Top 10 SUPER CHEAP PS4 Games - $20 or Less!!

The Top 10 Super Cheap Playstation 4 (PS4) games that cost around $20. Perfect for building up your collection with great games you will love playing!

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Uncharted 4 @ http://goo.gl/3aAuhM
Bloodborne @ http://goo.gl/GiV32R
Ratchet & Clank @ http://goo.gl/zLxrZc
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor @ http://goo.gl/1tX7MQ
Deus Ex Mankind Divided @ http://goo.gl/W7CgMJ
Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain @ http://goo.gl/XzsCcg
Until Dawn @ http://goo.gl/J3vTHJ
Dragon Age: Inquisition @ http://goo.gl/ygHyO8
Mortal Kombat X @ http://goo.gl/1cVLuL
The Last of Us Remastered @ http://goo.gl/oxhLdl

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Автор lotsofgames ( назад)
I had a lot of fun putting together this list. So many great games on the PS4 to consider. Thanks to everyone for watching!

Автор bassentence ( назад)
i really don't understand why people like that uncharted crap

Автор Mownz321 ( назад)
Doom also €20, Fallout 4 €17

Автор Adrian Loera ( назад)
Some lapel mic's for your voice audio would be awesome 👍🏼

Автор Black Tractor ( назад)
I got the ps4 for uncharted 4 and it's simply the best game ever made. the multiplayer is hands down the king of online gaming. definitely pick it up!

Автор akaash92 ( назад)
All of these games are sold at $50-$60 in Australia lol.

Автор kainhighwind2 ( назад)
One game I will recommend is Life is Strange. It's a fantastic adventure, very emotional. Brought me close to tears numerous times, and nearly every episode had a choice that would just make me pause and spend 15-20 minutes debating which one I could live with.

Автор kainhighwind2 ( назад)
Ugh. Shadow of Mordor is so boring, and as shallow as a game gets. I don't understand the love it gets. The Nemesis system was lame, and the combat was as button mash friendly as it gets. And that's the entire game. Aside from a couple of towers to find for quick travel, that's the entire game. There's nothing to it. I can pop it in for about 10 minutes before I get bored.

Автор Dank Sans ( назад)

Автор Money Long As 6 Mile ( назад)
these games are twenty dollars because they all suck.

Автор Trichome Lover ( назад)
I just bought me a PS4 with Horizon. Want to play all (or at least the good ones) of those exclusives.

Автор M.A.D.E MAN ( назад)

Автор Chris Greco ( назад)
I recently picked up a PS4 and the reasons I bought it were Uncharted 4 (bought the slim bundle) Until Dawn, Bloodbourne and Horizon Zero Dawn (own them all). I also own Mordor, Deus Ex, MGS V and Dragon Age fort the X1. I have Last of Us for PS3 (haven't played it - I know for shame), but I think I might just pick up the remastered PS4 version.

Fighting games are a no go for me, but I might look into Ratchet and Clank.

Автор Ethnic ( назад)
Can you to the with the Xbox one?

Автор Connor Foy ( назад)
Bahahaha i wish some of these were 20$ in Australia. Uncharted 4 is still 90$ :P

Автор Indiana Bones ( назад)
damn Jimmy lost weight

Автор Deano ( назад)
The Last Of Us is a perfect mix of blah and boring. Blahring !!

Автор cleia borges ( назад)
Farcry primal apex edition is only 16$ well today is the last day tho

Автор Daniel K ( назад)
This list proves it is a great time to invest in a PS4! Oh, and I want that Opeth poster! :)

Автор Dobuita Arcade ( назад)
in the first seconds of the Video i think i see Dave from Game Sack :D

Автор Ground Control ( назад)
Witcher 3 wasnt mentioned?? oh I guess not under 20 yet?

