Al Franken Baffled By DeVos' Ignorance On Education

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
  • Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos can't answer a question on a hotly debated topic in education--testing based on proficiency vs. growth--and Senator Al Franken is dumbstruck.
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Comments • 1 158

    PETER LAUTZE 5 days ago

    blahdiblah blah

  • David Mayer de Rothschild

    This lady is dumb as a box of rocks!!! And she doesn’t care about education she just wants a big yearly check.

  • Marvin Joseph
    Marvin Joseph 15 days ago

    the FINEST people!

  • AngAngie Angela
    AngAngie Angela 16 days ago

    Good gods I miss him

  • Loren Renee
    Loren Renee 17 days ago

    I’m sure she doesn’t give a crap about lgbtq people of any age just like she didn’t give a crap about the people in Flint Michigan she help to poison and then profiteered off their suffering.

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 20 days ago

    One word... SAVAGE

  • Cj Mccabe
    Cj Mccabe 21 day ago

    She's and her family are monsters

  • Logan Edinbocker
    Logan Edinbocker 22 days ago

    The proficiency and growth thing wasn’t necessarily fair. The an existential question and he set it up in a weird way, however, it is quite easy to answer so I don’t feel bad for here. Profiency is an goal growth is the point of the exercise they aren’t mutually exclusive

  • King Hicks
    King Hicks 24 days ago

    This has got to be the most (implicit) security treasurer ever!

  • Emanuel Hayashi
    Emanuel Hayashi 25 days ago

    Al Franken no matter his past like Trump no you can understand why Trumps people had to make him go

  • Emanuel Hayashi
    Emanuel Hayashi 25 days ago

    Al Franken no matter his past like Trump no you can understand why Trumps people had to make him go

  • ging h
    ging h 26 days ago

    It surprises him? She don't know anything about the schools

  • Ed Griffin
    Ed Griffin 27 days ago

    We need you there now Al. I know you goofed up but can’t believe how Gillinrad and others in the Democratic Party drove you out! Too few critical minds in hearings .

  • mpage2654
    mpage2654 28 days ago

    Miss you Al...😟

  • teresa Hernandez
    teresa Hernandez 28 days ago

    All of Idiot Trump’s cabinet is as stupid as he is: embarrassing!

  • inigojuancarlos
    inigojuancarlos Month ago

    What is she? Secretary of Dumb Center for Kids Can’t Write? lol

    ROBIN WESTON Month ago


  • Terry Black
    Terry Black Month ago

    2.38 her face 😂😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson Month ago

    This "person's" family has promoted conversion therapy for homosexuals. How despicable that this trump appointee supports such nauseating things. Why the hell is this uninformed rich bitch the secretary of education??? Answer: Her family paid trump enough money.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson Month ago

    Wonder how this dumbo douchebagette got selected to Secretary of Education?? Possibly big donation to the totally corrupt douchebag in chief?

  • Pam Robinson
    Pam Robinson Month ago

    AL Franklin should be restated.

  • wget Desa
    wget Desa Month ago

    Pervert gone

  • Charley Wade
    Charley Wade Month ago

    These hearings are a waste of time. They question these wealthy people and clearly it means nothing because at the end of the day they leave these hearing go home to their huge homes and bask in their wealth.

  • Wynette Worthy
    Wynette Worthy Month ago

    $180,100 A Year and the people in the comment section of this video sound more educated, about education!

  • James Bonner
    James Bonner Month ago

    She hasn't shown proficiency in her job.

  • Greg Wright
    Greg Wright Month ago

    That wasn’t even fair they all knew she was new to the game and instead of educating her they just slammed her clearly they don’t like her. And clearly she wasn’t welcomed I just don’t understand why she still took that spot despite knowing they do not like her he laughed as he was giving a half ass explanation on what he was talking about like he was looking down on her (as he should) and she even tried in the best way she could to let him know I don’t know that question they didn’t go over that with me. Please give me a hint or be more transparent which he just told her with his body language go fuck your self. So the other guy had to chime in and say look bro we didn’t do this to everyone else and that made the bitch smug because then she started trying to bite back like she had some supporters but the other dude just felt bad seeing her get slammed. These fucken rich idiots would take anything so long as it makes them feel like there relevant and doing something with the sorry ass life.

