Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration

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  • Buddha GetEm
    Buddha GetEm 48 минут назад

    Anyone want to sign my petition to ban the spread of false information.

  • Soroush Hoseini
    Soroush Hoseini 57 минут назад

    In 1000 years, when we have rotating space habitats and orbital rings, there will still be flat earthers

  • Obey The Law
    Obey The Law Час назад

    Flat earth people are too stupid to even have in our society. Lets export them to another country.

  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams 3 часа назад

    Mr. Neil still has not explained how he can change the LAWS of fluid mechanics... If he had physical proof he could shut all us Rational Thinkers up right now... Please bring Proof to the People Beyond the Imaginary Curve.. We hold classes every Saturday and would greatly love someone as famous as Mr. Neil to explain how that is possible...

  • music by aliens
    music by aliens 4 часа назад

    Aahhhhhh.    A phsizzlesyst, AND a well trained propagandist. Good.. Very good.. Say Neil, what IS the name of that big tall building ?  I don't think you know.  Ya knew the twin towers tho.      Good,, Very good.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 6 часов назад +1

    show us a picture

  • Matthew Zablocki
    Matthew Zablocki 7 часов назад +1

    If the earth is flat then how come we can travel in any direction and come right back to our starting point????? I'll wait for an answer.

  • TruthBy Design
    TruthBy Design 8 часов назад

    If you believe stupid shit., you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 15 часов назад

    look how flat it looks outside :)

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 14 часов назад

      Why would you expect to see curvature on that scale and at that altitude?

  • Neurotic
    Neurotic 16 часов назад

    anthony cumia has a 25 years old delivery boys body and a 60 years old mans head

    T UNDERWOOD 16 часов назад

    The only people that say they proved it's a sphere are astronauts & scientists ...the only believers are fools...

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 14 часов назад

      Really? So centuries of people navigating the entire Earth by sea and hence proving the Earth is a globe were also astronauts and scientists? How interesting :)

  • James Whiteford
    James Whiteford 23 часа назад +1

    how do flat earthers explain the half moon? quarter moon ? full moon ? scary how stupid people can be

  • Bolwinkel
    Bolwinkel День назад +1

    I love black space science man

  • MyRedPony1
    MyRedPony1 День назад +1

    I saw a meme recently that said "If the earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off." Loved it!!

  • IamTheSherm
    IamTheSherm День назад

    SpaceX is not a publicly traded company, so all of its shareholders have already approved the mission to Mars. NDT is wrong about that.

  • OMD Oh My Dog
    OMD Oh My Dog День назад

    Tomorrow is full solar eclipse ( Aug 21st 2017).
    My question is to all the flat Earth believers who lives across the globe, WTF how moon can come in between Earth and sun when supposebly your ity bity sun is floating circling flat pan cake earth 3000 miles away? How.

    You guys say speed of light is lie. Everything is a lie. How and why would someone benefits from all these lies?

    Just walk to the edge of the your pancake earth and jump off the edge ( Pun intended), I bet you will fail on that as well.

  • Andres_Ch
    Andres_Ch День назад

    Kyrie irving

  • Mark Kellogs
    Mark Kellogs День назад

    I cant believe that some very smart folks out there wouldn't suggest that every flat surface would have a centralized high point/coordinate that can be seen from 100% of the full surface simultaneous, cones, pyramids etc example empty squared/circular room with a light hanging from the ceiling, now can every inch of that floor see the light above? yes.. so lets put lasers around the edge of the room pointing directly at the light, it would form a pyramid or a cone depending on the shaped room I suggested a moment ago. so if the earth is flat and the north pole is the centre?, right? go to the north pole, point a laser vertically in the sky, go to all ends of the earth and connect those lasers all with the north pole laser. if they all connect simultaneously then the earth is flat as we know you're unable to connect all lasers from 100% surface of a  sphere from 1 centralized high point (its impossible). if they do not all connect simultaneous like it suppose to in the flat earth theory then the earth is exactly what we have been taught.. this is only irrefutable simplistic test to stop this money making machine cease to exist once and for all.

  • Peter Gibbons
    Peter Gibbons День назад

    The Earth Is not a spinning ball.
    Neil is not a scientist. He is a government employee...

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo День назад

      And Eric Dubay is your God? :)

  • Louisa Chugg
    Louisa Chugg День назад

    The evil globalists and their spherical ways!!

    Seriously, one 'reason' I've read by a flat- earther as to why governments/scientists/astronauts, etc would lie about the shape of planets is because "they want to sell more globes." I kid you not.

  • Goodfella 45
    Goodfella 45 2 дня назад

    Whatever the earth shape is.. nasa is fake

  • Eduardo Faustino
    Eduardo Faustino 2 дня назад

    The moon is round and the sun... and the earth is flat?

  • balu g
    balu g 2 дня назад

    "DNA" Neil went a little kendrick lamar there. Haha. Great video🖒

  • Desaree Haber
    Desaree Haber 2 дня назад

    Weve been spoon fed our reality do you believe what you hear? I dont. . Neil Degrass Tyson is full of shit!! pear shaped earth? Then where did all the round earth photos come from, Neil? were they lying now, or then? Theyve been lying ALL ALONG. 1ooo feet ice wall around earth that we cannot scale...... there are 72 references in the bible that says the earth is Fixed immovable..the suns rotation etc. Earth is disc shaped. ALL My senses says we are still. we are said to be spinning at 1025 mph. The fastest speed ever recorded is a tornado recorded at 300 mph.. and this speed destroys everything in its path, but we are spinning 3xs faster and there is no wind and we cannot experience with our many senses any of it...I believe my senses NOT YOU! Piss off

    • MTMindTwo
      MTMindTwo 2 дня назад

      Desaree Haber - Using your SAME plane as an example, if a passenger in your plane jumps up, will the back of the plane smash into him at 500 mph? Or will he land back on the same spot he jumped up from?

      According to your logic, the back of the plane would smash into him at 500 mph! :-)

      Everything and everyone inside your plane, including the air, is travelling at 500 mph, therefore all the movement inside is relative to the plane.

