R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee to Africa

  • Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
  • R. Kelly studio visited by cops (00:04) ►
    R. Kelly planning to flee to Africa (01:27) ►
    Future comments on R. Kelly (02:07) ►
    Michael Jackson ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary (03:44) ►
    Wendy Williams postpones return to show (05:02) ►
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    R. Kelly Planning To Flee to Africa
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Комментарии • 6 506

  • Rali272
    Rali272 4 часа назад

    R. Kelly still goat

  • Chuzzy Chu
    Chuzzy Chu 4 часа назад

    You guys in the Breakfast club have become assholes!!!

    NEWS ON DEMAND 6 часов назад


    NEWS ON DEMAND 6 часов назад


  • Stessy Lacey
    Stessy Lacey 7 часов назад

    Let him come to Africa so we can show him how we deal with such

  • Trey Da truth
    Trey Da truth 8 часов назад +1

    Black radio is a joke. People actin like its new rkelly was creepy.

  • Sean H
    Sean H 8 часов назад

    It’s a shame that we live in a time where a groupie can make allegations and it’s heard as law.
    What Rkelly May or may not have done in a relationship with these women ain’t our business. Most R&B guys have a ton of women who they might or might not have treated like a queen.
    The underage shit is not excusable but he has not been found guilty of messing with a child or no one has come forward.
    Do we really know if those guys were employed by Kells?
    This documentary was 1 sided and full of contradictions. If he is running a cult how is it multiple women from the show got to leave when they said they had enough? That’s not cult life is it?
    He’s treating women so bad but they flying all over the country to see him.
    How can we turn our back on someone so quick, where is the proof?
    The 2 “missing” women from the “cult” we’re found in Chicago and interviewed by police separately and both women say they are happy with there living arrangements (Trump Tower in Chicago) and have no desire to leave. Atlanta investigation still open. Oh yea why at the end of the documentary they showed album release dates and other Marketing material hmmmmm.

  • Hudson Haverford
    Hudson Haverford 10 часов назад

    R Kelly knows that there are several westernized countries in Africa where they dont extradite wanted criminals. He could potentially revive his career and still have multiple child sex slaves. I hope his sick ass gets Ebola.

  • Lucy Peter
    Lucy Peter 10 часов назад

    east or west home is the best, come home prodigal son

  • ace fernandez
    ace fernandez 11 часов назад

    Dave chapel was in his ear.

  • Alvin Nwaokike
    Alvin Nwaokike 14 часов назад +1

    Y’all trashy FAMOUS people remember AFRICA when it comes to hiding/selling bleaching products and doing something nasty. Please AFRICA continent ain’t dumping grounds for shits like y’all. Please leave R Kelly alone...Blame those ghetto hood rats 🐀 for their stupidities!!!

  • Jenslianna Mantey George's
    Jenslianna Mantey George's 15 часов назад


  • luwakw01
    luwakw01 15 часов назад

    Wait. Legal age of consent in Germany is 14? So what he did isn't illegal or improper in Europe? I don't even know where to direct my outrage anymore.

  • Michael Masango
    Michael Masango 15 часов назад

    Zaphela izingane zethu...😭😭😭

  • Goank MAHDI
    Goank MAHDI 16 часов назад

    Africa is not a country be more specific you dumb Americans.

  • Tshyne
    Tshyne 16 часов назад

    Oh God! Africa has Boko Haram, They don't need another predator running through the jungle stalking young women. Lock his ass up! -- And Boko Haram's crazy looking ass, too!

  • The Zulu Analyst
    The Zulu Analyst 19 часов назад

    Remember when they use to arest and kill black ppl with little or no evidence, its funny that we are the ones now calling for ppls heads without due process, thyll destroy oprah like this, and all our greats. Watch.

  • Nonzuzo Mkosini
    Nonzuzo Mkosini 19 часов назад

    We know what's going on, we don't want his ass here in Africa

  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams 19 часов назад

    How you gone try to pull a chappelle, he bout to try to pee on everybody now

  • Judy  Brown
    Judy Brown 21 час назад

    Art Kelly is finished

  • Camille Walker
    Camille Walker 22 часа назад

    They need to grab him at customs. He does not need to take his pedophile ass to Africa. The African authorities and immigration need to keep an eye 👁 on him!!

