6 Taylor Swift Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
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    Annie - anniecamilla
    Aleisha - aleisha.is.a.unicorn
    Scott - nicoleandscotty
    Kevin - kevintnguyenz
    Jeremy - jfhook
    Fallon - fallonheaslip_
    Mikayla - mikaylascanlanc
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    Taylor Swift on “Lover” and haters ruclip.com/video/nDzhoofkRJI/video.html
    Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with Ellen ruclip.com/video/on4bHNdUm-I/video.html
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Comments • 13 640

  • Cookie Unicorn
    Cookie Unicorn 51 minute ago

    “My number one favourite is rep, it speaks so differently”
    Erin: *i dOn’T tHiNk tHaTs vEgAn tHoUgH*

  • nobody
    nobody 2 hours ago

    *Annie is the reason i don’t speak to taylor fans, so annoying*

  • Tamara James
    Tamara James 7 hours ago

    Same I like some of her music but I just don't like her as a person

  • Gabby Stephenson
    Gabby Stephenson 8 hours ago

    I don’t know why I thought it was Fallon the whole time, but I felt like she barely spoke up. Also, she named Taylor’s first three albums as her favorites so I thought she was going to say she loved her country music, then when she went pop, she started to not like her anymore.

  • camila villanueva
    camila villanueva 9 hours ago +1

    U guys should do “6 otakus...1 non otaku”

  • Alysssaaa M
    Alysssaaa M 10 hours ago

    People still commenting about Erin has me laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Momo
    Momo 10 hours ago

    Ok but that one girl said " you go glen coco "

  • ThatOneGirl hehe
    ThatOneGirl hehe 11 hours ago

    I am a Taylor Swift fan

  • xXEthanXx LazarLazar
    xXEthanXx LazarLazar 12 hours ago +1

    pop is ass

  • Victoria Marker
    Victoria Marker 16 hours ago

    u can tell it was gonna be aleisha from the beginning!! lol

  • •PrincessCJ Galaxy•

    Aleisha was so annoying not Taylor Swift!

  • Rob Dely
    Rob Dely 20 hours ago

    But real question is, who cares about Taylor swift of her cats

  • Kee is ME
    Kee is ME Day ago

    So Scott is a Hypocrite

  • Its Mel
    Its Mel Day ago

    Haters always begin as a fan

  • Jordan Erickson
    Jordan Erickson Day ago +1

    I knew it. I said she is the one who is the mole

  • Peaches Jackofski

    She was so obvious from the start. I’m not even a Taylor swift fan, I have one of her albums but that’s it.
    This girl was just so obvious.
    No hate, she’s not a good lier-that’s not a bad thing.xx

  • touch it records

    Please do ist with ariana

  • Abstraction _
    Abstraction _ Day ago

    Omg Annie is like so fun and cool she's the reason I watch these episodes!

  • mari
    mari Day ago

    me as a taylor swift fan just wanted to be there qjejjwjw the actually fans were so excited i'd love to join them

  • Yasmine Eltaji
    Yasmine Eltaji Day ago +1

    I knew it was alesia if that how you spell her name she kinda just was standing there and all she did was say YAAAAAA

  • Unicorn Squad Unite

    I’m so sorry but I new it was gonna be aleigha

  • Jonie Rapoza
    Jonie Rapoza 2 days ago

    i knew it was aleisha from her first impression i got from her look

  • puffmama chili
    puffmama chili 2 days ago

    they’re all so adorable but why taylor tho?

  • geedunk13
    geedunk13 2 days ago +1

    Today on Odd Man Out
    Erin: “That’s not Vegan”

  • AthenaPlayzRoblox Mills

    Who else guessed the black girl was a hater 😘

    • DiNg DoNG
      DiNg DoNG 17 hours ago

      That's racist she has a name y'know

  • Reese Dover
    Reese Dover 2 days ago

    Can you do who's the Billie Eilish hater?

  • Belia Starreveld
    Belia Starreveld 2 days ago +1

    I knew it was alisha from the start she was so quiet

  • Spice Dawg
    Spice Dawg 2 days ago

    How many times are they gonna say like in a sentence

  • Gunnhild Edwards
    Gunnhild Edwards 2 days ago

    I suspected Fallon. She looks like a girl who could either would love love or despise Taylor Swift.