      Do the passengers inside your plane feel they're travelling at 500 mph? No! If the atmospheric conditions are stable enough and the plane is cruising, people inside your plane couldn't tell if they're up in the air or down on the ground unless they look out of the window.

      Same on the Earth. Everything and everyone on Earth, including the air, is moving with the Earth as it rotates, just like everything and everyone inside your plane is moving with the plane, and therefore all movement on Earth is relative to the Earth, just as all movement inside your plane is relative to the plane.

    • Desaree Haber
      Desaree Haber 2 дня назад

      and how the hell can a plane moving at 500 mph or less, catch up with and LAND on a runway moving 3 times faster at 1500 mph? WTF?? ever see a fly land on a moving But all planes can?! YEAH believe that shit.

  • abdelhakim mokhbat
    abdelhakim mokhbat 2 дня назад

    If earth was not flat and Nasa had the evidence then why these morons keep talking about flat earthers? Let them cry out and scream about the flatness of their earth rather than trying to ridicule them. I was a globe earther a couple years ago. and as a result of some ignorant globe earthers, it made me suspicious which led me to watch videos about the flat are they are very convincing. With regard to the sun setting 2 minutes later if you climb in a sky scraper building, this has nothing to do with the curvature of the earth, it is to do with building and mountains not blocking the view of the sun when it is setting and you happen to be in a high altitude.

  • chewyismycopilot
    chewyismycopilot 2 дня назад

    The heliocentric model is falling apart before our very eyes. People need to do some research into neil Tyson because when you find out where he gets his money from it's easy to understand why he lies. I don't think he's someone who is mistaken about the nature of reality, he is just here to divert and misinform.

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo День назад

      chewyismycopilot - You said _"You haven't refuted my claim that the heliocentric model is falling apart before our very eyes"_

      Because you haven't offered anything to refute!

      That's as ridiculous and me saying "The flat Earth theory is falling apart before our very eyes", and then asking you to refute it.

      Without any statement to support that claim and without any evidence to back it up, then it would be nothing but empty words.

      Likewise your claim about the heliocentric model is nothing but empty words.

      The heliocentric model you speak of has predicted to the nearest second the start and end time of the forthcoming eclipse and calculated the exact path of that total eclipse across the surface of the Earth.

      What has your flat Earth theory ever predicted? That's right, nothing, except that the bank balance of charlatans like Eric Dubay will increase thanks to people like you. :)

      So back up your claim with evidence. No excuses please.

      As for Eric Dubay, yeah right, the guy who in his "200 Proofs..." free eBook claims the sun is close to us and just above the clouds but ALSO claims the sun is 3000 miles up at the same time :-D

    • chewyismycopilot
      chewyismycopilot День назад

      You haven't refuted my claim that the heliocentric model is falling apart before our very eyes. How interesting. Neil Tyson is an actor he is not an educator he is not a scientist. He is an actor paid to read 'sciencey' things off a teleprompter. Eric Dubay does an incredible job dismantling him.

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo День назад

      You said _"The heliocentric model is falling apart before our very eyes."_

      Lol! Exactly the same claim I've read over the years from those who say the Earth is concave, those who say the Earth is convex, those who say the Earth is hollow and those who say the flat Earth is square :-)

      So tell me more about the flat, hollow, concave, convex, circular, square Earth.

  • Emoji Flash
    Emoji Flash 2 дня назад

    This guy isn't willing to prove his globe theory.... We need proof

    • 3C-Bromo-Dragonfly
      3C-Bromo-Dragonfly День назад

      +Emoji Flash Simplest proof ever: One *celestial equator* in the center rotating inexorably around 2 unique "half-domes" *FIXED on 2 binary opposite celestial poles,* as indicated by star trails from the equator painting the *celestial sphere* (akin to a rotating tunnel/barrel in the sky), which is so damned accurate it can be converted into a novelty item called the *illuminated star globe.* The exact same effect is produced when a twirling ballerina *spins* and looks up and down; two localized pivot points result. Similarly, the existence of *2 celestial poles* (close to Polaris and Sigma Octantis in the north & south, respectively) serves as indisputable proof of earth's spherical rotundity, and is *100% geometrically impossible on a giant space pizza.*

  • Likith Magnet
    Likith Magnet 2 дня назад

    It is pure fun to watch tyson's expression when he hears something about flat earthers!!

  • David Goddard
    David Goddard 2 дня назад

    Funny how the interview is conducted in front of an entirely flat horizon image # fish €¥£$ △

  • david77james
    david77james 2 дня назад

    Look past Anthony's shoulder and see the horizon, flat as a pancake, never dips.

    • juneoflo
      juneoflo 2 дня назад

      If the earth is a flat disk, then shouldn't there be a curve as well? It should be noticeable at high altitudes. Also, where is the ice wall? Could you imagine the sight of it, I can make millions selling tours to the edge of the world lmao.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 2 дня назад

      david77james and this proves that the earth is big, not flat but big.
      Learn geometry.

  • G Knight
    G Knight 2 дня назад

    The irony in the background I can't stop staring at the flat horizon in the background lmao...

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 14 часов назад

      Again, as I've said to others, why would you expect to see curvature on that scale and at that altitude?

      It looks like a photo taken from the top of a skyscraper. I don't recall anyone claiming that to see the curvature of the Earth we only need to go to the top of a skyscraper.

  • qssneaky
    qssneaky 2 дня назад +1

    All that talk and the horizon behind them is perfectly flat....Mock much?

    • juneoflo
      juneoflo 2 дня назад

      So you expect to see curvature at that height? Stupid much?

    • mike wade
      mike wade 2 дня назад

      qssneaky what does that mean!?!
      Does it mean that geometric illiteracy is rampant among the fe cult.

  • Haannibal777
    Haannibal777 2 дня назад

    The real failure of the educational system is that you need a scientist to debunk flat earth.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 2 дня назад

      Haannibal777 no you don't, the average Joe has been wrecking the fe delusion.

  • Ali nedved
    Ali nedved 2 дня назад

    Just for your informations muslums look at the moon to tell when and how much days to fast and of course it's a month around 30 days , and this idiot is saying 40 really !

