I Reviewed His Restaurant.. What I Found Next WILL SHOCK YOU.. (Roblox)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • Geodash34
    Geodash34 9 months ago +3977

    Kitchen nightmare bloxburg addition 2019.😂🤣

  • Sir Games
    Sir Games 20 hours ago

    He did need the money

  • Melvin Delica
    Melvin Delica 2 days ago

    Even jacks

  • Melvin Delica
    Melvin Delica 2 days ago

    If that is not pretending why a mysterious is ur friend all people that trapping

  • Melvin Delica
    Melvin Delica 2 days ago


  • Melvin Delica
    Melvin Delica 2 days ago

    I know you guys are just pretending

  • Melvin Delica
    Melvin Delica 2 days ago

    Stop pretending

  • Essex HE
    Essex HE 5 days ago

    Hi poke love ur vids and u and I am not saying I wanna u know it’s just werid

  • Kimtristan Camba
    Kimtristan Camba 7 days ago

    Your first game is roblox or minicraft

  • Yaboy Ant
    Yaboy Ant 9 days ago

    I think poke is questioning his life and his literal Nightmare is he being poor like that -.- lol

  • soymujercatolica
    soymujercatolica 9 days ago +1

    I likes sloths

  • UltraETC
    UltraETC 17 days ago

    kitchen nightmare roblox (2019 colorized)

  • Naijah Spellman
    Naijah Spellman 17 days ago

    That like a nightmare of dreams that chief need to do a better job of taking care of the restaurant😶😑😒😬🙁 that restaurant want me to 🤢☣️💩👻☠️

  • Gabriela Farfan
    Gabriela Farfan 20 days ago


  • La Kawaiie
    La Kawaiie 23 days ago +2

    This is how many times Poke said "I'm gonna say."

  • Rares Gott
    Rares Gott 25 days ago

    Wow nice acting bro you teaming for some easy content

  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan 26 days ago

    Poke is 100% awesome and cool

  • Brayden Gutierrez
    Brayden Gutierrez 26 days ago

    Poke there was a door

  • Brady Rex
    Brady Rex 27 days ago


  • Brady Rex
    Brady Rex 27 days ago


  • Brady Rex
    Brady Rex 27 days ago

    Secret door

  • sun wolf
    sun wolf 27 days ago +1

    There is no sucht thing of cooking trophy

  • Mike Buchan
    Mike Buchan 28 days ago

    Eew 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Mike Buchan
    Mike Buchan 28 days ago

    Wel she doesn’t have a job there and they are the chef 👨‍🍳

  • Carnival Cruise Lines CCL Hill

    The basement part was funny.

  • Piano nice music
    Piano nice music 28 days ago


  • Alejandra Salas
    Alejandra Salas 28 days ago

    This is how many times he said guys

  • Alejandra Salas
    Alejandra Salas 28 days ago

    Poke this day was my Birthday l but get to watch it

  • Cessy Farrett
    Cessy Farrett 28 days ago

    Why was that kind of creative and nasty at the same time?

  • Luna_2009 Girl
    Luna_2009 Girl 29 days ago


  • Silvia Negrete
    Silvia Negrete 29 days ago

    Please you guys save the earth 🌍 it’s the only planet we have that has humans please save animals,people,and life please we will have heatwaves wild fires 🔥 and no winter ❄️ and mabe no cold 🥶 water 💧 PLEASE

  • golden kid 132
    golden kid 132 29 days ago

    What poke means about this ts gonnna take a werid turn car is going to jack burger street takes a turn goes to smelly trash street

  • Alexandra Conde
    Alexandra Conde 29 days ago

    Why did you change the green screen

  • Lacey Jones
    Lacey Jones Month ago +2

    Poke I LOVE all
    Of your videos
    I MEAN All
    of them XD

  • Gabriele Sedyte
    Gabriele Sedyte Month ago

    i was eating while watching this i dont wana even eat anymore im digusted by this dude

  • edico romi
    edico romi Month ago

    *P O K E R A M S A Y*

  • Tyra Colomo
    Tyra Colomo Month ago

    I feel bad for him😿😿😿😿😿

  • cbs digital photo & movie pro hk

    Cringley and poke are the best youtubers

  • PrestoAnimations/ GroomTV

    Dude, Stop ignoring your fans.

  • Alban Al
    Alban Al Month ago +1

    *username i spelld it wrong

  • Carl Napoles
    Carl Napoles Month ago

    You remind me of Gordon Ramsey

  • Naw Kue
    Naw Kue Month ago

    Me:*grabs a hammer*
    Mom:what r u Gonna do with da hammer
    Me I’m smash the like button

    • IDoesThis1
      IDoesThis1 23 days ago

      Hello Smash The like Button!

  • T3ayallblade Cash line


  • Joseph Mulipola
    Joseph Mulipola Month ago

    Me: what kind of resturant would that be if there was no chairs

  • Ashtie Lablin
    Ashtie Lablin 2 months ago

    Poke the cars was for show!

  • Lequitia Logan
    Lequitia Logan 2 months ago

    The door behind that skinny wall !!

  • Phine T
    Phine T 2 months ago +1

    Do not go in this guy's things he is evil and he will trap you forever

  • The Cyclops
    The Cyclops 2 months ago

    It costs money to buy the dumpsters and trash.

  • Mohammad Ilkhani
    Mohammad Ilkhani 2 months ago

    I subcribed

  • Tom LaPosta
    Tom LaPosta 2 months ago

    Are you mered

  • Inked The demon
    Inked The demon 2 months ago

    Maybe she can’t go in the back cause she doesn’t work there

  • M4ximus PT
    M4ximus PT 2 months ago

    What map/game is this?

    • Lol Wha
      Lol Wha Month ago

      M4ximus PT bloxburg

  • Gaben playz7
    Gaben playz7 2 months ago

    You can just go back to home bruh

  • SCPsingingmonsters Blox

    everyone: tHis iS HoW mAnY times pOKE saiD “blA bla BLA” aDd liKe

  • yt4purplepink
    yt4purplepink 2 months ago

    How do you get the kitchen level up??

  • Derek Mellor
    Derek Mellor 2 months ago

    That Is like when u play that for the first time

  • Prestz
    Prestz 2 months ago

    no offence poke, but i feel so bad for jack

  • Logan Spencer
    Logan Spencer 2 months ago

    Who remembers when Jacks Burgers was a thing?

    TESSA MORRIS 2 months ago

    I've seen a house saying no poke fans allowed when I was playing bloxburg

  • Rhys Pace
    Rhys Pace 2 months ago


    • Rhys Pace
      Rhys Pace 2 months ago

      btw im aa big faane request me my names renesmay2012

    • Rhys Pace
      Rhys Pace 2 months ago

      HE MADE ME PAY 50000000K REALLY