4 hours Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music-Long Playlist

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  • 4 hours of soothing background music for rest & relaxation.
    Listen on Spotify http://bit.ly/4hrsrelaxingmusic
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    Beautiful Mind-Travis A.King
    No Time Like Now-Utopian Sounds 4:32
    Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker (Kamoto Remix) 7:45
    Laced In Love-(Stripped Mix)Travis A.King 10:55
    Indigo-Travis A.King 14:17
    Creation-Travis A.King 17:12
    Utopia-Duke Starwalker 21:28
    In Heaven-Duke Starwalker 28:38
    You Are An Angel-Duke Starwalker 36:12
    Release-Utopian Sounds 41:03
    Mosaic-Duke Starwalker 51:14
    Tropical Getaway-Duke Starwalker 56:11
    Journey To Source-Duke Starwalker 1:38:03
    Fantasy Island-Duke Starwalker 1:53:42
    Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker 2:52:33
    Jungle Lullaby-Duke Starwalker 3:29:00
    Spindles-Utopian Sounds 3:44:25
    Paradox-Utopian Sounds 3:54:00

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    From the following albums:
    Utopian Sounds-Equilibrium
    Duke Starwalker-Ultimate Relaxation
    Utopian Sounds-Road To Bliss
    Utopian Sounds-No Time Like Now
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  • Wolfyy Arts
    Wolfyy Arts 3 часа назад

    I miss my mother a lot when listening to this. She died when I was 8 years old from drug overdose and alcohol abuse. I miss her dearly, and I would do anything to see her again.. for all of you out There struggling I feel with you, just know someone is always by your side

  • JarJar 009552
    JarJar 009552 10 часов назад

    Iv loved this for so long

  • Hailey Watch
    Hailey Watch 12 часов назад

    can this get copyrighted

  • DutchBeautyGirl
    DutchBeautyGirl 15 часов назад

    what is the title of this song

  • WK Chia
    WK Chia 18 часов назад

    Reflections from this song:
    Treasure the people you love, and who love you; by destiny or by choice

  • waterblue eyes
    waterblue eyes 1 день назад

    iam only 1 year old boy, i have hard working routine and recently got breakup, this music took my stress away

  • Maddie Love bear
    Maddie Love bear 2 дня назад

    I'm in at three hours and feel like I'm being brainwashed, is it just me?

  • zg32e9
    zg32e9 2 дня назад

    relaxing? Shit repeating all the time... gettin' on my nerves

  • Bunga Kurnia
    Bunga Kurnia 2 дня назад

    This one of my favo instrumental music ever. So beautiful, mysterious, and touching. I felt like I went somewhere to another universe if I listened this song for long time. This music has hypnotised me.

  • Tajinder Kalra
    Tajinder Kalra 2 дня назад


  • Gloria DeLaRosa
    Gloria DeLaRosa 3 дня назад


  • Gloria DeLaRosa
    Gloria DeLaRosa 3 дня назад

    I miss some one to :-(

  • Shawn And Aniyah
    Shawn And Aniyah 3 дня назад

    From the top to the bottom (Bottom to top I stop)
    At the core of the rotten (Stop to just what I thought)
    But sun has escaped us (So I've frightened the sky)
    And I'm far from a rapist (Thinking why did I try)

    From the thread to the needle; middle to end
    Where skies cock back and shock that which couldn't defend
    The rain then sends dripping an acidic question
    Forcefully; the power of suggestion
    Then, with the eyes tightly shut looking through the rust
    And rotten dust, a spot of light floods the floor
    Pours itself upon the world of pretend
    Then the eyes ease open and it's dark again

    From the top to the bottom (Bottom to top I stop)
    At the core of the rotten (Stop to just what I thought)
    But sun has escaped us (So I've frightened the sky)
    And I'm far from a rapist (Thinking why did I try)

    In a minute you'll find me
    Eyes burn me up...
    You say you'll never forget me
    But the lies have piled up

    Moving all around, swinging of the ups and downs
    Pollution manifested in perpetual sound
    And as the wheels go 'round, the sunset creeps past the
    Street lamps, cars, chainlinks, and concrete
    A window then grows, and captures the eye
    And cries out a yellow light as it passes it by
    A small black figure sits in front of a box
    Inside a box of rock with a needles on top
    Nothing stops in this land of the chain
    When brains lose not knowing they were part of the game
    And in the insides grow, the box stays the same in shame
    Shovel up the pieces to the pain
    You can try to hide yourself in the world of pretend
    But when the paper's crumpled up it can't be perfect again

    From the top to the bottom (Bottom to top I stop)
    At the core of the rotten (Stop and just what I thought)
    The sun has escaped us (So I've frightened the sky)
    And I'm far from a rapist (Thinking why I did try)

    In a minute you'll find me
    Eyes burn me up...
    You say you'll never forget me
    But the lies have piled up

    Yeah I got you caught in the act
    You better step back
    Telling me that I'm seeing right through you

    In a minute you'll find me
    Eyes burn me up...
    You say you'll never forget me
    But the lies have piled up...

