Tesla Motor with Motec ECU On The Dyno - Lotus Evora Electric Car Project EP02

The Tesla electric motor sees dyno action with the help of a Motec ECU and Sasha from Onpoint Dyno updates us on other work he has completed on the custom Lotus Evora Electric Car.

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Автор DirtyNails BloodyKnuckles ( назад)
Guys amazing work, Im fascinated by this project. Please keep updates coming! Thanks to on point for sharing too, such amazing work being done.

Автор normellow ( назад)
That tesla motor controller is a pain in the ass !

Автор Jon Doe ( назад)
so at what part do we see the motor on the dyno? fucking misleading title

Автор Jesse Tufts ( назад)
Hey Sasha, awesome project but I hope your blue 3d printed brake master cylinder mount is just for mock up. I use 3d printers all the time but for something with that kind if force on it you need some machined aluminum. I like the Regen paddle idea though, might steal that one for my conversion!

Good luck!

Автор fall0rn ( назад)
i guess that's why german car manufactorers arent producing electric cars yet, lol

Автор First Last ( назад)
How long can it run at full output before it thermals and goes into limp mode?

Автор Joe Kuku ( назад)
ya yah oh wow ..reallyyy ..yah yah oh wow .ok wooww ..oh really ...yah yah yah

Автор Captain Howdy ( назад)
until we find a way to make electricity ON BOARD, electric cars will never be usable.

Автор Erik Hadinger ( назад)
what a weak chincy Dino only 250 horse started making that thing Bend and look unsafe most 2 liter 4 cylinder engines are producing at least 300 horsepower now or better. that Electric Motor & Control System that runs it is so complicated that you need a rocket scientist what a joke. I do like the sound of a Tesla Roadster get it done show the video

tesla should sell the motor units so we can convert our gas guzzlers to electric green vehicles

Автор tobivollmann ( назад)
Is it true that Tesla and the mercedes B class share the same engine?

Автор Don Finch ( назад)
very interestink, subscribed

Автор Rockport1911 ( назад)
5:00 An electric motor with an inbuilt immobilizer, thats what it came too. On the other hand a standard ECU lso has immobilizers built in. Nice project...

Автор taipeikartman ( назад)
New customization of Tesla. Americans dont even have the technology to customize it and have to sub it out to the swiss.

Автор Bryan Hall ( назад)
Q: Why are you keeping the brake pedal so close to the accelerator? Why not space them out so that you don't have to stuff your feet into one corner of the foot box?

Автор Jeremy Mccubbin ( назад)
If the electric motor patents and technology are available to the public. Should you not be able to use them or simply ask tesla how to control the motor? I probably don't know what i'm talking about....

Автор Harley Brignall ( назад)
so what is the difference between this car and the Dodge Circuit?

Автор biscuitninja ( назад)
Hp? Torque?

Автор mondayfool ( назад)
This is an interesting project, however I am afraid you will be disappointed. Of course it depends on your expectations, but as you probably figured out, there is no point pulling as much power as tesla does. Tesla rates the driveline at 90kW continuous.

Автор Ryukachoo ( назад)
wait wait
imobilizer over CAN?
i can't tell if that's dumb or genius

Автор kilésengati ( назад)
Tesla should start producing the Roadster again already.

Автор Patrick Sproule ( назад)
Dialogue should be panned center / mono folks. Stereo panning is for music and SFX.

Автор Kester Johnson ( назад)
this is some cool shit...

Автор boost almighty ( назад)
meh no anti lag open dump tubes from turbo wastegate i like i and all but yea guess its just how it goes choices......glad to see innovation at its finest

Автор Tony Nguyen ( назад)
4wd dual motor? I want to do this build.

Автор NewZeroland ( назад)
THIS IS SO EXCITING! Great idea with the regen paddle.

Автор Brandon Gulbis ( назад)
instead of a paddle put the regen on the floor where a clutch pedal would go

Автор technogeekworld ( назад)
Already done! Including regen and brakes,.... Complete checK out :

Автор Olaf Forseth ( назад)
Why not grease lightning

Автор thethePete ( назад)
Holy shit, it's Sasha! I remember dude from the 240 game. Cool to see him pop up randomly like this... Glad to see he's still in the game!

Автор John Metadata ( назад)
Engine noise trolls incoming ...

