Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

  • Published on Oct 11, 2013
  • A peek at the early days of the Quantum AI Lab: a partnership between NASA, Google, USRA, and a 512-qubit D-Wave Two quantum computer. Learn more at
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  • Dave C.
    Dave C. 16 hours ago

    I don’t know why everybody thinks Quantum Physics is so difficult to understand. To me, this 4D reality we live in, I’ve always understood to be an emergent phenomenon of an underlying reality that we may never fully understand, so concepts like super-position and other spooky behavior make total sense (being outside of this emergent reality.) When I first heard about the quantum foam, this just reinforced the emergentness of this 4D space-time with its particles and fields that we live in. It is difficult for me to describe, but imagine how a universe of a single atom cannot conceive of the concept of temperature, (temperature being emergent, requiring more than one atom.) Take the above-mentioned concept of super-position in the underlying reality. Since that is the norm, then “stuff happens” in that reality, and our reality emerges from it, where this strange behavior of “information cannot travel faster than light” happens. This is super weird from the underlying realities standpoint, but completely normal for us. People need to stop assuming our laws of nature apply to the underlying reality. This is why people think Quantum mechanics is so strange. No it isn’t (and yes it is, at the same time. Get it?)

  • Shane D.
    Shane D. Day ago

    I built one in Haiti.

  • Shane D.
    Shane D. Day ago

    I built one in Haiti.

  • Arlene Stanton
    Arlene Stanton 4 days ago

    A very top down explanation

  • Lance Lopez
    Lance Lopez 7 days ago


  • Susanne Wuthrich
    Susanne Wuthrich 10 days ago

    NO, we are never alone, as we are all ONE. We are all energy and we are all interconnected! So the law of attraction brings us always the right masters into our existence ( our illusion) so we are able to surpass our masters! this is just happening in the NOW for the 2. Time in human existence.

  • Fatema Khatem
    Fatema Khatem 13 days ago

    One day i will study about quantum computer

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  • S S
    S S 16 days ago

    1:19 tunneling. Tunnelling. Tunnelling tunneling

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  • Clayton Williams
    Clayton Williams 17 days ago

    These nerds take the multiverse way too seriously

  • Jesse Herring
    Jesse Herring 18 days ago

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  • Ris Risov
    Ris Risov 24 days ago


  • Connor Hearn
    Connor Hearn 29 days ago

    Can we get one of these for gaming?

  • Lydia L-J
    Lydia L-J Month ago

    put quantum in front of everything then you sound smart.

  • Atit Gurung
    Atit Gurung Month ago

    Dis is proof day dere is life in space extra terrestrial being is real it's not science fiction n Hollywood we r not alone in dis universe may da force b wit u 😂

  • صالح زيد
    صالح زيد Month ago

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  • Crystal Eakins
    Crystal Eakins Month ago

    I cannot wait to have a conversation with a quantum computer

  • 10
    10 Month ago

    You people put "QUANTUM" in front of everything

  • NPC8907674654685654564

    A lot of black people in this video.

  • McpeGamer 2000
    McpeGamer 2000 Month ago

    Can it run crysis?

  • Wilfredo Rodriguez
    Wilfredo Rodriguez Month ago

    Lovely beautiful

  • I Like Music
    I Like Music Month ago

    *WAIT* This video is from 2013...

  • Eric Rusch Sr
    Eric Rusch Sr Month ago

    How about an up-date You Tube?
    This vid is 6 years old!

  • Mr.DarkBright
    Mr.DarkBright Month ago

    1:26 Tony Stark voice

  • Hans611
    Hans611 Month ago


  • Theresa Rose
    Theresa Rose Month ago


  • Izan Larumbe Gimeno

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  • Joe Georgia
    Joe Georgia Month ago

    Quantum confusion, what is the purpose of this video, you taught me nothing here, a lot of double-talk

  • Muhammad iqbal
    Muhammad iqbal Month ago

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  • BilboSwaggins
    BilboSwaggins Month ago

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  • Aymen Auditore
    Aymen Auditore Month ago

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  • KeNouH
    KeNouH Month ago

    Let's play some games on it? Haha

  • Anurag Sinha
    Anurag Sinha Month ago

    Will pubg run?