Автор TRobbs ( назад)
Uncharted collection also

Автор Matthew Maneri ( назад)
To each his own, but this is one reason I don't rush to buy new systems and games when they first come out. I understand if all your friends get the newest Battlefield and you wana play online together, but otherwise what's the rush? I was more than content to play PS3 and SNES until the PS4 Pro came out, and since I waited for the pro, ALL these great games that were originally $60, are now $20.. and just as good as any other game. So now I play those.. and in the meantime the newer games will continue to come down in price.
It's a nice cycle to be on.

Автор Grumpy Monk ( назад)
You can get battle born for £5 sealed in sainsburys and also Homefront the revolution for £7 sealed

Автор charizardoreo ( назад)
How was the Original Ratchet and Clank "broken"

Автор Hi, Neighbor! ( назад)
Glad to hear praise for Dragon Age: Inquisition. It gets hated on so much but I really like it.

Автор Iosipescu07 ( назад)
Great list! Except for Dragon age inquisition, That game was so disappointing

Автор Umar Hasan ( назад)
Will I get this all in 20 dollars in PS Store ? Or should I have to go to stores for 20 dollars .

Автор Jared Armbruster ( назад)
Mortal Kombat XL may cost twice as much as Mortal Kombat X, but I think it's a better value because you get all the DLC.

Автор Rodrigo Horta ( назад)
Wait, $20 for brand new or used games?

Автор Nova Skye ( назад)
This has nothing to do w/ this video but do you need an expansion pak to play perfect dark? Also what is the difference between different paks is the expansion pak the only one you can use to play perfect dark?

Автор warlockguy42 ( назад)
4:15 LOCK ON TO YOUR TARGETS lol, I just had to get that out.

Автор SzopTuptus ( назад)
almost only exclusives but yet ppl will say ps4 has no games

Автор apu nahasapimapetilon ( назад)
+MetalJesusRocks in Europe on PS store if u have PS plus, much of the ps4 exclusives are sold dirt cheap due tO 10 years PSN.
I just bought nathan drake collection, the order, knack, the last of us remastered and infamous second son bundle for 60 Euro!
God of war 3 remastered & kill zone shadowfall is 8 euro etc... check it out!

Автор NiteKiller619 ( назад)
Is Dragon Age free roam?

Автор Games and Guns ( назад)
i liked dragon age 2 :/

Автор romsawtooth ( назад)
Dragon Age was dissapointing. Still a good game. But there were to many boring generic sidequests and to many useless collectibles in the openworld.

Автор Rock Gamer ( назад)

Автор Spark The Wolf ( назад)
I got a ps4 about a week ago so I only have two games (I'm getting another game tomorrow) but one of the games I do have is uncharted 4 and I definitely agree, it is a great game, amazing characters with amazing personalities, beautiful views, great gameplay it's all around a great game and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you've never played any of the uncharted games

Автор Azib Khan ( назад)

Автор King Bump Yes ( назад)
I could be wrong, but it sounds like you never even played Bloodborne. Honestly, with all the things you said about it. "You get to level up..." Fucking seriously? And "These weapons are so medieval."? Maybe you are thinking of Dark Souls instead of Bloodborne? But medieval in Bloodborne? The weapons almost distance themselves from being like medieval. Also, why aren't you locking on? 100% of all the hits on you could have been evaded.

Автор MECO KNOWLES ( назад)

Автор Stephen Cho ( назад)
MGSV does not deserve to be on this list. That game is a prime example of how not to do an open-world game.

Автор Mike Serrano ( назад)
uncharted 4 horrible motion blur, bloodborne frame pasing issues, Ratchet 30 fps vs 60fps on ps2, SoM repetitive as hell, Deus bad frame rate and the ending is awfull, Mgsv the game is incomplete!, untill dawn OMG that game dip to 12 fps! for fucking sake!

Автор john rega ( назад)
The Last of Us is the greatest game I've ever played. I finished it and literally said " wow " . I put my controller down and just sat there.