Автор C D ( назад)
That;s some ugly welding on that rear sub frame-shame on a project like this-

Автор Gary Wait ( назад)
welds on frame were shocking he might be a tech genius but fk me his welding shocking

Автор wdupcake ( назад)
Once again teasing with Kels in the background

Автор enzorover b ( назад)
Are you running the stock open differential?

Автор seedorfj ( назад)
Why have modes so you can use regen with the brake pedal, but not have a mode for throttle based regen.

Автор Brian Jonas ( назад)
Awesome project. I like the engineering that is exposed in these videos. The instant torque and computer management is what makes the Tesla so fast, and I am sure this thing will fly too!

Автор ratgreen ( назад)
This Sasha guy is a genius

Автор Peter Jörgenson ( назад)
why dont you just wire the engine breaking into the break ?

Автор Janis 86 ( назад)
Will it fit in my Honda?

Автор TABRAO ( назад)
The max torque is a LOT lower than the power.

Автор Anthony Buscemi ( назад)
Does this guy know that independant traction control systems are available that are designed to give the car the most acceleration without much loss of grip? I've seen them used in time attack cars the most, but if your worried about feathering the throttle, these systems help launches and exiting corners. They don't bog the car like factory systems either.

Автор jay7264 ( назад)
can i have the original power train. mmmm supercharged 2gr goodness

Автор Chris S ( назад)
The mic really separates the left and right channel. It's like ASMR Speed Academy.

Автор Tyler Hoeve ( назад)
This car will have no passion, I have no idea how people think this could ever be the future of racing it's the exact opposite reason we started racing all together. The only reason electric is going anywhere is because of regulations it's not because they are better but because our government wants to control every aspect of our lives don't fall for this electric self driving bullshit people.

Автор John Arthurs ( назад)
There's no way blue Lightning isn't a tribute to "The Blue Flame"
Baldilocks seems old enough to be aware of The Blue Flame.
I can see White Lightning as independent, but not Blue Lightning.

Автор SARTHAK KAMBLE ( назад)
Why dont you use raspberry pi or arduino

Автор Karl Witty ( назад)
The future people the future!

Автор Simon Lundin ( назад)

Автор Mark B ( назад)
Some high quality beardage going on there ;)

Автор Lucky Bob ( назад)
please fix your audio. I would like to watch this but the audio messes with my ears.

Автор pat mac ( назад)
this host is strongly irritating.

Автор Tougeninja Productions ( назад)
Lol the dude with the beard looks like that dude that hates leafy (Keemstar). Le'ts get right into the electric car build.

Автор Erik Tomlinson ( назад)
Your stereo mic channels are swapped, headphone listening is excruciating lol.

Автор Carlos Leamus ( назад)
Why not a V10 (maybe from an e60 M5) and convert it on a Hennessy Venom

Автор Loanword Eggcorn ( назад)
The best place for regenerative braking is fully integrated with the brake pedal. It's ergonomically best and also best in terms of safety to not have aggressive lift throttle oversteer, especially for non-racing-trained street drivers.

Автор shadowkn1ght ( назад)
where would one obtain a Tesla motor from? obviously apart from getting a salvaged tesla

Автор sasja de vries. ( назад)
Actually the biggest dumptruck in the world _(belaz 75710)_ uses 2 brake pedals, one for electric braking, one for mechanical brakes. It's a diesel+electric hybrid.

Автор Sven C ( назад)
pleace record the microphones in mono, this left right nonsense sucks, talk to professional sound recording people to do it right

Автор saha6818 ( назад)
Yes. More making cars faster and electric. Don't stop until the cars in my driveway are electric, burning rubber, and making me grin.

Автор Deano P ( назад)
hey Pete. deano here from cdsmc. I actually help make the sub frames for those Tesla motors front and rear. lmk what you think of our robotic aluminum welding :)

Автор Garage Topics ( назад)
If this video represents the future of car mods, I am cool with it. Cant wait to see this project unfold!

Автор SemmyRace ( назад)
Awesome project. Good luck with it!

Автор Jeff Beasley ( назад)
4:45 "10 times more complicated than a BMW ECU"

This guy has no idea what he's talking about. He's actually got it backwards. Modern engine controllers are easily 10x more complicated than an inverter module / motor controller...

Also, "it does its own immobilizer over CAN"

No way, Tesla does its immobilizer just like everyone else???

Автор Mario C ( назад)
This is one exiting project. I hope there is plans for producing a kit?

