ethma breakup officially confirmed by emma chamberlain and ethan dolan!!?!?

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • ethma breakup officially confirmed by emma chamberlain and ethan dolan!!?!? James Charles Dolan twins

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  • Dekayla Pollard
    Dekayla Pollard 11 hours ago

    i honestly never thought they dated. like how do those pictures look like them kissing to y’all??? it’s crazy how guys and girls can’t hang out or do stuff like pull each other in a pool without the world thinking they’re dating. i honestly feel like all this took a toll on their friendship in a way. y’all are sick

  • !?
    !? Day ago

    I have a headache with these Ethma people

  • n b
    n b Day ago

    Gray be literally third wheeling inn those photos

  • Kaley Lopez
    Kaley Lopez 3 days ago

    When they were interviewed and he said that their official and she said not yet I felt that.

  • Lara Kielnhofer
    Lara Kielnhofer 6 days ago

    Those tweets were because of the videos Ethan and Grayson had to post all the time and it made them depressed

  • Zulya M
    Zulya M 8 days ago

    yall need to stop... an important person in their life passed away, stop.

  • Zulya M
    Zulya M 8 days ago

    i actually supported ethma but some of yall are out of control

  • Salomé Germa-Laurent

    That’s so creepy

  • Duech Baggerful
    Duech Baggerful 9 days ago

    Well now we know the 5:04 tweet was about them uploading every tuesday

  • Bryley Kepa
    Bryley Kepa 9 days ago +1

    Oof just realised how much emma grew up

  • Daniela Delgado
    Daniela Delgado 9 days ago

    Ethan was getting out of a mental state because his father recently passed away

  • google user
    google user 10 days ago

    At 0:50 her head was literally on graysons shoulder

  • Haileyyy
    Haileyyy 10 days ago

    the first picture literally looks like someone wearing a face mask and maybe another person standing next to the like ???

  • Typically. Kk
    Typically. Kk 11 days ago

    Ok right, so lIkE is it bad that i read it as AsThAmA...umm yeah pretty bad right????🙄

  • arabella marie
    arabella marie 11 days ago

    ethma stans are MENTAL

  • Battering Juggernauts
    Battering Juggernauts 12 days ago

    Im Ethan Bradbury

  • Liv’s Magical House
    Liv’s Magical House 12 days ago +1

    Emma doesn’t have crusty lips because of how much chapstick she puts on. *mind blown* 🤯 FACTS

  • Fatima _Khalid13
    Fatima _Khalid13 12 days ago +1

    The real reason they've been dropping everyone is bc all the "ethma" shippers are being toxic. Stop shipping them, it just makes shit more uncomfortable.

  • Lili Moore
    Lili Moore 13 days ago +1

    I’ve never heard of any of these people...

  • Sharna Lee
    Sharna Lee 13 days ago +1

    Isn't she like 15 And he's 19

  • P RIA
    P RIA 13 days ago +9

    Scream. Literally none of this seems like they ever dated. People can be friends and have flirty vibes. It don’t mean shit.

  • harley j.
    harley j. 13 days ago +2

    How can this BOI date a gurl that showers once a month

  • Caitlyn Barbee
    Caitlyn Barbee 14 days ago +1

    They probably broke up because of these types of videos.

  • ann i
    ann i 15 days ago


  • gg dufdore
    gg dufdore 18 days ago +9

    emma and tana hung out once why would she tell her, her love life

  • Alissa Spicer
    Alissa Spicer 18 days ago +1

    I didn't even know they were dating ???

    • Alissa Spicer
      Alissa Spicer 14 days ago

      thanks I thought they wasn’t, but I was also thinking when did I miss them getting together

    • Dumb Bitch
      Dumb Bitch 14 days ago +1

      Alissa Spicer they weren’t

  • Nevaeh_f
    Nevaeh_f 18 days ago

    Emma did say before she ever met Ethan in a video that she had a boyfriend in grade 5. We never got to know how long exactly. But that could be the 2%. Do some research before you put that thing in the video.