  • Adam Wojtyrowski
    Adam Wojtyrowski 3 дня назад

    Dlaczego nikt nie poprosił tych idiotow żeby sie najpierw popatrzyli za siebie na prefekt płaski horyzont. Kamery pokazujące ich z osobna idealnie wykazują jak dokładnie rownolegle lezą w stosunku do siebie linia okien , która ma może cztery metry i linia horyzontu , która ma nie mniej jak trzydzieści a może i więcej mil. Ale ci faceci nie musza ani patrzeć ani sie nad niczym zastanawiać. Taki gatunek homo molosapiens.

  • jack siscavage
    jack siscavage 3 дня назад

    These GoofBalls are a real Joke. I bet they think we actually we to the moon too! Eric Dubay would eat these ScrewBalls alive. Research Flat Earth and find the truth. These two guys evolved from monkeys. The rest of us are God's creation.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 2 дня назад

      jack siscavage Eric is a joke, he would not be able to lie to Neil.
      Only a clueless close minded moron believes in the fe, Since it been destroyed time and time again and frauds like Eric has been exposed.
      The fe is dying because of it's failure to find observable proof.

  • jwgeezer
    jwgeezer 3 дня назад

    Nice flat horizon behind Cumia there. Rises to eye level too!

    • MT MindToo
      MT MindToo 3 дня назад

      Er, why would you expect to see curvature of the horizon on that scale and from that height? That image appears to be taken from a skyscraper.

      I recall people saying we can see curvature of the horizon when at high altitude, such as in an airplane or many miles up in a balloon, but I don't recall anyone saying we can see curvature simply by looking out from the top of a skyscraper.

  • John Long
    John Long 3 дня назад

    neil works with the elite hes a manipulator

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 3 дня назад

    It's hard to know why you ball earth wankers feel the need to comment on flat earth really. Your version, as illogical as it is, is the mainstream version so why worry?
    Maybe it's because the ball is so easy to debunk. Sorry ball earth wankers but flat earth is an absolute doddle to prove. If you want a debate ...... bring it on you ball earth wankers!!!!!

    • juneoflo
      juneoflo 2 дня назад

      Show me a picture of the Ice wall and no CGI BS. Show me the thousands of ships from all the nations guarding it...go go Paul Morris.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 3 дня назад

      Hold on, what? The globe isn't 79.000 miles wide! That would be more than it's circumference :P

    • MT MindToo
      MT MindToo 3 дня назад

      Paul Morris - You said _"Give me some examples of the earth's curvature. Go."_

      State the type of curvature you want to see please. Horizon curve or forward dip?

      I ask because there's a strange claim made by flat Earth believers like yourself, where you claim no curvature of the horizon can be seen at all at altitude.

      The problem is, according to flat Earth theorists, the shape of your flat Earth is a circle. A circle seen edge on appears flat, a straight line, but when we're above a circle we can see the curvature of the edge of that circle.

      The difference between a flat Earth and a globe is the size, where a flat Earth is claimed to be a circle about 25,000 miles wide and the globe Earth is about 79000 miles wide.

      So at high altitude, the horizon of a CIRCLE shaped flat Earth should still appear to be curved, only not as much as we would expect on a globe Earth.

      By claiming you see absolutely no curvature at all, you are also saying your flat Earth is not a circle. So what shape is it? :)

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 3 дня назад

      I said south celestial pole, not south pole. If you don't know what that means look it up. It may not exist in the flat earth model, but it very much exists in reality and can be seen anywhere south of the equator.

    • Paul Morris
      Paul Morris 3 дня назад

      There's nothing to explain dragonfucks. The South Pole doesn't exist on the flat earth model.
      Give me some examples of the earth's curvature. Go.

  • Loki Wizard
    Loki Wizard 3 дня назад

    These two dudes should just go get a room.

  • guywhosfly
    guywhosfly 4 дня назад

    Nice green screen.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 4 дня назад +1

    I cant believe with all the stuff out there proving the opposite, that some morons still believe in flat earth. What the hell would be the point of telling the population that the earth is a globe if it was just a disk? srsly can someone explain this?

  • Mahmood Khair
    Mahmood Khair 4 дня назад +2

    5000 flat earthers disliked this video

  • Julie Delaney
    Julie Delaney 4 дня назад

    I do not think these men are honest .

    • Julie Delaney
      Julie Delaney 2 дня назад

      He rocks my boat ,lets just leave it at that -peace brother

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 3 дня назад

      Julie, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but I find it a mockery when someone like Eric Dubay claims in his "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" that the sun is close to us and just above the clouds but then says the sun is 3000 miles up! It can't be both and yet flat Earth believers conveniently ignore inconsistencies like that :-)

    • Julie Delaney
      Julie Delaney 3 дня назад

      I think that label is incorrect, that belongs to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the bulk of their conversation is a mockery.

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      Likewise Julie, you are free to believe whatever you like from charlatans like Eric Dubay :-)

    • Julie Delaney
      Julie Delaney 4 дня назад

      You are free to believe what you like, like I said, one day it will be shown ,then what I said here will also be correct.

  • Bryan Hahn
    Bryan Hahn 4 дня назад

    I use to look up to this guy.. but the more I look into him and study him.. I really want to punch his pretentious fuckery in the face..
    "They pull shit out of their ass and through a science word behind it". ??
    Debunk it, you renowned astrophysicist genius.
    I don't buy it. I'm still upset. I have to learn to start laughing at him.. I'm mad at Bill though.. fucker. Since I was a kid?? So mad. Dick.
    At least he's a better actor than this Obama figure. 😒😬

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      Science isn't about faith. If you think it is, then you don't understand science.

      If you only believe what you see with your own eyes, then you can't say atoms exist, you can't say all the countries you've never visited exists, you can't say the people you've never seen in person exists, you can't say anything that you haven't seen with your eyes exists.

      My point is, at some level, we ALL have to trust information that comes from others, and we ALL do, inculding you.