  • HEAT Ledger
    HEAT Ledger 22 часа назад +1

    chaRlemagne Kelly

  • Baker1984
    Baker1984 22 часа назад

    @justice4closure was rapped by your rapist host, when will you speak in that, He needs to address this.

  • Baker1984
    Baker1984 22 часа назад

    Charlemagne rapped and drugged @justice4closure ,When will you speak on those facts...

  • Sobe Bailey
    Sobe Bailey 23 часа назад

    Dude still making jokes

  • Peter Zuk
    Peter Zuk День назад

    RKELLY IS A LEGEND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ade JAG
    Ade JAG День назад

    RKELLY come to Lagos, Nigeria. 😂😂😂

  • All Things Natural
    All Things Natural День назад

    Charlamgne is a mess

  • Much Love Gambine
    Much Love Gambine День назад

    He's planning to PEE to africa?

  • DJ Blaqrag
    DJ Blaqrag День назад

    age of legal consent in Germany is 14

  • PoloQue05
    PoloQue05 День назад

    Charlemagne is a registered sex offender.

  • Warren Harris
    Warren Harris День назад

    Flee? What so he can slave women in his home with pee pans in Africa too

  • Mary Dyer
    Mary Dyer День назад

    Mother fuckers all ways. Trying to take a brother down. Like they. Did Bill

  • Drew Rey
    Drew Rey День назад

    Someone broke into my car and stole a pair of gucci glasses. Cop ask me how they get in I said the doors were left unlocked. He said next time lock your doors. My doors being unlocked doesn’t make it right to steal, but it could have been prevented.
    Some women need to take responsibility for the positions they put themselves in. This type of lashing out makes it hard for real victims to be taking serious.

  • Terminatorx81
    Terminatorx81 День назад

    Lifetime what about surviving Harvey Weinstein? He just got some of his charges dropped against his accuser Ashley Judd. He is getting away with his crimes where is the metoo and the feminist movement on that issue? Wow everybody's quiet about Harvey Weinstein, but they want to go after Michael Jackson R. Kelly and now Chris Brown I wonder why. 🤔 If we're going to talk about sexual harassment and abuse towards women we need to talk about everyone who's guilty. Oh I haven't forgot about char kelly.

  • Shonnett Ward
    Shonnett Ward День назад

    Why y’all never talk about what CTG did?

  • Damond Davila
    Damond Davila День назад

    Osama mode with that beard lol

    JAMMA День назад

    lol best believe he's gonna pull up in Africa no problem

  • Jean Chandler
    Jean Chandler День назад

    The real crime their hiding is the kids.

  • Maurice Giddens
    Maurice Giddens День назад

    Lock charlemagne he drugged and rapped someone and think it's a joke

  • shindean
    shindean День назад

    Oh he running. Buses for molesting little girls, and private jets to split.

  • Blair Calaway
    Blair Calaway День назад

    I hope he does go to Africa.

  • Mango Blueberry
    Mango Blueberry День назад

    What if the guy gets suicidal what do they want for the guy to become homeless with out getting any work they are throwing away everything that his worked for! With out even knowing the truth everyone is listening to these woman but his not really been convicted of anything so why shut of everything his worked for until his actually convicted of anything!

  • Pacmandude
    Pacmandude День назад

    All these people from Africa saying we don't want him when Africa literally the trash can of the world 😂😂😂

  • shahil Harribaran
    shahil Harribaran День назад

    we dont want that pedo in africa..we'll chop his balls off

  • Dylan Million
    Dylan Million День назад


  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin День назад

    The meet and greet is free if you are under 15😂

  • Tshidi Mafisa
    Tshidi Mafisa День назад

    i hope he dont come this side, he gon get himself murdered

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs День назад

    There are people rich and powerful way worse than him that traffic children internationally by the tens of thousands.

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs День назад

    Somalia is nice I hesr

  • San Joaquin Valley Transparency
    San Joaquin Valley Transparency День назад

    Record the Police? He wants to go visit Africa Renee

  • Malice Burgoyne
    Malice Burgoyne День назад +1

    Build that wall! Enough of the tuberculosis, drugs, violence and illegals. Build that wall!

