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  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
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    "Perfectly Natural" by Victor Alonso-Berbel
    For Wanda and Zach, Future Families is a lifetime opportunity: a virtual parenting system that gives their baby access to a better life. But they soon realize this technology may come at a higher cost.
    For first-time parents Wanda and Zach, Future Families is a lifetime opportunity: a virtual childcare system that gives their baby access to a better life. Sponsored by the company where Wanda works, this technology allows her to leave her son connected to a virtual version of herself while she works additional hours.
    The possibilities are endless: the baby can learn anything that Artificial Intelligence teaches him, has medical support and is always taken care of by the virtual mother.
    Who hasn’t believed that technology would make their lives easier-only to find there’s often a downside? Wanda will soon realize that her company has a secret agenda, and this technology may come at a higher cost.
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Comments • 4 116

  • Pray With Me
    Pray With Me 29 minutes ago

    This broke my heart. I hope humanity never disintegrates and becomes like this. Awful.

  • Bizarius1
    Bizarius1 Hour ago

    The dango got the baby

  • Fernsins
    Fernsins 13 hours ago

    This had me feeling all sorts of sad and uncomfortable

  • RockinRobin Gaming
    RockinRobin Gaming 15 hours ago

    Watching this made my "Take care of baby" instincts go off

  • OmniNullGaming
    OmniNullGaming 16 hours ago

    What if an attacker hijacked the computer or if it got infected with some sort of malware like a virus.
    *Inception is coming*

  • lost lotus
    lost lotus 16 hours ago


  • ZrD_AxL
    ZrD_AxL 17 hours ago

    when the dad goes "We don't even speak chinese
    And the mom said "Look at where we are"

    Im assuming Chinese really take over the world...i mean Look at now...chinese almost own every country goverments

  • Orry Red
    Orry Red 18 hours ago

    Reminds me of black mirror

  • Stephen Lefebvre

  • Oie White
    Oie White Day ago

    I can see this happening in real life is slowly happening right now I see so many mom and dad just flop there s smart phone in front there baby all day long.
    Don't get mad when your smartphone take control over your baby life
    Remember thinking for yourself cause pain.
    In my generation it was the radio and movie Jacking our minds.

  • Nora Allies
    Nora Allies Day ago +1

    Few things, wouldn't the 9 hours a day be best suited for while the child is sleeping?
    Even if the child needs to be awake for the 9 hours wouldn't the 9 hours start while the parents go to work and end when they get home?
    Wouldn't it be better to start an update after everyone went to sleep instead of when a parent gets home and may want to see their child?
    Why blatantly have children holding hands that aren't there as creepy imagery?
    Real evil companies aren't so on the nose. Most do things behind the scenes like the auto renewing subscription you have that you forgot about but are still getting charged for.
    I get this is a short film but honestly it would have been scarier if it wasn't obvious, like it seems the program is heavily reliant on the woman's job. With this being such a short amount of time since they started the program she would logically unplug her baby right away as soon as it was safe. Maybe even quit her job to have her child.
    It would be more realistic if the changes were small and they don't notice until it is too late.
    I can attest to this, I had an abusive babysitter when I was 3 and even as I don't remember it, the actions still influence me to this day. The reason I was with the babysitter for long enough for there to be an impact is because I didn't show any signs of distress until almost a year later, only in certain situations.
    The movie was really close, just a little too much right in your face info.

  • Burger Queen
    Burger Queen Day ago +1

    I think this is a representation of capitalism and how it exploits us

  • Live Laugh Love
    Live Laugh Love Day ago

    Anothe issue is that this baby woukd have no copeing skilla. He is used to thinking he is cuddled and held and the center of everything. part of our brain learns from things like this. We have to have some lonley times oe leavw dad and mom.....all damage!!

  • Mia’s Creations
    Mia’s Creations Day ago +1

    NoOOoOoOoOoOoOoO! Give me the full movie! I need it now! You are just gonna leave me die here!? օƙ, ƙҽҽթ ϲɑӏʍ, թհҽա. Տօɾɾվ ƒօɾ եɑե

  • SandyLyria
    SandyLyria 2 days ago +1

    It's blackmirror 🤣

  • Rose Macedonia
    Rose Macedonia 2 days ago

    O pior q isso n tá muito longe de acontecer!!!

  • Whatchu doin Brad
    Whatchu doin Brad 2 days ago

    Um yeh
    Um yeh like
    Um yeh like wth

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 2 days ago

    Most people comments were done by analyzing with their head through logic if only they could try once analyzed with heart

  • Yai Lopez
    Yai Lopez 2 days ago

    Well this is beyond scary, however, sadly I see a lot of people benefiting from this.

  • rita lebron
    rita lebron 3 days ago

    Warning!!! Most Sci Fi bear some truth. Government control, start with the young. Crippling young minds to be under government control,like movie Equilibrium.

    • Temporary Die
      Temporary Die Day ago

      rita lebron This is a horror film, everything is exaggerated, everything will have to be f upped for this to be conceived. This is not a PSA, don’t see it as one.