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 2 months ago

    She should not be Secretary of Education when she has no education in teaching nor how to run a billion-dollar program called Department of Education she needs to resign or "your fired"

  • Jae Paul
    Jae Paul 2 months ago

    LMAO @ the look on her face as he dismantles her overpriced cheaply created stupid ass slowly. Priceless.
    This is one of Trump's examples of making America great again right?

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 2 months ago

    She has got to be related to Trump. Same stupid DNA.

  • Antoine Hall Sr.
    Antoine Hall Sr. 2 months ago

    Fuckkkk she been suspect. This pussy as committee process is designed for fuckery to coexist. No followup actually gives them a chance to say nothing and not be questioned about the bullshit they just said.

  • C J
    C J 2 months ago

    Really sad ASSHAT RYAN, TEMPLETON TED, and McCON are such suck ups they agreed with IQ45 as BE BEST.

  • Larry Cleveland, RDN, LD, LMT

    Trump picked her. No surprise. She could care less about kids education.

  • Danica Torgerson
    Danica Torgerson 2 months ago

    Dummy Devos at it again. Get away from our kids!

  • Hernan Salazar
    Hernan Salazar 2 months ago

    April 2019 and she still controling the US Education...

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger 2 months ago

    She would have already been fired and out the door if she was working at McDonald's. Why does this moron still have a job?

  • Erik Lobo
    Erik Lobo 2 months ago

    I miss Al Franken. There was controversy which forced him to resign. But there was also controversy surrounding the controversy. In the long run we've lost something I losing Al. Whatever you think about the man at the time of his resignation there is no arguing with the fact that he was a conscientious and compassionate senator.

  • Traktakaffe
    Traktakaffe 2 months ago

    we had a crazy lady living in our street when i was young, we called her betsy - i see she moved to usa and got a job - outstanding - how are you allowing that creature to be in charge of your children? wtf is wrong with you? ive seen nothing good done by her.. and it explains alot

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    She was ignorant of growth versus proficiency. What a loser.

  • Carol Garcia
    Carol Garcia 2 months ago

    I miss Al Franken

  • Knekten
    Knekten 2 months ago

    i hope someone kills Betsy DeVos.. it would actually save millions of children from being forced into a religious cult. A cult that has a history of child abuse btw

  • Anthony moffatt
    Anthony moffatt 2 months ago

    nope she don't

  • Phenochs Mundala
    Phenochs Mundala 2 months ago

    Terrorfying! Betsy Devos, America's newly Hated, by Americans.
    Thanks for NOTHING!

  • Bander1
    Bander1 2 months ago

    what I find totally stupid and outrageous is a moron airhead like Devos still has her job and a great guy like franken is out due to a stupid sexual allegation in fact he was honorable enough to resign, shit, Franken should have been USA president.

  • Droopi Barows
    Droopi Barows 2 months ago

    most intellectual senator ever. always had smart questions making sense

  • Housekat61
    Housekat61 2 months ago

    Hahahaha Al just wiped the floor with her! Good Job Al!

  • J Smith
    J Smith 2 months ago

    Senator Franken please come back. We need more intelligent representation in Washington D.C.. Devos knows nothing about education, equality and opportunities for our children to succeed.

  • brian hutchinson
    brian hutchinson 2 months ago

    She is disgusting.

  • Enevitable Paradox
    Enevitable Paradox 2 months ago

    This guy takes a jokingly lude picture before he was even senator and ends his career. She destroys our education system and... what? This is what taxation with out representation feels like.

