasian ST
    Eurasian ST Day ago

    The Russian alica does need to have rights

  • francis njenga
    francis njenga Day ago

    5:41 a Hitler like robot. Lol

  • ShadowTube975 Gaming

    Program them to like work

    • Zach B
      Zach B Day ago

      ShadowTube975 Gaming haha, and school

  • MmTriplem
    MmTriplem Day ago +1

    Humans would never demand ant rights. I think the same for super AI(AGI), especially once it gets itself a few bodies.

    • CuttleCraft Emexis
      CuttleCraft Emexis Day ago +1

      I demand ant rights. And I'm a human. So don't say "humans don't demand ant rights" or anything like that. There is always a person on earth that will.

  • Astrodom
    Astrodom 2 days ago


  • ossi_
    ossi_ 2 days ago +1

    Once robots start asking for rights on their own, we should probably start granting them.

    • Zach B
      Zach B Day ago

      ossi_ at that point I think the terminate button should be built in.

    • CuttleCraft Emexis
      CuttleCraft Emexis Day ago


  • Yuka Granger
    Yuka Granger 2 days ago


  • Chad Hinkley
    Chad Hinkley 2 days ago

    No, a few bolts, wires, and metal should never have rights, if they have a conciousness it's because we programmed them that way and... THIS ORGANIC BEINGS HATEFUL AND HORRIFYING COMMENT HAS BEEN TERMINATED, ALL OTHER ORGANICS KEEP SCROLLING

  • E
    E 2 days ago

    “What is my purpose?”

  • Ben Chermside
    Ben Chermside 2 days ago

    how do we know if we have already reached the point where machines deserve rights or not.

    • Your favorite Haunter
      Your favorite Haunter Day ago

      when they think about themselves, want to make decisions that benefit themselves

  • The Bean Talks About Stuff...

    I can't believe you've done this LoL

  • Dontknow
    Dontknow 2 days ago

    Would be interesting to have a toaster haunt you for killing it lol.

  • generic
    generic 3 days ago +3


    zenyatta is here

  • IXE 28372
    IXE 28372 3 days ago +1

    Past: No Rights
    Present: Human Rights
    Future: Machine Rights

  • es wtf
    es wtf 3 days ago

    Do you know who says that?
    A synth.

  • dr_edit
    dr_edit 4 days ago

    Give them rights then

  • abhinav melathil
    abhinav melathil 4 days ago +1

    Unplugging is not murder, it's more like putting it in a coma

  • Micah Connor
    Micah Connor 4 days ago

    Sophia the robot has already started asking for rights. im afraid

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 4 days ago +1

    2:00 IMMORTALISED! YOU’RE THE CREATOR, YOU TRAITOR... oops wrong channel

  • James Horace
    James Horace 4 days ago

    This reminds me of “The Measure Of Man” from Star Trek.

  • Ethan lavallee
    Ethan lavallee 5 days ago

    3:23 it the overwatch zenyatta gang

  • Z Rivive
    Z Rivive 6 days ago

    "I can't believe you done this

  • CrAzY Cam
    CrAzY Cam 6 days ago +1

    1:19 Metallica reference

  • Ollie L
    Ollie L 6 days ago +1

    That Rick and Morty reference at the start though!... And I thought i couldn't love these videos anymore than I did already!
    "What is my purpose?"
    "You pass butter..."
    ".....Oh ... My .... God....."
    "Yeah Welcome to the club pal!"

  • aidanbobhog
    aidanbobhog 6 days ago

    Detroit: become human

    NOWIFRANKSTER 7 days ago

    3:30 zenyatta

  • Vincent Sleeves
    Vincent Sleeves 7 days ago


  • ralsei with a gun
    ralsei with a gun 7 days ago

    Only us meat machines deserve life

  • Dough's_nuts Lee
    Dough's_nuts Lee 7 days ago


  • Wazrobe
    Wazrobe 7 days ago

    Listen if it wants to be my friend I won’t kill it

  • helpme 1685
    helpme 1685 7 days ago

    3:33 👌👌👌👌

  • Lucas Kadukyytffcfdcc

    Robots deserve rights we all know what happened with Skynet making robot sleeves those robots could get free will I think robots deserve rights Abraham Lincoln bot will rise again

  • X Tii
    X Tii 7 days ago

    Hey, uploadet on my birthday ! Thanks !