  • swarm of bees
    swarm of bees 18 days ago +26

    He’s probably still grieving over his dad. These stans are mental

    • Selita Walker
      Selita Walker 14 days ago +1

      copied comment

    • Queen Mari
      Queen Mari 17 days ago +1

      Tbh. Like find some lives of your own instead of obsessing over these two. It's sad and a little creepy

  • Natalia Dems
    Natalia Dems 19 days ago

    I’m here shipping others, single af 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • dumb ho
    dumb ho 20 days ago

    Wait? They were a couple?

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia 20 days ago

    They sell BF GF

  • Jenna Stevens
    Jenna Stevens 20 days ago

    Ethan! Staring much? 😂😂

  • Carissa Clarke
    Carissa Clarke 21 day ago

    People keep saying that ethan is depressed bc of emma. Did u forget that his dad died

  • Eden Gischus
    Eden Gischus 22 days ago

    Why can’t everyone get out of peoples business just because their famous doesn’t mean their personal life needs to be out in the open.
    And y’all need to respect that.

  • Just a Stranger
    Just a Stranger 24 days ago

    Did anyone notice the thumbnail was photoshopped?

  • bbleh
    bbleh 24 days ago

    2:23 omg thats so sweet awwwwww

  • I.mogenx
    I.mogenx 24 days ago +1

    How can they break up if they never said they were dating

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace 24 days ago

    Since when was Ethma confirmed? 😂

  • Izzy Morales
    Izzy Morales 25 days ago

    at 2:20 i screamed into my pillow so loud and i was like “OH SH*TTTT”

  • idk ttt
    idk ttt 25 days ago +1

    So if a boy and a girl do cute things it mean they are diffenetly dating? I mean me and my boy friends do the same things and still none has crush on the other one

  • Laurayne
    Laurayne 26 days ago

    Who is she?

  • Ohi Alam
    Ohi Alam 26 days ago +3

    I hope their still friends 🤷‍♀️💜🥰😭

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched 27 days ago

    Those tweets were litterly from April it says 4/8/19 they were still best friends and even made a collab in june

  • Tillze Pe
    Tillze Pe 28 days ago +13

    Ok like the sad tweets might be because his dad died this year???

  • maria diab
    maria diab 28 days ago

    Is it that hard to accept that a girl and a boy can be bestfriends ??!?!?!??

  • GalaxyCat 123
    GalaxyCat 123 28 days ago

    Grayson swearing 😍😍😍😍

  • Divine Bantu
    Divine Bantu 28 days ago

    how you pronounce ethma . E TH E MA

  • Andriana michael
    Andriana michael 29 days ago

    I really can't jump on the ethma lane SORRY DONT BELIEVE IT

  • Reese Marie
    Reese Marie 29 days ago +1

    He was posting that because his dad passed. C’mon now

  • bertalertt ‘
    bertalertt ‘ Month ago

    "bitch im queen" will have to be added into my vocab

  • lpsddtuff
    lpsddtuff Month ago

    Why did she hang out with tana i-

  • Mia McKee
    Mia McKee Month ago

    That’s not ethan😂

  • maryam almohammed
    maryam almohammed Month ago

    Maybe they were just hooking up...

  • Jason S
    Jason S Month ago

    That’s Grayson so that’s not ethma what

  • Mirandacorn28
    Mirandacorn28 Month ago

    "officially confirmed" hehe okay

  • freakymadonnafan980

    Officially confirmed, my ass

  • sads catto uwu
    sads catto uwu Month ago

    lmao Larry gonna steal Ethan from Emma-

  • Shamarah Richmond
    Shamarah Richmond Month ago +1

    The only thing I got from this is "where is Idaho"

  • Leona Rize
    Leona Rize Month ago

    6:30-end literally me

  • stellxarke
    stellxarke Month ago

    i’m more of a grethma girl