The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie In NYC | Best Of The Best

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • INSIDER’s Herrine Ro and Alana Yzola visit four of the best places to get chocolate chip cookies in New York City. They visit Levain Bakery, Maman, Jacques Torres Chocolate, and Dominique Ansel Bakery to see how each bakery makes their famous chocolate chip cookies. The two hosts try each cookie and ultimately decide which one is the best of the best.
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    The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie In NYC | Best Of The Best

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  • Greyhoundlover Williamson

    Imma just starve myself watching this

  • Neolithika
    Neolithika 7 hours ago


  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 8 hours ago

    Nahhhh chick fill a cookies are the best

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 8 hours ago

    Them:shows gooey amazingnes
    The actual cookie:looks hard and dry

  • Roblox Kobersy
    Roblox Kobersy 9 hours ago

    This is only thing I love in my country because it’s cheap

  • lia's sharp collarbone
    lia's sharp collarbone 15 hours ago

    Im on a diet why am I watching this

  • Ben Bucksmith
    Ben Bucksmith 17 hours ago +2

    me:and they were roommates

  • Zelo
    Zelo 19 hours ago

    i feel like the 3rd one is the perfect cookie. 4th one just had wayyy too much chocolate. I can understand why someone would love the 4th if they like that much chocolate but i like a perfect balance in everything personally.

  • Coden Animations

    Who else remembers Jacques Torres from nailed it

  • Cadmar Business Suite

    Don't concede, Maman all the way.

  • Lily Yeet
    Lily Yeet Day ago

    Let’s just enjoy this first

  • Random Dogface
    Random Dogface Day ago +3

    That‘s not a cookie... *that’s literally a small cake* 😂

  • Kelly Scott
    Kelly Scott Day ago

    The first man was on the Netflix series Nailed it or Failed it lol

  • Mikee Patricia Reyes

    I seriously thought Insomnia Cookies would be here. But I gotta try Maman

  • Vadose Apollo
    Vadose Apollo Day ago

    Wdym real ingredients ;-;
    I mean I always see normal ingredients But real;-;That must taste great I want real ingredients

  • Vadose Apollo
    Vadose Apollo Day ago

    Wdym real ingredients ;-;
    I mean I always see normal ingredients
    But real;-;
    That must taste great I want real ingredients

  • linaji Company
    linaji Company 2 days ago

    Alana is what Im all about in a CC Cookie, less dough more chocolate chip and nuts

  • RottingHearts
    RottingHearts 2 days ago

    I am from Australia and when I went to nyc in 2016 I waited in line for 1.5 hrs for the cookies at levain. It was my birthday and it was all I wanted and they did not disappoint!

  • めふぁっく
    めふぁっく 2 days ago

    Vattt 1999 did ittt firststtttttttt

  • 17 sec
    17 sec 2 days ago

    The two first chefs are french

  • Paris Tee
    Paris Tee 3 days ago

    Try CHIP NY. The best one for me. 🍪♥️

    • Paris Tee
      Paris Tee 3 days ago

  • G. Barbatos
    G. Barbatos 3 days ago +1

    Alana is one beautiful girl.

  • Baby Alive's and more

    Jacques Torres is on Nailed It the baking show

  • BlackAsteroid
    BlackAsteroid 4 days ago


  • I am not a dog
    I am not a dog 5 days ago

    Jacques Torres is a judge on Nailed It.

