Can You Trust Apple? Facebook? Google?

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter  Month ago +901

    Yo I heard you guys like something called “privacy” or something? Well you got it! Now you’ll only be able to see your own comments on these videos. So innovative, right? -Zuck. xoxo

    • Charles J. Brainard
      Charles J. Brainard Month ago

      Well, as long as someone tells me what I'm thinking, it's okay. The next time those voices in my head start making too much noise I can tell them to shut up and message me on Farcebook instead. Thanks Zuck.

    • Oliver shane
      Oliver shane Month ago

      PolyMatter wait, I can’t see what this top comment says. Why can I not see anyone’s comments?!

    • loli desu ne
      loli desu ne Month ago

      Yo i heard you like privacy so we put some privacy in your privacy so you can privacy while you privacy

    • Grant Goldberg
      Grant Goldberg Month ago

      If it's digital, no matter what it is you have no privacy, at all.

  • Hermes Liberty
    Hermes Liberty 3 hours ago

    Yojr voice sounds familiar. Do you operate a second youtube channel, on nootropics?

  • xmurisfurderx
    xmurisfurderx 12 hours ago

    This video is complete naive bullshit

  • The Boss Crystal
    The Boss Crystal Day ago +1

    Microsoft isn't a big company?

  • Tai HaTranDuc
    Tai HaTranDuc 4 days ago

    thank you for making it. this is very clever

  • B6jta
    B6jta 5 days ago

    Wow, didnt even skip a single second

  • Sameer Ahmed
    Sameer Ahmed 8 days ago

    My data ain't worth a damn anyway

  • Cain Atkinson
    Cain Atkinson 8 days ago


  • Targaryen Dynasty
    Targaryen Dynasty 8 days ago

    Imagine trusting them

  • Zhenkai Yuan
    Zhenkai Yuan 9 days ago

    definately NO

  • N M M
    N M M 9 days ago

    We can trust apple, Facebook and Google to spy on us for the deep state?

  • soulgear22
    soulgear22 11 days ago +1

    The second an add comes on I've programmed my brain to tune it out. The second a video sponsorship starts at the end of a video I'll have decided wether or not I like the content creator enough to listen. So basically 0-2% listening rate to 80% listening rate.

  • Jordan Dennis
    Jordan Dennis 11 days ago

    Google is evil. Facebook is evil. Apple is evil.

  • Axyo
    Axyo 12 days ago

    Short answer: no

  • Pear me the details
    Pear me the details 12 days ago

    Ik nobody asked but Im army💜💜 thanks for putting bts in it I love bts and love ur vids even more than I already do know

  • Zherong Zhang
    Zherong Zhang 14 days ago


  • Matchbox 76
    Matchbox 76 14 days ago

    No I don't trust Apple one bit

  • BenzoOfficial
    BenzoOfficial 14 days ago

    Facebook still steals your data, Google hides conservative views, use DuckDuckGo, use Minds. Also Discord is still extremely used by people who want privatised messages.

  • Feelsasianman _
    Feelsasianman _ 14 days ago

    Instagram is owned by Facebook...

  • Xid RK
    Xid RK 18 days ago

    You fail to share how data is also shared with agencies, government and other important organisations.
    The data is not only to make money and create ads. It also to create a better psychological influence and exposing weaknesses about you.

  • Xid RK
    Xid RK 18 days ago

    Who can you trust?
    No one

  • Callandor
    Callandor 20 days ago

    If you want any kind of privacy, buy Apple. They are fighting the FBI over it.

    • goldenappl
      goldenappl 19 days ago

      Or buy an Android phone at a much cheaper price and then put LineageOS/F-Droid on it. Get the best of both worlds.

  • ff7522
    ff7522 23 days ago

    The big tech companies are almost all on the same page of creating a slave class of people. Don't ever trust a thing any of them say.

  • Ash
    Ash 25 days ago +1

    Lfie tpi heo cna yuo trsut semonoe wthi a screte wehn yuo cnat kepe it yuorslfe?

    • Ash
      Ash 25 days ago

      Hwo* not hoe

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 26 days ago

    Apple is defending privacy
    Google is using your data
    Facebook is being facebook

  • stone aussie
    stone aussie 26 days ago

    USA has invaded so many countries which resulted into millinions people dead in IRAQ, syria, lybia, afganistan, Banama and so on. Why can America use the name of their national security to freely do what they think is right? It is unfair for the whole world! Btw, do not forget Japanese Toshiba, French AlSTOM, which were bullied by USA in the name of do called national security. Stop making more lies.

  • Ichi Minami
    Ichi Minami 27 days ago

    Download the Brave browser so we can tip you with BAT

  • David Sinca
    David Sinca 27 days ago

    I HATE Æpple!

  • David Sinca
    David Sinca 27 days ago

    No. Be paranoid!

  • bep the shep
    bep the shep 28 days ago +1

    More than Huawei.

