• Published on Oct 14, 2018
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    Today we're testing some of the most popular methods for making clear ice and finding out which one works best and which one falls flat!
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Comments • 6 582

  • Rakesh Keisham
    Rakesh Keisham Day ago

    "Tipsy bartender" did it long time ago n it's better. He used it everyday too.

  • James Harris
    James Harris 3 days ago

    But I noticed u used tap water in the cooler. What if u use distilled water or the different bottled waters in the cooler

  • Della Rosa
    Della Rosa 4 days ago

    I don't usually pay that much attention to the sponsor info, but I LOVE THAT BOOK! Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors!

  • Knights CharKoal-Casting

    @5min slayed me🤣😭😂

  • Dominic
    Dominic 8 days ago

    i think it has something to do with how fast/slow you freeze it. all the water has to freeze at around the same time

  • ShadowHunter120
    ShadowHunter120 9 days ago

    The vacuum is basically the same as boiling it, you're lowering the pressure to the point it boils at room temperature.
    You already knew that though, right?

  • 0-Zone
    0-Zone 10 days ago +1

    Cool, Eskimos can now make transparent windows for their igloos.

  • It is Apollo
    It is Apollo 10 days ago

    Using some Chemistry knowledge, you could try air sparging the water or use a sonicator. Preferably use Deionized or DI water. This will release all the CO2 and other impurities within the water. Then, you can freeze it.

  • Eric Theodore Cartman
    Eric Theodore Cartman 11 days ago

    Yea.. "solved". Congrats for just copying something thousands showed years ago on youtube.

  • Justin Bakker
    Justin Bakker 11 days ago

    You’re supposed to boil it once not twice 🤦‍♂️

  • Ishmail Bari
    Ishmail Bari 12 days ago

    from a video in the industrial production of clear Ice I once saw the trick was to continuously vibrate the water at a low frequency

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 13 days ago

    @thekingofrandom put water in the diamond play button mold and put that in the cooler, and freeze it!

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest 13 days ago

    Use warm water to make clear ice I have also seen distilled water freeze clear

  • Carson Shipley
    Carson Shipley 14 days ago

    Freeze the ice at 18 degrees it slowes down the freezing and makes it clear

  • BradKandyCroftFamily
    BradKandyCroftFamily 18 days ago

    Notice how the edges are clear? It needs to be in a smaller container, like an ice cube tray. The faster it freezes the better. I think the treatments helped, it just was in too big of a container.

  • Keith Thornley
    Keith Thornley 23 days ago

    Vibration while its freezing

  • Lucky Star
    Lucky Star 23 days ago

    what if you keep it in a vaccum chamber while freezing it?

  • youssef craft
    youssef craft 27 days ago

    Will your toung stick on DRY ICE ?

  • RewareTv
    RewareTv 27 days ago +1

    Just take ice from lake xD boom clear ice

  • Don Neu
    Don Neu Month ago

    Try boiling water (distilled) or vacuum chambering water and immediately put it in a bag to seal it from the atmosphere before you freeze it so the gases from the atmosphere don’t redissolve in the water before it freezes

    ALOK TRIPATHI Month ago

    Freeze it from bottom to top

  • cat master
    cat master Month ago +1

    This is under the pets section of RUclip


  • henry the ounce
    henry the ounce Month ago

    Why twice boiled what would it possibly do the 2nd time it didn't do the first ridiculous

  • Ella Mcguire
    Ella Mcguire Month ago

    First you have to vibrate the ice then put it in water

  • charles hetrick
    charles hetrick Month ago

    You know there’s plenty of vids on how ice sculptors get their clear ice? Keep the water moving and freeze from the bottom up. If someone could invent a home clear ice machine for all the hipsters and their queer drinking needs that person could make a fortune I bet.

  • padraig graham
    padraig graham Month ago

    plz make water

  • Siffle
    Siffle Month ago

    Normal tap water makes clear ice for me just straight tap water, it’s crystal clear

  • RohanSportHorses1
    RohanSportHorses1 Month ago


  • EpicATrain
    EpicATrain Month ago +1

    I paused at 7:00 mark. If memory serves me right, in order to get perfectly clear ice, you MUST have constant running water over the ice as it forms, and the water must be pure. This eliminates all bubbles and cracking.

  • Ruralwave Service
    Ruralwave Service Month ago

    Love your videos, watch them all the time. - This one was interesting, I just read this about a lake in russia. - The entire lake freezes completley clear, its insaine, Im wondering why it does but we had such poor luck with your controlled experiments.
    Lake_Baikal is the lake in russia.

  • puli empire
    puli empire Month ago

    How abt vacum it while freezing

  • YouRock379
    YouRock379 Month ago

    Lots of clear ice cube makers have 2 sections, the top one contains clear ice and the bottom cloudy ice. Probably because of the reasons he listed in the video.