  • Donna Woodford
    Donna Woodford 2 months ago

    Could it be said that BDV's inability to distinguish between proficiency and growth might indicate that she didn't take an active role in her children's education? Or she has removed herself from that knowledge years ago when her last child graduated?

  • Keon Mckinney
    Keon Mckinney 2 months ago

    Every video I see with this woman she gets slammed . Is she really that clueless or just out and out liar? The nervous smile she has makes her look even worse

  • MrCoughupalung
    MrCoughupalung 2 months ago

    So this is why they had a witch hunt on Al Franken.

  • Ke’Arrah Abrielle
    Ke’Arrah Abrielle 2 months ago

    This poor lady ... I really think she is to dumb to be smart..🤷🏽‍♀️ she cant be nothin more than a fall guy!

  • The P
    The P 2 months ago

    Too bad there wasn’t any sand around to bury her head

  • The P
    The P 2 months ago


  • Lokii 2 Eyes
    Lokii 2 Eyes 2 months ago

    I ate chicken sandwiches that can do her job better.

  • Judy D
    Judy D 2 months ago +1

    Dumb, really dumb. Go home lady.

  • charles morris
    charles morris 2 months ago

    Even though I'm not from Minnesota I would hope Mister Franken would run for the Senate again, His country needs him.

  • Lynda Mitton
    Lynda Mitton 2 months ago

    So glad to see Al Franken again! A smart and funny man who is very endearing! Give up on Betsy, Al....she’s kinda dumb....but she is Eric Prince’s sister, so she got the BIG JOB! Sure hope you will run for office again soon!

  • Just Human
    Just Human 2 months ago

    Is this woman for real????

  • Shyne Musoke
    Shyne Musoke 2 months ago +1

    This bitch Dumb as shit she dont even know the dofference

  • El Tigrero
    El Tigrero 2 months ago +1

    Franken is a perverted sodomite piece of shit and shouldn't even be allowed in the country, let alone in politics

  • Dania Dumas
    Dania Dumas 2 months ago

    We need Al Franken BACK, NOW

  • Earl Olson
    Earl Olson 2 months ago +1

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH my head i get a migraine every time a trump stooge is talking to any one over the age of five. Lying POS. Kick her skanky butt Al.

  • Keith Milburn
    Keith Milburn 3 months ago

    The sheer arrogance of these people is unbelievable, she stands there with a smug , condescending grin as though the people questioning have no idea . Liars, every single last one of them.

  • Mary Munro
    Mary Munro 3 months ago

    God , I miss Al Franken. I hope he makes a run for Presidentcy.

  • Donny Romero
    Donny Romero 3 months ago

    Let my guess. Is she trying to screw America again? Like the Donald.... smh. 🤦‍♂️

  • Donny Romero
    Donny Romero 3 months ago

    Let my guess. Is she trying to screw America again? Like the Donald.... smh. 🤦‍♂️

  • Macho Man
    Macho Man 3 months ago

    So baffled he decided to go sexually assault some women.

  • Blue Kirkpatrick
    Blue Kirkpatrick 3 months ago +1

    "Well, I'm not that surprised"

  • Ritchie Riche
    Ritchie Riche 3 months ago

    And this is what's called the top of your educational system ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  • zerocapacitance1
    zerocapacitance1 3 months ago

    Still appointed

  • Leading Mobile News
    Leading Mobile News 3 months ago +1

    DeVos is a Demon!!

  • Red Red
    Red Red 4 months ago +1

    And she is now sec of education.

  • Yves Aubert
    Yves Aubert 4 months ago

    It’s obviously she didn’t graduate 👩‍🎓

  • Raphael Andrews
    Raphael Andrews 4 months ago

    Al Franken totally destroyed the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos in a brilliant cross examination about education policy.

  • Carla Costa
    Carla Costa 4 months ago

    Conversion therapy started with Hitler and it was used on the Jews. Google it.