      This topic is about a flat Earth, so have you seen the entire flat Earth with your own eyes? No. Have you seen the edge of the flat Earth with your own eyes? No. So if you believe the Earth is flat, then you are going along with 'faith' :-)

    • Bryan Hahn
      Bryan Hahn 4 дня назад

      MTMind2 not at all. For their own good reason. I have to see things with my own eyes. I don't go along with 'faith' very well..

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      So you looked up to him and yet you actually thought he would support the idea of a flat Earth? Really?

      Do you think Stephen Hawking would support a flat Earth too?

  • White Smoke
    White Smoke 4 дня назад

    Hella high

  • Vin Desmont
    Vin Desmont 4 дня назад

    if the earth is flat and a huge meteor fall on the edge, then we're doomed as the earth face could flip upside down and never face the sun anymore. lol.

  • OudeicratAnnachrista
    OudeicratAnnachrista 4 дня назад

    people believe all kinds of preposterous things, eg. prohibiting employment of less productive workers 1) doesn't cause unemployment of less productive workers and even 2) causes employers to lose money by pretending these workers are more productive

  • stu gatz
    stu gatz 4 дня назад

    What a bunch of bullshit. They didn't debunk flat earth! Even with NDTyson. Who answered nothing. Of course it leads to space exploration. $$$$$. No results grean screans and cgi....

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      You said _"At this point its on the "scientists" to prove the earth is not flat."_

      Already been done by proving the Earth is round, which has been done for thousands of years.

      Other people claim that the Earth is concave, that the Earth is convex, that the Earth is hollow, that the Moon is hollow, that the Moon is a spaceship, that the Moon is a hologram, and many more.

      You will find lots of videos on YT about ALL the claims listed above and more, and yet they can't all be true!

      So since when is it the role of scientists to prove the Earth is not flat, the Earth is not concave, the Earth is not convex, the Earth is not hollow, the Moon is not hollow, the Moon is not a spaceship, the Moon is not a hologram, etc.

      No my friend, it is up to the followers of EACH of those conspiracy claims to prove it themselves. It is not up to scientists to waste time debunking every fad or fashionable conspiracy claim that happens to come along.

      You said _"Nasa is been busted numerous times with more lies to mention ie fake iss ect"_

      Which shows just how easily you are taken in (hook, line and sinker) by conspiracy theorists!

      You can see the ISS for YOURSELF by using apps you can install on your phone and websites you can visit, where all you need to do is enter your location and you will be presented with dates and times of when YOU will be able to see the ISS pass overhead with the NAKED EYE (looks like a very bright star moving across the sky).

      Millions of people have done that over the years, and because the ISS location can be predicted for everyone ANYWHERE, some people have setup telescopes to film it for themselves and uploaded the results to YT.

      So please explain how the ISS is fake when we can ALL see it for ourselves and have been able to do so for nearly 20 YEARS.

      Did you know that? Of course you didn't, because as I said, you blindly believed everything conspiracy theorists told you without doing any research yourself :-)

    • stu gatz
      stu gatz 4 дня назад

      MTMind2 i dont blindly believe anything. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions. At this point its on the "scientists" to prove the earth is not flat. Nasa is been busted numerous times with more lies to mention ie fake iss ect. I dont usually feed the trolls so have a good one empty vessel.

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      In other words you blindly believe everything conspiracy theorists tells you without doing any research yourself :)
      For example, the favourite CGI claim, from those who *still* don't understand that ALL the digital photos we've taken with our phones are as 'CGI' as photos taken in space!

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdude 4 дня назад

    Earth is my city

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdude 4 дня назад

    Stupid people believe in the Flat Earth Conspiracy because they come up with stupid evidence which, because they're stupid, it makes sense to them (but they're stupid

  • imjoeimjoe
    imjoeimjoe 4 дня назад

    Boy are you flat earthers gonna feel stupid when you witness the solar eclipse on monday. fucking idiots...

  • Zimmadreiundzwanzig
    Zimmadreiundzwanzig 4 дня назад

    thatz funny! he sais you just can't pull shit out of your ass and say itz science by backing it up with scientific wordz........ THATZ ALL THEZE BOZOZE DO......... furthermore,  moslems, even in the day of the prophet, that lived in the mountains of arabia had later prayer times because of their  PERSPECTIVE of the sun. and they never believed the earth was anything other than flat. they didn't need the Koran to tell them that. which it does in many places. and I doubt that n. de grass was even in Dubai like he sais. if he was he would better know the facts of the holy month like every other person on earth knows except him.  and personally, I think the flat earth movement will finally STABILIZE the foundationz of an UNINFORMED society.......... one more thing.... wher'z the curve in the picture behind them ?   (side note) .......... z.

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      Zimmadreiundzwanzig - You said _"Al Biruni seems to have created a flat map. you know?"_

      Nope, he created an Azimuthal Equidistant map, one of many types of 2D projections of a globe Earth. Flat Earth believers adopted that map ONLY because it's a projection that stretches the South Pole around the outside.

      The Azimuthal Equidistant map, or AE map, also known as the Gleason map, is created from a GLOBE Earth with the north pole in the center.

      In fact, you can create an AE map from ANY location on Earth, including where YOU live.

      Google search: *NS6T's Azimuthal Map,* and click on the link found with that title.

      To create the AE map (Gleason map) enter the co-ordinates of the north pole as follows;

      Location: 90, 0

      Click on *'Create Map'* and Voila! It's the familiar AE map, or Gleason map, that flat Earth believers adopted as their own.

      Now see it from YOUR location by clicking the button *'Estimate Location'* and then click on *'Create Map'*

      Voila again! An AE map with your location at the center.

      Now enter the Location: -90, 0 and click on *'Create map'*

      Voila once more! An AE map with the south pole at the center this time.

      And so on.

      Therefore the fact that flat Earth believers have used a map generated from a GLOBE Earth is just laughable, it really is :-D

      Regarding Muslims and the Koran, stick to what you know please. For example, I assume you believe in the bible, correct? So please name a Christian church, or any biblical church, that has ever said the Earth was flat in the last 2000 years. Name the church please :-)

    • Zimmadreiundzwanzig
      Zimmadreiundzwanzig 4 дня назад

      Al Biruni seems to have created  a flat map. you know?  the one used by the u.n. , the u.s.g.s. and various others. I don't know where you got that info on early Muslim astronomers but the sun is always somewhere else depending on your perspective and time of year. so thatz no proof. early Muslim astronomers based their studies on the Koran as far as I know and the Koran implicates nothing other than that world the  is flat as does the Bible..... itz flat... live with it.       z.