    (In a minute you'll find me
    Eyes burn me up...
    You say you'll never forget me
    But the lies keep piling up...)

  • Abbas Ud-Jamaan
    Abbas Ud-Jamaan 3 дня назад

    love it

  • Faisal Tariq
    Faisal Tariq 3 дня назад

    we r doing a operation on a jaguar its very sad

  • خفايا الأعشاب
    خفايا الأعشاب 3 дня назад

    أحبائي زوروا قناتي بها أعشاب عربية مفيدة اذا اعجبتكم اشتركوااحبكم

  • Argesis Generic
    Argesis Generic 3 дня назад

    love this music help's me doing my homework and relaxing : )

  • Machiri
    Machiri 3 дня назад

    The photo is of Galdin Quay taken by a famous photographer named Prompto Argentum. It's a shame he didn't get Angelgard Island in the shot too. Still, a spectacular piece of photography.

  • Jamie and Floyd
    Jamie and Floyd 3 дня назад


  • A 3Monti
    A 3Monti 3 дня назад

    does anyone know if i can download this on spotify and i can what do i search up to find it?

  • Samuel Brands
    Samuel Brands 4 дня назад

    this music is amazing. thank you.

  • Chris
    Chris 4 дня назад

    Life has some bad times guys, but all you need to remember is that people are there for you. If you feel alone, all you need to do is look around at your friends and family. They have your back. So don't let life get you down. Many people deal with depression, grief, or loneliness. So hang in there and remember your not alone... We are in this together :)

  • Chris
    Chris 4 дня назад

    So close to crying because this is reminding me of life's bad times...

  • Chris
    Chris 4 дня назад

    Accidentally clicked off and lost where I was now I am so sad...

  • James Merchan
    James Merchan 4 дня назад

    My dog died and I fell like crying but I have soccer today and it's inspired me up

    • Kyle Ney
      Kyle Ney 4 дня назад

      James Merchan feel sorry for you

  • James Merchan
    James Merchan 4 дня назад


  • Abibatou Diallo
    Abibatou Diallo 4 дня назад


  • CloudPlayZ Minecraft
    CloudPlayZ Minecraft 5 дней назад

    8:38 lol when you feel dumb and realize something obvious

  • MultiAwsomeCoolGirl
    MultiAwsomeCoolGirl 5 дней назад

    WOW! I am done with my Homework and now that I am done, I cant stop hearing this song in my head! Great.... now I am dancing too this... -_-... This one is good... O0O

  • Radiance  Gillette
    Radiance Gillette 5 дней назад

    me to

  • Victor Chuquipiondo
    Victor Chuquipiondo 5 дней назад

    Excelente compañera, en esos momentos de inspiración, creatividad y lectura..

  • Nathaniel Segura
    Nathaniel Segura 5 дней назад

    sound like someone died in a movie or something

  • Aleksa Simovic
    Aleksa Simovic 5 дней назад

    The beginning is wonderful :D

  • jonah person
    jonah person 5 дней назад

    my pet rock died

  • Endzeit2014
    Endzeit2014 5 дней назад

    Wow. 45million plus hits. for me thats a PROOF that people want peace. Why is there so much violence ´n killing and hatred in the world? because the good ones (and they exist) sit in their flat, hearing music, hoping for.....-and doing NOTHING!!! just nothing and that is so sad. ask yourself people, why a few evil can run the whole world? ask yourself honestly...start ACTING.

  • Dids the Viking
    Dids the Viking 5 дней назад

    that's 4 hours of furious masturbation well spent

  • Kuba Juljan
    Kuba Juljan 6 дней назад

    WOOOOOOOOW!!! I LOVE YOU MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nelsong23pr
    nelsong23pr 7 дней назад

    two days in a row listening to this playlist, so soothing, so peaceful it certainly helps calm the mind and body! finals are over!!. officially a microbiologist

  • Yousra Bk
    Yousra Bk 7 дней назад

    This is just sad .

