Which iPad Should You Choose in 2019?

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • The 2019 iPad offering has been updated. I help you decide if you should buy the 2018 iPad, New iPad mini, New iPad Air or the iPad Pro. I compare the price, display, talk about the camera and much more. #ipad #ipadmini #ipadair #ipadpro #apple
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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:25 - Price
    00:35 - Storage
    01:22 - CPU
    01:44 - Colors
    02:37 - Materials and Design
    03:28 - Displays
    06:33 - Apple Pencil
    09:00 - Ports
    09:46 - Cameras
    12:30 - Face ID and Touch ID
    13:23 - Connectivity
    14:34 - Speed
    19:20 - Conclusion
    20:07 - Battery Life
    20:29 - Accessories
    21:40 - Outro
    22:01 - End
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  • georgeglass
    georgeglass 9 hours ago

    Please give me one?

  • SCI FI
    SCI FI 9 hours ago

    New Viewer please bare with me. I'm an Uber driver who uses my Android phone. I have never used an ipad for anything. I'm very much a Windows kind of guy/Android. I saw the coolest app that left me speechless. It was called "The Elements" that you can only get and use on an Apple device such as an iPad, the apple phone and I think you can use it on a Macbook but, I'm not sure. I wish to read Digital Magazines while I'm waiting for Clients when I'm using Uber.

    I have found that most of the Digital Magazines only work on an apple
    which is why I've not downloaded any Digital Magazines because I don't have an apple device. Now, here is my question for you Sir, I want to try the Apple environment only because the App that I like so much called "The Elements" won't work on a Android nor can I get Digital Magazines(most but not all) on an Android tablet. I want to try an ipad for Uber, that app that I like(once again called "The Elements" and last but not least is the app called WAZE

    If I did purchase an iPad do which size do I prefer? I don't want the Mini nor do I wish to have the ipad Pro. So, it is between the Air or the Ipad. That is my question to you. I'm sorry for this long Comment. I love your channel. This is the first time I've ever let a comment. Thanks

  • Leading Lawyer70

    I have a question which Ipad has high quality the ipad mini 5 or ipad 6


    So only the pro has speakers but the other 3 don't have speakers?

  • Yeet Silver
    Yeet Silver Day ago

    I have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch

  • Tonia Afetian
    Tonia Afetian 2 days ago

    I bought the mini 5 has no frame to it hard to hold on ..I don’t like it I prefer the mini 4 ...

  • Daksh Jr
    Daksh Jr 4 days ago

    Nice Review... I am buying iPad Mini

  • Scott Bitters
    Scott Bitters 4 days ago

    Very informative great video


    I buy air with 230$ dollar

  • jerry vincent
    jerry vincent 7 days ago +2

    Not sure what to buy. I’am typing on a 2017 I-pad trying real hard not to spend any money.🇺🇸

  • Sophie Nachtrab
    Sophie Nachtrab 7 days ago +1

    I'm getting the 7th gen iPad 2019

  • Beatrice Baya
    Beatrice Baya 7 days ago

    i thank you so much cause i have been planning to get an iPad so i guess i'm going with the 2018 one but i thank u for such detail in this video

  • angel
    angel 7 days ago +7

    2016: removal of headphone jack
    2017: removal of homebutton
    2020: removal of camera

    2069: *removal of the device*

  • Jaystorm321
    Jaystorm321 7 days ago

    I would pick iPad Air because it’s not bad and it’s not good it’s perfect and not that pricy it’s just as good as any other iPad

  • Donal M
    Donal M 8 days ago

    No one does it better.

  • X JokerMaster
    X JokerMaster 9 days ago

    I bought the iPad 7th generation last week is good

  • Yismel Peguero
    Yismel Peguero 10 days ago

    I’m getting iPad air

  • RaavMedia
    RaavMedia 10 days ago

    Even I have the same issue when trying to multitask.. I had to cut away to that scene on my video 😄

  • Arlene Bruderly
    Arlene Bruderly 10 days ago

    I am planning on getting a new iPad and didn't know where to start. Thank you for the comparison.

  • Laika
    Laika 13 days ago

    The iPad Air is the budget version of the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini is a smaller iPad Air so technically the Mini could replace the Pro

  • Mala'ika Mustapha
    Mala'ika Mustapha 13 days ago

    The 2018 iPad is my first Apple device. I absolutely cannot stand the screen gap and display in general, can’t believe I gave up my Galaxy Tab for this. In hindsight, I wish I had went for the Air. I’ll get a second iPad in a couple years, hopefully the iPad Air will support the Apple Pencil 2 (or higher) by then

  • Sachie Reid
    Sachie Reid 13 days ago

    IPad Pro first generation 9.7” is the best, if you are an artist.

