'Us' Behind the Scenes With Jordan Peele

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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    Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex talk about Jordan Peele as a Director.
    'Us' releases March 22, 2019.
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  • Nichole Dlp
    Nichole Dlp 14 days ago

    He is inspiring.
    Us represents your fears.
    Get out represents racism.
    But also COMEDY!!!
    Truly amazing. The mind of a genius. His horror movies have such an amazing message while leaving you clinging to your seat.(yeah I am scared rn)
    His comedy still has twists but they are heartwarming and hilarious!!!

  • Tomasi Qoriniasi
    Tomasi Qoriniasi 24 days ago


    im sorry i just had to bring it up

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    ❤️❤️Amazing movies❤️❤️

  • Try get 10,000 subs without a single video??

    What happened to the girl on the floor...?

  • Dalex429
    Dalex429 Month ago +1

    This man plays Meegan, WTF?

    JOE BAG 2 months ago

    The movie sucked a tad. It tried to be more than it was .

  • James ProArts
    James ProArts 2 months ago

    M ` Baku Shoulda stayed in Wakanda

  • Berserkir Claws
    Berserkir Claws 3 months ago +1

    He's one of the best director.

  • شيماء المالكي

    he is such a great writer and director 💚😚❤ really love us and get out please more of jordan peele 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  • iimaria
    iimaria 4 months ago

    This makes me a lot less scared of the movie now😭

  • Stephen Junior
    Stephen Junior 5 months ago +5

    whos got 5 on it

  • Dan Leonne
    Dan Leonne 5 months ago

    Wakanda Forever

  • giang nguyen
    giang nguyen 5 months ago +1

    their skin is so perfect, first time watching the trailer I thought it was some kind of animated or 3D characters

  • Jason Schwarzman
    Jason Schwarzman 5 months ago +3

    Anyone else think it’s weird that Jordan Peele has grey hair and he’s not even 40?

  • fung csmfung
    fung csmfung 5 months ago +39

    Why no interview with the little girl in the mirror ?? She is brilliant as well !

  • Alistarr Galaxson
    Alistarr Galaxson 5 months ago +13

    I really wanna be in a Jordan Peele movie thats my dream bro😭😭😭

  • Kurtis RS
    Kurtis RS 5 months ago +29

    okay now i need a 3 hour behind the scenes

  • samg
    samg 5 months ago +10

    his face really reminds me of tyler the creator

  • mirrbot
    mirrbot 5 months ago

    Movie was fucking crazy!!

  • kelly Niszczak
    kelly Niszczak 5 months ago +13

    I'll never listen to good vibrations the same again

  • oh yeah yeah ?
    oh yeah yeah ? 5 months ago +15

    Lupita is so pretty

  • David Connor
    David Connor 5 months ago

    2:31 Aye, I think the boxer Danny Jacobs got some explaining to do. balltribe.com/boxing/is-danny-jacobs-ducking-gennady-golovkin/ LMAO!!

  • DaDestroyer12
    DaDestroyer12 5 months ago +85

    I think him being an actor is a factor as to why he's a great director. Its easier for him to visualize what he wants in a scene and how he wants it to execute.

    • The Real Deal
      The Real Deal 3 months ago

      Lol actor and factor rhymes

    • Frame By Frame 101
      Frame By Frame 101 4 months ago

      DaDestroyer12 True but understand a director requires different skill sets then one of an actor.

    • DaDestroyer12
      DaDestroyer12 4 months ago +1

      @Frame By Frame 101 yes.... but being a director that can act has an advantage.

    • Frame By Frame 101
      Frame By Frame 101 4 months ago

      navytashigi True. But being an actor does not necessarily make you a good director.

    • navytashigi
      navytashigi 4 months ago

      @Frame By Frame 101 But it certainly helps to have the experience before hand of being an actor.

  • Jess Stairmand
    Jess Stairmand 5 months ago +34

    for someone that went from comedy to making masterpiece films like this I’m very impressed.
    I have a special place for him in my heart for some reason I really admire his work!

    MICHAEL TORRES 5 months ago +1

    Jordan Peele goes from Comedy to scary hahaha

  • JC Chan
    JC Chan 5 months ago +2

    Internet history 😂

  • King KY
    King KY 5 months ago +15

    Best movie ever

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 5 months ago +172

    It seems to be a great director one must grow a beard

  • KALEIDO jess
    KALEIDO jess 5 months ago +402

    It might sound weird to say but I’m so proud of him because he went from comedy to making movies and I never thought he’d make this change in his career but it’s really cool.