Автор Jam Jam ( назад)
Infamous Second Son

Автор Jeremy Twigg ( назад)
This is an excellent list, but I'm not sure where you're getting Uncharted 4 for $20?

Автор Ansley Freeman ( назад)
Just purchased Until Dawn for $9.99 off of the PSN sale this week

Автор Adam Block ( назад)
Another game that I'd love to add to this list is the Witcher 3, most places you can get it at around $20, depending on where you lie.

Автор スチールブラックソーラ X ( назад)
If anyone is looking for a great fg experience I suggest Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Both games are around $25 for digital copies and $30 for physical

Автор Darryl Jenks ( назад)
I love you Jesus

Автор xFersureMatt ( назад)
I make a cheap ass gamer look like a king who throws money around. I usually won't buy a game until its less than 10$ or a bundle of 2 games that average out less than 10$ per game. For instant, I got need for speed rivals and need for speed 2015 for 15$ together in the PS market.. and just yesterday I got God of War III for 6$ in the PS store right now.

Автор Gideon Pollock ( назад)
Hated the uncharted 4 ending

Автор Laser Bowser DX ( назад)
can you guys make a super cheap Xbox one games list?

Yes, Uncharted 4 is one helluva game! The game is amazingly good. Definitely recommend! Got it during a bundle deal.

Автор Luis Campos ( назад)

Автор cmpunkd727 ( назад)
how can u have a ps4 and not have a copy of bloodbourne

Автор Hector Freytes ( назад)
You can also find the uncharted collection for $20

Автор chris Kramer ( назад)
I have been waiting for this for so long

Автор Jerbearxi ( назад)
that top 3 is trash, lol.

Автор Jonathan Connor ( назад)
I've been waiting for bloodborne dlc to go on sale forever

Автор Luis Alexander ( назад)
resident evil 4 5 and 6

Автор new phone who dis ( назад)
Amazing channel, No moaning about fps, straight to the point, just such a amazing gaming channel. subscribed

Автор flexor212000 ( назад)
This is why I just came to PS4. I even snagged Battlefield 1 for 29.99 on the PS store recently. HAHAHA

Автор Aidan Schmitt ( назад)
perfect list

Автор nco930 ( назад)
Great Video; but seems you forgot to add Fallout 4 to this list.

Автор Biohazard EXTREME ( назад)
Man, you lucky Americans. Here in Canada, any store I go to, pretty much all of these are at least $30 - $40.

Автор Rafael Torrado ( назад)
I love your shirt Metal Jesus

Автор Jonathan Thomas ( назад)
I purchased Mortal Kombat XL and was disappointed that all the dlc is not included. Klassic kitana for example requires you to play countless hours on a pointless iPad app.

Автор Justin Estabrook ( назад)
#11. The hottest new title. Your MOM!-FREE!

Автор Dean Krol ( назад)
I have to admit, it took me a while to finally play The last of us and even when I started it, I almost gave up during the first couple of hours. All the hype about it being the best game ever really got hold of me and during the first 2 hours I found myself really bored and disappointed by it. However, I was told by a friend to give it a bit more time and it would suck me in and boy did it. By the end of the game I was distraught when the credits rolled. It really is a game that hooks you so tight and drags you into everything that's going on, I almost felt like I was in a real episode of The Walking dead, great game. I also like the look of Until Dawn and might just pop over to the PS Store to grab this one once I'm done with Horizon: Zero dawn (Bloody hooked on that one right now lol), is Until Dawn anything like The last of us or the first couple of Resident Evil games or is it more of a Telltale type of game?

Автор KI TA ( назад)
I love shadow of Mordor :)
just pre-ordered the mithril edition but not for PS4

BTW AWESOME video like always ;)

Автор chardace sayco ( назад)
some of the games he showcased are actually about between 60$~80$ in japan pretty crazy right?