  • FireMidgets
    FireMidgets Month ago

    What if you put salt in it?

  • Elias Perez
    Elias Perez Month ago

    Your the best

  • Shister Sippy
    Shister Sippy Month ago

    I just did this and accidentally put it it in my fridge help.

  • KokeyPlayz
    KokeyPlayz Month ago

    the thumnail is realy *HILARIOUS*

  • Andy Hessin
    Andy Hessin Month ago

    so I know that the videos where you pour molten things into MASSIVE blocks of clear ice happened after this one but you never showed us how you got such thick blocks of crystal clear ice... why not :(

  • J& A
    J& A Month ago

    He had peas

  • Sigma 3030
    Sigma 3030 Month ago

    wasn't solved thumbs down

  • Zeno Gillis
    Zeno Gillis Month ago

    I've seen it done before. Freezing the water from inside -> outside should give you clear ice.
    Think it is because when it starts freezing the edges freeze up(clear) but once they're fully transformed into ice the "bubbles" as you call it can't escape from the middle portion of the containers.
    There are ice-trays shaped to get clear ice cubes by having a cone shape inside, look it up if you want to realle make some clear ice instead of trying some stuff out.
    Kinda disappointed with the video tbh..

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    When ice fall I kick it under the fridge

  • Nate Huskey
    Nate Huskey Month ago

    Technically distilled water immediately becomes undistilled as soon as you open the jug so technically speaking you can't drink distilled water

  • XploitXbox
    XploitXbox Month ago

    When you boil tap water, you increase the concentration level of fluoride. Fluoride doesn’t boil off!

  • Frédérik Descheneaux

    If we freeze it by the bottom ?

  • numbblackpicture
    numbblackpicture Month ago

    No Idea if it works or where exactly I heard this, but somebody once told me that if the water moves while it's freezing it should get or rather stay clear. Not sure how to achieve this, maybe some kinda rattle plate. I've never seen such a process and always called bs on it since I never saw proof. Maybe it's worth a shot for a video, since nobody I now has a setup to shake water inside his/her freezer..

  • jasper flanderhijn
    jasper flanderhijn Month ago

    the ice will be clear if you use the cooler with a small pump inside of it, this method is also used by ice making companies

  • That Tophat Guy
    That Tophat Guy Month ago


  • T Cook
    T Cook Month ago

    How about putting chocolate bars over cups that are bigger than each over and seeing which one melts firdt

  • firexgodx980
    firexgodx980 Month ago

    What if you freezed from the bottom up? Cut the foam bottom out, replace it with a metal bottom, then put a foam lid on. Make sure to not fill it up all the way so that there's an air gap at the top for the escaping gases to go

  • Ezy Cuberz
    Ezy Cuberz Month ago

    1) You should not leave those in normal air, as it might dissolve
    2) You should not use air tight caps, it might increase the temperature and air might dissolve in it (larger the pressure, more us the diffusion)
    3) You shouldn't try slow cooling, instead immediate cooling.
    Thanks if you read entirely

  • LandauTST
    LandauTST Month ago

    My ex and I would put hot water into our ice cube trays and it always came out more clear than room temperature/cold water.

  • PUG Nation 556
    PUG Nation 556 Month ago

    7:17 I don’t even know what just happened... SLUUUUUURP

  • Nick Kempel
    Nick Kempel Month ago

    Distilled water isn't actually as pure as you think it is it's actually relatively contaminated compaired to other forms of water like de-ionozed type II water witch is basically the only type of water that is molecularly pure it's so pure it can actually hurt you

  • Aidan Huckle
    Aidan Huckle Month ago

    Make your own Fireworks!

  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    The clear ice from the cooler honestly looks like an ice version of the diamond play button! XD

  • _at_the.end_
    _at_the.end_ Month ago

    You could try to do clear ice with baby oil

  • Oriana Feliz
    Oriana Feliz Month ago

    Why don't you try putting DRY ICE in the Vacuum chamber?

    OBLIVION TM Month ago

    Making drinkable water(solved)

  • Idiot Mastermind
    Idiot Mastermind Month ago

    Freeze it from the bottom

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato Month ago

    when am I ever gonna use this in life?

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato Month ago

    Water freezes clear outside.

  • tom Robert
    tom Robert Month ago

    I have a chills ice tray makes circle ice balls there almost always clear

  • You're Elements
    You're Elements Month ago

    What if you freeze it in a balloon?

  • 2 dogs 1 cat
    2 dogs 1 cat Month ago

    If you freeze the water from the water up in an industrial freezer, it'll be clear.... The reason the ice is cloudy is the way the freezer works, the cold air comes from all sides, so that traps any gas inside...