  • Adil Pervez
    Adil Pervez Month ago

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    WTF is wrong with RUclip algorithm??

  • AshPlayz- Gaming and more!

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  • Watch Dog DedSec
    Watch Dog DedSec Month ago

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  • Dindo Delos Santos
    Dindo Delos Santos Month ago

    why they are so dependent on quantom computers?? ?????????? its a man man so all info are also from human.................

  • RyanOsmW3 1
    RyanOsmW3 1 Month ago

    But Can it run Crysis?😂

  • ht420
    ht420 Month ago

    We live for science

  • samarpal singh
    samarpal singh Month ago +8

    I don't think i understand quantum physics, which means....

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  • Rajan Vaidya
    Rajan Vaidya Month ago

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  • Quantum -
    Quantum - Month ago

    As much as I want to join the AI Lab, I think it's a little naive to think that building a functional quantum computer will mean you can ask it literally anything (like "Are we alone?") and just expect it to know that. It still has to operate largely based on information that it's given by humans, and then it does it's best to make a logical deduction from that.

  • Gourav Shaw
    Gourav Shaw Month ago

    Why the hell I have this in my recommendation after 6 years???

    Hell RUclip.......

  • shantanu drew
    shantanu drew Month ago +1

    Being a MCU fan...I know what's quantum

  • Mritunjai Sinha
    Mritunjai Sinha Month ago

    I want to become an astronaut and space scientist in NASA

  • Lunatico DA
    Lunatico DA Month ago

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  • Secrets Revealed
    Secrets Revealed Month ago

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  • Solomon Jarman
    Solomon Jarman Month ago

    Some of this scientist surprise me when they still ask if we are alone, haven't they heard that the earth is flat?

  • Chief At Gaming
    Chief At Gaming Month ago +11

    Only one question CAN IT RUN HIGH END GAMES?????

    • gandalf010101
      gandalf010101 Month ago +1

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    • Ewing Cruz
      Ewing Cruz Month ago

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  • Shun TigerHeart
    Shun TigerHeart Month ago

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  • Dhimant Patel
    Dhimant Patel Month ago

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  • Christian Camiña
    Christian Camiña Month ago

    00:18 - 00:23 - Why does he sound like Tony Stark?

  • Bishal Panta
    Bishal Panta Month ago +13

    Nobody: U don't know anything about quantum. Get away from this vedio.
    Me: I have watched Antman.
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  • Nguyen Tanthien
    Nguyen Tanthien Month ago

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  • A Little Bit of Flexter


  • Rubz
    Rubz Month ago

    have schools teach kids to make their own AI assistant

  • Yee Boi Productions

    They are trying to go to the Quantum Realm

  • Aditya Virendra
    Aditya Virendra Month ago

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  • All in one
    All in one Month ago +1

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  • Assam hero
    Assam hero Month ago

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  • J Jo
    J Jo Month ago

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  • A Eggsy
    A Eggsy Month ago +1

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  • Isa Kutlu
    Isa Kutlu Month ago +1

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  • Tech Easy
    Tech Easy Month ago

    Hi, so nice to see the title 'quantum' I have a question about it not related to the video but related to quantum physics. So, if every matter are made up of small particles and those are made up of atoms and electrons are moving around the nucleus in any matter. So if we take living and non living things so both the electrons are moving by these similarities we can make non living into living. I can further explain these how it can be done pls clear my doubt and reply me asking questions if u think it is correct then pls reply.

  • Sushila Mhetre
    Sushila Mhetre Month ago +1

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  • James Ultron
    James Ultron Month ago

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  • 155907
    155907 Month ago

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    GAME BOY ADVANCE Month ago

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  • sunny shelar
    sunny shelar Month ago

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