    • Daniella Violet
      Daniella Violet 5 months ago +2

      He's said they aren't very different, the only thing different between comedy and horror is the soundtrack

    • Jama Jama
      Jama Jama 5 months ago +4

      To go from being hilarious with comedy to making these horrifying films with such important underlying messages is really legendary. He’s going down in film history

      TIFFANY PERSAUD 5 months ago +1

      Doesn't sound weird at all. Thanks for saying it :)

      TIFFANY PERSAUD 5 months ago +5

      That doesn't sound weird at all. Thanks for saying it :)

    THELAST: MEDICALNINJA 5 months ago +5

    How did they made red go against her self

  • Where You Been Syn
    Where You Been Syn 5 months ago +6

    I was not a fan of this movie. I need to see it again.

    • superduperjoi
      superduperjoi 5 months ago

      I am glad you want to see it again. Once it ended I knew there were some subtle parts a lot of people would miss. The number of jumpscares is very low and people arent used to that

    • Travis M
      Travis M 5 months ago +10

      It was a lot more subtle than his first. A lot of great cinema review places haven't even commented in the very small twist that the last shot instills. Watch it a million times until you don't see anything new. And then once more to finally get it. I've seen it 3 times since its release last friday and i can't wait to go again

  • Stephen Walters
    Stephen Walters 5 months ago +6

    Can he remake Halloween

  • Lauryn Jones
    Lauryn Jones 5 months ago +21

    I couldn’t go to sleep

  • mariama .t.
    mariama .t. 5 months ago +130

    The little boy (Evan Alex) is so adorable! His cute little voice!

  • Ashton Gleckman
    Ashton Gleckman 5 months ago +11


  • Amaya
    Amaya 5 months ago +41

    This movie was so good but it scared me so bad 😂😂😂

    • Guilshad Joseph
      Guilshad Joseph 4 months ago

      @Zxnxrui same the dad was hilarious

    • Zxnxrui
      Zxnxrui 4 months ago +2

      It's so fun but so creepy at this same time. My entire theatre had a blast laughing and screaming!

    • __ __
      __ __ 5 months ago +2

      It felt like an action movie, with a creepy atmosphere. Especially with Pluto

    • Guilshad Joseph
      Guilshad Joseph 5 months ago +3

      Same bruh its brilliant written

  • sam champion
    sam champion 5 months ago +33

    A MUST WATCH 😭🙌🏿 great experience

    LEGO JOEY 5 months ago +6

    Cool video

  • cookie
    cookie 5 months ago +63


  • Kairo
    Kairo 5 months ago +250

    This needs to be at least an hour long

    • MindNumbingInc
      MindNumbingInc 5 months ago

      Trust me. It's all made up in the finished work. Peele is a lovable mad man!

  • imreallyhungry
    imreallyhungry 5 months ago +376

    Lupita is so flawless omg

  • Sarah Ainscough
    Sarah Ainscough 6 months ago +106

    Id love to be in a jordan peele horror film😍😍

  • Makale Graham
    Makale Graham 6 months ago +27

    Jordan Peele is the Hideo Kojima of films.

    • Quanzi Thom
      Quanzi Thom 4 months ago

      @Zxnxrui Speaking of Kojima, when is Death Stranding coming out?

    • Zxnxrui
      Zxnxrui 4 months ago +1

      @Quanzi Thom Ohhhh if those 2 minds worked together they'd make a seriously messed up (but funny) masterpiece.

    • K August
      K August 5 months ago +1

      That’s messed up...and right!?

    • Ben Connor
      Ben Connor 5 months ago +3

      Makale Graham this comment is beautiful

    • Makale Graham
      Makale Graham 5 months ago +5

      @Quanzi Thom dude... that's unfsthomable... also just finished watching Us.... dude.

  • a_lazy_girl's_guide
    a_lazy_girl's_guide 6 months ago +9

    Soooo intrigued with this movie... Can't wait!!!!

  • - Yuki -
    - Yuki - 6 months ago +40

    If only i could go watch it to the cinema !
    But i am saddly too young.. ( 9 years old! )
    Great video!

    • Moon Rox
      Moon Rox 5 months ago

      balmain bwoy try 123movies.com it works best on ipad and tablets and computers! 🧢

    • prod. christi #2
      prod. christi #2 5 months ago

      @Moon Rox can you link it please? i cant find it, either it's not there or it was taken down. thanks in advance!

    • brianpoole33
      brianpoole33 5 months ago

      Take your parents with you... you're welcome

    • Chloey.slays
      Chloey.slays 5 months ago

      Go with ur mom or something

    • Ari K.
      Ari K. 5 months ago +1

      At least for now you have Pewdiepie

    DYNAMIC LIVING PERSON 6 months ago +6


  • TomPatelGaming
    TomPatelGaming 6 months ago +5