10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning

  • Опубликовано: 18 мар 2017
  • Top 10 amazing people who survived lightning strikes
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    For most of us, lightning is that thing that freaks your dog out and tells you when the big final scene is coming in a horror movie, for a select few, it’s had a more direct impact, no pun intended. Being hit by lightning can have some dramatic effects on the human body but we don’t recommend it as a health treatment.

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    I got struk when I was baby and my big sister got struk too

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    I was eating and watching this video at the same time at 5:23.........never making that mistake again 😭

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    Flash gordon

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    I wish I get hit by a lightning too...
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    lightning is worse than the electric chair

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    I was literally watching this while there was a lightning storm going on

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    My dad has been struck by lightning twice

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    Haha very funny (not)

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    poor pepal :(

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  • Frank Fouche
    Frank Fouche 3 месяца назад

    US Open Golf winner, South African, Retief Goosen "The Goose" also struck by lightning at 15 years old while playing golf: His friend Henri Potgieter: "His tongue was down his throat and his eyes were backward, and he was breathing weird. He had no clothes on; they'd been burned from his body." Goosen's shoes had disintegrated from his feet, his underwear and watch band had melted to his body. Relieved that their son had survived the accident, Goosen's father took it as an act of God and a hint of things to come. He went on to win the US Open, and majors on most continents.
    Read more: Retief Goosen - Lightning Strikes - Golf, Potgieter, Friend, and Body - JRank Articles sports.jrank.org/pages/1684/Goosen-Retief-Lightning-Strikes.html#ixzz54zw65KwD

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    the bitch LIES AT THE START

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    Why am i watching this..im afraid of lightning

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    The lightning is cooking them alive

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    Raging Artist 4 месяца назад

    On my first day in 1st grade at a new school some kid electrocuted himself and I was traumatized for 2 years😂

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    2:24 Well that explains why early-teen girls are so bratty and dramatic

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    Am I the only one who thinks the second picture on the thumbnail is attractive? Like I ge TV it was caused by an injury, but idk, I've seen in tons of times before and it's just always attracted me. Someone help

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    I got struck by lighting

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    I never get struck by lighting but got electrocuted five times and been electrocuted by a jellyfish

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    My mom's side of the family generation all get girls and when someone did have a boy he later died due to a lightning strike. He was my grandma's only brother amongst 3 sisters who still live, grandma herself had 2 girls and both of them had girls also which one of them included me. Not sure if its gonna have the same effect on me, time will tell :S

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    At a reinsanse fair in Muskegon Michigan a knight got struck by lightning in 1998 and didn't even notice. He said he was fine when the ambulance came. He had no scars or anything wrong with him. Freaky shit.

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