Which iPad Should You Choose in 2019?

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • The 2019 iPad offering has been updated. I help you decide if you should buy the 2018 iPad, New iPad mini, New iPad Air or the iPad Pro. I compare the price, display, talk about the camera and much more. #ipad #ipadmini #ipadair #ipadpro #apple
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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:25 - Price
    00:35 - Storage
    01:22 - CPU
    01:44 - Colors
    02:37 - Materials and Design
    03:28 - Displays
    06:33 - Apple Pencil
    09:00 - Ports
    09:46 - Cameras
    12:30 - Face ID and Touch ID
    13:23 - Connectivity
    14:34 - Speed
    19:20 - Conclusion
    20:07 - Battery Life
    20:29 - Accessories
    21:40 - Outro
    22:01 - End
    📷 CAMERA:
    Panasonic GH5 - amzn.to/2uueJJv
    Leica Lens - amzn.to/2urTacz
    Memory Card - amzn.to/2JudBdT
    🎤 Microphone
    Heil PR40 - amzn.to/2JYatZl
    Focusrite 2i2 - amzn.to/2RQRuT9
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    AVG AVG Hour ago

    iPad mini or iPad 2018 which one is better sound quality please comment

  • Asendent dodos Channel
    Asendent dodos Channel 18 hours ago

    Yay you play ark

  • Ujjwal Kumar Bose
    Ujjwal Kumar Bose 3 days ago

    Hi I am into academic research and exploring which one I should buy. My primary choice is iPad 2018. Any suggestions please.

  • Carlyce Simpson
    Carlyce Simpson 4 days ago

    All of them have their advantages and disadvantages

    ELKEVIN 5 days ago +2

    Apple Launchnew product, IPAD MINI AIR PRO :v

  • Stuti Kansal
    Stuti Kansal 5 days ago +1

    Can someone please help me to decide which tablet should i buy

    1. Samsung galaxy tab S4
    2. Galaxy tab A
    3. Galaxy tab S5e
    4. Apple ipad pro 12.9
    5.new apple ipad mini
    6. New apple ipad air
    7. Microssoft surface go
    8. New Surface pro 6

    The tablet should have keyboard and pen with it. It should have expandable memory. It should have enough memory for video editing and photo editing softwares, for taking pictures , for daily use, for watching videos and movies, for listening music, for reading books, on which tablets can i work for more than 10 hours on multiple programs without worrying about tablet getting hanged and with which tablet i can work with external hard disk and pen drives and can be easily carried with us anywhere on any trip .

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy 5 days ago

    just bought airpods last night, they're good

  • Gary Woods
    Gary Woods 7 days ago +3

    Just bought IPad Pro today from Telus ...It's on the way can't wait to get it.

  • Kamal Chowdary
    Kamal Chowdary 7 days ago

    Just bought iPad mini

  • FatalFinality
    FatalFinality 8 days ago

    What’s the name of the song being played at 18:20?

  • Skyla's World
    Skyla's World 9 days ago

    I have IPad pro rose gold…

  • Taj Callender
    Taj Callender 9 days ago

    iPad Mini 5 Q/A here! Have any questions about the iPad Mini 5? Well don’t worry! Just leave a reply to this comment and I will answer as soon as I can!

    • Akosi James
      Akosi James 5 days ago

      @Taj Callender hey cause im android uaer .. ur comment was just leave a reply to this comment and iwill answer ..
      So i leave q question in ur comment .. u stupid moron .. fck you

    • Taj Callender
      Taj Callender 6 days ago

      Akosi James Lowest price is $399. You could have easily went to Apple’s website to know that. I don’t know if you are even the right person to even buy an iPad as you don’t seem very knowledgeable.

    • Akosi James
      Akosi James 6 days ago

      @Taj Callender how much now?

    • Taj Callender
      Taj Callender 6 days ago

      Akosi James Nope! Lowest is 64GB.

    • Akosi James
      Akosi James 6 days ago

      Is there 32 gb storage?

  • frederick lopez
    frederick lopez 9 days ago +1

    Bought last nov 2018 ipad 2018 used for 2days and sold complete for 250 dollars

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi 9 days ago

    The processor really doesn't make a big difference when you buy the iPad, as you say in the video, and that's because they are all so incredibly fast for mobile processors. But when it will make a difference is in 3 years, when the A10 processor is 5 years and 4 generations old, and it's starting to show it's age (like my old mini 4) when gaming etc.

  • Team SpaceX
    Team SpaceX 11 days ago

    Is there going to be a iPad Pro 2019 13X bionic and it doesn’t flex or bend

  • Riel Angeline
    Riel Angeline 11 days ago +1

    Ipad pro

  • Gacha Cat
    Gacha Cat 11 days ago

    Should I pick the 10.5 inch tablet or the 11 inch?