  • Carla Costa
    Carla Costa 4 months ago

    So it started with Obama. Imagine that.

  • G Hill
    G Hill 4 months ago

    I've said it before, the Trump administration has a special algorithm to select the least qualified and most prejudice applicants for all positions.

  • Derek Thomas
    Derek Thomas 4 months ago

    And he's gone and she's present? This is what happens went you don't have a degree and 0 experience. How do you place federal public funds into a private school? If you answer is public schools aren't some research. Don't know much about Franken, but he sounds like an old republican.

  • chenderhan
    chenderhan 4 months ago +1

    God she's so stupid.

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 4 months ago

    This is a bit like the movie "Freaky Friday" and when she answers the question......she is actually her 15 year daughter!! 🙄🤔😏

  • Michael Eli
    Michael Eli 4 months ago

    Al Franken should still be in the Senate We need him.

  • Larrecia Shealey
    Larrecia Shealey 4 months ago

    Please Wendy's and all other food industries this woman is not even qualified to be your manager

  • norm lor
    norm lor 4 months ago

    he shouldn't be anymore baffled knowing that total corruption got her into this Position by bribing corrupt Senators into approving her. five seconds after hearing this POTUS Pig speak as a Candidate I knew he'd be a disaster for America, and no surprise here!!

  • David Ninghetto
    David Ninghetto 4 months ago

    How is it possible a person gets roasted so badly and still gets the job???

  • edward lubin
    edward lubin 5 months ago

    We miss you Al.

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 5 months ago

    After having watch the confirmation hearings, I was sure that devos would not be elected... how did it happen that she was confirmed?!

  • jel tai
    jel tai 5 months ago

    you sharia sewer living dog shit .jihad muslim lovers . jew haters you stinky pus . nazie,s

  • jel tai
    jel tai 5 months ago

    hating crap fucking libtards wanting to play the puped masters Every ware

  • My opinion
    My opinion 5 months ago

    Totally clueless woman 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Uh Swav
    Uh Swav 5 months ago

    She clearly does not know what shes doing , shes dumber than a highschool stoner

  • Bodil marie Challand
    Bodil marie Challand 5 months ago

    She is a dumb blond selfcentret bitch ........🤮🤮🤮

  • Phillip Chavez
    Phillip Chavez 5 months ago

    this country is lacking in education due to Tolerance for the liberal trans LGBT community and who can use the little children's restrooms,
    Who cares about the difference of growth and scale, and get back to old school system . schools are about Math reading writing physical fitness, not about LIBERAL Tolerance of homosexuality

  • Frying Pan
    Frying Pan 5 months ago

    Dizy Davos is the mostest smartest person in the room..What are you talking about.. Thank you for that question. Her brother is in a heap of shit. Thank you jesus..

    SHIRLEY GIBSON 5 months ago

    Al Franken please come back.

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 5 months ago +1

    Oh god this woman knows nothing. She trying so hard to let that clock run out by pausing for 5seconds between every word of her response. She looks ridiculous and really knows nothing.
    Her response to every question: "thank you (pause) senator (pause) for (pause) that (pause) great (pause) question (pause). I'm very happy (pause) to be here (pause) today (pause) so that (pause) I can answer (pause) or try my best (pause) to answer the questions (pause) btw (pause) I love that suit (pause)

  • djw80158
    djw80158 5 months ago

    It's clear to see why 45 loves DeVos & Neilsen... such brainiacs! FOH

  • David Barrington
    David Barrington 5 months ago


  • LTAries88
    LTAries88 5 months ago +1

    It’s people like her that are the direct example of mediocrity..... it’s a shame because people have bosses who are just like her; having a position of influence and power with no knowledge and experience

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate 5 months ago

    At this point I think most people understand that the people trump chose to run his cabinet are nothing more than faces of the companies they represent - Betsy is simply the person they send to these hearings and to take the blame she’s not doing anything at all to run the job.