  • GooKoo Johnson
    GooKoo Johnson 7 дней назад

    This is perfect for my prayer time, writing, cleaning... everything! An instrumental with a kick drum and BASS! Thank you. 💙💚💙💚

  • cake cat
    cake cat 8 дней назад

    utopiansounds thanks you did good that song helped me so much I was stressed and had a headache and the song helped me ☺😄🙂😌

  • mylène Bouchard
    mylène Bouchard 8 дней назад

    I basically did my whole degree listening to this loop of songs. I remember going to the beach listening to it, doing yoga. wow how I've missed this!! <3

    • mylène Bouchard
      mylène Bouchard 8 дней назад

      I also used to play it on long plane rides to calm down...ahhhh the memories!

  • Gasterblaster sans Undertale
    Gasterblaster sans Undertale 8 дней назад

    At night I go in this and always fall asleep 😴

  • Jay Spearman
    Jay Spearman 8 дней назад

    What is the name of the first song in this video? I love it!

  • ariane st-cyr dion
    ariane st-cyr dion 9 дней назад

    je beautiful 💜💜💜

  • jenner
    jenner 9 дней назад

    I feel like this has activated my brain cells

  • The Great A
    The Great A 9 дней назад

    I really like song 1-2 because I've been listening to this video for a long time😁.

  • Metin Sönmez
    Metin Sönmez 9 дней назад

    what is it name that start in 54th minutes

  • Duffy 420
    Duffy 420 9 дней назад

    How do people dislike this

  • Lisa Davis gaming
    Lisa Davis gaming 9 дней назад

    my mother loves this soo much im using it for mothers day btw

  • mozza
    mozza 9 дней назад


  • Francis Barrie Zhong-Yi HAWKES
    Francis Barrie Zhong-Yi HAWKES 10 дней назад

    I'm 13 turning 14

  • Francis Barrie Zhong-Yi HAWKES
    Francis Barrie Zhong-Yi HAWKES 10 дней назад

    that made me spew 1's honestly!!!

  • Yang Xiong
    Yang Xiong 10 дней назад

    I love it so much

  • Miss Fantasy
    Miss Fantasy 10 дней назад

    Very peaceful! Thanks!

  • 音療聽聽 Music Therapy
    音療聽聽 Music Therapy 10 дней назад

    i feel relax after listening

  • soni kurii
    soni kurii 10 дней назад

    This music made me pass my exam.😝

  • Boss_2K Zombie
    Boss_2K Zombie 11 дней назад

    It makes me go to 💤

  • Molly Edwards
    Molly Edwards 11 дней назад

    I don'theard this song since 2nd grade listen to it everyday!!! its so beautiful!!!! I can't get over it!!!! I swear it helps me relax, and nothing ever helps me relax, it helps me study, its helps me to calm down when I'm very angry and it just makes me in the best mood! who ever made this, ur amazing and bless u!

  • Michael Dickson
    Michael Dickson 12 дней назад

    18:22 sounds like minions singing

  • DarkGaming
    DarkGaming 12 дней назад

    is makes a me remberer about my aunt who died last year ;-;

  • Berrylicious Berry xD
    Berrylicious Berry xD 12 дней назад

    It feel's like your'e in your Paradise World with: Birds flying to the Sunset, and the sun dipping into the Ocean.
    It's so Soothing and Relaxing.

  • Uncharted Mode
    Uncharted Mode 13 дней назад

    I had the worst day. All these days were fine but suddenly, It was so sunny and I didnt get to get out in School and I wanted juice I was so desperate and I didnt get one. I was pointing at to sit down. But she just got in the store. I couldnt tie my shoe because my sock would be dirty. I wish I could go out.

  • DrGizmoRocks - Norsk Gaming
    DrGizmoRocks - Norsk Gaming 13 дней назад

    This music helps to consentrate when im doing homework!

  • fra_ zom
    fra_ zom 13 дней назад


  • fra_ zom
    fra_ zom 13 дней назад

    22:00 i love it!!!!

    • fra_ zom
      fra_ zom 13 дней назад

      ops,23:15 *

  • Zika Andelkovic
    Zika Andelkovic 13 дней назад

    LOVE T_T

  • Electric Kitty
    Electric Kitty 14 дней назад

    2:29 is best. Seriously.

