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  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • It's finally here , The Best Of The Week. All the best wins, fails, funny viral videos and heartwarming moments from across the internet in one place! we got dogs meeting babies, boats crashing on land, and bottle cap challenges for days. So buckle up and enjoy!
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Comments • 130

  • Kaitlin Ski
    Kaitlin Ski Month ago

    1:01 I don't know what's more impressive, the kick, or the fact that he didn't rip his pants!

  • DD dunn
    DD dunn Month ago +1

    People who say "o my god" are repulsive ingrates.

  • Jan Krass
    Jan Krass Month ago

    6:49 That looks like a videogame from the 90s, where the gpu-power was so limited, that it could only render the next 20-30 metersand the rest was fogged out.

  • Charlene Scott
    Charlene Scott 2 months ago +1

    Was wondering how long that man was going to allow that bird to dive bomb on him

  • Joe Malinchalk
    Joe Malinchalk 3 months ago

    Drop the electronic kazoo music and you've got a good video.

  • Sonja Trl
    Sonja Trl 3 months ago

    Mmmmmmm baby taste goooooood

  • ACG Medical
    ACG Medical 3 months ago

    That Uhaul. What an idiot !! Haha

  • Alaye Neal
    Alaye Neal 3 months ago

    One to ten

  • Alaye Neal
    Alaye Neal 3 months ago


  • Alaye Neal
    Alaye Neal 3 months ago


  • Ronaldbrddd jogos
    Ronaldbrddd jogos 3 months ago


  • Morris Falker
    Morris Falker 4 months ago

    What is it with small planes landing or crashing everywhere in the us in the last 2 months ?

  • Raimunda Baima
    Raimunda Baima 4 months ago

    oi gente sera que vc poderiam se inscrever no canal da minha primao nome é ;canal da diversão jessica marvão

  • Justin Hoehn
    Justin Hoehn 4 months ago +1

    2:00 Guy in background wearing special olympics shirt

  • Joshua Crisp
    Joshua Crisp 4 months ago

    These vids are kinda crap.

  • Joshua Crisp
    Joshua Crisp 4 months ago

    Earthquake or a group of poltergeists shaking the house?

  • noofalata
    noofalata 4 months ago

    aaah. these have been getting progressively worse.

  • yousef chachoua
    yousef chachoua 4 months ago +3

    stealing other peoples content that have ben released over 2 years ago

  • yousef chachoua
    yousef chachoua 4 months ago

    on almost every video

  • yousef chachoua
    yousef chachoua 4 months ago

    mother fuckers copystriking him

  • yousef chachoua
    yousef chachoua 4 months ago

    these people stealing ksioljadebts conrent

  • Jumpingballz
    Jumpingballz 4 months ago

    1:30 that nigga gay

  • Christopher Mcnamara
    Christopher Mcnamara 4 months ago

    Marine home coming was great

  • Brian Willess
    Brian Willess 4 months ago

    originals link is blank!!!

  • Александр Пушкин

    omaigad, omaigad. there's no another expression in english?

  • Romy Leschke
    Romy Leschke 4 months ago

    0:31 is that house burning?

  • The Dude
    The Dude 4 months ago

    UHaul van omg indeed lol....

  • Canadian Motorsports
    Canadian Motorsports 4 months ago +3

    0:54 that happend 15 min were i live it happend in graven Hurst

  • JustOneHookAway
    JustOneHookAway 4 months ago

    1:30 "babe just careful babe" gtfo u gay as shit

  • Rafael Cardenas
    Rafael Cardenas 5 months ago

    3:11 looks like a parrot or some type of bird

  • Gina Romantica
    Gina Romantica 5 months ago +2

    6:25 Cirque de soleil should look
    at these 2!

  • Ozbully Morales
    Ozbully Morales 5 months ago

    Can I get a Huskies On Ice?

  • Cripptus Exet
    Cripptus Exet 5 months ago

    6:44 song name please?

