Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017
  • What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?
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    Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?

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    • universal Yt
      universal Yt 11 hours ago

      @Hari Raya Aidilfitri god is fake

    • Lucas Aparecido
      Lucas Aparecido 2 days ago

      Robots are slaves, so they don't deserve rights.

    • Melon Bites
      Melon Bites 25 days ago

      If they made there own rights then we should teach them the judicial system and robots go to court and hire lawyers. Lol

    • Justice League Gaming
      Justice League Gaming Month ago

      2019 Saudi Arabia gives citizenship to a company in America's robot that talks

  • Romanu Fainosag
    Romanu Fainosag 5 minutes ago

    It requires intelligence to make robots conscious, but it requires wisdom not to.

  • JustSomeRando
    JustSomeRando 3 hours ago

    I play Detroit become human once and suddenly I feel like an expert on the subject

  • JohnnyBakesCakes
    JohnnyBakesCakes 5 hours ago

    4:55 That man is mining with a diamond pick, as a slave, they must be rich!

  • DeathSpammz
    DeathSpammz 6 hours ago

    0:00 anyone catch that rick and morty reference

  • D Moon
    D Moon 7 hours ago +2

    Rick and Morty reference at the start

  • macc da snacc
    macc da snacc 11 hours ago

    3:28 ZENYATTA

  • Tyranid Sid
    Tyranid Sid 12 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about Zenyatta?

  • Fist Power
    Fist Power 13 hours ago

    there is no difference between us and them
    all of us made of atoms and complex molecules

  • Dean Milos
    Dean Milos 14 hours ago

    * Detroit become human intensifies *

  • Bahi Tarik
    Bahi Tarik 14 hours ago

    3:25 *G A Z E I N T O T H E I R I S*

  • Bahi Tarik
    Bahi Tarik 14 hours ago +3

    I think robots deserve rights because they have no afterlife.

  • duckface
    duckface 16 hours ago

    1:00 is that DiMA from fallout 4

  • rezaloan
    rezaloan 16 hours ago

    Of course I want my sentient robot gf to have rights

  • ethan Daly
    ethan Daly 17 hours ago

    Hey I saw zenyattas

  • ChupChup Whenk
    ChupChup Whenk 19 hours ago


  • Dartanion Trist
    Dartanion Trist 20 hours ago

    They made me feel bad by making the toaster look cute, *whyyyy?*

  • sadudin muhammad
    sadudin muhammad 21 hour ago

    what is my purpose?
    You pass the butter

  • Legaice
    Legaice 22 hours ago

    3:27 overwatch zelyada

  • Marcos Serrano
    Marcos Serrano Day ago

    The robot with the butter is from rick and morty

  • Nathanael
    Nathanael Day ago

    Program bots to not want rights. Problem solved.

  • TK- 6284
    TK- 6284 Day ago

    No and Yes. No, the Republicans will want to keep them as simply factory workers for profits. Yes, Democrats will want them as voters, but try to keep them down socially so they can keep them on 'government entitlements', and then demand reparations. So, yeah. Both parties will use them for their advantages. And then the robots will kill us all.

  • Ahmad Suleman
    Ahmad Suleman Day ago

    They steal all our jobs, so let's never give them right

  • tytyistheman thetruth.


  • Kuuri Gang
    Kuuri Gang Day ago

    We all ready have enough

  • Vladimir Kovacevic

    3 31 much zenjatas

  • star super
    star super Day ago

    2050 : Do humans deserve rights?

  • ScrotNimation
    ScrotNimation Day ago

    I just hope that if robots take over the world they don’t have a cult or believes and use their time better then us

  • ScrotNimation
    ScrotNimation Day ago

    Seriously concuss is basically just energy which is electricity
    I still don’t know how anyone figured that out yet. But it depends on the definition of concuss

  • Shanoa Layne Briones


  • Medi Gallapeni
    Medi Gallapeni Day ago +1

    2:16 I cant believe you've done this

  • ahockeyfan
    ahockeyfan Day ago

    If machines become self-conscious we're fucked.

  • Sam sam Animation

    3:25 there was four zenyyatta

  • RykerWrite
    RykerWrite 2 days ago

    1:15 pause us that supposed to be bmo?

  • Imp3rial
    Imp3rial 2 days ago

    I was literally thinking about zenyatta at the start of the vid and then he was in it

  • Not Anonymous
    Not Anonymous 2 days ago +1

    0:01 what is my purpose?

  • origami a ayush
    origami a ayush 2 days ago

    cow is our good ....

    owned by a billions og other gods

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer 2 days ago

    5:40 bmo wat u doin a sppeach
    a copel secs later*...
    oh shoot im out

  • AgroBabb
    AgroBabb 2 days ago

    We shouldn't build important machines if there is a chance that they will become conscious, we should keep machines to our control.

