Tokyo Tourist Traps | Tips For Travel In Japan

Here is a Japan travel guide on some of the tourist traps in Tokyo and some places you could avoid in Tokyo. I hope the tips and advice gives you a heads up before travelling to Japan and makes your trip a smoother one! :)

Places mentioned in order:

Option: Instead of paying to go up the tower, enjoy Tokyo Tower from the surroundings
- Shiba Park (Shiba koen)
- Zozoji Temple

or go up other places for free views of Tokyo
- Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (in Shinjuku)
- Carette Shiodome
- Bunkyo Civic Center
- Carrot Tower (in Sangenjaya)

Option: Check out the back streets, hidden paths and traditional places
- Brahms Path
- Harajuku Street (Back streets with vintage shops, second hand shops, hipster hangouts etc)
- Tokyu Plaza Rooftop
- Meiji Shrine
- Yoyogi Park

Option: Look at sky tree from other view points and take a short 15 minute stroll to Asakusa
- Solamachi 30th Floor
- Asakusa

Option: Instead of paying the high table charge, check out local Japanese yokocho (back alleys filled with tiny bars and restaurants)
- Shibuya Nombei Yokocho
- Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho
- Ebisu Yokocho
- Sangenjaya Chitai Yokocho
- Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai

Phewwww... that was a lot to write haha, if you read up to here - you are the BEST!! Leave me a comment with your favourite emoji!

See you guys soon in my next videoooooo!!

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Автор YES I CAN ( назад)
If you get a chance please Meet Nobita and Shazuka .

Автор الخليفة - KhaliFa ( назад)
good video, thank

Автор ReynoldsDesign ( назад)
Thanks for posting and taking the time to do your research on Tokyo.

Автор tansactive ( назад)
Hi Angela, Thanks for this video! Just got back from Japan. Took your advice and headed to the Tokyo Metropolitan building which was excellent - No lines at all! I've just put some vlogs of our Japan experiences up on my channel, check it out if you feel like having a look!

Автор matsudarx8 ( назад)
Like ur australian accent. It's becoming stereotypical for asians to have either a weird asian accent or an american accent. Refreshing.

Автор Emory desu ( назад)
I find it funny that the vegan interview was done in front of Wendy's

Автор الصحفي عين كاف ( назад)
Nice video .. what the reason of the table charges ?

i went to Some countries i don't remmber something like table charges .

Автор Mauser ( назад)
Thanks for the video :)

Автор thenxtbillionaire ( назад)
5:30 Tokyo Skytree, it wasnt busy when I went there during cherry blossom. But the line indoor was still 45min+ so I end up buying the foreign fast-track tickets. :L

Автор andychikinyeung ( назад)
Thank you for the upload. I have visited Japan 3 times. Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat at the small restaurants we see around 8:20 in this video. I want to try them out the next time I visit. However, the problem is my very very limited ability to communicate in Japanese...so any advice you can give to a tourist there?

Автор Nick Tl ( назад)
I'm vegan and I was worried about the fact that I wouldn't find anything to eat if I went to Japan but the lady at the end said she had no problems so I'm quite happy about it... but I'll do further research anyways

Автор Kitty ( назад)

Автор FuriaDellaNotte ( назад)
When I came to Japan last year (October), I went to Sky Tree on a weekday, very early morning (9AM), no line, no wait. I highly recommend if you have the option, you do the same, but I think you also should be aware of when you're going (I was obviously going during a more "off season" time period in general since it was October).

Loved the view (clear skies all the way around), took tons of pics. Obviously missed sunset or night-time view, but glad I went at the time I did to avoid the masses.

Автор themonkeyhand ( назад)
Overrated-> Cat Cafes.... the cats are just too accustomed to being petted all day.
Underrated- Gotokuji Temple... not your run of the mill temple :3

Автор JY J ( назад)
Wow thanks for your information. I've been to Japan 4 times(I am a Korean woman) the alternative places you recommended look so much interesting. I was lucky to go to Skytree just after it built(no crowd at all)

Автор nekomarulupin ( назад)
My favorite view in Tokyo is actually from the Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro. Its fairly cheap to get to the top, and you can get a good view of pretty much everywhere in the city, and it's pretty cool looking down on the rest of Ikebukuro at night. The only downside is the windows aren't that big there.

Автор Kenji Rikitake ( назад)
Great tips for Japanese or even for a Tokyoite like me :) You can find a nice yokocho in Yotsuya too.

