15 Richest People That Ever Lived On Earth

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Who are the richest people that ever lived on Earth and what was their Net Worth? While Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history, with a net worth of a whopping $150 billion, him earning $3,000 per second might not be as high as the rest of these rich people.
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    From successful businessmen, to world conquerors, to lavish royalty, everyone on this list got a taste of the greed, and just couldn’t stop themselves from raking in more and more of their value. While some of the people on this list may surprise you, what might surprise you more is just how much all of these people are worth!
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  5 months ago +677

    That awkward feeling when Jeff Bezos earning 3000$/second is nothing compared to these guys 👀

    • BrianByonVEVO
      BrianByonVEVO Month ago

      Where are Steve brothers who first built computers?? This list is mad.

    • Nasto 4U
      Nasto 4U Month ago

      @DANNYM is raw with God all things are possible...

  • Prince over lord
    Prince over lord 8 hours ago

    I have more money then the title

  • Eggie Batimala
    Eggie Batimala 10 hours ago

    🤴King nebbucanezerwas the richest$$$ of them all...AKA- king of babylon

  • Eternal WIXOSS
    Eternal WIXOSS 12 hours ago

    People from Hell: 100 Trillion dollars? That's cute *evil laughing* I have shit tons of Golds, silvers, diamonds and all of it.
    I am the richest in the entire universe
    God: What did you say?
    People from Hell: Oops sorry sir

  • keath Uon
    keath Uon 18 hours ago

    Love your video bruh! your comments are hilarious haha. Hope Starks & Bezos didn’t see this video haha. Not to mention, Gengis Kahn made probably trillion of babies throughout China, Mongolia, Europe, etc..

  • Danté Marcus
    Danté Marcus 2 days ago

    Then now I want to know much Jesus is

  • King Tigrones
    King Tigrones 2 days ago

    I respect ghengis he did alot of good

  • Romano Dickenson
    Romano Dickenson 2 days ago

    I'd rule my country with my friends with 100trillion$$$$$Jamaica

  • Tomko 12
    Tomko 12 2 days ago

    THE Genghis khan the richest man
    THE Mongolia poor country

  • BossGamezYT
    BossGamezYT 2 days ago

    There was once a guy who once accidentally put $90 trillion in a dude’s account

  • Miller Shanimie
    Miller Shanimie 3 days ago +1

    Even they are billioner or trillioner or what ever. they can't pay their sin in heaven..

  • Ragnar Kuki
    Ragnar Kuki 3 days ago

    Akbar has the kohinoor 💎

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne 3 days ago

    I'm very doubtful on this list

  • Fire Ball Gaming
    Fire Ball Gaming 3 days ago

    The narrator is irritating and boring

  • KaneWiz
    KaneWiz 3 days ago +3

    The narrator made this video a chore to watch. So much cringe on his pathetic attempt at humor.

  • Riste Kostadinov
    Riste Kostadinov 3 days ago

    Rotschilds probably worth couple of trillions dolars at one point

  • RKO 1718
    RKO 1718 4 days ago +2

    well I thought it should have been Solomon because
    in the bible, GOD said that no one will be richer than him

  • Zahid Millam
    Zahid Millam 4 days ago +5

    Me: I'm billionaire

    Gangiskhan: hah funny

  • Free Fire
    Free Fire 4 days ago +1

    kindergarden story😂😂😂😂

  • Mak Roberts
    Mak Roberts 5 days ago

    Not montana, but hell yes in washington state( western st. Hospital. Section 8

  • sosoaoap osks
    sosoaoap osks 5 days ago

    I thought the num 1 is the african dod 300 trillion dollars

  • Xenoflight
    Xenoflight 5 days ago +4

    This guy is so annoying he makes a joke after every thing he says. Just get to the point.

    • iFelson
      iFelson 17 hours ago

      Very true I like videos that makes it informative yet funny, but after too many it gets annoying.

  • s k
    s k 6 days ago

    This guy is a shit narrator. Fire him.

  • Ally Gacha
    Ally Gacha 7 days ago

    I am mongolian
    And its not that famous or good country

  • Zane Thind
    Zane Thind 7 days ago

    What about Julius Caesar he had like a trillion dollars

  • John Paul Sanchez
    John Paul Sanchez 8 days ago +2

    I thought Mansa Musa was the first one. Some experts also said that his net worth cannot be even put into words.

  • Danish Iman Twice
    Danish Iman Twice 9 days ago

    Israel Is Not A Country They Are Killer

  • Marielsy Paz
    Marielsy Paz 9 days ago +1

    What do you think happen to all that money??

