100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
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    A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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    About this video:
    What's the worst date you've been on?
    100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 2 123

  • Michael Tratter
    Michael Tratter 20 minutes ago

    2:52 people who demand getting paid for on the first date are so pretentious and antipathetic to me...

    she's probably nice, but the statement triggered me

  • Sam L
    Sam L Day ago

    Dating sure is tough!

  • Xana Olsdal
    Xana Olsdal 3 days ago

    "He made me pay for my own food." LoL What would you expect? o_O Pay for your shit, sister!

  • Noah Staveley
    Noah Staveley 3 days ago +1

    short guy: exists
    girl: WORST date i've ever been on!!!!!!

  • Georgina Regazzi
    Georgina Regazzi 3 days ago

    "The very first words out of her mouth were; "You really wore that?" And I was like, this is gonna go fuckin awesome." 😂

  • H baby
    H baby 4 days ago


  • Dan Bond
    Dan Bond 8 days ago +4

    It’s like they made their own story, due to the editing.

  • Grace Kenyon
    Grace Kenyon 8 days ago

    The editing is fucking brilliant

  • Katrina K
    Katrina K 8 days ago

    2:30 All I can think about is "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!"

  • tegan likes muffins
    tegan likes muffins 9 days ago

    the guy at 3:55 kinda looks and sounds like an older cole/dylan sprouse

  • Ugh it’s Vanessa
    Ugh it’s Vanessa 9 days ago +1

    “I got kidnapped”
    And then no follow up

  • Sophia
    Sophia 10 days ago

    So basically nobody talked about their worse date, the editor made up his own.

  • Official Hung
    Official Hung 10 days ago

    0:20 is she 21 or 41 I can’t tell and who is this women? I need her insta

  • Chloe
    Chloe 10 days ago

    The tater tot story honestly sounds like the worst of all of these

  • Tom Wilkinson
    Tom Wilkinson 11 days ago

    3:27 whats that jacket surely someone knows

  • dirty towel
    dirty towel 11 days ago

    Ugh I actually wanted to hear the stories not just snippets 🙄

  • itzyaboii 99
    itzyaboii 99 11 days ago

    A dramatic reading
    "And she shows up wearing hot pants....to prom"

  • Chad
    Chad 12 days ago

    3:30 thats so shallow wth

  • Kevin R. Serrano
    Kevin R. Serrano 12 days ago

    2:42 This dude is very mismatched, he doesn't look like a person that should have face tatts

  • Amine FARES
    Amine FARES 12 days ago

    OMG! those eyes!!!! (3:38)

  • Ben Fackrell
    Ben Fackrell 13 days ago

    The virgin dude out here talking about elections and shit

  • carmen
    carmen 13 days ago

    0:22 her eyes tho...?

  • A
    A 14 days ago

    This gave me a headache

  • JD
    JD 14 days ago


  • hazel culff
    hazel culff 14 days ago

    i dont like the way they have edited it, i know there are alot of people but i wanna hear all their stories not little snippets of them cause i dont know which story belongs to which person...

  • Cailene Triangle
    Cailene Triangle 15 days ago

    Are we ever going to see anyones actual story? Or just a superedit? Like frfr

  • michelle peach
    michelle peach 16 days ago

    this is one big crazy story!

    I wish they didn’t cut this video too much

  • Alexis Ray
    Alexis Ray 16 days ago

    Omg can I get a job please

  • Lowa Adamu
    Lowa Adamu 17 days ago

    ...In the middle of the woods? Huh?

  • Maggie Pedone
    Maggie Pedone 17 days ago +2

    everything is so out of context im crying lmao

  • Nico Fire
    Nico Fire 17 days ago

    My experience
    I met a guy through tinder just to play video games with, i just wanted someone to connect with through video games
    and a couple months go by of knowing this guy and not meeting him in person, we finally decided to set up something.
    We both agreed to go hang out his place and play some league of legends, and when i got there everything seemed fine
    he was cool, calm and the person i knew i was talking to, but when we reached to his room... there... in front of me, a
    ton of MY LITTLE PONY figures, blankets, rugs, posters, action figures, plushies, his monitors background and phone case
    WHO WAS this person, i felt a huge wave of cringe hit me, he told me to not mind anything he just likes the show ALOT
    but it was just to much for me, so i stayed for 20mins and texted my friends to make a fake phone call to me (pretending
    they were my mom) lol.