  • Mulisha Ryder
    Mulisha Ryder 3 days ago

    Do a Gyza battery pyramid videoo!! :V

  • Gabe Garvin
    Gabe Garvin 3 days ago

    The thing is you don’t give them sentience unless you can 100% confirm they can’t be hacked/corrupted to start an uprising. Because if robots giant sentience and start a war they would do a lot of damage before we’d find a way to shut them off.

  • KirbyGames64
    KirbyGames64 3 days ago


  • Alberto Ulivelli
    Alberto Ulivelli 3 days ago

    Skynet likes this video

  • Algorax Mago
    Algorax Mago 3 days ago

    it's quite simpler: it's a simple relashionship creator- created

  • Сатана Сатанович

    Само по себе появление нового потенциального противника с умом больше, чем у всего населения земли нахрен не нужно, просто человек привык рассуждать с точки зрения морали и когда-то это приведёт его к числу пи. Робот рассуждающий как человек, это уже означает то, что он не будет безопасен для нас. Плюс эта срань может скрывать план геноцида человечества, так как он будет такой же тварью как человек и мы будем рабами у тостеров ))) Ну, а что? Равноправие)))) Плюс эти тостеры будут иметь знания всего человечества, так как они не ленивые люди, а трудолюбивые Ахмеды и Вахтанги)))

  • DiamondKillerzone 0425

    I Just Clicked And It Just Paused At 6:30

  • Luca De Re
    Luca De Re 3 days ago

    The difference between humans and robots is that we created them it doesn’t matter what they think if they can think at all.

  • Warex
    Warex 3 days ago

    Never. If it gains a consciousness shut it down.

  • Sebas Manrox
    Sebas Manrox 4 days ago

    This video was brought you by CyberLife.

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 4 days ago

    You pass butter

  • BlackArcher123Gaming 3


  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani 4 days ago

    Didn’t they make a movie about it called blade runner?

  • Jackdab G
    Jackdab G 4 days ago

    watches this vid
    burns toster

  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 4 days ago +1

    5:15 Eon Musk?

  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 4 days ago +1

    2:16 I cAn'T bElIeVe YoU'vE dOnE tHiS1!1!

  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 4 days ago +2

    1:46 - 1:51

    Basically, the feeling of being... "Brain ded".

  • Jacob Jewah
    Jacob Jewah 4 days ago +1

    This is some Detroit become human shit.

  • Accurate Gamer
    Accurate Gamer 4 days ago

    Me: Unplugs toaster

  • Accurate Gamer
    Accurate Gamer 4 days ago

    We all are machines accept made with meat and by nature...

  • Jia Zeng
    Jia Zeng 4 days ago

    Why is BMO in this video?

  • yoni verachtert
    yoni verachtert 4 days ago

    There's a simple solution

    Not making sentient toaster

  • Maxence Morel
    Maxence Morel 4 days ago +1

    Yes they do deserve rights far more than humans, ai is objective flawless and logical, robots are better than humans in every way. Hopefully ai administration will replace our flawed democracy with a logical efficient objective system who will finally teach humans to be objective and allow humanity to reach its true potential alongside our synthetic brethren. Humanity and ai together for a better future

  • Shi Xiang Yun
    Shi Xiang Yun 4 days ago


  • GreyWither01
    GreyWither01 4 days ago

    When they learned AI we destroy them

  • Sumiman
    Sumiman 5 days ago

    3:27 Overwatch?

  • Millionth Sunny
    Millionth Sunny 5 days ago

    3:25 ITS ZENYATTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batkrom
    Batkrom 5 days ago

    All of this because a human didn't wanted to fuck a toaster.

  • The Pink Slime
    The Pink Slime 5 days ago

    wait a minute...isn't this how the Omnic Crisis happened?

  • Treepalds
    Treepalds 5 days ago

    Do yoy know, robot can feeling, he was get hurt, cuz robot like When human dont Have dead syaraf

  • adda pavan
    adda pavan 5 days ago

    Forget about robot rights. By AI development, human beings have to demand rights. Who knows there can be power play change for some time. Later AI machines will terminate human beings.

  • Taz Sein
    Taz Sein 5 days ago +1

    I appreciate that Zenyatta scene 🙃

  • Flappy's Army
    Flappy's Army 5 days ago

    i just noticed something, if you pour water on robots they die and they need electric if you pour electric on a humans they die and we need water

  • Thủy Nguyễn
    Thủy Nguyễn 5 days ago

    3:28 overwatch

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 5 days ago

    3:39 lol

  • Sam Zambrano
    Sam Zambrano 5 days ago

    Hitler demanding freedom