  • Crintos' Kingdom
    Crintos' Kingdom Month ago

    Bts...sorry I just couldn’t let it go and I spent time looking for the comment but couldn’t find it

  • crazy cat skits
    crazy cat skits Month ago

    9:42 that was smooth

    JZWALZ51 ROBIN Month ago +2

    Facebook is only good for posting videos of cute kittens and your breakfast meals

  • 이재은*일본안사,안가*

    Definitely I CAN'T

  • Fábio Santos
    Fábio Santos Month ago

    Love how you set it straight with Portugal driving side being wrong in a past video in such a subtle way!
    Also the sponsored part of the video is so smooth. Probably the best transition and overlap you've done and that's saying something!

  • Hugo
    Hugo Month ago

    Idk in what world you live, but FB is dead for ppl younger than 30 years

  • Chrisanity
    Chrisanity Month ago

    YOu should trust Apple, they sells the best monitor stands made of vibranium from Wakanda

  • Sol Kaz
    Sol Kaz Month ago

    Facebook and Google merely took the opportunity to close the doors behind them and get rid of competition in the data market by controlling it all with privacy.

  • Piper Meyers!
    Piper Meyers! Month ago

    No, video over

    BLH BSIT Month ago

    Zuckerberg is an IDIOT: He stole Facebook, Lost in court because he did steal facebook, and is stealing your trust. He is a slug, peddles Slug Defecation and those stupid enough to buy in, get what they deserve. The new Generation are growing up with Pacifiers in their mouth called Smart Phones. We are developing a generation of brainless slugs who are nothing but drones to big business. You think those companies care about you, if yes you make Zuckerberg look like the Genius of Geniuses in all history. All they care about is more money and they have no ethics about how they get more.

  • Crimson Koba
    Crimson Koba Month ago

    Apple doesn't collect that much data, and that's why its AI is completely useless

  • f
    f Month ago +1

    I've seen so many PolyMatter videos that now I can just sense when the sponser ad is about to start... :)

  • Hashir
    Hashir Month ago

    On 5:15 my favourite Korean boy band that is BTS(ARMY where u at) came the for doing that I am so happy and also this vid is so good(remember when V said god instead of good) bay bye

  • Brandon Bartee
    Brandon Bartee Month ago +1

    Can you trust google? Watches on RUclip.

  • Tof.Fefee
    Tof.Fefee Month ago

    I can answer this without watching even the first half minute of the video.
    Just remember *the YCTA rule:*





  • Raven Lynx
    Raven Lynx Month ago

    No, oh no, and oh God no.

  • Projukti
    Projukti Month ago

    Can you Trust PolyMatter? Brilliant? SkillShare?

  • Matthew Roalkvam
    Matthew Roalkvam Month ago +8

    Real titles to this video:
    - Can you trust anyone?
    - Is any company uncorrupt?

  • Charles J. Brainard

    And the latest on Farcebook's Messenger app - we have to "Accept" "Audio recording" in order to continue using the app, ostensibly it allows us to leave a message when using the Phone part of the app. Funny that they wouldn't give us the option to not use that and continue using it as before. Of course they wouldn't put it to any nefarious purposes. It's Farcebook after all. it's not like they've been busted for secretly conducting psych experiments on their customers or anything. Right? Yeah, right!

  • Joseph Matthew Spears Slade

    Hey, I think your videos have a lot of objective merit to them; properly explaining problems with our world today and how I and we can solve them. Thank you so much.

  • Andrei Moutchkine
    Andrei Moutchkine Month ago

    Now, in post-Huawei world it is obvious that no US company is to be trusted. Throw in UK/Japan too (ARM/Softbank)

  • 旭Democrazy
    旭Democrazy Month ago


  • Vladimir Milchev
    Vladimir Milchev Month ago +2

    I am a fan of the video animations of of PolyMatter/Kurzgesagt/Infographics Show.
    I wonder what program does PolyMatter use for his animations.

  • Eshaan Bansal
    Eshaan Bansal Month ago

    Please make a video on how blockchain is affecting the economy, use cases. Facebook and all companies are saying they are developing blockhain related platforms, please make a video regarding that!

  • SCI
    SCI Month ago

    I don't trust Apple

  • Salman Farooq
    Salman Farooq Month ago

    Top notch everything as always

  • Matteo Alberghini
    Matteo Alberghini Month ago


  • pratyush sahoo
    pratyush sahoo Month ago

    The level of hypocrisy this channel uses is unbelievable as in every beginning of a video of this channel there is always an ad

  • Ezdi Ezdixan
    Ezdi Ezdixan Month ago

    Help the Yazidis

  • Joe Siu
    Joe Siu Month ago

    Not apple, yes fb google

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma Month ago

    Hey PolyMatter! Would you like to create a science and astronomy channel. It would be very good if you made a science channel as your graphics are very nice and the resources in the video are also very knowledgeable*. So it would attract more subs.
    Thank you.
    ( * I don't know how to write it but you can understand what I meant. )( Ooohhoo! I meant informative in case you don't understood that. )

  • Monty Christo
    Monty Christo Month ago

    The Apple and Google dichotomy is just like the Democrats and Republicans...
    They publicly act like they are enemies, yet they work together in the grand scheme of things.
    And both get filthy rich off of the blind loyalty of their fans...😉😉😉

  • Greybeam Productions

    **thinks about buying headphones**
    Facebook: HeY wANna bUy soMe HEadPHoneS???

  • Pooch
    Pooch Month ago

    Apple is a much more trustworthy company than Facebook or Google. Facebook and Google have made their fortune off of selling people’s data, while Apple has actively spoken against this and upheld privacy as a core tenet.