  • richard de leon
    richard de leon 3 days ago +1

    Work some overtime,,,if you need me I'll be here for you,,,and she leaves,.

  • Anthøny Capellan
    Anthøny Capellan 3 days ago

    Rule #1- Never entrust the life of a child to an AI or robots.

  • Ana In Reality
    Ana In Reality 3 days ago

    It’s a no from me

  • Mohammad Shohan
    Mohammad Shohan 3 days ago +5

    I don't know why, but it hurts to see the child alone in that crib for hours at a time living the most valuable years of its life in a virtual world

  • Hamilton.Is.Life
    Hamilton.Is.Life 4 days ago

    ...why’d the boss recommend if she doesn’t use it...just to get her at work?! Shady

  • Christen Summers
    Christen Summers 4 days ago

    You know, I see so many people here terrified that this could happen, but honestly, I can totally see it happening. I mean, look at how much technology is incorporated into our lives even now. I see kids who are on tablets 24/7. Mothers who just give their kid their phone all the time so they don’t have to deal with them. It’s the exact same as plugging in your child. Now just imagine every time your kid goes to play with that tablet, or iPhone, it says to you, “please plug in your baby”. This video isn’t really that far off from our reality.

  • Alesita Salas
    Alesita Salas 4 days ago

    Que horror!

  • Carol Gonçalves
    Carol Gonçalves 4 days ago

    Que mundo horrível!

  • Making Props
    Making Props 5 days ago +37

    The moral of the story:
    what’s the point of having a baby if somebody else is going to take care of it.

  • Lia's Dance and Fitness

    This is how corporations want us to be like

  • Tira NA
    Tira NA 5 days ago

    What she recomment future family to her and then she didnt even use it!!

  • Rirra chan
    Rirra chan 5 days ago

    Worst parents ever

  • Rk900
    Rk900 5 days ago

    Detroit: become baby

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 6 days ago

    This is from the show black mirror

  • leah
    leah 6 days ago


  • Virpio Vanmeteran
    Virpio Vanmeteran 6 days ago

    I would shut that off i think its terrible

  • XwX Num
    XwX Num 6 days ago

    *Detroit:Become Human*

  • Akira The Pastel Wolf

    I think wat I thought the mean8ing was don't give up your life for something u don't need don't improve it if it doesn't need improvement and dont the make ur child into something they are not no matter how much work they are they need to grow and be they're own person not ur own selfish uses to get money or other things.

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT 6 days ago +1

    It was pretty good until the 19 hour update part which involves no touching. Even 9 hours would be unrealistic. Babies crap, pee, and have to eat.

  • Dreem Walker
    Dreem Walker 6 days ago

    Now this one I liked. This had a good and thoughtful plot that really connects with a phenomenon in the society and the future of corporations.

  • Ed Towel
    Ed Towel 6 days ago

    Ah, the perils of feminism.

  • Mystic Lapras
    Mystic Lapras 7 days ago

    *Power goes out*
    Well f***

  • Colorless Studios
    Colorless Studios 7 days ago

    Man, partly transparent photos would suck.

  • Joingry santos
    Joingry santos 7 days ago


  • Rafael Stephen
    Rafael Stephen 8 days ago

    Hope there’s a short film based on Naturals vs Coordinators from Gundam SeeD

  • Jesse Rhodes
    Jesse Rhodes 8 days ago

    This feels so much like a black mirror episode

  • Heidi Aguilar
    Heidi Aguilar 8 days ago

    That’s evil I will break you

  • Eliott Navarrete
    Eliott Navarrete 8 days ago

    Oh ma gash, just..
    oh ma gash

  • Mahayla Brackens
    Mahayla Brackens 8 days ago

    Don't rely technology raise your kid

  • Galaxy wolf TV
    Galaxy wolf TV 8 days ago

    This should be a movie.

  • mark kenna godson81
    mark kenna godson81 9 days ago

    Agree with comment below, also I think that’s really sad that they chose to miss out on all the fun and memories of bringing up THIER own child. So selfish and sad. I really hope that this does NOT happen for real. I would say no in an instance!!!!

  • Mrs Makusya
    Mrs Makusya 9 days ago

    Очень грустно, чтобы выйти на работу она лишена материнских чувств (.

  • Leonardo Motta
    Leonardo Motta 9 days ago


  • Fahira Tania
    Fahira Tania 9 days ago

    Android sent by Cyberlife

  • Althaf A. A
    Althaf A. A 10 days ago

    Perfectly natural.... 100% veg

  • Gulnaz Khan
    Gulnaz Khan 10 days ago


  • Quacker
    Quacker 10 days ago

    11:28 whoah... that smile is... something!

  • xX CattaCat Xx
    xX CattaCat Xx 10 days ago +1

    Okay, I know the kid was like, with her digital parents and what not, but like.... couldn’t some perv (or anyone) just walk up to her and idk, kidnap her?

  • jules
    jules 10 days ago

    They make the best videos! So real so true

  • jules
    jules 10 days ago

    Funny how he did that nod at the social media package, that shit is corrupting