What's inside a Tesla Battery?

You can purchase Tesla Lithium Ion batteries here:


Here's a pic of the capacity test I ran on a cell to confirm these are genuine: https://flic.kr/p/QpTGxJ
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Автор Europeans Rise - Worldwide! ( назад)
You really need to find out what safety precautions you should be observing before you dismantle objects like this. I know others have told you but you should be told a million times until it's hammered into your head!

Автор Waleed EL Mhamal ( назад)
whats up with this gay music in the background?

Автор Joel ( назад)
This is why the metric system sucks, that wasn't a meter. I'm willing to bet it was closer to 18".

Автор Dave Glenn ( назад)
Metre long? It's no more than 12"

Автор J SHIO ( назад)
Hmm I hope in a short time, they will become smaller by a factor of 2 and more powerful by a factor of 2

Автор Tylenole ( назад)
this dude is going to die soon lol. wonder how much of that got into your lungs.... never mind what got onto your hands. this is natural selection at work right her folks.

Автор Stephen Bright ( назад)
lithium catches fire with oxygen I don't need a flame to burn

Автор Zach Jacoby ( назад)
I don't think that copper sheet is a meter long mate

Автор Agent Office ( назад)
0v doesn't mean 0v if it's protected

Автор Martin K ( назад)
truth is that current flow from positive to negatyve is universaly agreed .... BUT truth is that we know not only agreed current flow but also real curentflow .. and that is from negatyve to positive ...

Автор TickyTack23 ( назад)
Please, use gloves.

Автор CVR IV ( назад)
A meter long?!?!?! I think you might be a tad off....

Автор Bidyut Borah ( назад)
Thank you for this elaborate demonstration

Автор G Allen ( назад)
Dude. What are you doing?

Автор susmoy s ( назад)
im glad i didnt watch the video. came to comments and learned a lot

Автор Roger Nevez ( назад)
it looks like an electrolytic capacitor

Автор INTELLIGENCE TV ( назад)
Thats so simple !

Автор LoneTiger ( назад)
So in short: Tesla batteries are just small capacitors?
Also that's the amp charge rating of this battery?

Автор Aban Jacob Ruman ( назад)
1:53 that's not a meter long. Do you also say you have a 14 inches cock?
that has to be 30cm

Автор erepsekahs ( назад)
"About a meter long"  Ahem, I would say about 30cm long.

Автор Luc Buydens ( назад)
Totally discharged, so safe to destroy. By bare hands.. Really? Please do not make that a general rule.

Автор Roman Krafft ( назад)
This video is full of crap...sorry but 90% of the Information this Idiot is giving is BS...secondly...Happy cancer μ Friend -.-

Автор nimm3 ( назад)
As a scientist in lithium-ion battery cells, I have to say: Beside the fact that 95 % of the things you are saying here are just WRONG, what you are doing is highly dangerous!!!
1. DONT. EVER. OPEN. A. LITHIUM. ION. CELL without knowing its danger!
2. USE F****IN gloves!!! The cell contains a significant amount of LiPF6. In contact with the air humidity it can react to hydrofluoric acid - btw. glove wouldnt help here. Furthermore the cathode is NCA. Its 80% Nickel, which is carcinogenic!!

What you show here is - again - really dangerous! You have risked your health!

Автор Matthias Seidel ( назад)
This video has so many mistakes!
ALWAYS USE GLOVES, there is Nickel everywhere and also rest of dangerous electrolyte which can have HF acid (watch breaking bad to see its effect on a large scale)

Автор Walkertongdee ( назад)
FYI Its not Tezla

Автор Jon Copley ( назад)
What kind of torch is that

Автор Chris Carson ( назад)
Buy them. What a quaint idea. I have over 130 and I'm just getting started. Now I did toss about 100 in that endeavor.

Автор Shponglas ( назад)
Can you weight cylinder and top/bottom caps separately or at least together?

Doesn't it had 2 rolls of seperator? Anode-seperator-cathode-seperator?