  • Salmon Fish
    Salmon Fish 14 дней назад

    my old teacher showed this to me and i can't stop listening to this it is just so peaceful but it also makes me quite sad :(

  • Hell Blade
    Hell Blade 15 дней назад

    this brings down my stress level n helps me get out of depression sometimes bc i lost a uncle to war a brother to war n alot of family members

  • John Hartney
    John Hartney 15 дней назад

    This is great music and works to relax, but i think that it is too upbeat to be "peaceful music". But that's just my opinion and i still enjoy it..

  • Abdul Karim Mohsini
    Abdul Karim Mohsini 15 дней назад


  • Riley Rose
    Riley Rose 15 дней назад

    This makes me remember my best freind I cry every time

  • firelight09
    firelight09 15 дней назад

    Thanks. My anxiety was driving me nuts.

  • Damien Thrynity
    Damien Thrynity 15 дней назад

    Whenever I have an existentialism crisis...
    I put this
    my brain start to disconnect
    it's a coward tool.

  • Margaret Campbell
    Margaret Campbell 15 дней назад

    I wanna thank you for helping me to be a better person ...the person I was meant to be ...plus the man upstairs who's shown a lots of things....megweetch munidoo gichii...

  • Jill Brant
    Jill Brant 15 дней назад


  • Blackjack King
    Blackjack King 16 дней назад

    I wish Kim-Jong-Un could listen to this to clear his mind and rid his mind of all the horrible thoughts he has.

  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen 16 дней назад

    I accidentally dropped the cookie into the glass of milk 😭

  • Onepantera Negra
    Onepantera Negra 16 дней назад

    love love love so much is music...

  • Wiktoria Leżoń
    Wiktoria Leżoń 16 дней назад

    tommorrow im having sats and im so depressed so im listening to this music to make me calm😳 Pray For Me!!!!

  • DemonShadowRune
    DemonShadowRune 16 дней назад

    You're trying too hard, Fml

  • emeraldmanifoy
    emeraldmanifoy 16 дней назад

    this is relaxing while i draw using a tutorial guide :)

  • Douaa Salem
    Douaa Salem 16 дней назад

    thanks for this song 😌💤💫

  • Kaznachey Rebel
    Kaznachey Rebel 16 дней назад

    Thank you so much for this music !

  • Reubs2V's
    Reubs2V's 17 дней назад

    this sounds like the british queens song
    when the guards play it

  • Alice Damin
    Alice Damin 17 дней назад

    Wow i feel good

  • biLo
    biLo 17 дней назад

    4h of heart melting music thats what you call love

  • Dab Lady
    Dab Lady 17 дней назад

    I listen to this song because of my mom she is dead 💀 and whenever I fell lonely 😭 I listen to this

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 16 дней назад

      I recommend to listen Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Judas Priest and Anthrax. They make you feel happy.

  • Charles00y Abinader
    Charles00y Abinader 17 дней назад

    so good omg omg pliz do plus music look this pliz

  • olivia buck
    olivia buck 17 дней назад

    all of you guys could make a good helper for the world and this song reminds me of dolphin's by your side on a boat with a beatiful sunset and drinking a diet coke am i right.

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 16 дней назад

      Nah, this reminds me of being in heavy metal concert while shooting Jack Daniels bottles with machine gun.

  • Raja Jamal
    Raja Jamal 17 дней назад

    my sis likes dancin to it

  • Raja Jamal
    Raja Jamal 17 дней назад

    my sisters lov it

  • Howard Li
    Howard Li 18 дней назад

    What is the first song's name?

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 16 дней назад

      Travis A. King - Beautiful Mind

  • AresBrutality
    AresBrutality 18 дней назад

    Does anyone know the name of the first song

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 16 дней назад

      Travis A. King - Beautiful Mind

  • lulupollard2016
    lulupollard2016 18 дней назад

    I'm a cna and I play this for one of my residents, she goes right to sleep every time

  • Daniel YAHNG
    Daniel YAHNG 18 дней назад

    i love it!

  • Gary Dunn
    Gary Dunn 18 дней назад

    Dear Group,

    Which of the songs or songs matches the scene as displayeed in the video.Yeah, the cottages over water.Ahhhhh......I think :Tropical Getaway.Duke Skywalker.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

  • Chetcuti is a metro
    Chetcuti is a metro 18 дней назад

    great music!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamaam Fauzan
    Tamaam Fauzan 18 дней назад

    oh yes its making me sooo relaxing i like the sky and just lay down ohhhh what a wonderfull world