  • Waqas Jee
    Waqas Jee 13 days ago


  • Johnny Cunningham
    Johnny Cunningham 15 days ago

    ipad pro is the best. it has 2nd gen apple pencil and better cameras, better games and more storage and display size. but ipad pro 2017 has the same camera and speakers and is 300 dollars cheaper for the 11 inch version. oh, and a headphone jack.

  • Harsh
    Harsh 16 days ago +1

    Which iPad is good just for reading and notes taking?
    Purely academic purposes?

  • Grizzly J
    Grizzly J 17 days ago +1

    I use the Air 2 and honestly it’s the best one no difference in it now since I bought in back in late 2016.

  • mangreat71
    mangreat71 18 days ago

    Which ipad should I go with cause I make music ? I write lyrics in notebooks, books sometimes can get sloppy but if I name what I write on a ipad I can easily find them. I thinking I can use the ipad pencil to write the lyrics on the screen then name it so I can find it easy and fast. And I want something with a lot of gigs and can make video calls ?

  • Sultann
    Sultann 18 days ago

    ty for the video

  • Mae de Ocampo
    Mae de Ocampo 18 days ago

    Ipad mini

  • Greg C ops
    Greg C ops 19 days ago

    So which i buy for pkaying games and for 399$

  • Rus Paulrus
    Rus Paulrus 20 days ago

    I pas pro i wanna Romania botosani

  • ayush
    ayush 20 days ago +1

    Excellent I liked the comparison you made on brightness and pixel density, want to know if upgrading to ios13 can offer true tone dispaly on 6th gen ipad ?

  • 1000 SUBS WITHOUT VIDS???? ???

    Wheres the ipad noob

    ALC ALC 22 days ago

    Should I get the pro or the air? Is the air good for note-taking, minimal sketching, doing some office work? I often travel and bringing a laptop is a pain for me so I would like to buy an Ipad so I could still do some work during my travels

  • Simranjit Kaur
    Simranjit Kaur 23 days ago

    A great 👍 presentation,
    Thanku so much ☺️

  • Enraged Falcon
    Enraged Falcon 23 days ago

    the cheaper the better

  • Deantonio Austin
    Deantonio Austin 23 days ago


  • Kevin Lauzon
    Kevin Lauzon 24 days ago

    I saw a comment on Amazon that iPad Pro (both sizes) do not have headphone jack & that even with a USB C to 3.5mm Adapter Type C Audio Jack Adapter, the poster could NOT run audio for her presentation. Has this issue been resolved with an update?

  • juan's tech guide
    juan's tech guide 24 days ago

    My 2018 iPad is like a tank. With only a Smart Cover it at least survived a 2 foot drop!

  • Light Owl
    Light Owl 27 days ago +1

    I think I need a new one, my pro keypad sticks n drags ass so I might try the Air this time.
    Loved my Samsung"'s but the batteries got corrupted:/

  • Sereyka Chin
    Sereyka Chin 28 days ago

    can we draw on tab s5e pls help tell me

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer Month ago

    I think the way you charge and pare the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, the old way is just a big design flaw, it would be nice if all 2019 iPads are compatible with the new Apple Pencil.

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer Month ago

    The 12.9 inch pro is just too big. I prefer the sizes of the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and the iPad Pro 11 inch.

  • Be Be
    Be Be Month ago +1

    Wow - so thorough. Thank you!

  • Nancy Zizelman
    Nancy Zizelman Month ago

    I use the iPad Air

  • Yeet Silver
    Yeet Silver Month ago

    I got iPad Pro 12.9 inch

  • Myuse9namesthis
    Myuse9namesthis Month ago

    Why is the iPad Pro so huge

  • Chanakya
    Chanakya Month ago +4

    Loved this comparison!! You weren't biased which I liked the most!! Keep it up!!

  • Deez Cows Fan
    Deez Cows Fan Month ago +1

    Who is the dumbass that priced the iPad mini higher than the regular?

  • E quilt
    E quilt Month ago

    Word for iPad

    BARBARA L. HASS Month ago

    Awesome expert explanation, Godbless from Grand Rapids Michigan

    BARBARA L. HASS Month ago

    I glad I bought IPad 12.4 (2018)

    BARBARA L. HASS Month ago

    I paid $219. For IPad 12.4

  • Call of duty mobile Tencent Gaming

    I am going to get the IPad mini 2019

  • Banshee Xs
    Banshee Xs Month ago

    And the conclusion is..?

  • Dilip SK
    Dilip SK Month ago

    How many of you realized that this Chanel's name is Zollotech after he wrote it on iPad ?

  • राजा हिंदुस्तानी

    You made my life easier.

  • Alex League
    Alex League Month ago

    I have the regular ipad

  • Wlat YT
    Wlat YT Month ago +1

    I buy mini 5 in amazone it´s best for gaiming

  • elas elas
    elas elas Month ago +1

    I have ipad air 3 coming some