"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.4 | E!

Kim K. explores her options for having a third child, while Rob expresses his desire to create a strong bond with his daughter. Tune in.

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.4 | E!

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Автор people are talented ( назад)
All these girls are all stuck up!!

Автор #Tasiabo girl ( назад)
Kardashians yall act fake u just want to be the center of attention like u perfect but u ain't they should call keeping up with the fake Kardashians

Автор keka james ( назад)
oh lord rob so fat too much fast food

Автор Crystal Boddie ( назад)
How do you talk about some other womans butt when khloe but is huge and fake.

Автор RennyDraws4 You ( назад)
I know this is the stupidest question asked but what channel can I watch this amazing show?

Автор Ashe Bello ( назад)
I can be kim surrogate lol

Автор lonesoul 1428 ( назад)

Автор yessak dandan ( назад)
I noticed the Free Masonry logo on kourtney's jacket. Is there a family member or a close friend of the kardashians who happens to be a F&A mason? Except her son ofcourse.

Автор MrRuss10000 ( назад)
This grade school gossip show is still on the TV.   God dam people get a life.............

Автор brad watson ( назад)
i want to see a family photo of the kardashians before and after plastic surgery. they treat there body's like there androids lol.

Автор Ana lee ( назад)
Check out: Blackpink - Boombayah

Автор Mary Porter ( назад)
Kim could adopt if she wanted to!

Автор Giuliano paz ( назад)
1:37 masonic simbol.

Автор Ruthe Beyene ( назад)
i dont know why kim wont adopt if she wants to have more kids likw you already have two of your own and you cant carry anymore kids. There kids out there in the world that need to be adopted.

Автор ToniEmoji ( назад)
Again with the good American crap lol just go with American eagle she doesn't need another Range Rover 😂😂😂😂

Автор alicia austin ( назад)
Please follow

Автор Shirin Sani ( назад)
She should adopt it would help someone out and dhs can finally have the family she wanted

Автор Anissa B. ( назад)
is rob's kris tattoo faded? interesting.

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)
Keep calm and dislike

Автор This Glam Girls Life by Melyssa RL ( назад)
noticed the freemason symbol on Kourts black jacket.

Автор emily marie ( назад)
I'm literally just going to watch these now the ep. are getting so boring

Автор Mr Fish ( назад)
Just ask Khloe she hasn't had any action for years now.. Mind you they still haven't found her real dad... so god only know's what will come out..

Автор Ironwoman Lylyth ( назад)
she should not be afraid of surrogacy
1. she has enough money to go for the safest option in the world
2. there are still clinics like BioTexCom that provide quality treatment and all of the clients feel themselves safe there.

Автор atomtopa ( назад)
With lots of content on Youtube, who is still watching this show?

Автор Kairi J ( назад)
im so glad they are focusing on the sisters again and not scott

Автор Stajci M ( назад)
"Armenian Values"...I'm still trying to figure what exactly these values are..

Автор Nerlande Jean-pierre ( назад)
Kim just have a baby why can't she wait

Автор potatolookinthingy ( назад)
*wait why are they famous again..?*

Автор autumnsapphireblue, the only one. ( назад)
This is about to be on Lifetime..

Автор Fa-Ann .P ( назад)
No one is going to buy those jeans khloe they are to expensive lol

Автор BridE Of ThE NighT ( назад)
if this show ends Khloe you all going to be failed sisters :)

Автор Jilary Salgado ( назад)
If she died or something happen to her is on her and is totally her fault, if the doctor is telling you stop this is dangerous you can actually bleed to dead, but you are gonna continue you are an idiot big time and the fact you are keep telling the same thing over and over just show you want more attention that you have, you have already have two you are gonna risk you live and leave your actually children's alone for have a another ?! That is no sense ADOPT!

Автор Lianet Leyva ( назад)
Who else noticed the free mason sign on Kourney's jacket...?

Автор Audrey Tait ( назад)


Автор Serartic K ( назад)
the universe is telling her to stop reproducing. Jfc. take a hint

Автор Edward Norton ( назад)
Americans are so retarded

Автор smurfsnm ( назад)
Why doesn't Kourtney just be the surrogate? Kim and her know each other inside out, and Kourtney loves being pregnant and doing nothing much else with her life except this show?

Автор Dijana Stefanovic ( назад)
Where i can watch this? I don't have e canal please someone told me! (sorry for my english)

Автор Victoria Lovey ( назад)
I think if Khloe really wanted to reach that limit (which I'm sure she did) she should've made them regular priced jeans instead if having each pair cost 200 dollars see the thing about the girls is they don't realize their fanbase are in the mid to late teens to early 20's so who's going to be their parents to spend money on 200 dollar jeans

Автор Emi Nishimura ( назад)
Porq não tem em português?

Автор Wesley Kim Soguilon ( назад)

Автор NativeTiger ( назад)
I'm not trying to be funny....but what are the Armenian values that they were taught....??

Автор Hamster X ( назад)

Автор Safi Noor ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Renteria ( назад)

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