  • Panicking Shmuley
    Panicking Shmuley День назад

    Please go and take the rest of the nıggers with you

  • Ahoohi
    Ahoohi День назад

    Haaaa,please dont go.lololol

  • Louise Foley
    Louise Foley День назад

    Africa, lock up your young girls is all I can say 🙄

  • trublue6175
    trublue6175 День назад

    Man leave Michael Jackson
    Alone he is No Longer here any more let him Rest In Peace man

  • QuinneBEAR Mangum
    QuinneBEAR Mangum День назад

    Snitches lol

  • DJ Doble U
    DJ Doble U День назад

    He absolutely should. Before he ends up like Bill Cosby. I’d pull all my cash and enjoy retirement somewhere remote.

  • Atlas Edgar
    Atlas Edgar День назад

    How many candles you think were on the cake?.........16...... lmao had me dying 😭😂

  • A. Noyo
    A. Noyo День назад

    Funny how u people are all pissed off about R Kelly molesting kids but yet supported a women by the name of Hillary who's friends with child molesters..in fact most of Hollywood are child molesters n I dont see no one coming after them.Do research on most the actors in Hollywood n I guarantee u you will find connections with them n well known pedifilers...people in high places who are the scum of the earth n you know dam well who these evil mthrfrs are.Wheres the concern involving those sick pricks?Are the kids they've sexually abused n molested not as smart or as cute as Kelly's choice of kids?what's the deal with this anger coming from u guys when this kind of sick stuff is happening right under your noses but yet you've chose to ignore it?now suddenly u want to focus on R Kelly n take it all out on him like if he's the only one who does this...I agree lock r Kelly up for life but dont stop there,lock up all the sick fks in Hollywood who's also just like Kelly,which is the majority..and that's why they all hate Trump so much,cuz he knows who the fk they are n mark my word Hes coming for them.

  • kesha hudson
    kesha hudson День назад

    I hope he do go africa😔they will chop his ass up for fukn with one of theirs fuk american justice

  • emond67
    emond67 День назад

    it must be nice to have the money to move where ever you wish, you can keep the fame but having that much money would be nice

  • funnybot77
    funnybot77 День назад

    Dre's day is next.

  • Nelly Collins
    Nelly Collins День назад +1

    Africa...Hide yo kids ..hide yo wife

  • Dhk4
    Dhk4 День назад +2

    Charlamagne always cracking jokes at the wrong time

  • Steveo Gregg
    Steveo Gregg День назад

    A REAL Africa will beat tha brakes off if you R AHH KELLY. Thay dont like American blacks anyway. Home Dog!!!

  • The best me
    The best me День назад

    Africa?!? He will just take advantage of children there.

  • Glory B
    Glory B День назад

    Why is he leaving hmmm?

  • Jakefromgeico
    Jakefromgeico День назад

    Someone pissed off Illuminati

  • michellemiras
    michellemiras День назад

    What did he do

  • Elaine T Hermosa
    Elaine T Hermosa День назад

    Bye Felicia

  • Terry Allen
    Terry Allen День назад

    who saw this thinking about that one song afica with the monkey noises

  • Great White Avalanche
    Great White Avalanche День назад +1

    lol black Americans couldn't survive in africa, there's no welfare or self loathing white liberal cucks to take advantage of.

  • Shake N' Bake
    Shake N' Bake День назад

    Of course Germany wants R Kelly there. They all piss and shit on each other.

  • brandon holt
    brandon holt День назад

    It’s that damn slut walk, I feel like calling girls hoe and slut now, dumb ass amber probably planning her gangsters to rape girls, I’d hate to be blind sided by someone like that, telling me the person I am, and forcing me too be that person.

  • MooseT
    MooseT День назад +4

    Black at it again

  • Jennifer McKenzie
    Jennifer McKenzie День назад +1

    Quite frankly, the entertainment industry looks for the R Kelly’s...always got something on folks like Kelly .

  • Rafa YouTube
    Rafa YouTube День назад

    Pendejo champagne

  • S. Michelle
    S. Michelle День назад

    Naw Nigga. The continent of Africa don't want your bs over there.