Автор pwowp8848 ( назад)

Автор Hector J. Arencibia ( назад)
Thank you for sharing! I love the tips! So useful!

Автор zuu taa ( назад)
I really like your video and the tip with the nice side shop street, I have been several times in Tokyo so I´m getting out of ideas where to go......
I have been to the Goverment building, Tokyo tower and also Skytree for the view. For me probably the favorate was Tokyo tower. The goverment building is for me a bit out of hand and there isn´t anything nice around. Skytree is too crowded and I feel also the shops are a bit expensive, at least for me. I liked the Tokyo tower the most, it´s smaller, kinda nostalgic, there are floors with shops (tho smaller than in Skytree), which are a bit cheaper because that are chinese turist shops, at least the lady where I buyed was chinese. And I buyed nice shirts for 1000 yen each and they are still good quality. And you can easily combine with the temple and park walk.

Автор sandy moonstone ( назад)
. こんいちわ (`_´)

Автор saeed m ( назад)
i love tokyo i love japan people,,,,,,,very good people ,,,,i from iran tehran

Автор MotivationalSahil ( назад)
Are you on Facebook ?

Автор GRAND HIT GAMING ( назад)
planning on going to Japan for a month in September, or waiting till next year for the Cherry Blossom Events, I'm not really wanting to visit the traps would love to actually Experience the real Japan Culture and life! I'm wanting traditional Japanese style Experience, even staying with a Family there that's letting me rent a room! I can't wait, would really love to love in Japan, been practicing Japanese so I should be ready! being 6'4 (195cm) hopefully I will not run into any height issues lol.

Автор Mr. Teishoku ( назад)
great video

Автор DawnAccessories DA ( назад)
These videos are so informative <33 Thank you for sharing so much info with us!!
Between, Shanti curry at Harajuku is especially yummy too!!

Автор sean watts ( назад)
woohoo, I like the app to find vegan places to eat.

Автор Neomi Left ( назад)
another awesome vid. again, thanks a lot. you're the third (nxt to my man yuta) person to make such a brilliant channel and informative vids. please keep it up, you're doing great!!!

Автор Natan The 6th ( назад)
Golden tip: Ask locals what they do in their spare time, or where they eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, or where they hang out.

Автор David012186 ( назад)
Would love to go to Japan someday, there must be affordable hotels to stay in as well I am sure, there is always a way to economize everywhere you go, and can't wait to meet a nice japanese girl too.

Автор marky 14 ( назад)
last month i went to Tokyo - i stayed in shinjuku. went to asakusa,ueno,harajuku,akihabara,shibuya ,disney sea and also Yokohama. Japan is really amazing. Next time im planning to go Osaka (:

Автор TheNewGreenIsBlue ( назад)
Haha... that last interview @10:50 "I'm Vegan..." and there's a Wendy's in the background. LOL!

Автор Mr.BaldPity ( назад)
wait did I just saw a city called take shit adori?

Автор Asvea ( назад)
Thank you for the tips!!

Автор Asvea ( назад)
$8 dollars to enter the tokyo tower? What!!! In San Antonio it's 11$ and 20$ in Dallas Tx :o

Автор Kayla Mika ( назад)
I'm sorry that woman at the end said she's upset that they don't speak English. Oh wow who would have thought they don't speak English as a main language in Japan WOW INTERESTING....no shit Sherlock

Автор Squirtle Squad ( назад)
I hope to make it to Japan one day maybe if I hit the lottery and have the money.

Автор Yuniko Yato ( назад)
wow i was lucky to not have a line at skythree

Автор DanielConley ( назад)
Just came back from japan takeshita street and harajuku in general to me was a overrated, I wanted to see more authentic youth styles there but instead I saw a lot of other tourists they did have a lot of cool shops there though. but all in all japan was an amazing place the people are so nice and everything felt so clean.

Автор GingerJoberton ( назад)
Oh maaan. I've been to Japan. Watching videos like this make me yearn to return.

Автор missxs ( назад)
@internationally ME
What time does all the shops, restos, small food shops, etc. closes in tokyo? Are there any late nights shops that stays open beyond 12 or till 12 or 24hrs? Hope someone responds to my questions thanks!

Автор BlacklockTV ( назад)
Im going there to meet beautiful japanese women, they gonna be like "oh shiiiit gaijiiiiin" fuck yes

Автор sifipee ( назад)
Great video. Thank you.