  • Sophia Antigua
    Sophia Antigua 5 days ago +42

    "What we don't sell, we donate at night"


  • Galih Prabasidi
    Galih Prabasidi 6 days ago +1

    The last one is not chocolate cookie, it's chocolate with cookie

  • Pranavi Tiru
    Pranavi Tiru 6 days ago

    alana looks like moonbyul frm mamamoo

  • Staerykim
    Staerykim 6 days ago +2

    Im driving 6 hours to go get a cookie

  • Durdana Dipita
    Durdana Dipita 7 days ago

    There jobs are awesome

  • Gamer girl Rose
    Gamer girl Rose 7 days ago +2

    Me: *starts dieting yesterday* *watches this video* *”mom can I get chocolate chip cookies* Mom: *”what happened to your diet?” Me:*”oh my diet died ;c”*

  • lolly mclolol
    lolly mclolol 7 days ago +2

    Of course the best desserts are in America... the Nutella heart is in the NYC as well as these cookies and more ;-;

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 7 days ago

    Black females are so loud and masculine

  • Saamy Boi
    Saamy Boi 9 days ago +1


  • Sandy Fils
    Sandy Fils 9 days ago

    Side comment are these 2 real friends loved the chemistry. 👭💓

  • Austin Mohr
    Austin Mohr 10 days ago

    Btw. Mamam is more of a slang term for mother very similar to Mama, obviously due to the very similar spelling. Mother in French is mere.

  • Hello !
    Hello ! 10 days ago

    Guessing it costs a lot tho so ima just bake my own cookies

  • You Got Caught Face It

    I like chocolate chip cookies with pecans that are toasted, and pistachio. Really good stuff. This is great. Silpat cookie tumbler
    for baking the cup. That I love. Got to try this! Imagine with eggnog inside of that puppy, omg heaven.

  • NinjitzuLayson 2ndJalalYT

    Diabetes joined the chat

  • ST3V3Nphilip bunyi
    ST3V3Nphilip bunyi 11 days ago +1

    No mood is the best.

  • Milja Parviainen
    Milja Parviainen 11 days ago

    Mephone 4 is gonna love this video🍪

  • 〈KEᑎᑎᗩᗪYᒪᑭᔕ 〉

    I’m sorry, but only Gordon Ramsey can answer that question.

  • Cora Heise
    Cora Heise 11 days ago

    The first Baker is that one guy from Netflix 😅

  • Briana Lopez
    Briana Lopez 11 days ago

    Jacques Torres from tasty I mean from nailed it

  • Bilberry Story Sketches

  • Shiloh Barber
    Shiloh Barber 11 days ago

    My favorite chocolate chip cookies are from insomnia cookies

  • Josefa Draumasei
    Josefa Draumasei 12 days ago

    Urh god im hungry now

  • DariusKai
    DariusKai 12 days ago

    Well first I need to get to New York.

  • Sploonkid 96
    Sploonkid 96 12 days ago

    I dont even like chocolate but im still watching this lol

  • Boogie Woogie
    Boogie Woogie 12 days ago

    And they were roommates!

  • Lucas Playz! Gaming, and more!

    i actually tried these on my trip to new jersy we some times go to new york but when i dont my cousins either buy me some or save me some

  • Xinyi Wang
    Xinyi Wang 12 days ago

    While watching this video my brain switched the two girls voices for some reason 😂


    I know Jaques because of nailed it!

  • Default Duck
    Default Duck 13 days ago

    You took footage from vat 19s chocolate cookie cup

  • Zara Kbm
    Zara Kbm 13 days ago +1

    I live in nyc so imma go get it

  • Agatha Kanu
    Agatha Kanu 13 days ago +1


  • Sukie UwU
    Sukie UwU 13 days ago

    This video: exists
    Subway: *Am I a joke to you*

  • Rami Jamal
    Rami Jamal 13 days ago

    I am watching this today it's 7:26 AM in the morning and I'm hungry and I haven't ate breakfast yet and I have to go to school in a hour and the worst thing is I'm craving cookies this is making me more hungry and we don't even have cookies and it's early in the morning

  • Lesliee Tentación
    Lesliee Tentación 13 days ago


  • Bunny Bunny
    Bunny Bunny 13 days ago

    If I worked at a cookie bakery I’d probably eat the cookie dough
    Wait probably is an understatement...
    I *WOULD* eat the cookie dough