  • Norisha Mohammed
    Norisha Mohammed 18 days ago

    This is the worse edit ever

  • Ali Prince Felemban
    Ali Prince Felemban 18 days ago

    I didn't understand a thing, you just cut it all Out

  • Regina Mwangi
    Regina Mwangi 18 days ago

    I've never been on a date 😂😂

  • mario ruvalcaba
    mario ruvalcaba 19 days ago

    The best editors are on this channel and B.A without a doubt

  • Jonathan Huerta
    Jonathan Huerta 19 days ago

    That naruto jacket tho 🔥🔥

  • wicked
    wicked 21 day ago


    BIG BLACK TYRONE 22 days ago

    3:29 fuck you bitch

  • Mariel Noceja
    Mariel Noceja 23 days ago

    People arguing here with the editing.
    The name of the channel says it all.

  • ckom0007
    ckom0007 24 days ago

    Went wolverine hunting-bad idea!

  • Roua Hakimi
    Roua Hakimi 25 days ago

    it would be so funny if two people from the same date were in this video and described their date with each other

  • Schnoz
    Schnoz 25 days ago

    1:35 that guy obviously doesn't know what's happening in South Africa

  • S K
    S K 27 days ago

    “Neither of us had enough money to pay for it “ lmfao “ elbows off the table if your able” so gross

  • Marzy Barzy
    Marzy Barzy 28 days ago

    in 6th grade i went to the movies with my then boyfriend and we held hands but our arms were up the whole movie like on the armrest and so my whole hand went numb but i didnt want to stop holding his hand so i just delt with it anyway

  • Simply Just Servers
    Simply Just Servers 28 days ago +69

    I guess there's a reason why this channel's called 'cut'.

  • Tanner Prater
    Tanner Prater Month ago

    The guy at 0:18 marry me. You're legit the most perfect looking guy for me

  • Chesney Barnier
    Chesney Barnier Month ago

    3:37 chick looks like Aliya (battle angel). Coolest eyes I've ever seen!

  • J H
    J H Month ago

    You want me to buy you tator tots? No, then she started eating my tator tots. That's every girlfriend ever.

  • rheyma cousino
    rheyma cousino Month ago

    “And it was an awesome movie but the guy was like shitty as fuck”

  • Daniel Claggett
    Daniel Claggett Month ago

    DANG!! Now I really don't feel bad about my bad dates....

  • christdolphin69
    christdolphin69 Month ago

    Who would date these disgusting fucking losers. Everyone is awful and boring and so fucking ugly. I don’t believe that these people weren’t the worst parts about each of their dates

  • Blackpink Trash
    Blackpink Trash Month ago +1

    Mine was we went to the movies for our first date...and it was so crowded so we had to sit in different areas...when the movie was done I forgot about him and drove hone...
    He had to call and I turned around right away because I drove us to the theatres.
    I felt so bad. 💀

  • it's just me Wrin
    it's just me Wrin Month ago

    "She wanted my tater tots IT WAS HORRIBLE"

  • Shahad
    Shahad Month ago +3

    this is horrible, we want to hear the full stories not stupid snippets

  • Valrey Peebler
    Valrey Peebler Month ago

    One time my first boyfriend and I went out to an icecream shop with my family and he had soft serve ice cream. We gave him a spoon but he kept licking it slowly and making weird eye contact with me. It looked like he was making love to his ice cream, fuckin nasty. I'm so glad I broke up with that mofo lmao

    • Valrey Peebler
      Valrey Peebler Month ago

      And on another first date with a guy, I was at a trampoline park and I jumped too hard and pissed myself

  • Princess Serenity
    Princess Serenity Month ago

    The tater tots guy...

    I feel you homie, I feel you....

  • Duck Tape Melodies
    Duck Tape Melodies Month ago

    Holly shit this editing is insufferable

  • Popcorn pal
    Popcorn pal Month ago

    2:35 SAMMEEEEE

  • Túwonone
    Túwonone Month ago +1

    Wait.....why did the waiter chase you down???

  • Red Rosa
    Red Rosa Month ago

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. The editing is terrible! I didn't get anything out of this! Maybe instead of asking 100 people and not letting them actually spill the whole tea, maybe just take 5-10 and actually let them talk?! Would be much more entertaining.