VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 8

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
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    The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Price AKA "The Blender Guru" as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 15 942

  • Corridor Crew
    Corridor Crew  2 months ago +1639

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  • Patriotsean
    Patriotsean 54 minutes ago

    That black hole looks fake, too small and there is light in front of the dark matter

  • Josh Clardy
    Josh Clardy 2 hours ago

    7 days later. They took a photo of a black hole..

  • James Goodale II
    James Goodale II 4 hours ago

    Have y'all done cat woman yet😂😂😂

  • 青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi
    青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi 13 hours ago +1

    *2019 commentors:* Everything is made in 2019!!!
    *People who can actually read:* Interstellar was made in 2014 you numnuts

  • Dingo Damingo
    Dingo Damingo 17 hours ago

    Spiderman far from home, illusion scene

  • SumGuy NamedJamie
    SumGuy NamedJamie 23 hours ago

    12:50 daytime desert fight scenes from starship troopers

  • Rap boys
    Rap boys Day ago

    Lego movie is CGI not stop motion

    • Artur Renato B.B
      Artur Renato B.B 6 hours ago

      Of course, they've spent the entire video talking about how the rendering looked realistic.

  • PhoutianPhill
    PhoutianPhill Day ago

    15:48 Happy little muzzle flash
    You know me. I think every muzzle flash needs a friend.

  • Ian Kelsall
    Ian Kelsall Day ago

    The rendering on the black hole scene was every bit as immense as a black hole's gravity, considering that a big budget movie like this would have access to the most powerful render farms, the sheer complexity of this scene took ages to render each frame, apparently. not something you could attempt on your pc! then there was the equally awesome wormhole which had me geeking out when i saw the first time, i mean this is literally the first time in my life i have seen a scientifically plausible representation of a black hole, it blew my mind watching it.

  • game nation
    game nation Day ago

    13:17 when vfx artist became scientists

  • Giraldo Arias
    Giraldo Arias Day ago

    Please do Quicksilver rescue scene from X-Men!

  • Lean Boi
    Lean Boi Day ago

    Fun fact: NASA took the first picture of a black hole ever, and it looks exactly like that.

  • Lean Boi
    Lean Boi Day ago

    This serie is the perfect exemple why people should appreciate Visuals More

  • Lean Boi
    Lean Boi Day ago

    I never thought the lego movie was CGI Damn the level of details and lighting !!

  • Calyps0
    Calyps0 2 days ago

    Would be nice to see some scenes from Hardcore Henry

  • Fin Dunn
    Fin Dunn 2 days ago

    Jokes on them, you can take a picture of a blackhole

  • YeetMaster 100
    YeetMaster 100 2 days ago

    4:30 yep this video is demonetized

  • YeetMaster 100
    YeetMaster 100 2 days ago

    I subbed with notifications on

  • binaural Beats
    binaural Beats 2 days ago

    You can try Bollywood movie Sahoo you'll definitely be amazed 😂

  • Ajay Rawat
    Ajay Rawat 2 days ago

    The quicksilver scene from x men

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali 2 days ago

    Hey, crew, please review "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" on the next episode of VFX Artists React, it was an awesome movie with killer effects.

  • Zach Turner
    Zach Turner 2 days ago

    DRAGONHEART! a whole cgi dragon

  • SeemsLegitGamer
    SeemsLegitGamer 3 days ago

    I know this is late but the mist was originally shot as a black and white film. The cgi wouldn't have been so rough if masked under that original idea.

  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon 3 days ago +1

    Hey Niko, sorry for the what you would probably call a "dumb question", especially since I'm watching a video on VFX, but what do you mean when you say it's "lensing the light"?

  • ThatGamer GameZ
    ThatGamer GameZ 3 days ago

    Can you react to stranger things?

  • Jaymz Morency
    Jaymz Morency 3 days ago

    Please react to boyka undisputed 4

  • iPhonegamer
    iPhonegamer 4 days ago

    It’s funny how you only blame the directors if the CGI is bad

    • rabeks
      rabeks 2 days ago

      take a look at the first Jurassic park film. the cgi there isn't all that technically impressive but the way spielberg implemented it with practical elements is what makes it still feel so real even today. so yeah the quality of cgi actually relies on directors more than you may think

  • felix harper
    felix harper 4 days ago

    talk about john carpenter's the things effects!

  • BubbaSteve Garcia
    BubbaSteve Garcia 4 days ago

    Shouts out to the real NINJA

    THENOOBPRO 17 4 days ago

    "a black hole you cant photograph it there nothing there "
    less did they know it was going to happen

      DARKBRINGER 3 days ago

      It already happened. This video is from after the picture...

  • Flow Entertainment
    Flow Entertainment 5 days ago

    React to melancholia!!!

  • Argon
    Argon 5 days ago

    Chappie's director, same director of District 9 (and a another sci fi movie I forgot the title), is a CGI artist himself.

  • Aris Mursidi
    Aris Mursidi 5 days ago

    I subscribed, and where is the robot videos ?

  • Oliver Olesen
    Oliver Olesen 5 days ago

    Real steel

  • JT Terror
    JT Terror 6 days ago +1

    Peppa pig

  • philipborg
    philipborg 6 days ago

    I kind of understand now how a guy I met could make a living making black hole rendering engines...

  • ELECTRO KOLARU channel

    I am from India. And I love this channel and I love those three guys even though I don't know nothing about VFX

  • Darcy S
    Darcy S 7 days ago

    It's kind of weird because Australia has all these strange animals and you forget that even a witchetty grub is completely foreign to some people.

  • this is not a duck
    this is not a duck 7 days ago

    I was totally under the impression that it was real stop-motion.

  • killernat1234
    killernat1234 8 days ago

    Interstellar is one of my favourite films

  • Andrew Nueva
    Andrew Nueva 8 days ago

    Do more of interstellar please

  • banh bao
    banh bao 8 days ago

    Omg Andrew !!

  • maragani sasank sai
    maragani sasank sai 8 days ago

    Chappie sucks dick tho

  • Max Heff
    Max Heff 8 days ago

    U should do Star treck

  • What I say goes
    What I say goes 8 days ago

    Tbh i want an entire movie with your commentary on the CGI in said movie. If thats even possible

  • Tristan Lee
    Tristan Lee 9 days ago


  • Aero Sunday
    Aero Sunday 10 days ago

    React to NASA VFX

  • THE400 GUY
    THE400 GUY 10 days ago

    Do for life

  • Charlie Zuckerbrod
    Charlie Zuckerbrod 10 days ago

    Just wondering can you guys analyze the CGI on the CW DC shows

  • Asw !!!
    Asw !!! 11 days ago

    React to Game of Thrones

  • Nicks .Daily
    Nicks .Daily 11 days ago +1

    you should do boots from dora and the lost city of gold.
    I'm genuinely curious

  • Dale Robertson
    Dale Robertson 12 days ago +1

    Please do the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Voldemort comers back

  • Consumed
    Consumed 12 days ago

    Have they done the 2nd Scooby Doo movie?

  • Brian Wind Grøndahl
    Brian Wind Grøndahl 12 days ago

    And now we got a real photo of a black hole, werry cool

  • Aslam 144p
    Aslam 144p 12 days ago +1

    Do inception guys

  • Corbin Colvin
    Corbin Colvin 12 days ago +3

    The lego movie and transformers 1 has the best CGI in movie history

  • Cory Gagliardi
    Cory Gagliardi 13 days ago

    Please do A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

  • chad f
    chad f 13 days ago

    Love to see you guys do the Riddick trilogy

  • j c
    j c 13 days ago

    Awesome as usual. Could you please have a look at the bear attack from revenant next?