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 4 дня назад

      You said _"and they never believed the earth was anything other than flat."_

      Says who? You? :) That's complete nonsense.

      Because the sun is directly overhead in Mecca (or Makkah) on 28th May at 9:18 (GMT) and 16th July at 9:27, then anyone in the world who can see the sun at those times will be *exactly* facing Mecca when they face the sun. Therefore can mark the direction and always pray towards that direction.

      For those that can't see the sun at those times, they need to face the opposite direction to the sun on 28th November at 21:09 (GMT) and 13th January at 2109 to know *exactly* where Mecca is and hence always pray in that direction.

      That method ONLY works on the globe Earth and works for EVERYONE. It does not work on your claimed flat Earth map.

      Early Muslim astronomers used the fact that the Earth was ROUND to determine where Mecca was to anyone in the world. The Muslim astronomer Abu Biruni created a method to determine the size of the ROUND Earth accurately about 1000 YEARS ago, where his estimate for the diameter of the Earth was out by only HALF a percent! (He calculated 12,679 km when it's actually 12,742 km).

      As for a curve in the picture behind them, why would you expect to see a curve on that scale and at that altitude? That picture is not the Earth seen from many miles up in a balloon, it's a view from a skyscraper!

  • Mike Riddle
    Mike Riddle 4 дня назад

    I love how Neil is playing with the pieces of the table. I do that in class.

  • Ken Potter
    Ken Potter 5 дней назад

    The Mandela Effect is giving me a false memory of a world where the "Special Class" kids at least knew that they were the stupid ones.

  • Kamal Azam
    Kamal Azam 5 дней назад +1

    There is scepticism
    Then there is super-ultra-mega-sayan-scepticism
    Where you believe that everything (even the gravity that holds you down) is a lie

  • Ken Potter
    Ken Potter 5 дней назад +3

    If God made the earth flat, then He went to great lengths to cause the sun, moon, and stars to move exactly as they would appear to move from the perspective of the inhabitants of a spherical Earth. Why would God go to such extremes to fool only the people to whom He had given a mind for higher math?

  • Ken Potter
    Ken Potter 5 дней назад +1

    Flat-Earthers are like the naked emperor, except that they are in a village where everyone else knows that they are indeed naked.

  • Ken Potter
    Ken Potter 5 дней назад

    Do the Flat-Earthers have an ambassador who is their smartest leader?

  • Non Spherical
    Non Spherical 5 дней назад

    Yes, it's a huge failure of the education system, as it promotes memorization over thinking. Flat earth is an excellent opportunity to examine what you think you "know" and why you think you know it. The knee jerk reaction to humiliate anyone who would dare question is only evidence of your programming. It's also arrogant and not very scientific.

    • Non Spherical
      Non Spherical 5 дней назад

      You've given me some things to consider, and I'll return later after I've had time to give a thoughtful response, but at first glance, I know a little bit about the Schiehallion experiment. I don't think it's the slam dunk you suggest, as many don't consider it valid or repeatable, and the numbers are so small they're arguably negligible. The amount of "pull" being equivalent to a grain of sand. sorry but that sounds a bit fishy(keep in mind that i would expect some bs experiments to be presented as truth in a conspiracy of this kind) Newton thought it was bs.
      Weight on a mountain would require some specialized equipment, and the results tiny to negligible(sorry to be such a doubter but Ive already found many of the claims asserted as truth to be false. Coriolis effect, bullshit. No one uses it. It's just mentioned in some military manuals(I would expect that) I was a gunners mate in the us navy, and was not taught a thing about it. I have seal sniper friends who don't use it. Think about it. Youre taking a shot from a mile away and you've got too many factors that are out of your control like wind fluctuations to worry about coriolis.
      Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll check the videos you suggested, as soon as i can. peace

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 5 дней назад

      Non Spherical - The first experiment I provided reveals how weight changes with altitude in a way that can only be explained by gravity.

      But what about the gravitational pull between smaller objects?

      There's the mountain and pendulum experiments, such as the Schiehallion experiment, but that's a very specialist test that most of us cannot carry out ourselves.

      But another one is the Cavendish experiment, where suspended and balanced masses at rest can be shown to be attracted to another mass brought close to it, due to the comparatively tiny but sufficient pull of gravity.

      For example, search YouTube for: *Demonstration of Gravitation Attraction*

      Watch the first two videos found, *"Demonstration of Gravitation Attraction"* by Jimmy Demello and *"Gravitational Attraction"* by Thomas Koch (showing two experiments).

      Those experiments have been carried out countless times by independent teams and individuals all over the world and the results are always the same, i.e. a demonstration of gravitational attraction between the masses.

      There are other experiments too, but I hope the experiment I listed in my previous reply together with those demonstrated in the videos above shows that masses DO attract each other, therefore there is a force of attraction between masses, a force that can be predicted using the theories of gravity.

    • Non Spherical
      Non Spherical 5 дней назад

      mike wade
      So you say.
      We need gravity to keep us from flying off the ball. I suggest it wouldn't exist or be necessary on a flat earth. Can you demonstrate gravity in a real way without dropping something and exclaiming "gravity!" Can you demonstrate large objects attracting each other without appealing to an authority, an equation or a book?

    • MTMind2
      MTMind2 5 дней назад

      Non Spherical - You said _"I suggest youre making generalizations..."_

      Says the person who suggested that people who reject the flat Earth do so because the education system didn't teach them how to think ;-)

      Anyway, it's all good...

      You said _"Anyway you have the burden of proof."_

      Actually no, proof has been provided by countless sources over the centuries, hence gravity for example is an established fact. But yes, I would be more than happy to demonstrate it in two ways.

