How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)

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  • Learn How to wash your car properly. In this video I go over everything you need to know to Super Clean your car and make the paint go from old, dirty, and dull, to clean, glossy and bright! I cover touchless foam wash, touch wash, clay bar, drying, paint correction, and using sealer or wax.

    Here are all the products I used:
    Pressure Washer:
    Foam Cannon:
    Foam Gun (hose):
    Grit Guard:
    Grit Wash Board:
    Sealant Wax:
    Clay Bar:
    Wash Mit:
    Car Soap (wont strip wax):
    Drying Towels:
    Detailing Brush:
    3000 grit sandpaper:
    5000 grit sandpaper:
    Soapy Wooder: Not Available ;)

    Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:
    How to Super Clean your Windshield:
    How to Super Flush your Cooling System:
    How to Remove Scratches:
    How to Clean Your Tires:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 4 месяца назад

    Thanks for watching and I hope you learned some new tricks.
    All the products I use are *linked in the description* just in case you want to try something (I try to make it easy).
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    Marzia K 3 часа назад

    That amount of chemicals is not good for the environment..

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 1 час назад

      It is biodegradable. They use dish soap to clean up oil spills.

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    Prez 7 часов назад

    Have an A1 day!

  • NicoandLuis
    NicoandLuis 13 часов назад

    So for a normal car wash it would be the first 4 steps with car soap instead, right?

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      ChrisFix 12 часов назад


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    Iwant2chgmyworld I 18 часов назад

    Another great video ! Thanks so much for your information, love your channel.

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      ChrisFix 11 часов назад

      Thanks a lot!

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    mikecwb12 18 часов назад

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      ChrisFix 11 часов назад

      haha yes!!!

  • Lothar von Richthofen
    Lothar von Richthofen 19 часов назад

    I'm not sure how anyone can give these videos a thumbs down...every technique used on his cars works well...very practical.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 11 часов назад

      Thanks a lot!

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    IS 1 день назад

    At 10:17 when you cleaned the car with the soap gun again, was it car wash soap or was it Dish Wash soap again?

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    Ilse van der Sar 1 день назад

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    VF VF 1 день назад

    Great video Chris, I've seen all your videos on cleaning almost everything and making our cars look nicer. The only video you haven't made that would be very useful is showing us how to clean the interior of our car. I feel like that's the most important since a lot of people have leather cars or all these different types of components in our cars interior that we need to clean but we don't know what cleaning materials we would need to use for that or what's the best option to do that. You should really make a video explaining that because just vacuuming does not help. A lot of the sides of our doors or walls of our car may be dirty from children or just dirt piling up. Thanks for reading ! Take care !

  • Feen Photography
    Feen Photography 1 день назад

    Ordered stuff through your amazon links!! thanks alot Chris!! Hope they give you a nice cut :)

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    Pixle Tone 2 дня назад

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    Paul G. Williams,Jr. 2 дня назад

    I seen some of your car cleaning videos on You Tube. I have an interesting problem. I bought a used car and a High School Girl used the car and She carried something in the trunk with Glitter on it and a lot of it fell off and is now stuck in the fibers of the trunk liner. I have tried a Home Shop Vac, a Car Was Vac, Duct Tape, Lint Remover Roller, a broom on my driveway and a can of compressed Air to no avail. Nothing I found would remove it. I even tried to carry it to an auto detail-er to see if they would to see if they was willing to use their carpet cleaner on it, but they didn't want to touch it.

  • Shaun Magnano
    Shaun Magnano 2 дня назад

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    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 3 дня назад

      Great idea!

  • Haley Mckee
    Haley Mckee 3 дня назад

    How would you recommend washing/detailing a car that was hit with paintballs? Some people went around the neighborhood hitting cars with their paint guns and though we got most of the paint off, there's still small dots of paint left over which is really difficult to remove. Hopefully you see this comment and are able to help out... thank you 🙂

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 3 дня назад

      Clay bar should remove it or a good coat of polish. If not, try using some rubbing alcohol. Be sure to wax afterwards.

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    Sir, I have a question but thank you for the video because now I'm starting to clean my own e36 and your video is very helpful. When doing the touch wash and cover the car with foam cannon should I make the dilution ratio knob to more foam or more water??

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    TheFabledGoat 4 дня назад

    Is it necessary to strip the old wax before applying a new coat? What kind of results would I get if I were to wash, clay bar with the included spray (I have the same Mother's kit you used here), and then wax?

    Edit: I'm not sure I need to clay the entire car. The main things I want to get rid of are little black specs of road tar. The back of the car is pretty bad, as well as around the wheel arches and a few specs here and there on the doors and front bar.

  • Orion Leslie
    Orion Leslie 4 дня назад

    did anyone experience streaks on the paint that where different shades of the paint after they clay bared?

    when I would go back over it with the clay bar the streaks would still be there and I'm hesitant to use more pressure

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      No problem!

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      Thanks for sharing.

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    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 5 дней назад

      +Wasim Janjua the whole SuperClean uses dish soap. Use car soap when washing your car after it's supercleaned.

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      +Daniele De Santis after two years you should probably retire those to the wheels or glass and get new ones. I use them for about a year.

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      +Richard Brook thanks, glad you enjoyed the video.

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      ChrisFix 7 дней назад

      +sammy50001 I usually use 1 or two.

  • sammy50001
    sammy50001 7 дней назад

    When you used the clay bar why did you have to spray soapy water manually. Wouldn't it have been easier to just spray the entire car with the foam gun?

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 7 дней назад

      +sammy50001 you want to see the area you are claying and you're only doing a portion of the car at once.

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    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix 7 дней назад

      +MrDigit420 watch the video. Polish and wax are two different things. Polish has grit in it

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