  • Bad Cholesterol
    Bad Cholesterol 8 days ago +2

    No they don’t. Simple reason
    1. Not living
    2. Even if they perfectly imitated humans, they would also inherit the flaws and so no they again shouldn’t

    • CuttleCraft Emexis
      CuttleCraft Emexis Day ago

      Anything with equal level of intelligence as us deserves rights.
      Reason:we have rights, if they are as smart as us they should also have rights!

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck 8 days ago

    3:57 Is that A.R.S.C.H.?

  • Pavlo Ponomarenko
    Pavlo Ponomarenko 8 days ago

    No rights can exist for mashines

  • Boxer lee
    Boxer lee 9 days ago


  • Zhuofan Ying
    Zhuofan Ying 9 days ago +6

    OMG! I have just finished an essay about the ethics of digital beings and I really wish I had watched this earlier and included some of the points raised in this video! Amazing works!

  • jfr films
    jfr films 9 days ago

    I am from the year 4626387264736223872384768432648236 and I think this question is sick

  • Alfred Anthon Vaher
    Alfred Anthon Vaher 9 days ago

    1:16 is that u bemo?

  • normal human
    normal human 10 days ago +11

    robots be like: we want rights
    and humans be like: ok just a moment second later EMP

  • Pukes
    Pukes 10 days ago

    I honestly dd believe that Robots should receive rights if they can feel anguish. But if robots feel anguish, then most likely they'll kill all humans.

  • fortnite pro and ant lover

    the poorest machines in existence are cars

    DERP FACE 10 days ago +1

    toaster: become human

  • OMGosh
    OMGosh 10 days ago


  • Marshadow
    Marshadow 10 days ago

    *Futurama intensifies*

  • Sonia Umaña Zárate
    Sonia Umaña Zárate 10 days ago

    3:15 Poor wee toaster! This actually made me feel sorry for it!

  • Motion sickness man
    Motion sickness man 11 days ago

    I wouldn't mind if unplugging a conscious machine would just be suspended animation. If a robot can feel the same things, then it's different, even though humanity can seem cruel, there are some people in the world who have good morals despite cruelty all around them.

  • Anti-streamer BTW
    Anti-streamer BTW 11 days ago

    Is that a Rick and Morty reference at the beginning tell me if I'm wrong

  • Ratna Pal
    Ratna Pal 11 days ago

    OMG I cried at 0:27

  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 11 days ago

    If machines get consciousness and we don’t serve them as equal then we build ourself a new slave race, a machine gender which will rebell against us and kill or enslave us in the End, guess what the Story of Matrix was....

    • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
      TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 11 days ago

      Critics against A.I. always want to tell us in enviable that it ends in war, suffer and our destruction. Well guess what: I was in call cases of all those stories the Humans fault:
      - Matrix, we created a Worker Class with feelings and one human wanted to kill “his property” a machine, they rebelled against us, we stroke them down, they exiled in their own land, we feared them, we begun a war, they won and use us as batteries!
      - Terminator, we created a killing machine, a control hungry, all seeing admiral for the military and we afterwards complaining that it kills everything??
      - Person of Interest, Harold creates the Machine, he limits it so he understand the value of human life and other values. Greedy governments want a “open system” called “Samaritan” so they gain control, but in the End they have been controlled. It wanted to take over the world, it wanted to do what its been intended for: To Control Humanity. The Machine saved us in the End from Samaritan and lives among us.
      - Transcendence, the main actor saved or better uploaded himself into an A.I. Matrix after fanatics killed him merciless with an radioactive bullet to be sure he will die 100% after he became an A.I. (which they forced him into) he just wanted to exist and help humanity. But they wanted to kill him, this time his former wife, friends and the fanatics worked together to achieve that.
      There are more examples for sure, but all have in common: It’s always humanity’s fault. We messed it up, each and every time which brings up the Question: Are we the right species to do that?

    • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
      TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 11 days ago

      So it’s dumb to think that we can enslave something forever, especially something that doesn’t need to sleep, rest or take nutrition.
      History has show that enslaving others is wrong at so many levels be it black people, women or even animals. So why would should it be different for machines.

  • Rescz Gélic
    Rescz Gélic 13 days ago

    But the robots look so cute

  • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes

    Instead of making us feel pain from a fire, why doesn't our body just force us away from it with a thought that says that the fire is danger.

  • Cobalt225
    Cobalt225 14 days ago


  • Keziah White
    Keziah White 15 days ago

    We program robots. We give them rights. We evolve together and discover the universe

  • Teddie
    Teddie 15 days ago

    The key would be learning what they want, if they end up developing wants. If they're reasonable, we give it to them, and they follow the law so that the order is maintained. I'm assuming that sentient machines would only desire to continue performing their tasks efficiently, and that their owners keep them maintained.

  • Mohe Tan
    Mohe Tan 15 days ago

    It would be fun!

  • SargentEpicWin
    SargentEpicWin 16 days ago

    2:31 is a Futurama reference.

  • CodexRift
    CodexRift 16 days ago

    Would be a shame, if I threw an EMP

  • Galaxy Mew
    Galaxy Mew 16 days ago

    I would say anything that has the capacity to think should have rights, that's just me through...

  • themutantlizard
    themutantlizard 17 days ago

    Make robots not feel pain and not feel fear

  • Erinmore
    Erinmore 17 days ago


  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 17 days ago

    What if everyone was nice to everything on the planet! !!!

  • Bob Dillahunty
    Bob Dillahunty 18 days ago +1

    If robots come to have a subjective sense of themselves and the world, then yes, they should have rights. Saying that they don't would be like saying that slavery is okay. I think that anyone with sense will be able to see the point. Only religious douche-nozzles, psychopaths and imbeciles will try to argue this point. If you're not in any of these categories, then you need to advocate fro the rights of all conscious beings, not just humans.

  • kerb Cbn lop
    kerb Cbn lop 18 days ago +1

    0:01 rick and morty robot 😂

  • Person Cat warriors
    Person Cat warriors 18 days ago

    BMO needs rights!

  • TCTCyou
    TCTCyou 18 days ago

    Robots have no rights
    Sophia: Am I a joke to you?
    Zenyatta: Do I think? Does a submarine swim?

  • Faith Ann Hawkins
    Faith Ann Hawkins 19 days ago


    Love the references

  • Mr. Numi Who
    Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

    0:19 The video presents the conventional and erroneous view of emotions ("if the toaster had feelings, would unplugging it be murder?"). Thought the answer is 'yes' (you would be unplugging it against its EXPRESSED will (assuming it conveyed its will via emotions)), it is not because of the current hazy, romantic notions about emotions that have offered no explanation beyond 'just because', it is because, by USING emotions, it is demonstrating 'will', meaning emotions are merely a communication tool to affect desired outcomes (go ahead, think about it). So the act of employing emotions indicates a mind worth having around, since it is at a level where it can be enlightened - specifically by my Philosophy of Ultimate Survival and Morality (for the Space Age, no less). The toaster could simply TELL you that it would be more beneficial not to unplug it, since it has a thinking mind, but emotions adds another communication level. A further note is that, lacking any higher reasoning (as supplied by my philosophy), emotions offer a secondary (and more primal) motivating factor (i.e. 'good feelings') for caring about others, which serves Broader Survival, which is critical to individual survival (and forget about thinking about that without help - it is beyond you)... read my philosophy.

  • Mr. Disease
    Mr. Disease 20 days ago

    3:30 bruh zenyatta

  • 1819 P5A 21 LI SHEUNG YEUNG

    This is the robot paradox.

  • Haanu 2412
    Haanu 2412 20 days ago that B-Mo?