      Firstly, here's an experiment that proves gravity with results that cannot be explained by any flat Earth theories of density or buoyancy etc, only theories of gravity can explain and predict the results:

      Weight is the pull of gravity upon a mass, as a result, the further we are from the source of gravity the weaker the gravitational pull, which means the less an object will weigh.

      So find the most accurate precision scales you can get your hands on and an object with a mass of say 1 kg (i.e. weighs about 2.2 pounds) at sea level.

      Now take that object and scales to the top of a high mountain and weigh the same object - it will now weigh a fraction less than the 2.2 pounds it weighed at sea level.

      Take that SAME object to 30,000 feet (5.6 miles) inside an aircraft, and it will now weigh even less than it did on the mountain! You can even weigh it again upon landing and notice that it now weighs a fraction more than it did at 30,000 feet!

      Setup a balloon that could take that same object and scales up to about 10 miles. That same object will now weigh less than it did at 30,000 feet. In general, the higher the balloon goes, the less it will weigh.

      All of this is due to the fact that the object is moving further and further away from the surface of the Earth, away from the source of gravity.

      If gravity didn't exist, then that object should weigh exactly the same at the top of the mountain as it does at sea level, and exactly the same at 30,000 feet in the airplane (and the same when the airplane is on the runway) and weigh exactly the same when many miles up in the balloon! In other words, it should weight 2.2 pounds everywhere!

      Instead, not only does that object weigh less with altitude (being further away from the gravitational pull of the Earth), but the weight at altitude can be predicted accurately using the theories of gravity!

      Therefore the theories of gravity are correct, and hence gravity exists.

      So how does the flat Earth theory explain that 1 kg mass weighing less with altitude? It doesn't.

      I hope that helps. I'll provide another example in my next reply.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 5 дней назад

      Non Spherical the flat earth needs gravity as does the globe.
      A mic will not drop without gravity.
      Gravity is quite simple. But strangely misunderstood perhaps deliberately.
      The way gravity is often explained by flat earth believers is wrong, deliberately or otherwise. Why is that..
      In a weightless environment, how do you think you can tell the difference in mass between a feather and a cannon ball? cannot get out more energy than you put in..

      Which will propel you with greater force, if thrown in a weightless environment.

      Gravity is not selective.

  • Zhi Yin
    Zhi Yin 5 дней назад

    This host was dwarfed.

  • Clayon  Gunzelle
    Clayon Gunzelle 6 дней назад

    Is it flat like a disc, square, rectangle or triangle 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • David rocha
    David rocha 6 дней назад

    I don't like the green screen

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 6 дней назад

    WTF? Are they nuisances or why do they even care...need attention?

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 6 дней назад

    The world is flat to Muons at least, in the direction of travel.

  • Stahpitt
    Stahpitt 6 дней назад

    That's one thing i loved from listening to lawrence Kraus, he drills the scientific method into your skull. I'm really glad science has saved me from the confusing world view i used to have.

  • Stahpitt
    Stahpitt 6 дней назад

    Theres really cheap ways of testing to see if the earth is flat, take a weather balloon with a camera and let it float 150,000 feet into the atmosphere. Go-pros are actually documented to withstand the fall from that height, so all together it would cost you 200-300$ dollars to finally "prove" the earth is flat.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 5 дней назад

      Stahpitt problem is high altitude ballon footage does not show a flat earth.
      All you're gonna get is a pretty picture.

  • TruthIsKey95
    TruthIsKey95 6 дней назад

    This is simple people. If the Earth was in fact a ball/sphere. Why the fuck are they trying to debunk the flat earth and get mad over it if they've been to the moon taking pictures of the Earth from there? Do you really need me to tell you why? Because it is FAKE. Come on!

    Typical ballearthers trying to debunk the flat earth with "gravity". Seriously, what the fuck.. Gravity is a theory. The reason why water and everything else gets pulled towards the Earth is because of it's "Density". It is common sense people, it is heavier than air. And if you put helium in a balloon it goes up because it is lighter than air. Gravity doesn't exist. Is it that hard to get?

    Flat Earth/Stationary Earth. We are at the bottom, we are not in "space" spinning around the sun. Everything we see is above us, the stars are rotating above us just as we can see it with our own eyes, we are not spinning. Look it up, don't be ignorant. Give it a chance for once.

    Gravity = Theory. Density = Proven fact which you can test for yourself. Now, which one makes more sense. Think about it for a while. Remember, use your own senses, it is not that hard once you realize. Thank you, and have an awesome day.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 3 дня назад

      Hahahaha, watch as he immediately switches to the good old "SHOW ME DA CURVITUR" once someone actually breaches his safe space by debunking that Density bs.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 5 дней назад

      TruthIsKey95 If flat earth believers are so convinced that the earth is flat then why are they always attacking the globe rather than proving a Flat Earth.
      The real reason is the earth ain't flat and don't work or test flat.
      Because it's a globe.

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo 6 дней назад

      TruthIsKey95 - Are you not curious for an experiment that proves gravity in a way you can't explain with density or buoyancy? :-)

      And state the type of curvature you want to see please. Horizon curve or forward dip?

      I ask because there's a strange claim made by flat Earth believers like yourself, where you claim no curvature of the horizon can be seen at all at altitude.

      The problem is, according to flat Earth theorists, the shape of your flat Earth is a *circle.* A circle seen edge on appears flat, a straight line, but when we're above a circle we can see the curvature of the edge of that circle.

      The difference between a flat Earth and a globe is the size, where a flat Earth is claimed to be a circle about 25,000 miles wide and the globe Earth is about 79000 miles wide.

      So at high altitude, the horizon of a CIRCLE shaped flat Earth should *still appear to be curved,* only not as much as we would expect on a globe Earth.

      By claiming you see absolutely no curvature at all, you are also saying your flat Earth is not a circle. So what shape is it? :)

    • TruthIsKey95
      TruthIsKey95 6 дней назад

      show me the curvature of the ball earth

    • MTMindToo
      MTMindToo 6 дней назад

      TruthIsKey95 - You said _"This is simple people. If the Earth was in fact a ball/sphere. Why the fuck are they trying to debunk the flat earth and get mad over it"_

      Really? That's very poor logic from you :-)

      Here are some of the other conspiracy claims being debunked, which by your logic must mean they're true too;

      The Earth is concave, The Earth is convex, The Earth is Hollow, The Earth is a flat square, The moon is hollow, the moon is a hologram, the moon is a spaceship, and many more....