  • Pie
    Pie 5 months ago +1

    No one is noticing or i'm picky but you guys still have music in the videos sometimes. Save yourself the work and my irritation by not including it

  • qice next
    qice next 5 months ago

    2 much Child. Cya

  • Fewsto
    Fewsto 5 months ago +3

    could you please stop banning memes on mobile youtube? i wanted to share one good meme with my boy, but you ruined a LOT of attempts

  • Tom A
    Tom A 5 months ago

    5:30 girl needs a kick in the ass for just filming the bird and not trying to help it not get killed,

  • Q & A
    Q & A 5 months ago +36

    I’ve got a video of some paint drying.
    Do you want it? 🤨

  • Sgt oldschool
    Sgt oldschool 5 months ago +27

    The old lady at 2:30 proves after 65 you should have to pass a driving test.

  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark 5 months ago +6

    Some crap in there, but mostly good :)

  • kisuna mayan
    kisuna mayan 5 months ago

    5:27 that pigeon has big balls than me

  • Charlotte Reul
    Charlotte Reul 5 months ago +2

    6:59 _found Link in real life_

  • josgn
    josgn 5 months ago

    2:00 cute baby dancing

  • Rick Charles
    Rick Charles 5 months ago

    They guy that was being "attacked" by the bird at 0:52 was either too close to its nest or there's an injured mate laying in that area. He/She was protecting someone.

  • Kermit
    Kermit 5 months ago

    I can’t believe nobody has used Rose Namajunes and Pat Barry’s bottle cap video. It’s the best one ever made hands down.

    • David Eisemann
      David Eisemann 5 months ago

      And just look at the first clip the Asian woman with the chop sticks between her toes the bottle cap comes off way before her foot even gets close to the bottle - it's bullshit

    • David Eisemann
      David Eisemann 5 months ago

      The bottle cap opening videos are stupid most are with the caps allready open and just a small motion looks like someone actually kicked the lid off they suck it's so fake even if someone could actually with 1 kick make a lid spin multiple times it's still stupid

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 5 months ago +2

    7:06 Clip should have been titled "A game of cat and squirrel" but that's just me

  • FruitFlyKilla
    FruitFlyKilla 5 months ago +1

    Enjoy the thumbs down. Stop.With.The.Fucking.Music. We want to hear people's actual reactions in the video, not some shitty trance genre library music. Why thank us for our feedback if you're just gonna shit all over it a few weeks later?

  • Евгений Бычковский

    Тут будет ветка для русских комментариев)

  • Jason Kioke
    Jason Kioke 5 months ago +1

    5:26 Does the bird actually like when the train brushes against it's tail? I don't think that this is the first time this bird has done this.

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz 5 months ago +1

    Oh my god
    Oh my god
    Oh my god
    Oh my god
    Oh my god
    Oh my god

  • Flexxy
    Flexxy 5 months ago

    3:03 all stoners on an island

  • kendall brockie
    kendall brockie 5 months ago


  • Zachary Rodek
    Zachary Rodek 5 months ago +7

    Who else noticed the UHAUL break another water main in a split second before the video ended?

    • The Dude
      The Dude 4 months ago

      yea if you go frame by frame right at the end they hit another waterpipe

    • chummel
      chummel 5 months ago

      Yeah they should put them up higher in the cieling so that doesn't happen

  • TheBennedy85
    TheBennedy85 5 months ago

    1:25 Yo mumma so fat......

  • Sam Oosterwijk
    Sam Oosterwijk 5 months ago +2

    6:44 is what you where looking for

  • Sarah Barton
    Sarah Barton 5 months ago +1

    I thought bulldog was going to vomit on the baby

  • E R
    E R 5 months ago +2

    I cant believe my home town flooding is at the end of the video 😭😭😭😭

    • The South
      The South Month ago

      E R-
      Mexico is a dump.

    • Diva380
      Diva380 5 months ago

      @E R I'm sorry your city flooded...

    • E R
      E R 5 months ago

      @Diva380 it's a small city called Matehuala in San Luis Potosi in Mexico

    • Diva380
      Diva380 5 months ago

      Where is that, exactly?

  • Meh
    Meh 5 months ago

    Most of these videos were great, but I'm so fucking sick of people kicking water bottles. Enough already! Jesus freaking christ.

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 5 months ago

    A la palomita le gustó la costillita del tren😂

  • Stormwalker90
    Stormwalker90 5 months ago

    If these guys are JukinMedia suck a dick money greedy fags