  • Uranus
    Uranus 11 days ago

    * taps old iPad a good few seconds before the pro *
    “And as you can see sometimes the pro is slowest.”
    What an absolute moron.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 12 days ago

    I have iPad Air 2 2018

  • AzeRTy Block
    AzeRTy Block 12 days ago +1

    Bought iPad pro 10.5 last week

  • Skymaster
    Skymaster 14 days ago +1

    I just buy iPad Pro 2018 Two days ago

  • PaintedW0LF
    PaintedW0LF 14 days ago

    Great comparison review. Those speed tests were quite surprising. Makes me feel better owning a base iPad 2018 haha.
    One thing you did not mention however, is the feeling of the Pencil on the displays while drawing and writing. When using Pencil on base iPad 2018, there is virtually no resistance at all which makes for a horrible drawing experience because it's too slippery. But on the new iPad Pro with Pencil 2, it feels much better.

  • Tom Oralek
    Tom Oralek 15 days ago

    I like ipad air

  • Augie Schmitt
    Augie Schmitt 16 days ago

    Get the air all the way

  • Billy Jean
    Billy Jean 16 days ago

    I still use my iPad 2 from 2012 works perfectly! The only thing that needs replacement is the battery 🔋! It is sad that iOS 13 is not supported anymore...I just use my iPad for RUclip browsing the internet just normal use.

  • Danny 200MPH
    Danny 200MPH 16 days ago

    it would be nice if apple change the port every year and require customers to buy different dongles. it would be cool to plug your old dongle into your new dongle into your new ipad. cool beans

  • Tonia Afetian
    Tonia Afetian 17 days ago

    Can you add the information as the one you already have ..or it’s different??

  • Brincandopabajo
    Brincandopabajo 18 days ago

    Lighting port last forever, usb c is jut for one year.

  • Chris Tiger
    Chris Tiger 19 days ago

    I choose mini!

  • Francisco Morales
    Francisco Morales 19 days ago +3

    Who else got scared @11:15

  • Techno Charge Mobile
    Techno Charge Mobile 19 days ago

    Thanks, got all my answers.

  • Tim Tran
    Tim Tran 20 days ago


  • Shiao
    Shiao 22 days ago +1

    I feel A12VsA10 will be an issue in coming years, so Air 3!

  • NoFretts
    NoFretts 22 days ago +2

    Great video! VERY informative and VERY helpful...thank you very much. Its the 2018 iPad for me!

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis 22 days ago +1

    How many peeps watching this own at least two of these 4 iPads?

  • mzh1901
    mzh1901 23 days ago

    Wow so much info all in one place! Awesome video, down to business with no messing around. Think I'll go with the 2018. I'm an android person so will have to learn new system. If you know of any good resources to help it would be great.

    • zollotech
      zollotech  23 days ago

      Glad I could help and thanks for watching

  • Alexs Macocha
    Alexs Macocha 23 days ago

    i am about to get an ipad mini silver

  • Krishnendu Mondal
    Krishnendu Mondal 25 days ago

    Please tell me what should i choose between mini 5 or air 3?

    • channel not found
      channel not found 24 days ago

      @Krishnendu Mondal anyway, I prefer the mini so I"m going to buy it soon

    • channel not found
      channel not found 24 days ago

      @Krishnendu Mondal yeah mini's display looks a bit better because it's smaller but it has the same resolution as the air

    • Krishnendu Mondal
      Krishnendu Mondal 24 days ago

      @channel not found ok & being so small & compact is the display of mini looks sharper than the air ?

    • channel not found
      channel not found 24 days ago +1

      The only important difference is the size, so that's your choice

  • Siu Hei Cheng
    Siu Hei Cheng 25 days ago +1

    I think the Camera is not very important , my Previous iPad is 9.7 iPad Pro, but I almost did not use it to take photo unless it is important moment , unfortunately it died , then I pick up the 6th Gen iPad , but I don’t think I will miss the 9.7 iPad Pro Camera

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins 26 days ago

    I also just got the I Pad 2018 & I am well pleased. Great piece of Tech still. Nice 9.7” screen, fast, nice colours, good sound. Great for gaming, movies, music, you tube, photos..etc..Worth £319 ..Highly Recommended..👍

  • Trickmyster46
    Trickmyster46 26 days ago +2

    I did want the 11" version but 64gb did not seem enough and I could not justify spending 1k on a tablet. I decided to go with the 10.5" 2017 ipad pro with 256gb and a headphone Jack. Got it for £500 new.

  • Sanu James
    Sanu James 26 days ago

    Which one should I buy for photo editing (lightroom)

    • zollotech
      zollotech  26 days ago

      any of them will do this without a problem

  • Sanu James
    Sanu James 26 days ago

    Which one should I buy for photo editing (lightroom)

  • Bret Johnson Jr
    Bret Johnson Jr 28 days ago

    Get the 10.5 iPad Pro #simple

  • The Plane Lover
    The Plane Lover 28 days ago

    i use ipad air 3 2019

  • anant agrawal
    anant agrawal 28 days ago +1

    I will choose air

  • ElementalPlayzz
    ElementalPlayzz 29 days ago +2

    Air or mini which should I buy I will mostly do gaming

    • Carlo Laguerta
      Carlo Laguerta 19 days ago

      same mini or air, i prefer higher battery and larger screen. but still wondering what ipad should i get mini or air

    • Karl Frohlich
      Karl Frohlich 28 days ago

      definitely the mini. Much easier to hold for gaming

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 29 days ago

    I bought myself the iPad Pro 11” 256 gb and cellular model, this video helped my brother decide that the portability route was the best for him, and he’s enjoying his new iPad mini!!