      What makes you think the flat Earth is any different?

      Lets get to the heart of your claim here, where you said and I quote _"Gravity = Theory. Density = Proven fact which you can test for yourself."_

      Wrong. Numerous experiments produces results that proves the existence of gravity, results that can NOT be explained by density or buoyancy. FACT :-)

  • ConspiracyHQ
    ConspiracyHQ 6 дней назад

    Flat and motionless

  • Catherine O'Connell
    Catherine O'Connell 6 дней назад

    Jerks..........TEL-LIE-VISION............PROGRAMMING ..........
    Sea LEVEL
    NASA >>> no ass sent above.........lunacy small lie for massive lie for mankind......

  • com ment
    com ment 6 дней назад


  • Zaki Jarnija
    Zaki Jarnija 6 дней назад

    wooow this is some good propaganda and everything he is saying i'm sure it's the opposite :D just be open to understanding go and see RONALD BERNARD elite banker and whistleblower and wake up to the illusion beeing forced on you

  • Zaki Jarnija
    Zaki Jarnija 6 дней назад

    why do all celebs have green above their nose between the eyes and around the side and chin all celebs have a greenish tint maybe we should start by putting humans first and not baphomet ;) then we can have some peace around here

  • Zaki Jarnija
    Zaki Jarnija 6 дней назад

    very funny this is a joke :D

  • Hell-O, Michelle
    Hell-O, Michelle 6 дней назад

    Why is it so unbelievable that the earth is flat? Science is based on theory, as well. Scientists, physicists, and twits like this Degrassi are appointed their station in life by the very people who lie about everything, anyway. NASA is full of shit, and this flat/round earth division is the distraction to keep us arguing about inconsequential crap. They're STILL covering up the truth- which would knock them ALL off their high horses...

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 дней назад

      You clearly don't have much of a clue what a theory is, or how it works in a scientific context.

      In science, a theory is not some hunch or an idea someone has. A theory is a framework developed to explain a body of measured data, aka facts. If the theory cannot explain the data, it must either be modified until it can, or discarded to be replaced with a better one. A good theory can not only explain the measurements, but also predict future ones.

      Every scientist questions their own theories. The day he stops questioning his own theories is the day he ceases to be a scientist. Science demands extensive testing of one's theories, and is not afraid to discard or replace a theory if it fails.

      After many centuries of measuring, testing and experimenting by millions of people all over the world, the heliocentric globe earth theory lasts to accurately explain and predict all relevant observations. On the other hand, the flat earth theory, if we can even call it that, fails on every level after even the slightest scrutiny.

      Millennia worth of collective human knowledge and research - data which is essentially available for free to anybody with a working internet connection - all back this theory that the Earth is a globe. The flat earth, propagated only by amateurs with no expertise, knowledge or experience in any scientific fields, has a very long way to go. This is why it's so unbelievable.

  • OVVlogs -
    OVVlogs - 6 дней назад +1

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a puppet.

  • Scrumshiz
    Scrumshiz 7 дней назад

    Big, hairy, audacious goals. Love you Neil.

  • MrLTiger
    MrLTiger 7 дней назад

    I just really hope those people never have kids.

    BUSTA MAL HEART 7 дней назад

    Education = Indoctrination = brainwashing
    They teach you what to think, not how to think.
    If you believe we live on a globe then your brain is a school textbook.
    I'm so glad I never I took the bullshit they tried to teach me seriously, or I too would be a victim of their Indoctrination.
    I see through all their bull, from false flags to fake missions to fake space. The truth is absolutely liberating.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 3 дня назад

      No response?

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 дней назад

      > _Education = Indoctrination by Definition_

      Haha, nope. Your fucked up idea of education does not translate to reality.

      > _Theres no proof of a globe rotating in space._

      There is plenty. Such as the fact that there are two celestial poles - unexplainable with any flat earth, yet natural on a globe.


      You can see the ISS yourself, did you know? imgur . com/a/i8C6q

      50 minutes of uncut video documenting the ISS interior (only one cut very early in the video). Astronauts going up, down, left, right through long and tight tunnels expanding in all directions. This is impossible for wires and harnesses: www . youtube . com/watch?v=QvTmdIhYnes

      > _Nasa/academia say the curvature is 8 inches per mile squared yet you can see Chicago from Michigan. No curvature whatsoever._

      Nope. Only during light refraction (which is very apparent and creates a lot of visible distortion), and even then you can only see the tips of the tallest buildings. Is the rest flooded?

      > _The longest bridge in the world is 100 miles long and completely level. Should be 7000 Ft of curvature in that bridge._

      After 100 miles, the earth curves by only 1.45 degrees. Meaning that a level aligned with one end of the bridge and one aligned with the other end of the bridge would only angle away from each other by that much. The 7000 feet are spread out evenly over the 100 mile distance. 7000 feet is not very much compared to 100 miles.

      > _The longest canal in the world is 100 miles long and completely level. Not a single loch was used._

      Water curves with the Earth's surface. Why would there be need for a lock?

      > _Kansas is completely flat for over 100 miles. The salt flats of Bolivia is completely flat for over a 100 miles. Saskatchewan is completely flat._

      Correction: These places are smooth, not flat. They are level in regards to the Earth's surface.

      > _Water always runs down hill and finds it level._

      Yes. And?

      > _Water would have to run up hill in some regions of the world in order for a ball to work._

      No, it wouldn't. Uphill does not mean north. Just because the north is on "top" of the most globes doesn't mean that that's uphill. Uphill is away from the globe, downhill is toward the globe. You really have to be an infant to not be able to grasp this simple concept. These directions don't just exist everywhere - they are defined by Earth's gravitational pull, which is always to the center of mass.

      > _This is like debating an infant. Lol_

      I hadn't even made a single argument yet, and you already judge my debating skills! Very premature. Let me guess, you made up your mind about Earth's shape with that attitude too?

