Supergirl [Humor #1] ▪ "You told me to find you not call you"

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Supergirl humor [+S4] ▪ "You told me to find you not call you"
    I really wanted to make this cause there haven't been any humor videos for supergirl in 2 years and it's also so much fun... I might make another one if you guys liked this one, tell me if you have jokes in mind you'd like me to include next time.
    Thanks for watching!!
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    Song: Miss movin' on by fifth harmony (instrumental version)
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Comments • 156

  • C.M
    C.M  Month ago +37

    I keep having ppl asking why are there scenes from other seasons...
    The [+S4] in the title means "it also includes S4" not that "it only includes S4", I did put 90% of the focus on S4 but still added scenes from other seasons

  • wanda hunter
    wanda hunter 6 hours ago

    Like the cast kara pretty hair. Nail is. Cooooooooo🎉🎉🌷🌷🌷🎉🎊🌷

  • Julia Jesser
    Julia Jesser Day ago

    What is the zip code for supergirl? Is it Denver or Vancouver?

  • Эдуард Давыдов

    2:11 what’s episode ?

  • McCauleyLM2
    McCauleyLM2 7 days ago +1

    3:56 *weird

    • C.M
      C.M  7 days ago

      Yes I know... By the time I realized it was already posted

  • Kellee
    Kellee 8 days ago

    Even though I miss winn and mon el this season it was still good besides a few other things I didnt like at least the humor had been back in season 4.

  • Bobby Morse
    Bobby Morse 10 days ago

    I flew here on
    A bus

  • Prakash Kumar
    Prakash Kumar 11 days ago

    How is this joke?

  • Bespoleznyy
    Bespoleznyy 11 days ago

    Lena is so oblivious

    Edit: it's cute but annoying 😂😂😂

  • Genevieve Baah
    Genevieve Baah 12 days ago

    I flew here, on a bus😂

  • JohnWinchester3567
    JohnWinchester3567 12 days ago

    Wonder what's written and what is ad lib.

  • WhiteX Black
    WhiteX Black 14 days ago +2

    "That's what I get for making a Harry Potter Reference" Oh God. I nearly Slipped.

  • Esther Itunuoluwa Akinbuwa

    Wow this video is great I love it especially during brainy scenes and mon el scene i love this video

    • C.M
      C.M  16 days ago

      Thank you so much, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!

  • patman0250
    patman0250 18 days ago +1

    Humor what humor Bitch isn't funny at all. She's just trying too hard it just comes off as pathetic.

    • C.M
      C.M  17 days ago

      Aww how sweet, thank you!

    • patman0250
      patman0250 18 days ago

      @C.M That's some bull shit right there I'll tell you what.

    • C.M
      C.M  18 days ago

      Well then you'll be very happy to know part 2 is coming soon.

  • Clariza Mae Sevilla
    Clariza Mae Sevilla 19 days ago

    Excuse me while I go watch Season 4 because dammit, I still haven't?????????

  • Thehorizonaviator
    Thehorizonaviator 24 days ago

    what ep did Alex use a Harry potter referance? And what was the referance she used?

  • Abby Shepherd
    Abby Shepherd 26 days ago +1

    Let’s all just admit season 2 and 3 were the best season and it hasn’t been able to live up to it since!!!



  • Orca
    Orca Month ago +3

    2:50 killed me

  • Asha Narayan
    Asha Narayan Month ago +1

    I love this but the music is a bit too loud

  • Xx ĆrįngęyŠhãnńy xX

    What scene was the first one we saw? I don't remember that-

  • Phoebe Cruz
    Phoebe Cruz Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who shipped brainy and Kara and monel and Kara?

  • Claudia Lehrer
    Claudia Lehrer Month ago

    what episode was it when lena was going on lockdown but then kara used her powers without lena knowing? its at 1:53 seconds is what i'm talking about

  • Ana Belarmino
    Ana Belarmino Month ago

    i really really love brainy

  • Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director

    Lol I have to admit that stuffing part got me XD

  • wanda hunter
    wanda hunter Month ago +1

    Kara like her tshirt. She fly save world


    Please next time put the music in lower volume ¿¿¡!!!!

  • sneaky sensei
    sneaky sensei Month ago +2

    1:26 I can be sneaky ? Year #Kara can however Melissa dose it so cutely that make me laugh all the time

  • Tae Yeon
    Tae Yeon Month ago

    I don't remember watched the first scene..