  • Ankit and Gadget
    Ankit and Gadget 29 days ago

    The question is " Which ipad should I choose😂"

  • Ur leo 1 Spammer
    Ur leo 1 Spammer 29 days ago

    İpad 9.7 best size but a10 chip is old mini has got an a12 but 9.7 a10

    • Juuso Peltoniemi
      Juuso Peltoniemi 29 days ago

      A10 Fusion crushes all other tablets in the 300 dollar price range.

  • GMD Tubular
    GMD Tubular Month ago

    Getting an Ipad Air 3 Tommorow ;)

  • ابو محمد
    ابو محمد Month ago

    I had a bad experience with the mini becaus of it’s size
    I think iam going to buy air3

  • Health Freak
    Health Freak Month ago +1

    very nicely done review! You use technical words that makes the production description more meaningful. thanks for posting the video

  • Chris the Car guy
    Chris the Car guy Month ago +3

    iPad 2018 gang? I’m part of it because I typed this off one.

  • Aditya Rajan
    Aditya Rajan Month ago

    what rubbish

  • Y A
    Y A Month ago

    For my b day im buying the ipad mini why? Bc I think it is cute small to take everywere and simple♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Booty4U GamesYT
    Booty4U GamesYT Month ago

    I’m watching on an IPad Mini 4

  • Zubenathi Ndyambo
    Zubenathi Ndyambo Month ago


  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins Month ago

    Not sure if I shoukd buy iPad or iPad Mini, I will be using it for tv and shows help

    • Daniel Dickson
      Daniel Dickson Month ago

      iPad 2018 would be great for that I just bought one the other day it’s better then I expected great device love it

  • Kristine Wissell
    Kristine Wissell Month ago +1

    Well done!!

  • sogekingable
    sogekingable Month ago +4

    I just bought mini 2019 and i really satisfied with it. Can fit into my pouch bag😊

    • MrDmd74
      MrDmd74 28 days ago

      The biggest reason why I'm considering it too.

  • wildreams
    wildreams Month ago +2

    I'm getting the Air 3 over the iPad because I figured it will last a little longer due to the faster processor. I think 32gb felt a little tight in 2019. And if I upgrade to the 126gb, it's almost the price of the base 64gb iPad Air 3.
    Hope I made the right decision.

    • Tech Guru413
      Tech Guru413 Month ago

      wildreams its about to get filled up but its still fine.

    • Tech Guru413
      Tech Guru413 Month ago

      wildreams i use the 329$ base model.

    • wildreams
      wildreams Month ago

      @Tech Guru413 It must be an awesome device. What size are you using? If you are using 32gb is it enough?

      So far, I think we don't use much storage space on the iPad. We mostly stream stuff.

    • Tech Guru413
      Tech Guru413 Month ago +1

      wildreams i loved the ipad 2018 too! i did a really big upgrade. I upgraded from my very old ipad 2 to my ipad that i have rn.

    • wildreams
      wildreams Month ago +1

      @Tech Guru413 Thanks. It's a really awesome device, my mother loved it 😲😁
      Much better than the one that just broken down (iPad Retina (gen3)).

  • Sean Clark
    Sean Clark Month ago +13

    My favorite model by far:
    The iPad Mini Air Pro

  • Andrew Blaha
    Andrew Blaha Month ago

    I love my brand new IPad Pro 11 64 GB WiFi Space Grey

    • Ryoko Hirosue
      Ryoko Hirosue Month ago

      What size of free storage you have with 64gb version?

  • JAYMIN baraiya
    JAYMIN baraiya Month ago

    Which will fit in your budget?

  • Pinkachumoo
    Pinkachumoo Month ago

    Thank you for this video. It was well explained and gives a better understanding of each iPad. Helped me a lot with choosing one!

  • john leto
    john leto Month ago

    I’m deliriously happy with the iPad mini, it’s the perfect portable media and social media device, it’s much better than the phone and it’s a perfect amazon kindle. Highly recommended, I’m surprised as to how much I like it.

    JEAN EVANS Month ago +3

    Sr, thank you so much for this presentation I was so confused when I went to the Apple store I felt like I was being pressured into purchasing the more expensive one until I just decided not to buy one at all. Now I am sure of the one I want thanks to you.

  • Michael Healy
    Michael Healy Month ago

    Those screen savers make me feel sick

  • nasir riyaz
    nasir riyaz Month ago

    Vry awesome review