  • Spice Dawg
    Spice Dawg 2 days ago

    They are so. Annnnnnnoying!!!!!!

  • Henry Chanblfjejejrj

    I have an idea:
    6 Women vs 1 Secret Man
    Use computer faces and blindfolds.......
    What does anyone else think?

  • ArtisticPleb .ω.
    ArtisticPleb .ω. 2 days ago

    I knew it was her off the bat the way she hesitated when she said she was a Taylor swift fan! Omg!

  • Maddie Johnston
    Maddie Johnston 2 days ago +7

    Got to admit, that Annie girl was so annoyinggggggg.

    • Grace Guttovz
      Grace Guttovz 8 hours ago

      booiiii yes!!!!!!!! I mean I love Taylor Swift and people who love her but annie was just a bit much..........

  • DaRandoGirl 123
    DaRandoGirl 123 2 days ago

    Omg! Someone here has my name, my name is Fallon

  • Maddie Johnston
    Maddie Johnston 2 days ago +1

    Please do billie eilish for an episode!!!!!!!! Btw love your channel and the equality messages you explain 😊

  • Gigi Barger
    Gigi Barger 2 days ago

    I knew it was herrrrr

  • sarah kane
    sarah kane 2 days ago

    I knew it lol!

  • happiana -
    happiana - 2 days ago

    can you do it with ariana ?

  • LCD
    LCD 2 days ago

    why are they all so obnoxious

  • Kazz
    Kazz 2 days ago

    idk why people even hate on people, just move on with your life

  • Ann Marie Aguilar
    Ann Marie Aguilar 3 days ago

    I knew she was not a Taylor Swift fan because you could see the face she made at the beginning when she said"I Am A Taylor Swift Fan."

  • sierra rose
    sierra rose 3 days ago

    y’all should do either kpop stans vs a non kpop stan or non kpop stans vs a kpop stan :)

  • LeBlanc Texting Stories

    Scott is such a hypocrite. 🤣

  • Roman Nieuwkerk
    Roman Nieuwkerk 3 days ago

    i thought it was Fallon the whole time...

  • Roman Nieuwkerk
    Roman Nieuwkerk 3 days ago

    i’m not done watching but i feel like i know who the mole is

  • sam mills
    sam mills 3 days ago

    They should make one but with Panic!

  • L K
    L K 3 days ago +1

    That Aleshia girl sounds like Traci Barbie from Catfish.

  • 444 hanz
    444 hanz 3 days ago

    please do emos

  • selenator oranais
    selenator oranais 3 days ago

    can you please do "who's selena gomez hater" ???

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K 3 days ago

    i swear annie is SOOOOOO ANNOYING

  • Emily Manguno
    Emily Manguno 3 days ago

    I thought it was fallon omg

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 3 days ago

    They're all fangirling 😂

  • Adriana
    Adriana 3 days ago

    I shoulda been on this I’m such a secret Taylor swift fan

  • LC & MG
    LC & MG 3 days ago

    Omg it was so obvious how did they not notice 😂😂 like when she was still in the box and everyone said they wanted another round and she didn’t she was reluctant to put her hand up 😂😂

  • Ainslie Collins
    Ainslie Collins 4 days ago

    Yuck, gatekeeping fangroups annoy me. You can be a fan, and not know how she met her cat or other excessive facts. People gotta chilllll

  • crazyrandom
    crazyrandom 4 days ago +1

    One thing I’ve learnt is that you never look at the comments section until you know who the mole was lmao

  • nicole kara
    nicole kara 4 days ago

    PLS do 6 panic! at the disco fans and one hater

  • Mikenna Rose
    Mikenna Rose 4 days ago +1


  • hi hi
    hi hi 4 days ago

    I hate ts

  • Jocelyn Diaz
    Jocelyn Diaz 4 days ago +3

    I mean idk but she seemed pretty obvious ngl. Idk if her natural smile is like that but it scared me.😭😂