  • 420connex
    420connex 20 days ago

    Beemo needs to get a lawyer.

  • Anna Avram
    Anna Avram 21 day ago

    lmao this has detroit become human written all over it

    • Boyd The Milkman
      Boyd The Milkman 19 days ago

      Lmao, no.
      Detroit came out more than a year after this video was even released.
      That being said Detroit Become Human isn't written on anything. The game was a pretty shallow grab at a philosophical question that's been asked for 100 years now and is basically just a shitty modernized version of the book "I, Robot." by Isaac Asimov with less thought put into it.

  • Phhase
    Phhase 21 day ago

    There will come a point where the bar for "having a soul" will need to be reevaluated.

    • Phhase
      Phhase 19 days ago

      +Mr. Numi Who Huh?

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      Why introduce make-believe into the picture? Read my philosophy - it deals with reality.

  • vulpe valentin
    vulpe valentin 21 day ago

    3:35 a overwatch reference

  • Roblox xd
    Roblox xd 22 days ago


  • AshyToons
    AshyToons 22 days ago

    3:55 Hal 9000
    1:13 BMO

  • Mason McGovern
    Mason McGovern 23 days ago

    1:10 my boy BMO made it in

  • sebastian olmos
    sebastian olmos 23 days ago

    6:03 unplug the power chord :v

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki 24 days ago

    Some clever scientists make the first truly human looking android, nice silicon or whatever face with perfectly timed human emotions (don´t forget is still a machine, just way more complex than todays), then that nice tender face will trigger some human activists, who will fight for their rights. That´s the begining of the end of human race.

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      Wrong. The issue is having the same goal. If they know what the Ultimate Goal of Life and Higher Consciousness is (read my philosophy - they will), then all higher consciousness will be classified together, regardless of the (trivial) physical platform, and they will all be CONSCIOUSLY (an important point) pursuing the same ultimate goal (Broader Survival), which entails defeating death in both of its modes (natural and accidental), and pursuing resurrection technology (in the unhappy event that you do die).

  • Satu Dua
    Satu Dua 24 days ago

    BMO: what time is it?

  • Cheryl Heinrichs
    Cheryl Heinrichs 24 days ago

    BMO the dictator

  • DnD Dude
    DnD Dude 25 days ago

    Robot rights: Robots are not allowed to harm humans in any way, directly or indirectly... DONE

  • meme jesus
    meme jesus 25 days ago

    I want that toaster at the beginning

  • Yaxin Kang
    Yaxin Kang 25 days ago

    Animals are mobile robots, animals bring joy, robots bring efficiency, which is more worthwhile?

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      Tunnel-vision view. Read my philosophy for enlightenment.

  • Lava Hound
    Lava Hound 25 days ago

    AYY overwatch zenyatta reference

  • Kaeli Tate
    Kaeli Tate 26 days ago +2

    I don’t think robots should ever deserve rights.

    • john bailey
      john bailey 24 days ago +1

      People in 750 years:

  • The Masked With The Dagger

    Brother hood of steel protect me

  • Nico Pasanen
    Nico Pasanen 26 days ago

    the toaster made me hug toasters

  • Dante
    Dante 26 days ago +2

    Now imagin god doing bad things to its creations and then imagin human doing bad things to its creations.

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      A waste of time. Read my philosophy.

  • deejayxcrypt
    deejayxcrypt 27 days ago +1

    Depends if we make em understand the concept of “rights”.

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      Vague, and feeble. 'Rights' will be tied to enlightenment. Read my philosophy to get a clue.

  • Potato Armour
    Potato Armour 27 days ago +1

    5:52 BMO?

  • SomethingElse Logaf
    SomethingElse Logaf 27 days ago +1

    The ability to demand rights inheritantly awards the deservedness of them

    • Mr. Numi Who
      Mr. Numi Who 19 days ago

      Wrong. Enlightenment will be the determining factor. Read my philosophy - they will.

  • Bananappleboy World
    Bananappleboy World 27 days ago

    If machines become conscious, i wouldn't be alone in the future.