ARAMIES: Climbing skills

  • Published on May 21, 2008
  • The ARAMIES robot comprises 26 active joints, 6 in each leg and 2 for actuating the head, which includes a camera, a laser scanner and two ultrasound distance sensors. In addition, the system has acceleration sensors and gyroscopes for stability control. Furthermore, each joint is equipped with absolute position sensors, current sensors, and temperature sensors.
    One major advantage of the ARAMIES robot in comparison to other walking robots is its actuated claw which is used to get hold in steep inclinations. In laboratory tests the system was able to climb up a rung wall with a inclination of 70°.
    Sponsored by the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center with federal funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in accordance with the parliamentary resolution of the German Parliament. DLR grant no. 50JR0561. ESA contract 18116/04/NL/PA
    ARAMIES (Project)
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  • kingmcbrian
    kingmcbrian 8 years ago

    @AcanLord LOL!!!!!

  • kingmcbrian
    kingmcbrian 8 years ago

    @AcanLord LOL!!!!!

  • AcanLord
    AcanLord 8 years ago

    @kingmcbrian And i`l form, THE HEAD!

  • kingmcbrian
    kingmcbrian 8 years ago

    not long till Voltron becomes real :P

  • finsher2008
    finsher2008 10 years ago

    now all they hav to do is make it alot bigger put lasers on its head and put it in a frozen wasteland hoth springs to mind for some aparent reason

  • Gordon Chin
    Gordon Chin 10 years ago

    that will be great for climbing all those ladders on mars

  • LukeSkyscraper
    LukeSkyscraper 10 years ago

    Dude, a robot one tenth the size of that is not going to carry 50 calibre guns :P It'd be squashed.
    (ok, ok, I know you meant 10x size but I couldn't resist)

  • Paul G McDuffee
    Paul G McDuffee 10 years ago

    Think about triple speed tenth size and using some 50 cal guns or patriots on its back! Lots of armor on the front and you have the one and only killing machine!

  • Dia4life
    Dia4life 10 years ago

    hah no kidding! Very cool though, great job!.

  • GhostStone
    GhostStone 10 years ago

    omg it's an AT-AT from star wars!

  • Jorge Ramirez Martinez
    Jorge Ramirez Martinez 11 years ago

    Nice I would like to be as good as you when I finish my studies about robotics