  • Crown royal
    Crown royal День назад

    Damn, I sure hope this starts a major trend.!

  • 96hatt
    96hatt День назад

    If he could take the rest of the .....exotics that would be great

  • Zach White
    Zach White День назад

    Dumb cunt should have actually paid attention to her daughter instead of actually letting r kelly take advantage of her but now her name is being spread around. So I guess to her that was worth being a cumdumpsters worth of a mother. “Surviving R jelly” go kill yourself you stupid cunt. Maybe in the next life you’ll be a better mother.

  • Caocao8888
    Caocao8888 День назад

    Kelly planning to flee to Cucamonga.

  • Don Lemon
    Don Lemon 2 дня назад +2

    Black at it again

  • sarah cambell
    sarah cambell 2 дня назад

    I don't think there should be any kind of secret or privacy. I don’t think is nice to be keeping your phone to yourself and it been locked with a password that is not known by your wife or husband. After 10years of marriage I discovered the man I love so much started acting funny and suddenly changed his password that he has been using and always keeping his phone to himself. He started asking funny questions like "Why do you need to see my phone, don't you trust me" ? I told my best friend about it and he told me about a particular hacker. I contacted him through his email : Harvokhackers454@ gmailcom I was so amazed with his work & within 2hrs my job was ready for monitoring and I was really surprised because I never thought is possible to monitor someone’s phone without having access to the device.

  • B Ezekiel Freeman
    B Ezekiel Freeman 2 дня назад

    Your shut the hell up and leave him alone ...

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada 2 дня назад +1

    Reminds me of when Kat spoke about dave going to Africa ...sabotage

  • Pat Davis
    Pat Davis 2 дня назад

    A girl from SC on RUclip talking about Charlemagne rape her years ago , him and his boys🤔. I'm not saying he did , but whenever theirs alcohol and drugs , males and females at a party any can happen! Maybe he didn't do it or maybe he know what really happened or knew about the plain🤔🤔 I know this story is old BUT it's very hard to take him seriously on R.Kelly🤔😑

  • Outlandish_from_Broward_FL_954
    Outlandish_from_Broward_FL_954 2 дня назад +3

    R. Kellys sister molested him and his brother when the brother was 6 and R. Kelly was 10. The sister was 16.
    Surviving Theresa Kelly
    Just google that name Theresa Kelly...There's an hour long video of R. Kellys brother (Carey Kelly) describing what she did to him. Man you wont believe what she made him do when he was just 6.....And clearly, she really messed up R. Kelly too

  • Miranda Miranda
    Miranda Miranda 2 дня назад

    One of the dad's of his victims should take him out.

  • Keke O.
    Keke O. 2 дня назад

    If R. Kelly wants to go to africa let him. We kill rapist here

  • Tamara Stevenson
    Tamara Stevenson 2 дня назад

    Damn he blowin up with hate

  • Ocean Lewis
    Ocean Lewis 2 дня назад

    Party like a rock star MONEY don't fight foolish people

  • Ocean Lewis
    Ocean Lewis 2 дня назад

    Find me

  • Numbas Music
    Numbas Music 2 дня назад

    Charlemagne is R. Kelley 2.0...

  • Lamont Johnson
    Lamont Johnson 2 дня назад

    16 candles. 😒 really charlemagne, your trouble with jokes, don’t quit your day job homie. #mcwobbleneck

    • Lamont Johnson
      Lamont Johnson 2 дня назад

      100% true

    • Pat Davis
      Pat Davis 2 дня назад

      Lamont Johnson: Charlemagne got a female from SC on RUclip talking about him rape her years ago, him and his boys🤔😒😮 I know it's old BUT he need to be very quiet right about now!!!

  • Timothy Beasley
    Timothy Beasley 2 дня назад

    you know whats funny Charlemagne you actually got convicted of rape........ isnt that the pot calling the kettle back, and hes never been convicted

  • milki layina
    milki layina 2 дня назад

    People are so stupid he all ready beat the case its called double jeopardy loll this guy 16 candles

  • CrimsonTide
    CrimsonTide 2 дня назад +2

    Why C-Tha God get a pass? 🤔