Автор Viktor Dimitrovski ( назад)
Really cool stuff on the regen braking. Keep it up guys. Can't wait to see this beast driving. Please keep us updated.

Автор Oscar Alvarado ( назад)
Really, though, why didn't he just use a tesla roadster???

Автор Royal Highland Crusader ( назад)
large garbage disposal swap.

Автор AKEF BADR ( назад)
how u say tesla is on the dyno nd then not even once was it true fuckin layin to us all nd just rollin up to market ur shit...

Автор Og boost Junkie ( назад)
That paddle should be a pedal would be easier for the driver especially while turning, 3 pedals re gen brake gas

Автор One4speed ( назад)
I've got Sasha on my right ear and dave on my left, nice stereo edit guys lol but seriously this project looks super promising

Автор Earnest Bunbury ( назад)
Do NOT use 5.1surround in POST PRODUCTION, for GOD's SAKE

Автор Andrew Tuohy ( назад)
all I can say is WOW and when can I get one!!!!

Автор sieve5 ( назад)
Fuck yea.

Автор Hishaam Patel ( назад)
a vertical "handbrake" lever might be better if the paddle is fix to the steering column...because of where the steering wheel will be during cornering...just a thought...

Автор YouTube is fucking everyone up ( назад)
Get an armytrix and a wing and led under lights and wrap it in green like tanner fox

I'm kidding hell no this is a sick build also where did he get the motor?

Автор jay be ( назад)
I can't wait to see the car altogether

Автор willibn ( назад)
why not just start with a Tesla Roadster? It's based off the Lotus.

Автор andrew mc ( назад)
This is a great build!. I have said for years that converting classic vehicles to high powered electric drive would be a great business!. look forward to more from on point!

Автор Dustin Hutchinson ( назад)
Top notch engineering. 👍👍

Автор Tony Ash ( назад)
So sick!

Автор Matthew Sutton ( назад)
As much as I enjoy y'all videos and your adventures with Sasha at Onpoint Dyno, I'm still not the slightest bit interested in electric vehicles... Lol

Автор Jon and Stew's ( назад)
This is a really really cool project. I'm excited to see it some more.

Автор Mugshot Marley ( назад)
Someone should let that guy know that he has two shirts on...

Автор Nicholas Rodrigues ( назад)
I literally only watched this because it's Speed Acadamy. If anyone else makes an EV video I'm not watching it.

Автор 895takashi ( назад)
"Okay, sure, yeah." In other words, Dave needs it to be repeated in english

Автор Robert Kohut ( назад)

Автор raph151515 ( назад)
the regen should not kick in totally with throttle up, instead it should be mixed with the brake pedal. Not sure of the ergonomics of having 2 brake controls. To mix the regen with the brake, the pedal should be active to give a smooth feedback between the regen torque and the brake pressure. a computer should decide for the driver so as soon as the braking need exceeds the regen potential power the brake kicks in instantly

Автор A Good Person ( назад)

Автор Ricardo.A ( назад)
Great video and love the camera angles now

Автор garrett2jz ( назад)
what kind of exhaust is gonna be used?

Автор Zango Vu ( назад)
This is weird but I'm excited for the future of electric car tuning after Sasha started talking about on demand regenerative braking. Very cool.

Автор manucul28 ( назад)
This is so great can't wait to see more of this built.

Автор Jogl Mcbuckel ( назад)
if I was going to build this my self how much would it cost 100000?

Автор pyrobooby smith ( назад)
If I may be so bold, who is funding this project?

Автор Fawnzee ( назад)
so you're making a tesla roadster?

Автор Keith Doran ( назад)
sasha its time to go full bald homie

Автор mcspikesky ( назад)
great stuff. this is pioneering ting! respect

Автор Dillan Martin ( назад)
This is the stuff that car guys really want in an electric car and the fact that it's here now is mind blowing I didn't really honestly think I would live in a time where electric cars would actually react that type of level and tuning I don't care if you like cars and enjoy the way that this sport all ways is progressing then there is no way you can't respect that scary ass curve on that dump sheet if he would have just hit it it definitely would have broken something as soon as all that power can be put to the ground with that motec system it's going to be a beautiful thing to watch !!! Great job Sasha and those other guys as well that make the controllers that communicate to the motec from the tesla. That regen pedal will also make left foot braking a little easier too I guess mine as well make the right paddle a throttle, what is the difference between the regen paddle and the brake pedal?

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