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdisamed

    King Solomon is #1.

  • De’Angelo Williams
    De’Angelo Williams 10 days ago

    King Solomon should be first

  • Abhived S Nair
    Abhived S Nair 11 days ago

    The narrator is so terrible and annoying.

  • Chaudhary M
    Chaudhary M 11 days ago

    The prophet Suleiman (AS) is the richest man who ever lived so that puts him to number 1

  • JamesPlays
    JamesPlays 11 days ago

    August is named after ceaser

  • JamesPlays
    JamesPlays 11 days ago

    I just learned about mansa Musa in my AP world history class lol and I'm in 10th grade not trying to flex

  • The Legend
    The Legend 12 days ago +1

    15. Henry Ford
    14. Cornelius Vanderbilt
    13. Muammar Gaddafi
    12. William The
    11. Jakob Fugger
    10. Osman Ali Khan
    9. Tsar Nicholas
    8. Andrew Carnegie
    7. John D. Rockefeller
    6. Mansa Musa I
    5. King Solomon
    4.Augustus Caesar
    3. Akbar I
    2.Emperor Shenzong of Song
    1. Genghis Khan

  • Issa Bella
    Issa Bella 12 days ago

    The richest guy is a Muslim and Akbar is Muslim and Osman is a Muslim .

  • Junaid Muhammad
    Junaid Muhammad 12 days ago

    you don't know the Wealthy man Karun, in the era of Prophet Moses.

  • J & J Twins
    J & J Twins 12 days ago

    Vladimir Putin is the world's richest man

  • Akila Wickramanayaka
    Akila Wickramanayaka 12 days ago

    Get your facts right about Gadaffi..im asian and i know better..you americans need to get the fuck out of your bubble.

  • Pablo Molina
    Pablo Molina 12 days ago

    You know that Caesar Salad was invented in Mexico, in Tijuana?

  • Cursed Stray
    Cursed Stray 13 days ago

    What about Leviticus Cornwall

  • Be_chicago Made
    Be_chicago Made 13 days ago


  • A Soto
    A Soto 13 days ago +1

    I hate this narrator

  • Rashad Bell
    Rashad Bell 13 days ago

    You left Alexander the Great off the list🧐

  • Iceak99
    Iceak99 14 days ago

    8:08 if u think carnegie wasnt a jerk u obviously know nothing about him

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist 15 days ago

    Man During genghis khan rule 1/4 baby was born at that was from his bloodlin

  • subash ganeshan
    subash ganeshan 15 days ago

    Iam poor
    1like =$trillion
    I can beat them😆

  • Azmi Al-Atrach
    Azmi Al-Atrach 15 days ago

    Your style is crap

  • Anit Sarkar
    Anit Sarkar 16 days ago

    give the editor a medal

  • EtCent GT
    EtCent GT 16 days ago +1

    The world's GDP today are not even 100 trillion

  • PIROJKI •̀.̫•́
    PIROJKI •̀.̫•́ 17 days ago

    Genghis khan is not baddest meanest coldest person oke and UNSUBSCRIBE


    mansa musa is the richest worth $400 billion

  • 007 James
    007 James 18 days ago

    Welfare socialism Billionaire's an millionaires who pay's no taxes !
    Time to get the bastard's off government welfare !
    Time to tax the bastard's !
    hell waiting for the Greedy Rich scheming thieving Gluttonous Pricks ! paying slavery wages for slavery labor ! they are King of thieves !

  • Chukwuemeka Okonkwo
    Chukwuemeka Okonkwo 18 days ago

    Ur " sense of humor " isn't that great, but your video is ......it almost spoilt ur video 🙁

  • John Kenneth Mogar
    John Kenneth Mogar 18 days ago

    How about rotschild you moron 😁😄 this family can buy world. 👍

  • So What?
    So What? 18 days ago

    Polar ice caps have been melting for 10,000 years moron.

  • Radesh Lal
    Radesh Lal 18 days ago

    You are called the richest and you have the slowest wifi more slower than you making money 😂👋🏻

  • KiNG RiCE
    KiNG RiCE 19 days ago

    This video is actually shitty

  • rubbafunk
    rubbafunk 20 days ago +1


    • TheRichest
      TheRichest  19 days ago

      lol no these guys are :)ruclip.com/video/YJqwpYSybww/video.html

  • Ulemj Tumendelger
    Ulemj Tumendelger 20 days ago

    I'm actually from Mongolia