      BUSTA MAL HEART 6 дней назад

      dragonmcmx You have absolutely no argument. Education = Indoctrination by Definition.
      If you you're so "educated" then prove a globe rotating in space.
      Theres no proof of a globe rotating in space. No proof of space travel. ISS IS FAKE, CGI and HARNESSES.
      "Space walks" are done in a pool in a studio. Moon landings and every other mission was fake.
      Nasa/academia say the curvature is 8 inches per mile squared yet you can see Chicago from Michigan. No curvature whatsoever.
      The longest bridge in the world is 100 miles long and completely level. Should be 7000 Ft of curvature in that bridge.
      The longest canal in the world is 100 miles long and completely level. Not a single loch was used.
      Kansas is completely flat for over 100 miles. The salt flats of Bolivia is completely flat for over a 100 miles. Saskatchewan is completely flat.
      Water always runs down hill and finds it level.
      Water would have to run up hill in some regions of the world in order for a ball to work.
      This is like debating an infant. Lol

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 дней назад

      Clearly you've never been to an actual school, or if you have, you've failed miserably.

  • WTF CD 〈[Foxy]〉
    WTF CD 〈[Foxy]〉 7 дней назад +1

    There is no logic in Religion

  • Pet Shop
    Pet Shop 7 дней назад

    When Neil is talking about the building he says "I did some calculations".
    Something armchair scientists simply can not do.

  • Phuture Rustik
    Phuture Rustik 7 дней назад

    these two clowns talking shit jajaja earth is flat everybody knows this is true now!

  • Luis Henrique Caetano
    Luis Henrique Caetano 7 дней назад

    What is the first prof we went to the moon? Hollywood?

  • 4eyes DOMAIN
    4eyes DOMAIN 7 дней назад

    If the earth is flat, what's on the opposite side then?.. Dark continent?.. 😎

  • TheTigger38
    TheTigger38 7 дней назад

    My only question is... When will the War between the so called 'Flat Earthers' vs the 'Hollow Earthers'! BOTH cant be right, and sooner or later hostilities will begin! Cant WAIT!! Gonna get me a ring side seat to this event! LOL

    • TheTigger38
      TheTigger38 7 дней назад

      Side note: LOVE Neil DeGrasse Tyson! What an Intelligent man! Hes just awesome with his knowledge hes gained in life! Keep on teaching us Neil!

  • Historyweedscience 420710
    Historyweedscience 420710 8 дней назад

    I also would say that a lot of Americans have such little trust in government were looking for any thing to discredit them

  • Ravic Answers
    Ravic Answers 8 дней назад

    Proof our educational system is failing.

  • Heather Blah
    Heather Blah 8 дней назад

    These people should also be banned from the teaching profession, or indeed even from having children...

    DIEVAL LAVEID 8 дней назад

    Yeah, because only Scientist can do Science!!

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 дней назад

      Everyone can do science.

  • Shawnaldo75
    Shawnaldo75 8 дней назад

    Flat Earthers, explain how the Antarctica Cup (a sailing race around Antarctica) is only 14,000 miles, but the equator is 25,000 miles.

    Also explain meteor showers, aurora, gravity, coriolis effects, the magnetic shield, retrograde motion of planets, sunsets, time lapse of stars,

  • Benjy Bro
    Benjy Bro 9 дней назад

    Well, Can't say that I'm surprised that even in 2017 so many people are still pushing this flat earth thing... Not surprised, just disappointed. But hey, shout out to all the people who have the brain cells necessary to recognise the bleeding obvious. Worry not my logical peers for *Low Earth Orbit Flights* will be available for general public within the next 20 years. Eventually we'll have shit tonnes of videos online posted by thousands of people who could afford a ticket. Everyone will have at least one person whom they know personally that got a ticket and did an orbit. It's gonna be hilarious watching these plebs stress their little noodles over that shit.

    • Benjy Bro
      Benjy Bro 8 дней назад

      It's gonna be pretty fucken hard to keep with the "NASA/Government/Scientist Hoax" argument once your Aunty Sue is posting her videos on facebook of her orbit *around* the globe.

  • olds92
    olds92 9 дней назад

    I'm just playing around. You people are taking this WAY too seriously. Lighten up.

  • Garrett Oliva
    Garrett Oliva 9 дней назад

    If the earth is flat than the moon is a hexagon and the sun is a pyramid

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 9 дней назад

    We should militarize space. That'll get things rolling when nothing else will.

  • Jeremy Salda
    Jeremy Salda 9 дней назад

    Satellite radio and TV prove its spherical. No way satellites could work with a flat Earth, centripetal force is necessary for them to stay up.

  • Stunami
    Stunami 9 дней назад +1

    The whole thing was a social experiment hoax. The beliefs are real. It exposes how easily the masses can be fooled scientifically, economically and politically

  • Allan Dsouza
    Allan Dsouza 9 дней назад

    Flat Earth society has members all around the globe

  • Arthur VIPAUTO
    Arthur VIPAUTO 9 дней назад

    Please try and refrain from feeding the flat-earthers.

    Seriously, you must understand that arguing and providing facts will NEVER change their minds. Calling them idiots, retards etc is not helpful either. These groups of people genuinely believe in their own mind that the earth is flat. It doesn't make them bad people but simply misinformed. This deeply saddens me. If you want to believe that our planet is flat, you have the legal right to do so, but understand that this ideology will hold you back in life professionally and socially. Please try and keep an open mind and do some more research on our planet from different sources.

  • Sérgio Costa
    Sérgio Costa 9 дней назад

    It's "farts" earth theory hahahahaha

  • Jersey Representing
    Jersey Representing 9 дней назад

    How, in this day and age, can you have a shot where the background is more in focus than the subject in the foreground? IN TWO DIFFERENT SHOTS!

    • Jersey Representing
      Jersey Representing 8 дней назад

      Those are not monitors, it's green screen. Still doesn't change the terrible focus of the cameras.

    • mike wade
      mike wade 8 дней назад

      Jersey Representing TV monitors not windows.