    • Tae Yeon
      Tae Yeon Month ago

      @C.M Thank you 💜💜

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago


    • Tae Yeon
      Tae Yeon Month ago

      @C.M but do you know the epi?

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago

      It was during season 3

  • john wheeler
    john wheeler Month ago

    lol @ the stereotypical 90s Jerry Springer tranny.

  • Laura Harris
    Laura Harris Month ago

    Who love Brainy????

  • jazzaiyana
    jazzaiyana Month ago +2

    I will never look as good in plaid as Brainy does and I can't tell whether I'm okay with that or not.

  • Creepsh8t
    Creepsh8t Month ago

    I miss Chris 💕

  • Kalese
    Kalese Month ago +1

    Why does the music in the background sound like the beat to miss movin' on Omi gosh I miss them 😭

    FERKA MIRLORES Month ago +1


    • Kalese
      Kalese Month ago +1


  • Neely Hill
    Neely Hill Month ago +8

    Brainys stalker moment had me in tears when i first saw it.

    SAVVY AZE Month ago +2

    I think I missed the funny moments

  • Lahey
    Lahey Month ago +1

    1:54 I was gonna make a joke XD

    • bxmblebee
      bxmblebee Month ago

      Lahey that’s what i thought as well 😂

  • Danny Danko
    Danny Danko Month ago

    In the age of Instagram and women being so vein and self centered it is sickening, I find it impossible to believe a woman wouldnt be constantly on her fkn phone posting every detail of her life as supergirl. As well as all her shitass fuckin 'jokes.'

  • Bianca Centeno
    Bianca Centeno Month ago


  • Bianca Centeno
    Bianca Centeno Month ago


  • Bianca Centeno
    Bianca Centeno Month ago


  • André Macin
    André Macin Month ago +1

    1:30 episode?

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago


  • Valrous GT
    Valrous GT Month ago

    Why do I feel like some of them are from s2

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago +1

      Because there are. The video includes scenes up to season 4 not just season 4 :-)

  • Bree_597 Lynn
    Bree_597 Lynn Month ago +2

    this is like, the funniest thing I've ever seen omg

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago

      I'm so happy you liked it!!

  • Zahra Patel
    Zahra Patel Month ago +3

    long live the legion
    *passes out*

  • JEVS studios
    JEVS studios Month ago

    Why is Mon-el there that season 2

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago +1

      Because the video includes scenes up to season 4 not just season 4

  • Esther Agne
    Esther Agne Month ago

    Miss movin on 😍

  • Nora Tamrabet
    Nora Tamrabet Month ago

    Fifth Harmony 😍😍

  • Duck Fayce
    Duck Fayce Month ago

    man i’m so happy season 5 is out :,)))

  • Mikha'il Gonato
    Mikha'il Gonato Month ago +19


  • prasad sai
    prasad sai Month ago

    That annoying background music.

  • Tonnie Barrera
    Tonnie Barrera Month ago

    Holy crap that was fantastic. I was dying by the end.

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago

      Thank you so much!!

  • Valeria Garza
    Valeria Garza Month ago +22

    Harmonizer level: the song is Miss Movin' On

    • Kalese
      Kalese Month ago +1

      I just commented this because I didn't read the comments but I feel proud that we knew this

    • Marwan Ali
      Marwan Ali Month ago

      Ayyyyyyyy That's my jam lol

  • Michelle Mendaros
    Michelle Mendaros Month ago +2

    Funny Brainy 🤩😘😉

  • Adri Juarez
    Adri Juarez Month ago +1

    Hi!, what episode it is in 1:30? 😄

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago +1

    'there haven't been any humor videos for supergirl in 2 years' Well that is because there s no humor in this festering dumpster fire of a show. Nor any good acting, writing, character development, integrity, faithfulness to the source material etc, etc, etc, etc,

  • fxndomgeek
    fxndomgeek Month ago +2

    Watching this after Season 5 Episode 1 and all the Supercorp scenes have me LAUGHING AND DYING. 😂😭

  • Trinity music Queen trin

    Am I the only one getting triggered seeing things from other seasons like mom-el and reigns sisters

    • C.M
      C.M  Month ago

      The [+S4] in the title means "it also includes S4" not that "it only includes S4", I did put 90% of the focus on S4 but still added scenes from other seasons

  • Simran Ram
    Simran Ram Month ago +6