Автор 1HUFFMAN ( назад)
Look up zip code 24311 USA Virginia on google maps I can exit my back door and walk for 3 days without seeing a man made structure or another human. Within a 20 mile radius of my property their is about 5,000 people. Peace to all.

Автор Jackieorsomething ( назад)
I must be desensitized because a $8.50 cover charge is pretty standard for most bars/clubs....

Автор carol zebra ( назад)
"A lot of people don't speak english"
Oh I'm sorry, your in japan not in an english speaking country.
Only because english is widespread doesn't mean everyone HAS to know it. Every country have their own language and for the lady to see it as a downside is ridiculous. This lady is way full of herself.
I understand that everyone is proud of their culture, but don't push or impose your culture on others.
So what if in Japan they don't speak English? It's not their language anyway and I actually admire them for protecting their culture rather than melt in and give in completely to globalization and forget their own identity.

Автор meebeepup ( назад)
The alliteration in the title thoooo

Автор Kim W ( назад)
these are great! I love your videos! they're useful and not just advertisements. subscribed!

Автор Naren K ( назад)
Tokyo tower may not be the tallest.but the view is spectacular.its not about heights.U want to urban metropolis and appreciate the Tokyo skylines go to Tokyo tower not skytree.

Автор Koki Tao ( назад)
comprehensive tokyo guide !!

Автор Twinkle Sijo ( назад)
4:04 is that where the amazing drift scene in fast and furious tokyo drift was shot...?

Автор Tenchi10 ( назад)
I really want to visit, but I have a different setup in mind. I really would love to check out smaller places. Nice cozy rural areas. Maybe visit the countryside of things too. I really would like to go out of my way to enjoy something rather than let the help of the internet decide everything for me (as far as the populated spots go).

I just don't really want to be that typical tourist who has to do everything in a guide. The areas you shown that didn't have a lot of people were definitely places I would want to check out. I still want to check out Tokyo by itself too. It looks amazing. I just want to check out everything! :)

Автор Bruce Anthony Gamboa ( назад)
hope I can get my visa for this May..... really excited!!!!

Автор jeprox76 s ( назад)
I can't even concentrate watching the spots because you're too cute watching your face internationally ME :)

Автор Greg Dundee ( назад)
i hate people who complain that people don't speak english in a non english speaking country! just fuck off! language barriers are apart of the fun of travelling and what makes the world a facinating place

Автор Novia Soraya Putri ( назад)
If it's the first time you visit Japan, everywhere is worth visiting. Seriously.

Автор AlwaysonKieu ( назад)
This was so helpful!! Thank u

Автор Севастополь Город-Герой ( назад)
Greetings from Sevastopol! I love watching your videos! Full support.
I invite you to visit!

Автор benz d'immortal ( назад)
I guess if you consider a Concrete Jungle beautiful you would fancy this..I prefer places with more nature..Island Life!!!!

Автор William Chime ( назад)
when i went to sky tree that place was empty hmm

Автор Jay C ( назад)
Great video!

Автор Fake ( назад)
Shiba park? Isnt that a korean swear word?

Автор マルガレタデウィ ( назад)
sompo museum at shinjuku also really good! you can enjoy the view and the museum from 40 floor

Автор goo galar ( назад)
😊👍 any infos on Osaka?

Автор ms21songs ( назад)
I'm so glad I heard about the happy cow app I don't eat meat so I was worried about that as well. You think you can do a video about places you recommend for vegan/vegetarians. I'd love to see that. I am going in January. Your videos are so helpful.

Автор Kriss FamE ( назад)
wow. someday i'm gonna visit Japan.

Автор PostWarKids ( назад)
lol the look and Mmmhmm Angela gives to that old white lady when she said she was surprised Japan isn't dominated by english

Автор gordy mc ( назад)
great advice I.M,some amazing places and views.

Автор Jose Alan Medina L. ( назад)
Is it too difficult to visit if you know 0 japanese?

Автор Ruby Roses ( назад)
I went to both Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. Both at night and the Sky Tree was during a rain storm so I was very underwhelmed.

Going to the back streets of Harajuku is the best advice! I was so tired of the crowds, after eating a crepe with my husband, we explored that area, and found the best clothes there.

Автор mrtecnhimuyo ( назад)
When they said traps I they were talking about transgender

Автор cqdude01 ( назад)
I totally agree with all your points, though I have to keep reminding myself that Japan can be a really novel experience to any first time visitor. I guess it really is all about what you want... To me, getting carried along with the crowds on Takeshita Dori at the weekend is bound to be a very unique experience for most first time visitors.

