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  • brusspup
    brusspup Month ago +1123

    I’m baaackkk!

    • Lucian Lazuli
      Lucian Lazuli 12 days ago

      So you’re the only person that makes the world worse

    • oceanliketeacher
      oceanliketeacher 21 day ago


    • Jean-Luc McDonald
      Jean-Luc McDonald Month ago

      Im gonna start telling my family to refer to your 1/year vid for my gifts

    • icspps
      icspps Month ago

      I was always under the impression that Brusspup was several people working together. Wouldnt it be "We're back!"? Or am I misunderstanding something.

    • MsMagnolia97
      MsMagnolia97 Month ago

      Welcome back!!!! Missed you 😃

  • Shuayb
    Shuayb 37 minutes ago

    Now let's wait for 2060 for this video to appear in people's recommended lists.

  • Mr Mazz
    Mr Mazz 3 hours ago

    I started make videos like this because of your channel .
    Honestly I learned much from your videos and still learn thanks a lot .
    You're genius .

  • Mr Mazz
    Mr Mazz 3 hours ago

    Oh my God this channel is so good i love your content so much , i hope one day my videos could even be half as good as these.

  • Funny Slow Motion
    Funny Slow Motion 4 days ago

    ? Вопрос

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja 5 days ago

    Where was the amazing?

  • Dinesh Kumar Sharma
    Dinesh Kumar Sharma 6 days ago +1

    Real mean of youTube

  • AndreasKorean Kan
    AndreasKorean Kan 6 days ago

    Zalipation station

  • anagennao
    anagennao 8 days ago

    I want to replace my eyeballs with mezmoglobes, but I won't be able to see it.

  • Xenon Akhiva
    Xenon Akhiva 8 days ago

    Whoa.... That's kinda trippy...

  • Elvin Agamaliyev
    Elvin Agamaliyev 9 days ago


  • Gareth Walton
    Gareth Walton 11 days ago

    Does anyone have a link to this song?

  • TVLouie
    TVLouie 12 days ago

    The only reason I subscribed to brusspup over 10 years ago was because he was giving away an iPad...the very first one. And to this day I enjoy all his videos. Who cares about an iPad. Thank you kind sir!

  • The retro guy
    The retro guy 13 days ago

    May I know the musik

  • Mike Hazelwood
    Mike Hazelwood 20 days ago

    Cute and certainly 'expensive' toys / conversation pieces displaying scientific principles, but no real "Scientific Discovery!"

  • Yami
    Yami 20 days ago

    Thanks RUclip for not showing this until a month later.

  • Rajat Dash
    Rajat Dash 21 day ago +1

    Liquid motion tube stole my eyes. 😍😍😍

  • Spieli
    Spieli 22 days ago

    Wait ... she's still alive?

  • Sunprism
    Sunprism 22 days ago

    Liquid motion tube is what i call my.....

  • Luke Parks
    Luke Parks 23 days ago +1

    I don’t really get how the first one is a science gadget...

  • t.j kleinert
    t.j kleinert 23 days ago

    At the next time please write the names to the gatgets

    YJM YJM 23 days ago

    It would be cool if they made just one of the bearings in the galton board yellow or something to stand out

  • Abdullatif Badinjki
    Abdullatif Badinjki 25 days ago

    super amazing

  • gusta322
    gusta322 25 days ago

    Nombre? Name? 5:00

  • hxtr
    hxtr 26 days ago

    3:50 how do I make this one? That is just beautiful.

  • Chris Gebben
    Chris Gebben 27 days ago

    im so glad you came back brusspup i hope to see quite a bit more amazing science contraption and illusions from you in 2020

  • Дима Тихонов

    Ok, Aliexpress! I want...

  • You Stabbed Me With A Fork

    Never leave me again

  • Eddy Colon
    Eddy Colon 29 days ago

    When all the bubbles get down what happen next?

  • Play To DIY
    Play To DIY 29 days ago

    This is extremely satisfying

  • critisizer r
    critisizer r Month ago +1

    First one was crankshaft

  • sivaji sivaji
    sivaji sivaji Month ago

    3:39 is like venom

  • Tricky Nicky
    Tricky Nicky Month ago

    I had the same toy 1:35 15 years but was blue...used to play with it almost daily

  • Tricky Nicky
    Tricky Nicky Month ago

    More interesting inventions plz i miss this channel's unique content

  • ت ShadowWolf ت
    ت ShadowWolf ت Month ago

    I was so surprise seeing your channel pop up on my notifications again. I'm glad you're back

  • Ref_ Error
    Ref_ Error Month ago

    4:52 its fake, the marbles are paid actors.

  • Fellas AndFriends
    Fellas AndFriends Month ago

    I had 2 of the 3 liquid motion tubes when I was a kid. The second one had a wheel on both ends, though.

  • Daniel Dietsche
    Daniel Dietsche Month ago

    Waste of time...

  • Passe-Science
    Passe-Science Month ago +1

    Construction idea: it seems you can show the funny "Dzhanibekov effect" on earth by simply put an unstable gyroscope inside a very ligth three-axis gimbal system (see wiki eng "gimbal" it's pretty much the inverse of the wiki animation where we would fix the outside and see the inside "periodically inverse it's rotation poles"). As far as I know this kind of contraption to highlight the Dzhanibekov effect has never been done like that, but hard to be sure :)

  • Egg Morp
    Egg Morp Month ago

    these aren't even science gadgets, their just cool things

  • Dj Quaresma
    Dj Quaresma Month ago

    All of these would get old after 2 minutes.

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    So what is the first one about?

  • Cerebral
    Cerebral Month ago

    Transverse and longitudinal waves. Nice.

  • rofiiqyl a'la
    rofiiqyl a'la Month ago

    I had the third one. It smells bad when leaking

  • Djeto
    Djeto Month ago +6

    2:16 looks like an artwork of a mountain range or so....

  • don't move
    don't move Month ago

    see you in the next decade :)

  • Ikiyou
    Ikiyou Month ago

    It's been 84 years...

  • Hyperbolic Tesseract


    WATER BUILD Month ago

    Ah...monolith...what i wanted to hear....

  • draven mincer
    draven mincer Month ago

    hi its been a long time no offense ok but can you make more illusions

  • Mr. aidan
    Mr. aidan Month ago

    Came from clickbait video from 2008

  • fildog
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  • Keen Edits
    Keen Edits Month ago

    where do u buy these

  • Avantt 007
    Avantt 007 Month ago

    your production quality really improved since the paper dragon days 👍

  • MrAsMmMaR
    MrAsMmMaR Month ago

    Finally! I missed you 😢

  • RUSapache
    RUSapache Month ago

    I don't like the fact that marbles glow green in UV light.

  • 周轲
    周轲 Month ago


  • Cristian Mcclintock

    The King has returned

  • Lenny17o
    Lenny17o Month ago

    3:18 I want exactly that but I can’t find it, where have you bought it?

    GERARD FALEX Month ago