China Plan To Reclaim Scarborough Shoal, Philippines

China Plan To Reclaim Scarborough Shoal, Philippines

China plan to build environmental monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, a move likely to renew concerns over Beijing's robust assertions of its claims in the strategically crucial body of water. It has been reported by the top official in Sansha City that the monitoring stations, along with docks and others infrastructure will help island restoration and erosion prevention efforts planned for 2017.

The news comes a day ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson official visit to China this weekend, where he is expected to reiterate U.S. concern about Chinese island building.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, Anna Richey-Allen, said it was aware of the Chinese report and reiterated a call on South China Sea claimants to avoid building on disputed features. United States considered any activities or construction on the Scarborough shoal would be seen as crossing a red line, a serious provocation, and it would be met with a strong response. All options are on the table including economic sanctions and military blockade.

Earlier this month, United States has deployed THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, just at the China backyard. China strongly opposed such a deployment, but United States said this move is a response to the North Korea provocation and it is in defensive nature.
Recently, United States deployed it most advanced carrier strike group, USS Carl Vinson to patrol within 12 nautical miles of disputed islands. It also deployed three B-1Bs Lancers, strategic bombers to Anderson Air Base in Guam.

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Автор jayson albert lopez ( назад)
its suposed to philipines terotory mother fucker president of china

Автор jayson albert lopez ( назад)
fuck you president of china your so not a man your a bading

Автор Brandon Douglas ( назад)
China is a sleeping giant when she wakes she will shake the world that is what happened now

Автор Jose de la Cuadra ( назад)
Environmental monitoring station is nothing but a lie. it is not a believable intention of a bully neighbor.

Автор The Real TOYZ ( назад)
the Chinese always says "oh no, don't worry, we won't do such and such...your land is your land" - couple days later they send planes and ships and build infrastructure. what a bunch of fucking cheats. if hating Chinese makes me a racist, then so fucking be it. I hope China and North Korea goes at it and literally kills each other.

Автор Roel Perez ( назад)

Автор Handsome Yee ( назад)
Start WW3. Better we all die in this world.

Автор silent watcher ( назад)
This video is a hoax.

Автор Harambe ,the horny gorilla ( назад)
I can't find any sources related to this news, so it's fake and not credible. The only way Philippines can defend its sovereignty is to ask the US military for help. Any other way is useless, the UN tribunal did nothing, ASEAN won't help because they are in China's pockets, and Filipino leaders are corrupt.

Автор GURI DALDA ( назад)
Although it is pretty certain that the monetary/military power gives nation the great deal of authorities to achieve something in global world, what Chinese goverment and some of brainwashed people usually demand is extremely unreasonable and selfish. their attitude is like, 'Oh, that looks tasty. so that's mine! owner? haha who cares?'. If the philippines lost in the diplomatic game, who will be the next target in Asia? so creepy. I don't really have hatred toward the whole chinese but definitely their government acts like bullshit.

Автор Seng Chow ( назад)
the ancient name for south china sea was champa sea. it wasn't related whatsoever with china. and it was the playground of malayo polynesian people.

Автор A Maze Gamer ( назад)
Pres.duterte said us filipino, china, Russia against U.S. and NATO. Duterte said also there is no point going to war against the China cuz the u.s can't even control or stop the China. Stupid duterte.U.S is ready anytime to go all out war against China. But since most of other countries now a days has nuclear bombs it could be the end of the world. But America still the powerful military in the 🌎.

Автор Belinda's Wingward ( назад)
duterte no back bone

Автор scott william ( назад)
yeah well China has a bigger navy so the Philippines have no hope..

Автор Syl B ( назад)
sana dito kau mag alsa, federal, killing our people, impeachmentment busy, un pala wala tapang sa sariling territory, kita mo south korea, japan, US ang lumaban for our territoryo

Автор Bayan Ko ( назад)
Filipino sa ibat iBang Banda ng Mundo, magpetition PO Tayo San Is na tulungan Tayo na pahintuin ang China. inutil po si Duterte.

Автор Bayan Ko ( назад)
Duterte you are fucking traitor and coward.

Автор G.O. Villanueva ( назад)
I'm Filipino & it's pathetic that the Philippine government lacks the political spine to fight for Philippine territory! so pathetic! the Philippine military personnel are willing to fight, even with limited capabilities but please show these chinese Tofu bullies that we will not allow them to push us around! quit relying on the U.S. to wipe our Filipino ass for once & stop acting like a victim! do fighter patrols & buzz the fucking chinese ass holes tofu navy! fuck these tofu chink mother fuckers!

Автор Marin Liuxu ( назад)

Автор Richard Smith ( назад)
China missing their drugs and whores I guess.

Автор Celebrity World ( назад)
Beautiful! 😎�

Автор Denzo D ( назад)
The Philippines should make a treaty with the US to jointly develop the Scarborough Shoal and establish an early warning/radar station there with anti-ship missile batteries to prevent China from military adventurism and protect Filipino fishermen who have been fishing in the area for centuries.

Автор rickster348 ( назад)
- Washington want's a war, any war.

Автор otakukj ( назад)
PH, the US had your back,look how stupid you look now due to your trash President

Автор harry Smith ( назад)
Check a rock called Okinotori reclaimed by Japan. It is a rock about 6 sqm2 and 1740kms from Tokyo. Japan claim 200 miles EEZ based on this rock and concrete building Japan put on top. Why USA do not make noise about it?

Автор General Leonidas ( назад)
We helped China 🇨🇳 fight Japan 🇯🇵 and then China attacked us in Korea 🇰🇷 Time for payback I think

Автор L Chen ( назад)
True China Imperial power was Beijing and Nanjing landmark only, rest provinces were not part of China, nor people were Chinese, ROC called China 1911, but PRC also claims one China to defeated ROC, both China used 4000 yrs ago China that was only Beijing and Nanjing landmark. Nor ROC or PRC is true China, nor people are true Chinese, they are just slogans, political slogans. Manchu Kou wasn't China or Chinese, but Manchurian.

Автор Kong Wee Peh ( назад)
Is their island, what news?

Автор Art Austral ( назад)
hoy duterte alila ng instik d ka ba

Автор Shanghai Noon ( назад)
*In 2011, Pinoys renamed the South China Sea. It's now the West Philippines Sea. They're so desperate.*

Автор Up 'n' at 'em ( назад)
Who cares what china thinks anymore so sick of their world greed and selfishness and disrespect to the world.
Time to bring them down from their power trip.

Автор JUSTACHIPN ( назад)
STOP all the damn cheap imported MADE IN CHINA CRAP !!! China's DOLLAR stores alone raked in 100s of billions and billions of American cash !!!

Автор 666 ( назад)

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