Автор ayy lmao ( назад)
wrong information, the black foil is not lithium. it's usually made of aluminium covered with graphite and there is no metallic lithium in a li-ion battery. there are lithium ions, hence the name. these come from the electrolyte, which consists of a lithium salt dissolved in an organic solvent, not dry. and that demo at the end, it didn't catch fire. it burned with a red flame because of the lithium ions, but there is no metallic lithium. and pure lithium metal burns on it's own, you kept the flame on it for like 15 seconds, but it didn't burn, it just glowed.

Автор George Lukes ( назад)
this guy is pretty good at slicing cylinders apart, but other than that, he really doesn't know his anode from a lithium hole in the ground...

Автор Chris W ( назад)
I'm sorry, but describing the positive terminal as having more power than the negative terminal shows ignorance of how electricity works.

Автор El Diablo ( назад)
It's about a meter long, he just has really, really small hands.

Автор IfingerblastGranny's ( назад)
Do not listen to this bullshitting goon.....he is a fcuking vegetable!

Автор Eric Kosak ( назад)
Could you post the weight of each of the foils as well as the weight of the shell?

Автор Rrr Ggg ( назад)
Tesla says they use in a battery: 80% Nickel, 15% Cobalt, 5% Aluminium, below 1% Lithium (cathode), Graphite and Silicon (anode) Lithium salt (electrolyte) + Aluminium or Copper (remaining elements)

Автор Satongi Films ( назад)
you said you gonna show how it catches on fire easily, and all you did was burn it with a torch, what's up with that?

Автор Model 3 Owners Club ( назад)
Small correction: the black sheet is not pure lithium. It's a lithium carbonate mix that is deposited onto a thin sheet of aluminum. The amount of pure lithium in a Tesla cell only accounts for about 2% of it weight.

Автор Ivansky1 ( назад)

Автор Ray Jones ( назад)
safe to handle

Автор JRP3 ( назад)
This video has incorrect information. Lithium ion cells don't use metallic lithium in them, they use lithium ions. The black foil should be aluminum under the black cathode coating.
Also electrolytes are not powder they are liquid, probably LiPF6 in organic solvents, and other additives.

Автор Rob Treadway ( назад)

Автор shades2 ( назад)
It's not usually an acid in other types of Li-Ion cells, it's usually a polar organic solvent with a dissolved Lithium salt.

Автор jehugarcia ( назад)
Can you check if the top cap has a CID ? its that metal disc that pops up if the preassure or temp goes too high

Автор Didi ( назад)
How did you dispose it afterwards?

Автор ufopulse ( назад)
nice duracell lol

Автор ufopulse ( назад)
that copper is a meter long?? lolz

Автор Phil Rabe ( назад)
A meter long? Looks like about 25cm unless it's folded back on itself a couple times. Oh. I just read you explanation.

Автор Gabriel Doudna ( назад)
Is this channel related to Firelands in any way? http://ares-rc.com/

Автор gede suarda ( назад)
i think the black one is not rel lithium, it is composed of carbon and ions of lithium

Автор JESUS CHRIST ( назад)
Very professional video even though small channel :)

Автор Joseph Chavez ( назад)
New subscriber.

Автор Irã ( назад)
There is a positive electrode and a negative one. The positive is made of lithium, right?What is the negative one made of?

Автор TheVegasSoup.TV ( назад)
Im only commenting to say hi. Hello!

Автор Bruce Harding ( назад)
They are designed and made by Panasonic. Only sold as "Tesla" to rip off the gullible.

Автор Hamish Emerson ( назад)
did it myself

Автор Ernesto Laguardua ( назад)
Mining Lithium its not ecological more wars for this are going to happen.

Автор Bass On Web ( назад)
well this channel is popular i was thinking 721 subs hmm wut i was thinking you are close to 100,000 subs o.o

Автор Yaseen Ahmed ( назад)
cool nice video liked it

Автор IronArmor ( назад)
WTF ? A meter long ? You sir are not used to the metric system.

Автор Δημήτρης Κουτσάκης ( назад)
This looks more to me like a Samsung SDI 18650 battery..

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