The MELT Method: Neck Release Sequence

  • Published on May 20, 2016
  • Try this short neck release sequence from Sue Hitmann, author of The MELT Method, to relieve stuck stress in your neck, one of the most victimized regions of your body.
    In her book The MELT Method, therapist Sue Hitzmann offers a breakthrough self-treatment system to combat chronic pain and erase the effects of aging and active living-in as little as ten minutes a day. With a focus on the body's connective tissues and the role they play in pain, stress, weight gain, and overall health, Hitzmann's life-changing program features techniques that can be done in your own home.
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Comments • 22

  • sns kumar
    sns kumar 22 days ago

    For me it's the day after this that I feel and realise the difference this makes

  • Aurora Wu
    Aurora Wu 2 months ago

    It worked and it turned on my sleep mode lol so effective

  • Ariel Hazan
    Ariel Hazan 2 months ago

    Thank you jesus

  • Jane Humphreys
    Jane Humphreys 3 months ago

    Thank you! I fel so much better!

  • Teri Miles
    Teri Miles 3 months ago

    I was skeptical at first if this process would relieve my neck/should tension; however, I was AMAZED at how much better and more mobile my neck was. Thanks for putting this out there. I suffer from sciatica/tendonitis.:) Do you have some other videos you could recommend?

  • Niharika Gautam
    Niharika Gautam 4 months ago

    What's the diameter of the roller?

    • Stella Paschall
      Stella Paschall 2 months ago

      I use the 36 x 6" . I use the OPTP SOFT roller from Amazon

  • Anthony Arango
    Anthony Arango 5 months ago +3

    Take a shot every time she says “take a focused breath”

  • ZenLife Marketing
    ZenLife Marketing 5 months ago

    If you have a lot of pain and want the tools to heal your body check out this. Watch the video, check out the testimonials. Scientifically proven to help your body harness the ability to heal itself.
    Any questions please reach Shari at 858-735-9663 by texting first about where you saw the link and wait for her call she is very busy with getting these patches out to everyone in need!

  • Unique07
    Unique07 6 months ago +2

    I needed something for beginners and your video is perfect! Pain before, minimal pain after🥰

  • Veronica Be
    Veronica Be 6 months ago

    thank you so much for sharing. my neck hurt up on the top of connection.

  • Dana Deggs
    Dana Deggs 7 months ago


  • faeriespirit
    faeriespirit 8 months ago +2

    Wow! I’ve never felt so light and relaxed in my neck EVER. This was amazing thank you!

  • Miyana Tohara
    Miyana Tohara 9 months ago +2

    wow sis that's all I can say! did not expect that instant relief!

  • Sandra Eugeni
    Sandra Eugeni Year ago +1

    Awesome method and videos! I do it @ Equinox with the trainer too.

  • Gilly Town
    Gilly Town Year ago

    Make up and hair on point! How hard or soft should the roller be? My roller is quite hard!

  • MerakideeTV
    MerakideeTV Year ago +4

    wow just wow! feels like i took the world off my neck..that release is aweeeeeesome!

  • Marianne Peeters
    Marianne Peeters 2 years ago +1

    meldt methode

  • Jane Roth
    Jane Roth 3 years ago +6

    I bought your videos and book and roller. Went to your class in NYC.Easier to follow on utube. I can't watch TV when I am on the floor with my roller, their is no one video on just doing the moves so many video moves are duplicated over and over. I prefer utube.Thanks

    • sonomasyrah
      sonomasyrah 2 months ago

      Where did you order the roller, etc from?

  • Cathy O'Gara
    Cathy O'Gara 3 years ago +4

    You are adorable! I just bought the enhanced ebook. I have been a massage therapist and trager practioner since 1995. I LOVE THIS WORK! Congratulations! and thanks for sharing with the "free" videos, too!

  • Noemi Green
    Noemi Green 3 years ago +1

    I'd really like to get the hand & feet treatement kit and a foam roller, but I can't decide which one between the soft roller and the melt performance roller.
    I do yoga almost every day and I run four time a week, can you suggest me which one would be the best? Thanks a lot!!