  • 95 yolles
    95 yolles Month ago

    Yes. I also trust USA because Trump trust in God.

  • likira111
    likira111 Month ago

    0:08 MORK zuckerberg

  • Pokus Talks
    Pokus Talks Month ago

    I love these videos so much, they are so informative and useful. i’m not the brightest and i can’t understand everything u talk about but god i feel like i just completed a year of college after watching one video.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago


    Hell no.

  • N3rfe3d
    N3rfe3d Month ago

    None of them

  • Mighty Hazelnut
    Mighty Hazelnut Month ago +1

    U suck

  • Junaid Shaikh
    Junaid Shaikh Month ago

    9:40 do you guys see Telegram placed there subtly?

  • john wing kay Ip
    john wing kay Ip Month ago +1

    We are no choose 🥴

  • DrDjOfficial
    DrDjOfficial Month ago

    i only trust facebook. fuck apple fuck google.

  • Sharif
    Sharif Month ago

    Trust no one obivously do nothing online. Why is this a question.

  • Thanos in daa hood
    Thanos in daa hood Month ago +1

    I was wondering how to protect myself

    Just stop using the products

  • FourBitty
    FourBitty Month ago

    5:48 - It bothers me that you said "Ford Super Duty" when showing a clip of a Ram.

  • David Myers
    David Myers Month ago

    Wish you'd covered Amazon

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos Month ago

    Short answer... no

  • Vela van laack
    Vela van laack Month ago

    I’d rather trust Huawei

  • Blackwell
    Blackwell Month ago

    Mozilla + Ghostery +ad block=Privacy. Duck-Duck Go for phones.

  • Gil Pl
    Gil Pl Month ago +1

    Great vid. Thank u!

  • SapphFire
    SapphFire Month ago +1

    _Video ends_

  • Marko Stojiljkovic
    Marko Stojiljkovic Month ago +1

    Good content, but it seems to me that you are slightly biased towards Apple. Those 3 companies have different "products", they shouldn't be compared with same "equations".

  • João Barbosa
    João Barbosa Month ago

    But... Portugal doesn't drive on the right.

  • Richard Forester
    Richard Forester Month ago

    Apple, yes. Google, absolutely not. Facebook, only if I don't say anything.

  • Dupire Christophe
    Dupire Christophe Month ago

    *whispers* Intel Minix got you by the balls bitch... or the pussy

  • random dude
    random dude Month ago


  • Clement Osei Tano
    Clement Osei Tano Month ago

    Huh, another AppleMatter video!

  • Emil Marinov
    Emil Marinov Month ago +1

    I think Google collects data to make a much nicer and pleasant time for their users, while facebook and apple... well money and power.

  • Prasad Koli
    Prasad Koli Month ago

    Every video on yt should be 60fps

  • Vessesh Hebbar
    Vessesh Hebbar Month ago

    "... and a friend to a hundred million "real" human people ..."
    lmfao who knew THAT many people would want to befriend a lizard?

    • Vessesh Hebbar
      Vessesh Hebbar Month ago

      @Ishan Ghimire Oh, thanks a lot! I deleted all the ones I could find right now...
      My computer seems to be doing that a lot these days. I don't know where the bug lies. Again, thanks for mentioning it!

    • Ishan Ghimire
      Ishan Ghimire Month ago

      Just a heads up, you (probably accidentally) posted that comment 5 times.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Month ago

    As for Mark Zuckerberg saying some things are "weird," he is absolutely right-BUT-there is no law against sitting in your room and talking to yourself. It is weird, sure, but it is legal

  • Joel Kithinji
    Joel Kithinji Month ago

    This channel's videos are so insightful. It's criminal how underrated this channel is

  • Sean Bernstein
    Sean Bernstein Month ago

    This comment was sponsored by Brilliant.

  • Nam Khanh Ng
    Nam Khanh Ng Month ago

    I trust Apple.

  • KuaisArts
    KuaisArts Month ago

    "stove jobs"

  • Brick Life
    Brick Life Month ago

    boycott apple siupport huawei

  • WDS
    WDS Month ago

    I think the main difference here is what the companies get caught doing. There’s plenty of articles about Google and Facebook getting caught selling data or being less secure than the advertise. Apple by no means is a saint, they’ve been caught doing anti-competitive, monopolistic practices. However, when it comes to your data, the worse I’ve seen is iCloud getting hacked and data being leaked.
    The key difference: Apple does what they can to secure your data, and the risk is a malicious user getting access to your account (2FA your accounts or lose them). Google and Facebook takes any data they can and sell it to advertisers, so using their services is what puts you at risk.

  • Steve V
    Steve V Month ago

    Trust no-one. One sells advertisements. The other sells overpriced crap.