Автор Nate Muzquiz ( назад)
I just got a PS4 to play little big planet with my wife, and I'm loving the library so far. As a pc gamer it's a cool change of pace to sit on the couch and play something like uncharted that plays like a movie

Автор James Reed ( назад)
battlefield 4 is super cheap and still really fun

Автор Jay Bosslingo ( назад)
great video, love both of your channels!

Автор Halo Jaydan ( назад)
I hate eb games aka Canada's GameStop because I bought infinite warfare day one then I hated in less then a week so then I brought it back and they would only give 29.99

Автор Mike Q001 ( назад)
I like to see fellow gamers get along Awesome stuff.

Автор Halo Jaydan ( назад)
Wtf where I live almost half the games are over 60 dollars but I'll still buy them because metal Jesus is my favourite Youtuber and I trust him for a good game

Автор Sealaxx ( назад)
Metal Jesus, you've inspired me to start my own retro gaming channel! I'm kind of starting to collect and I love your videos. I started a series about retro games and how they hold up today and I just posted my take on Kirby Super Star on the SNES! You're such a heavy influence on my videos, thank you :)

Автор unearthVII ( назад)
You can get 7 days to die on the cheap.... hours of zombie killing fun!!!!!!

Автор Toms Cruise ( назад)
Resident Evil remastered and RE4 should have made this list as well!

Автор Rui Nunes ( назад)
Adding all to my wishlist, playing in 5 years from now maybe

Автор Redsyrup ( назад)
MGSV as good as the gameplay is it's the worst story in the series.

Автор UltraHD Content ( назад)
I for myself hate the fucking Playstation, I hate all about it, and every singel one! From Playstation fucking 1 to fucking PS4 Pro ... Really, I hate aaaall about it ... The Design, The Controller, The retarded Community (90% of it), Most of the Games, The fucking name... And and and... Fuck the Playstation ...

Автор Darkpoet StrideX ( назад)
I got last guardians for 20 bucks this week , it was 30 but the guy gave it for me for 20 and got it for free pretty much as I had 20 bucks in credit.

Автор Dedra Perkins ( назад)
Great list.

Автор paul Z ( назад)
man jimmy lost some serious LBs! is he ok?

Автор Sonic_171 000x ( назад)
PS4 Master Console.

Автор Simon Bowen ( назад)
he holds his hands like Ricky Bobby haha.. what to do with your hands?! 👍 Love the video boys!

Автор Daniel Isaias ( назад)
I have whole the metal gear timeline lore mapped out in my mind too

Автор Hai Tran ( назад)
I heard Deus Ex mankind divided is trash. Story is not as good as Human Revolution, and too much action is that true?

Автор JC Rides ( назад)
The recent remake of Doom was such a pleasant surprise for me. A fantastic game that looks/plays great with awesome music and still manages to be an homage to the original. Plus you can get it for $20 or less in a lot of places.

Автор Captain Future ( назад)
Are you playing Switch? Breath of the Wild?

Автор wilcoerwin ( назад)
It's actually pronounced Mortal Kombat "ex" not 10 :)

Автор I9IIEIIYIIEIIS ( назад)
Fallout 4 $18
God Of War 3 (Remastered) $19
Mad Max $20
Watchdogs $10 !!
DMC Devil May Cry (Defin Ed) $19
Doom $19
Metro Redux $15
Farcry 4 $17
Alien Isolation $20
Sniper Elite III $20
Wolfenstien: The New Order $15
Borderlands: Collection $15 !!!

Автор Joshua Meyer ( назад)
Third person quick time bullshit.

Автор Spencer Neal ( назад)
This was a fantastic video!!! Really, really enjoyed what you had to say!!! Please do more!!!!

Автор GermantecaHD ( назад)
Awesome video as always ! Greetings from Spain! I had an idea for a video, It would be interesting a top with "good games with bad endings" Do you like the idea?

Автор ALEX BOGART ( назад)
MetalJesusRock can you please make a ps4 buying guide and ps2 buying guide please :)

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