  • Brendan Villa
    Brendan Villa Month ago

    Freeze it when it is still in the vacuum chamber and it is still vacuumed

  • Jesus Villicana
    Jesus Villicana Month ago

    Try vibrations while freezing the water

  • Laren Riedler
    Laren Riedler Month ago

    Best way to get clear ice is to agitate the water as it cools towards freezing, to dislodge the bubbles.

  • Bailey Goodison
    Bailey Goodison Month ago


  • Mackarooney plays
    Mackarooney plays Month ago

    I think the way to get clear ice is to keep stirring it whilst it’s freezing

  • NakedPotato 2359
    NakedPotato 2359 Month ago

    The ice part looks Black and white

  • JasonTheBully99
    JasonTheBully99 Month ago

    What if you try to play air hockey with ice?

  • JasonTheBully99
    JasonTheBully99 Month ago

    Some people might think that it's "the king o frandom"

  • S G
    S G Month ago

    I can bet you clear ICE if you make ice in a smooth silicon utensil sorta thing, Try it out??

  • Fade
    Fade Month ago

    Subscribe 2 Leo Egelstedt

  • Avocado
    Avocado Month ago

    Hi m
    Hi my
    Hi my n
    You really thought I would do that

  • BlueCreepr
    BlueCreepr Month ago

    Play fortnite using physics

  • jake chamberlin
    jake chamberlin Month ago

    Try and cut the ice with the styro slicer

  • Jeff Sczepanski
    Jeff Sczepanski Month ago

    I froze water in a tall sealed plastic 1 liter bottle, thawed it 70% and refroze it. Most/all of the refreeze was clear.

  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid


  • wilson sulivera
    wilson sulivera Month ago

    Could you make an everyday charcoal grill /smoker into a gas grill??

  • Arya Patel
    Arya Patel Month ago

    U guys make the best vids

  • Hey it's abi
    Hey it's abi Month ago

    To get clear ice you have to keep the water moving. xx

  • the man
    the man Month ago

    What happens when you put liquid nitrogen with water

  • Theo Kay
    Theo Kay Month ago

    You need to agitate it whilst it is freezing so the bubbles get pushed out

  • IGet Bored
    IGet Bored Month ago

    if a vacuum chamber lets the gas escape easily, why not freeze water in a pressure chamber?

  • SgtSplatter782
    SgtSplatter782 2 months ago

    feh. okay here's the barman's trick to clear ice. first you have to have a mold of some sort, those round iceball molds are the best for this. next you need an insulated container that holds the mold. fill both mold and container with water. put the mold with it's fill hole down into the insulated container and you want to freeze the water slowly. The slower the better as it freezes downwards forcing both impurities and air bubbles down into the thermos. Pro-tip is to try not to have the ice be disturbed too much, don't go opening and closing that freezer constantly, the movement can cause the air bubble to 'stick' and you won't get clear ice.

  • pollymarka1
    pollymarka1 2 months ago

    Vibrate the water while it freezes. As I understand it that is the way I've sculptors get clear ice.

  • Arthur Regnault
    Arthur Regnault 2 months ago

    What if the vacuum chamber itself is in the freezer?

  • Nicolas Chamenko
    Nicolas Chamenko 2 months ago

    I Would freeze it super slow at 34°F exactly at the freezing temperature making the freezing neutral allowing the water to be able to freeze All at the same time keeping the air on able to get trapped. If you freeze the ice to Fast it will cause the outside to freeze first that is my recommendation

  • Allen Wilson
    Allen Wilson 2 months ago

    I've had extremely clear ice form when the water froze slowly in a mini fridge that barely got below freezing.

  • Zero Space
    Zero Space 2 months ago


  • James Harbor
    James Harbor 2 months ago

    It’s not hard to make you just need to freeze it really slowly

  • Kyle Dearling
    Kyle Dearling 2 months ago

    I think it is the speed it freezes at that traps the air

  • Mr oof
    Mr oof 2 months ago

    Wait is distilled water drinkable

  • khushal khushal.v.ravaria

    Hey what if you put ice into vacuum

  • Daisy.gachacool Classified

    Rainwater makes clear ice duhhhhhhh

  • Angle Wang
    Angle Wang 2 months ago

    I seen clear ice in nature

  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James 2 months ago

    Also, lake ice is very clear because of the heat of the lake and air. Especially if you get an early and long freeze.

  • Antra Vaishnavi
    Antra Vaishnavi 2 months ago +1

    What will happen if we eat or drink vacuum stuffs!???

  • Chirag kagal
    Chirag kagal 2 months ago

    this video is basically a flex on all african nibbas.