10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning

Top 10 amazing people who survived lightning strikes

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For most of us, lightning is that thing that freaks your dog out and tells you when the big final scene is coming in a horror movie, for a select few, it’s had a more direct impact, no pun intended. Being hit by lightning can have some dramatic effects on the human body but we don’t recommend it as a health treatment.

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Автор fynn karn-wadden ( назад)
My Birthday Is Sometimes On Friday The 13th

Автор PlayStation DELUXE ( назад)
TSUNAMI AND HURRICANE OUTSIDE WHAT DO I DO oh wait I know I'll subscribe and Watch the Hub because it doesn't matter what the weather is like (basically I'm making fool of you for begging for subscribers and trying to act like the richest)

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Автор Salty Llama ( назад)
Save pumpkins....

Автор Its free Real estate ( назад)

Автор Gameaction MF ( назад)
Scary!!! But Cool

Автор Lrdvltr ( назад)
0:39 to skip shameless plug garbage

Автор Laura Kamani ( назад)

Автор Leif Tollefson ( назад)
my great aunt got struck by lightning

Автор Lynn Sandvig ( назад)
My dentist got stuck by lightning fell down a cliff and got hit by a car and survived a plane crash

Автор Nathan the beast fisher ( назад)
my great gran was struck three times by lightning and a tree fell on her she was lucky to live but back in 2012-1214 she died from old age but she didnt like me anyway when I started to look like my dad

Автор Jamar Drackett ( назад)
U made me laugh thank you

Автор Help me get 700 subs without vids ( назад)
None of these people turned into the.....


Автор isaac3002 ( назад)
I have seen that hospital clip elsewhere as well...2:47

Автор Laura Kamani ( назад)

Автор Jack Willis ( назад)
Haha we all know that the Winston one was fake, the monkey lives on the moon.

Автор Clayton Hobby ( назад)
that was rhe stupidest thing to say

Автор Ashiee Bashies! ( назад)

Автор Michael ( назад)
Where is Barry Allen?

Автор Clinton De beer ( назад)
that grandpa haves fantastick 4 powers dudes😅

Автор Chanta Taylor ( назад)
fucking liar i did not get struck by lighting

Автор ornenstien ( назад)
at 2:22 why is he un-named?

Автор AdventurerBen The Pro ( назад)
15 minutes ago there was some really loud thunder, I think lightning may have struck in my backyard, then it started raining really heavily.

Автор pedro julio arias silva ( назад)
I liked this video and I would like you to add subtitles on the video, thanks

Автор FOXY CL4N ( назад)

Автор Carolina Saucedo ( назад)
that is not awsome

Автор lars 24567 ( назад)
nice channel +1 sub

Автор IOS Nebula ( назад)

Автор IOS Nebula ( назад)

Автор Crazy Princess ( назад)

Автор milly kad ( назад)

Автор TheRoyal ( назад)
3rd! we do top 5s as well! come check us out! :)

Автор Dries Crauwels ( назад)
nice video

Автор MyMy Gates ( назад)

Автор Benjamin ( назад)
Im first!!!

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