BTW, you get a very nice view of Tokyo Tower from the lobby floor of the Park Hotel Shiodome.

Автор amarantine evol ( назад)

Автор steven pai ( назад)
I am on my way.. do you have time to be my tour guide?!

Автор Fanfan Lin ( назад)
Great video! Love it!

Автор Amristar ( назад)
Would you recommend to tourists the suicide forest in Japan?

Автор johnotm ( назад)
to see the view you want from Bunkyo civic centre you need to go into a very expensive cafe

Автор Ghost Queen ( назад)
<3 Tokyo but take a Geiger Counter ;)

Автор Tasha Selud ( назад)
Are you from Nz?

Автор Jessica Mullens ( назад)
I totally agree about Takashita Street, it was really overrated and boring. I went to the Metropolitan Government building, it was quick, free and easy! Ginza was a bit bland and boring too.

Автор Vlad B ( назад)
Her English is great.

Автор NIKI Zhimo ( назад)
thank u for making dis video ...I enjoyed it ...my dream is to visit Japan n have a talk with them in Japanese but i dont knw when I'll b able to visit m still 20 n studying n to visit Japan I have earn huge money in future I am waiting for DAT moment m studying hard to achieve my dream to visit JAPAN .....pls make more video abt Japan.. thank u

Автор godwhomismike ( назад)
I missed the Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower while I was in Tokyo, and after seeing this video, I am glad I did. We didn't have specific plans and wandered around, and actually ended up seeing all those back streets and roof top area (enjoying a cup of Starbucks up there) in Harajuku. Ended up seeing a lot of cool places that are not normally advertised as tourist places (sometimes ending in restaurants/places that seemed very surprised to see American tourists).

Автор loop loopertzg ( назад)
if you are from third world countries, and goes to this kind of city, it's kind of attraction itself, how it's so neat, you should compare it jakarta or bangkok

Автор sanguis malus ( назад)
Spot on about Harajuku & the Skytree which In my opinion Is very expensive In relation to what you can visit In Japan for a fee.

Автор adamgtrap ( назад)
This seemed like a very informative video.  Thank you for the advice.

Автор ayaaida AIDA Cohenstein ( назад)
Man... The Indonesian girls are so confusing... I don't get what they said, were they nervous at that time or just poor English level? Confuse....

Автор TheDutyPaid ( назад)
There was a fantastic cafe in Yoyogi Park when I went that did a great Bento box.

Автор Rodney Jones ( назад)
Well I've never been to Japan, so no such thing as over rated for me. lol

Автор xjAlbert ( назад)
Thank you for making this very helpful video. I appreciate your personal list of tourist traps, and that you asked tourists on the street to name theirs. Happy travel wishes from NYC :-)

Автор Zhengtian Zhang ( назад)

Автор alex dainton ( назад)
"I'm vegan" 🤤

Автор 4K Relaxation Channel ( назад)
Thanks a lot for a piece of advise about restaurants!

Автор T KL ( назад)
thank you so so so so much for making such honest videos! am going to Japan solo at my 21 and this helps! sincerely grateful! xoxo, your Malaysian viewer :D

Автор Soilsha ( назад)
Awesome, I'm vegetarian and I want to go to Japan in February so that vegan lady just made my day <3

Автор Shineymcshine79 ( назад)
It boggles my mind that Tokyo Tower is a tourist spot. It's just a fucking antenna tower, and not even a very good one at that - as evidenced by the kerfuffle resulting from the switch to digital tv. I spose the observation decks are interesting? Maybe?

Автор TheRandomAsian ( назад)
thanks so much i will avoid these spots when i come to tokyo. SO EXPENSIVE

Автор Julie Wu ( назад)
Disneyland/sea is also a trap the lines are 3 hours long for some if ur looking to go on rides then it's a waste of time but if ur going to take pictures of the decor then it will be for u

Автор Julia Ariete ( назад)
Awesome tips, thank you😚

Автор Yourinmyscope2 ( назад)
So is it just that one street in Harajuku that is a tourist trap that isn't as kawaii culture as it's made out to be? I follow a lot of Jvloggers, photographers, etc that show off tons of pictures of Kawaii culture in Harajuku and some of my friends in Japan say it's still pretty visible in that area

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