Crushing Metal Saucepan with Hydraulic Press

  • Published on Jul 22, 2016
  • Crushing very solid Metal saucepan with Hydraulic Press!
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Comments • 82

  • Duprem3 Supreme
    Duprem3 Supreme Year ago

    That was cool

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia 2 years ago

    I thout it was crush shit

  • Swee Siang Lim
    Swee Siang Lim 2 years ago

    Crushit,crush some fruits

  • Lune
    Lune 2 years ago

    that's art 😮

  • Marc Gallo
    Marc Gallo 3 years ago

    really pointless channel. everything crushes exactly how I'd already picture it in my head.

  • Scott Back
    Scott Back 3 years ago

    that is not a sauce pan anymore it is a pancake.

  • Gaming with PURG3 anarchy

    try crushing a jawbreaker

  • Holly Hsieh
    Holly Hsieh 3 years ago

    that's how you make pancake...

  • Its Chancy
    Its Chancy 3 years ago

    This is satisfying

  • SpurnOfHumanity
    SpurnOfHumanity 3 years ago +1

    It's a sauce PAN not a sauce pin.

  • birdwalk217
    birdwalk217 3 years ago +10

    I really love the thought put into the name of this channel. They crush shit but they also crush it

    • IntellectualPlayspace
      IntellectualPlayspace 3 years ago

      hahaha exactly my thoughts :P
      reminds me of schiit, good play on words too :P

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago +2

      Spot on ;)

  • Scientific Alan
    Scientific Alan 3 years ago

    I guess now it's a pan-cake.

  • Aidan Nixon
    Aidan Nixon 3 years ago


  • .shell
    .shell 3 years ago

    guy fiery
    guy fieti
    skullfuck me
    guy fireri

  • Create Channel
    Create Channel 3 years ago

    This was very satisfying to watch. 😮

  • Beeeyeee
    Beeeyeee 3 years ago

    dude you can make art and sell it out of this.

  • The Sink God
    The Sink God 3 years ago +1

    Thats an amazing sospin.

  • KaBe
    KaBe 3 years ago

    So satisfying to watch :P

  • merge m8
    merge m8 3 years ago +3

    Now you have a frying pan lol X

  • Teresa Miles
    Teresa Miles 3 years ago +1

    A soyas pin...

  • waifuuu
    waifuuu 3 years ago

    it looked like its melting

  • DiMuro Beats
    DiMuro Beats 3 years ago

    hmmm... oddly satisfying

  • Gamingisfun M8
    Gamingisfun M8 3 years ago

    Try some soaps

  • Inimbos
    Inimbos 3 years ago

    That was PAN-tastic!

  • fIyingpeacock
    fIyingpeacock 3 years ago

    Kinda looked like a crushed bed pan

  • rifan priambudi
    rifan priambudi 3 years ago

    can you ??? crush your Hydraulic Press????

  • MLV_
    MLV_ 3 years ago

    Crush-shit get it😝😝

  • Brandon below
    Brandon below 3 years ago

    Crush silly string

  • Sam
    Sam 3 years ago

    Pot to pan!

  • BOT Benni
    BOT Benni 3 years ago

    if you have the money could you crush smartphones

  • Norman Ritter - Official

    Pls can you put your balls into the hydraulic press and put it on and make a Video about that?

  • MovieScenes
    MovieScenes 3 years ago

    When you have too much calories in your food

  • pinhead3030
    pinhead3030 3 years ago

    just subscribed today. awesome videosl. i watch two other crush channels as well but now i rank you #1

  • Edwin Salgado
    Edwin Salgado 3 years ago

    send it to me so I can make tortillas on it XD lol

  • Nsja Online
    Nsja Online 3 years ago

    Love these vids, keep them coming!

  • James Filosa
    James Filosa 3 years ago

    Crush a real bone.

  • cara smoot
    cara smoot 3 years ago

    you should do a face reveal

  • Kaishen
    Kaishen 3 years ago

    What happens when you crush carbon fiber

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC 3 years ago

    Well...That was de-pressing

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 years ago


  • Collision
    Collision 3 years ago

    Hydraulic Press VS xbox one controller

  • Catherine McDonald
    Catherine McDonald 3 years ago

    you should crush a snowglobe!

  • Ilias The 123
    Ilias The 123 3 years ago

    Crush my dreams... Oh wait they are already crushed...

  • Fred M8Beats
    Fred M8Beats 3 years ago

    where's the frozen pig head?

  • Fred M8Beats
    Fred M8Beats 3 years ago

    where's the frozen pig head?

  • Adam Zz
    Adam Zz 3 years ago

    When are you doing a face reveal???

  • Cael Salmond
    Cael Salmond 3 years ago

    Crush a ball of play doh

  • milfslayer
    milfslayer 3 years ago

    you should do a cast iron pan

  • football crab
    football crab 3 years ago


  • deans6571
    deans6571 3 years ago +1

    Crush an Xbox One 👍🏼

  • Richard Baal
    Richard Baal 3 years ago

    Crush a trumpet lol

  • The Crusher
    The Crusher 3 years ago +2

    the only bad is the accent wtf a hydraulic press channel with clean uk accent? I dont know how this is able to be lol !! nice video fellow crusher. since its summer and we got great places for holidays here in Greece you are welcome to come and crush with me !

    • Levi Mcallan
      Levi Mcallan 3 years ago

      Can u crush a crow bar 4 the next vid
      that would be cool

    • Crushit
      Crushit  3 years ago

      Thanks;) Haha... I'd love to go to Greece to Crush with you... but unfortunately I've already booked elsewhere;(... Went there last year... It was really nice.

  • Ras Henry
    Ras Henry 3 years ago

    You should crush some bone!

  • Gadget λumic
    Gadget λumic 3 years ago

    The saucepan disliked x3

  • Eric The Lamp
    Eric The Lamp 3 years ago +2

    Can you crush a Bike Helmet? I love your voice, so sexy :^), I enjoy your content too. Great work buddy!

  • television and cheese
    television and cheese 3 years ago

    Why don't you crush a mini hydraulic press?

    • DeadToad
      DeadToad 3 years ago

      Hydraulic press don't come in mini versions, at least not functional ones. So they would have to make their own.

  • Dawid Horyza
    Dawid Horyza 3 years ago


  • Pate Ardealul
    Pate Ardealul 3 years ago

    Is it only me or the guy behind this channel is backyard scientist?

  • Kevin Hefner
    Kevin Hefner 3 years ago

    Crush a bunch of books!