Last YouTuber to Stop Playing 2K19 Wins $10,000

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • If yall want to see more nba 2k19 challenge videos like this, let's get this video to 15K likes! Appreciate Troydan, Davis, Fanum and Peter coming through. And Raptors Uprising for letting us crash in there home over the days.
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  • Dylan Gross
    Dylan Gross 3 hours ago

    Where I find that video of fanum rappin at 😂

  • gk enrique
    gk enrique 9 hours ago

    Troydan was quiet asf thats was the key

  • Geege
    Geege 14 hours ago

    Bro Davis is the Chandler of the 2k community

  • Name is Amethyst
    Name is Amethyst 17 hours ago

    I cant stop laughing man omg fanum and the crew and funny asf . FACTSSSSS!!!!

  • Troydan Daniels
    Troydan Daniels 19 hours ago


  • Exmilitarized
    Exmilitarized Day ago

    Definitely inspired by MrBeast but way better since it’s 2k.

  • Andrew Sarkissian

    Troydan went HARD. He was grinding my team the entire time

  • Reflex Shotty
    Reflex Shotty Day ago

    The boy troydan

  • dkcarpio
    dkcarpio Day ago

    13:22 troydan really is socially awkward

  • The King
    The King 2 days ago

    davis cant fight

  • Caleb Johnston
    Caleb Johnston 3 days ago

    You should have played freestyle on my team by just shooting around

  • Alvin Karlsson
    Alvin Karlsson 3 days ago

    what is my gm

  • flaming turtle guy
    flaming turtle guy 3 days ago

    Troydan egghead

  • Daunte Williams
    Daunte Williams 4 days ago

    14:45 davess wtf😂😂

  • Pro Veloz
    Pro Veloz 4 days ago

    I love troydan😂

  • ByronBeatz
    ByronBeatz 5 days ago

    This man Troydan on the coke somebody check on him

  • Faze Duck
    Faze Duck 5 days ago +1

    13:22 Me when my mom walks in on me jacking off

  • Jabon Hipe
    Jabon Hipe 5 days ago

    *Agent Beast*

  • T3 Hoopz
    T3 Hoopz 5 days ago

    When agent said he didn’t eat yet I was surprised 😂

  • Sven
    Sven 6 days ago

    That fanum guy ruins all your videos man

  • Aiden Nasir
    Aiden Nasir 6 days ago


  • So Help Me
    So Help Me 6 days ago

    we gone act like agent didn’t single handedly get fanum NOT to break his chair for 24 hours?

  • Dawson Scarborough
    Dawson Scarborough 6 days ago

    Why does fanum look like a mouse

  • SoldoutDates YT
    SoldoutDates YT 7 days ago

    Troy Dan 💀😂

  • Astro Clan
    Astro Clan 7 days ago

    Who won?

  • EnErGetYx Arts
    EnErGetYx Arts 8 days ago

    poor peter that guy fanum a real fat ass idiot lmao

  • streetwear chef
    streetwear chef 8 days ago

    Troydan was coked up obviously

  • YABOY Mcsticky
    YABOY Mcsticky 9 days ago

    This is like the 6ths time I watched this video and somehow it’s still funny 😆

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 9 days ago +2

    why is troydan glowing bright pastey white? Jesus

    • Man Ouch
      Man Ouch 4 days ago +1

      He doesn't go outside. Hes literally a 30 year old balding man that sits in his basement and spends thousands of dollars on 2k. But that's why we love him

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 9 days ago

    Smoke crystal meth and play

  • Thanh Thuy Nguyen
    Thanh Thuy Nguyen 9 days ago

    Hey you forgot my boy blaze

  • michaelhar14
    michaelhar14 10 days ago

    Bro we need swante

  • Kyle Ocasio
    Kyle Ocasio 11 days ago

    Agent thinks he is mr.beast😂

  • Joe Nih
    Joe Nih 11 days ago

    Ok mr Beast

  • The Mediocre Gamer
    The Mediocre Gamer 11 days ago

    A 2K reality tv show would kill on RUclip.. Can I please help produce it? You're an evil genius....

  • Kasami
    Kasami 11 days ago

    Fanum wasn’t playing 2k

  • Orlando 2k
    Orlando 2k 11 days ago

    Troy is funny as hell

  • James Broom
    James Broom 12 days ago

    12:11 that doesn’t sound like troydan

  • King Trash Can
    King Trash Can 13 days ago

    Flight would be good on this

  • callme vibez
    callme vibez 14 days ago

    Agent c

  • Sxrpreme Boy
    Sxrpreme Boy 14 days ago


  • King Zari
    King Zari 15 days ago +1


  • nicholas finnigan
    nicholas finnigan 15 days ago

    2k is fucking trash

  • Porn set Jay
    Porn set Jay 16 days ago

    Davisss built like somebody moms

  • T F
    T F 16 days ago +1

    Mr Beast is disappointed

  • xProG
    xProG 17 days ago

    Agent you high key need better lighting down there

  • the gaming god
    the gaming god 17 days ago

    Yooooooo I do that on a regular

  • Riley Garza
    Riley Garza 17 days ago


  • Riley Garza
    Riley Garza 17 days ago


  • JDBaski
    JDBaski 17 days ago

    I stay up playing 2k daily 17 hours

  • TheGamingKat
    TheGamingKat 17 days ago

    Imma keep it a sextillion wit u I thought fatum was gonna throw a chair

  • Young Ray Ray
    Young Ray Ray 18 days ago

    Snow balls... in June?

    • Deku Nani
      Deku Nani 17 days ago

      It was March in Canada that means snow

  • CRakHeadOfGaming
    CRakHeadOfGaming 18 days ago

    Servalence camer

  • Thunder Lopez
    Thunder Lopez 18 days ago +2

    Would watching adds before. A game count as playing the game?

  • Mr2k71
    Mr2k71 18 days ago


  • Bzuk
    Bzuk 18 days ago

    Fanum rages too much to be trash

  • Steven De Leon
    Steven De Leon 18 days ago

    Why don’t you do this for people who need that money instead of you tubers that make plenty of money.

  • Arnel De Leon
    Arnel De Leon 18 days ago

    Easy, just play MyLeague.

  • Moneytostreet
    Moneytostreet 19 days ago

    This was lit asf

  • Jake Hanks
    Jake Hanks 19 days ago

    Go tigers

  • Frgid
    Frgid 19 days ago

    is it just me or did agent get hella fat

  • UziCuzi __
    UziCuzi __ 20 days ago

    Troy won so he could spend on packs 😂😂

  • UziCuzi __
    UziCuzi __ 20 days ago +1

    15:28 😂😂😂😂

  • UziCuzi __
    UziCuzi __ 20 days ago +1

    9:14 😂😂

  • UziCuzi __
    UziCuzi __ 20 days ago +1

    5:20 😂

  • John ggg
    John ggg 20 days ago +1

    Fat ass

  • Bmx2 Soria
    Bmx2 Soria 20 days ago +1

    Dubs for me

  • Subsynx
    Subsynx 20 days ago

    Troydan was chill the entire challenge, he was in to win.

  • CubaN KinG
    CubaN KinG 20 days ago

    The last person to stop acting like Mr. Beast wins $1 million dollars 🙄

    • Doge Coin
      Doge Coin 20 days ago +1

      CubaN KinG Ah yes, because MrBeast invented giving people money. Clown ass.

  • Braydon The Awesome
    Braydon The Awesome 21 day ago

    I’m from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